Project Pegasus: Travelling to Mars – Teleportation and “Jump Rooms”


Project Pegasus: Travelling to Mars – Teleportation and “Jump Rooms”

Project Pegasus is a quest begun in 1968 by Andrew D. Basiago when he was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus.

Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government — the real Philadelphia Experiment.

Project Pegasus was launched by the US government to perform “remote sensing in time” so that reliable information about past and future events could be provided to the US President, intelligence community, and military.

It was expected that the 140 American schoolchildren secretly enrolled in Project Pegasus would continue to be involved in time travel when they grew up and went on to serve as America’s first generation of “chrononauts.”

The children found, however, that in the process of serving as child time travelers attached to Project Pegasus, they became America’s time-space pioneers.

extract from Mars visitors – exopolitics

Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars visitation program of the early 1980’s: Andrew D. Basiago, 50, a lawyer in Washington State who served in DARPA’s time travel program Project Pegasus in the 1970’s, and fellow chrononaut William B. Stillings came forward with astonishing revelations:

According to Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings, in Summer 1980 they attended a three-week factual seminar about Mars to prepare them for trips that were then later taken to Mars via teleportation. The course was taught by remote viewing pioneer Major Ed Dames, who was then serving as a scientific and technical intelligence officer for the U.S. Army.  It was held at The College of the Siskiyous, a small college near Mt. Shasta in California.

They state that ten teenagers were enrolled in the Mars training program.  In addition to Basiago and Stillings, two of the eight other teenagers in Major Dames’ class that they can identify today were Barack Obama, who was then using the name “Barry Soetoro,” and Regina Dugan, who Mr. Obama appointed the 19th director and first female director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2009.

As many as seven parents of the ten students, all with ties to the CIA, audited the class. They included Raymond F. Basiago, an engineer for The Ralph M. Parsons Company who was the chief technical liaison between Parsons and the CIA on Tesla-based teleportation; Thomas Stillings, an operations analyst for the Lockheed Corporation who had served with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and U.S. Military travel to stars.

From 1981 to 1983, the young attendees then went on to teleport to Mars via a “jump room” located in a building occupied by Hughes Aircraft at 999 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, California, adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Obama identified as having visited Mars at least twice link

Basiago, Obama, Stillings, and Dugan went to Mars at a time when the U.S. presence on Mars was only just beginning but many had already gone.

Mr. Basiago states that in the early 1980’s, when they went, the U.S. facilities on Mars were rudimentary and resembled the construction phase of a rural mining project. While there was some infrastructure supporting the jump rooms on Mars, there were no base-like buildings like the U.S. base on Mars first revealed publicly by Command Sgt. Major Robert Dean at the European Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, Spain in 2009.

The primitive conditions that they encountered on Mars might explain the high level of danger involved. Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings agree that Major Dames stated during their training class at The College of the Siskiyous in 1980:  “Of the 97,000 individuals that we have thus far sent to Mars, only 7,000 have survived there after five years.”

1980: U.S. secret Mars teleportation program and rudimentary facilities on Mars

The firsthand, eyewitness testimony of Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings as to the existence of a secret U.S. presence on Mars that is made possible by a revolutionary “jump room” technology that has been concealed from the public is congruent with similar accounts given by three other Mars whistle blowers:

1. Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe, who spent 20 years as a member of the permanent security staff of a U.S. facility on Mars;

2. Former Department of Defense (DoD) scientist Arthur Neumann, aka Henry Deacon, who has testified publicly that he teleported to a U.S. facility on Mars for DoD project meetings. You might also like: A further update from Henry Deacon

3.  Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who in 2007 refused a covert attempt to recruit her into what was described to her as a secret U.S. colony on Mars.

Video: Lisa M. Harrison (Australia) interviews 1980-83 CIA jump room experiencer William B. Stillings:

“Brett Stillings finds it very difficult to discuss the topics covered in this interview and does his best to fight through the memory blocks and discomfort. He discusses his training during his youth by both his father and the Military in preparation for teleportation to Mars. His mars training classmate Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama), his childhood friend Sam (a Grey ET) and more”.

Additional:                                                                                                                                Project Pegasus:                                                                                        Mars Anomaly Research Society:                                                      Project Camelot:

Source and author:   * exopolitics * *         ‘special thanks to our regular reader Zuvrick’ –Teleportation


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  1. Obama teleported to Mars? And under an assumed name too?!!!
    I call more Whackos!! 😉


    • @PK

      Do first your research, instead of posting nonsensical text

      Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama’s Indonesian connection.
      Here the Indonesian link starts:



      • Admin, with due respect to the website and the work that you do – you have completely missed the point.

