Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious “booms”


Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious “booms”


Kilauea Volcano has always been a sight to see, especially when Madame Pele is at her best. Early Wednesday, the active volcano sparked a swarm of small earthquakes that lasted all day.

“We haven’t seen event rates this high or this size of earthquakes become this large since 2006,” said Wes Thelen, the US Geological Survey’s Seismic Network Director.

The USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory recorded over 60 earthquakes strong enough to be located beneath Kilauea, over a dozen of which were greater than a magnitude 2.0; the largest was a magnitude 3.2 earthquake.

“We are still seeing increased rates of seismisity in that area. We just had a magnitude 2.4 come through during the course of this call,” Thelen said.

Mysterious “booms”

A number of people in a triangular area between Seaview Estates, Leilani Estates, and Black Sand Beach Subdivision  report hearing a thunder-like sound, or an explosion, and feeling the ground shake around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

“I was at home on my computer at about 8:40 and coincidentally I was blogging about the earthquakes that were happening throughout that time, all of a sudden a loud boom and a half-second later, my house shook,” said Pahoa resident Damon Tucker.

Damon Tucker was about 30 miles away in Pahoa. However, he’s never heard an explosion before an earthquake.

John Drummond, the acting administrator of the Hawaii County Civil Defense, says that the incident cannot be explained at this point in time. Drummond says that he spoke to operators of Puna Geothermal Venture, the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, and personnel on the ground… no one has an explanation.

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3 responses to “Puna area on Hawaii Island shaken by mysterious “booms”

  1. Sounds like the positive ET’s are sending out sonic beams..destroying alleged Grey/ Reptilian underground bases ? Guess we just have to keep playing the waiting game of hide n seek..


  2. Believer, please could you tell something more about your idea? I find it very interesting… thank you… William from Argentina


    • Hi WIlliam..There have been channeled messages from alleged contactees who are said to be in communication with the Galactic Federation of Light (Essentially a United Nations type organization of inter-glactic beings) These beings apparently have positive intentions for all planetary civilization and greatly outnumber the Grey/ Reptilian threat. Sonic booms have been heard around the world lately and everyone has been concerned….
      Story is that these are extra-terrestrial weapons that are being used to blow up alien underground bases. There are many more knowledgeble than me…just search it on the net and more info will become available. I sincerely hope this is true…only time will tell.
      Full disclosure will apparenly happen when these bases are all taken out……I am aching to believe this all, but am sitting cautiously on the fence.