        I am well aware of the claims of Indonesian heritage of Barack Obama – and his time in Jakarta – but what makes the inclusion of Obama in this fantasy so funny is that the perpetrator feels that :

        1) he needs to include young Barry Obama to make the story more special
        2) he mixes up that he was called Barry Obama not Barry Soetoro once he was back in the United States.

        (and these “teleportations” to the unbreathable atmosphere of Mars were only done by US citizens remember)

        I did the research – I understand my history and historical figures – and in the REAL world Barack Obama lived the US part of his childhood as Barry Obama.

        This story has so many holes it’s clearly a fake.


      • PK.
        the prosecution Faked evidence to add fuel to convict an already guilty OJ simpson, costing them the case. OJ was guilty, but there wasnt strong enough proof, so lies were added.

        Not every thing that has Lies added is untrue to begin with.
        In the end. We still dont know 100% proof positive either way that lies were in fact added here any way.
        I choose to listen, record, weigh, compare data, and wait for new data, and leave a final judgement for another day.


      • Varakienan – What on earth are you talking about now? Or should that be What on Mars?

        Did OJ Simpson go to Mars too? Wow – Mars must have been crowded – I wonder if Elvis plays a couple of sets nightly at the local Mars bar?

        Frankly- OJ Simpson’s civil conviction is irrelevant to anything discussed here – and distraction and miss-direction is a poor substitute for lack of facts.

        I am starting to wonder whether you might be an embedded mis-information troll – trying to get seekers to believe fantasy stories instead of allowing then to chase the facts.


  2. WTF..This site is turning more bizarre by the day


  3. @pk->At the very most, you are consistant..It is completely ok by me. I mean, who wants to believe this stuff?…I would like to point out however, as wild and out there are this seems [and I must admit I really had to think this one through for a while] there is enormous back up information and testimony. I am familiar with Ed Dames and even though I have yelled at him on my side of the radio a few times, over the years of listening to him, I found him very real and often honest to a fault.

    But, the thing is, you keep coming back here which means you are delivered these posts just like I am. This tells me you are watching, no matter how your brain tells you that none of this stuff could possibly be. Is there anything I personally or any of the others who write here can do to help you get past your natural disbelief…without going into the kind of psycological shock I experienced when I began this trip to never never land about30 years ago..No really..I am not pulling your leg.

    This stuff is very very hard to deal with. I have often said, mostly to myself, I would not wish this trip into the hidden on anyone.I know you have seen the struggle many of the posters on these articles go through as they work to unwind their memories and make enormous efforts to balance that effort with the world they live in day to day.

    The hardest thing I have ever done in my life is introduce material like this to my family. While my grandkids are on it with glee and have the ability to keep themselves open and interested without prejudice, their parents, my children, have enormous issues [with the exception of one] and are defensively dismissive.. They would love to call me “wacko” but they know that simply does not fit. Thus it is they avoid this conversation with every technique they can come up with. Rather than become hurt or dismissive of them in return, I pulled out my comedy bag and now there is a lot of inside family humor on many of these subjects. I have gained a lot of personal insight from that. It has also allowed me to take a break from the feeling of seperation and sometimes, pure anguish which has come in response to much of my personal experience that led me into this maze of never ending questions.

    So, at least I know you are watching–and that is a good thing.This stuff beats the hell out of TV or sciencefiction books…stay tuned to the never ending story…This one is a favorite of mine…


    • Yes, all this Star Trek information boggles the mind. My family also thinks I’m a” fruit loop” but they are the same people who have seen my astral self on a few occasions(after I read a book on astral travel years ago).My late dad, sister and wife have seen my “ghost” when I was sub-conscious remembere the astral travel techniques from the book and obviously practiced while I was asleep. My family are all drug free🙂. The idea of teleportation doesn’t seem that strange to me as it has the same posibility of being as real as my astral travels have been..
      Keep searching everyone..


    • Thank you dear.
      I often lack the patients to be this…helpful and understanding.
      But you put it into words that work for people whom are at the verge of getting over the “shock of acceptance hump” very well.


    • Marina,

      Of course I watch and I read, and I find some of it believable – some of it doubtful – and some of it shear lunacy.

      However when we have the “whackos” simply posting fantasy stories for their egocentric gratification (and personal profit motives) – then they will be denounced as WHACKOS and will be called clearly to account.

      Allowing these fantasy stories to proliferate without challenge simply demeans the integrity of the rest of the items on this site.

      Mars bases, teleportation, Obama on Mars -Twice!, breathing Mars atmosphere unaided – ( Mars atmosphere is made up of 95.32% CARBON DIOXIDE and just 0.13% is oxygen) – how many impossible things do you need to read before declaring a story as clear and utter BULLSH!T? 😉

      This story is a made up fantasy – perpetuated by a group of people that seem to get madder every time they receive positive feedback on another tall-tale!

      That needs to stop – tag the WHACKOS – so that the REAL messages can dominate.


      Marina, still have no idea what to think of the visions / dreams / telepathic images and views you, Jay and others have shared.

      I find them interesting – but I have no frame of reference for them and they are not easily cross-referable as they do not claim to involve famous people, or impossible locations or fantasy technology. So I stand undecided – dubious – but still undecided.

      But if you start telling us that you’ve zapped off to Saturn for lunch – then I’ll be calling that a WHACKO story too –😉

      But you are not likely to do that are you? BECAUSE you are telling us the TRUTH as you seem to have experienced it. So for that you have my respect!


      • PK, Im curious where you get your information about Mars atmosphere.
        Im betting its mainstream and or based on Nasa probes samples etc.
        IF Nasa knows that there are other races on mars and it had a low end but reasonably breathable atmosphere, do you really think they would make even a hint of that known to the general public?
        Any thing related to sentient extraterrestrial life is hands down the number one Most classified subject matter in the history of this planet earth.
        Knowlege and proof other wise would change religeons, philosophies, and thinking process’s every where, and that would take power and control away from those whom are intent on keeping it.
        In the end, YOU and I dont know what mars atmosphere actually consists of unless we go there our selves in person and take a deep breath.
        ~ VARAKIENEN


      • Varakienen, yes – my information about Mars general make-up and atmosphere is taken from established scientific sources.

        This is my main beef with this made-up story regarding teleportation, Mars bases, Mars creatures (slug with human head – giant spiders), and running around breathing Mars atmosphere unaided.

        It’s all fantastical, and physically impossible. The teller of tall tales has not even done enough basic research to make his story credible, he doesn’t care enough to even bother.

        We know that the atmosphere on Mars today is unbreathable – it’s very high CO2 and incredibly thin – that’s established fact – and clearly demonstrated by the extreme difficulty or landing Mars probes – the atmosphere is so thin that the giant parachutes still have minimal affect on dropping spacecraft.

        Ignoring basic data from humanity’s fledgling space exploration, and pretending the FACTS might wrong in order to claim that a piece of poor FICTION might have validity demeans your overall credibility.

        If readers are unable to call BULLSH!T on this very poor piece of fiction – then the quality of that thinking would call into question the ligitimacy of that readers OTHER research.


      • Ah, Now we have a debate. This I can live with.
        We dont know any thing, because all the information provided for us is entirely suspect and supports an undisclosed agenda to subvert our awareness of certain truths, so that various powers behind the scenes can continue to maintain a hold over us.
        I do not recall a mention of slugs with human heads or giant spiders, but Im sure you’ll point out where that reference came from since you brought it up at all.
        The portion of your argument that suggests mars atmosphere is thin and has difficulty supporting parachutes…
        That makes no sense.
        If there IS atmosphere, all be it potentially but not Proven thinner, which can support a parachute at all, then you and I cannot say what it consists of with any accuracy, or that it is So thin as to be impossible to support breathing.
        The fact that there IS enough to support a parachute lends more to my side of the debate than to yours.
        I dont actually “Ignore” basic data from humanities fledgling space exploration, what I do is hold ALL said information as entirely suspect, and attempt to discern which elements may be factual, and which may be either in ere, or lied about out right to further that subversive control agenda.
        There are aspects of this article that have firm foundation in the realm of actual possibility, where other portions remain questionable and likely even subject to ridicule. But dismissing the entire article out right based on a portion of it is not good scientific or sound research methodology.
        So, Calling BULLSH!T for the entire barrel of apples because one or two may smell bad is not a recommendable option.
        How we doing so far? are we having fun yet? 😉
        ~ VARAKIENEN


  4. I dont buy it. I mean sure secret missions to mars i could understand, a space fleet for America i can believe in part, but having a teleporter to mars and everybody being trained to use it from children, im sorry but no from me. I mean the roots behind Teleportation is the ability to rend matter down to its subatomic elements and reform it on the other side without losing anything along the way, to do this would require a huge amount of power and for that power usage to go unnoticed would be a huge leap for starters. Not to mention all the interference the matter would have across a gap of some 225 million km (on average), think of your basic radio, it loses reception at times when something obstructs it, and that is only waves of energy, not matter and particles. Im sorry but i just dont see a secret teleporter being used by the government to transport people to mars as a plausible scenario.



    • i should add, not i human technology at least, if it was something left behind that we found in working order and already had all the variables taken care of, i would have to question why it was linked to mars in the first place?

      I would also recommend that you watch the movie ‘doom’ as this just really sounds like the plot line behind it if you ask me, its probably just another reason why i dont really see it as possible, people have on too many occasions taken a hollywood plotline and used it like it was a passage from the gopsel


    • Luke. I personally dont buy the Obama portion of this story at this point, but only because I dont have other corroborating elements or tid bits to back it. I refuse to write in stone either way weather or not the obama aspect may be real or not, I simply doubt it at this point on a personal unresearched level.

      The rest how ever, checks out for me on a researched level.
      First, you have to admit we do not understand the full extent of what advanced or extraterrestrial technology is actually capable of.
      second, we have to take the word telleportation and OUR current notion of the meaning out of the equation.
      It may have Nothing at all to do with the breaking down of atoms and sending them else where.
      It may have more to do with creating pocket dimensions that you step into, and then transfer those dimensional pockets to the desired location.
      It may have to do with dimensional stepping altogether where distance in another dimension is not relative to distance here at all, and then stepping back to this one.
      It may have to do with micro worm holes and the simple folding of space time which already IS scientifically feasible, if there is enough power to back the mechanics of the attempt.

      No matter what tho. The instantaneous movement of a person or a space craft from one place to another, fits with a great Great deal of evidence and research, and I my self cannot discount it. As far as I am concerned its existence is no more in question that “are UFOs real”?
      If secret organizations have been working with and sharing tech with extra terrestrials at all, which is also no longer in question for me, then in my mind it is safe to assume that these organizations have such tech at thier disposal and are using it for mars travel, inter-dimensional travel, and travel to other places as well that we do not yet have reports on.

      I will Not how ever lend credence at this time to this persons personal stories, either false or real, but instead file them with many Many other testimonies and leave it for future cross referencing and determination.

      ~ VARA.


  5. This is all a bit farfetched. I mean, if you’re going to teleport somewhere- why Mars? There’s nothing there, there’s nothing to do, at least make the story more believable and say they teleported into another dimension or back/forward in time. That’s more believable than teleporting to Mars.


    • riz.
      WE dont actually Know for sure if thats True about Mars at all.
      All we have is information that Others, whom are likely compromised by the powers which control our world from behind the scenes WANT us to see, think , or believe.
      Trust virtually Nothing that NASA or main stream media tells you, and know that Most of the high end scientists get thier pay checks, pensions, Grants,…. and dodge threats to the safety of them selves and thier family and thier credibility or financial well being should they breach the non disclosure papers they signed. Many MANY people in this world in the “Know” have met with unusual accidents, very quick and fatal health problems, or just out right – Dissapeared.
      The Machine and the illusion go Deep.
      ~ VARA.

      Many MANY


  6. rizzles, pk, luke. come on now guys (gals?), get on board. David Ickes tells us that the annuki(or whatever) or the “white Martians” were there until jupiter aligned with Mars….this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of aquarius……(everyone, you know the words). No my friends, i am with you. If it were a story of some discovered alien techno discovered by our military, and we had tried it a few times, but noooooooooooooo, that’s not enough for our tall tale tellers(nice alliteration, huh?). We’ve got to make it 97000 people, including our current president as a boy, going by the wrong name (or wait, is it the right name? Is he really our president? I swear I saw him transmute into a lizard the other night on tv). We humans (are we humans?) love to embellish a story. The sad thing is, the little bits of truth that escape are usually so deeply embedded in bullcrap that they are rendered unrecognizable, or useless, at best. I believe there are artifacts, or buildings, of some sort, on Mars. Who built them? Anybody’s, and everybody’s, guess. I would rather read an article dealing with that then a star trek version turned fantasy. As to those who post here with visions and astral projections, I cannot or will not try to refute those. At the least, I am sure you believe they happened. Perhaps they did. I’ve had my own wacky experiences that I am still trying to figure out. I still resist, though, the impulse to interpret them as some “beyond doubt” revelation of absolute truths. We are too ignorant and untrustworthy to even properly interpret our own experiences. But like i said, i am not disputing them, and i sincerely appreciate those who share them on this site. I know you are well-intentioned at least. Unless you bring in the Andromeda Intergalactic council of the dept. of education, which is led currently by “Dorko”, the lizard alien who possessed the body of Fred Hoyle and currently develops NASA photos at Wal-Mart. THEN you lose me. Keep the faith


    • a nice bit of constructive sarcasm, just what i needed after work haha🙂


      • Indeed.
        At least it has more debatable meat to it than all to many of his other comments. This one I can live with, though it still tends to try to make people feel embarrassed for thinking for them selves instead of bowing in the direction that chuck Wants them to bow.
        Ild really like people as a whole to become more aware of that particular strategy used by Trolls in general. weather Chuck here may Be one or not.
        It is some thing they should be aware of and see coming.
        A better and more constructive way to debate and inform, would be to present your issues with Out the sarcasm, support it with documents, links, and evidences, and then let people decide for the selves with out the element of guilt, shame, ridicule or any thing else used in an attempt to sway them.
        ~ VARAKIENEN.


  7. Mars has a history. It’s atmosphere can not sustain life as earth does. It once had water, flowing rivers so it must of had some type of life forms in the past. Apparently they have found organisms that still live on Mars. (Will have to research that one some more).
    So if Mars had life many years ago what happened for it to be like it is today?
    Did it have a moon smaller than ours in the past? Did it’s moon also move slowly away from it like ours is today? ( don’t panic it’s only moving away from us a few centimeters a year).
    Now back on topic.
    Man has the ability to make it possible to live on Mars.
    Why would he want to do this?
    How could he get there faster? I have no idea how any of this works but it makes me think of all the abductees that have been taken. How were they transported? Is this more or less the same technology?
    How many craft not from our world has the gov’ got there hands on?
    How much technology do they really have and how much of it do they use?
    Maybe one day we all will see the truth.

    Stay safe


    • Jay ill answer your questions as to the best of my knowledge:

      So if Mars had life many years ago what happened for it to be like it is today?
      When the core of Mars stopped rotating it lost it magnetic shielding that kept solar winds from cooking the planet, anything on the surface would have burnt and boiled away so we theorize (for the moment) that any life still on the planet would have either remained subterranean or evolved/devolved into a subterranean creature/s. However this life due to our current understanding of mars’ harsh conditions would most likely remain microscopic due to the insufficient growing room that larger animals would require. (of course this is all based on our knowledge of mars, we still have no idea about its cave net works, subsurface environment etc)

      Did it have a moon smaller than ours in the past? Did it’s moon also move slowly away from it like ours is today?
      Mars actually has 2 moons Phobos and Deimos, they are not moons like ours and are thought to actually be asteroids caught in the gravity field of the planet. Another theory however indicates mars may have had another moon at some point which came into contact with the surface of mars generating a face of mars that is not spherical like the rest of the planet but instead ground and jagged. Some also think that these two remaining moons could have been the result of the original breaking up, but the lack of debris rings tends to fault this idea.

      Man has the ability to make it possible to live on Mars.
      Why would he want to do this?
      One word, MINING, resources are always a paramount goal for interstellar expansion, The red soil of mars indicates high levels of Iron oxides meaning that large amounts of Iron may be present on the planet along with some possible undiscovered elements to fill in the blanks of the periodic table. There are other reasons of course for interstellar travel but mining is a big money ticket and you can be sure that it would be one of the first industries established on mars.

      How could he get there faster?
      Compressed fuel cell rockets, Nuclear generators, The main problem we have to rely on the momentum generated from initial takeoff to get us most of the way in space travel, that coupled in with sling shot trips through other planets gravity fields. If we had engines that had an inexhaustible fuel supply then we would be able to travel much faster though space. Of course we can also look at space gates and faster than light travel, but since none of that has been tested yet ill leave it out.

      How many craft not from our world has the gov’ got there hands on?
      Totally unknown to us of course, but it would definitely seem we have a few especially with some of the tech upgrades and new weapon ideas we are using today or that are finally being shown publicly, The TR3B is one of my favorites for possible reverse engineered tech.

      How much technology do they really have and how much of it do they use?
      Ill leave that one open, we will never know and if you ever find out i don’t think youd make it to the nearest payphone to spread the news

      hope some of this helps🙂


  8. This story is nonsense. Articles like this are posted on this site simply to see what reaction it gets, wackier the better. Having said this many of the articles on this site are extremely interesting, educational and quality material. However, reading about teleporting 97,000 people to Mars just cracks me up, it took me a while to breathe properly because I laughed so much it hurt. I’m off to read the more believable articles!


  9. @luke-> I totally love your post! I spent the greater part of yesterday following the leads here. I had run in to Basiago before and was completely facinated with his story. I know also of MKUltra from years ago and the Philidelphia experiment really rattled my cage when I got that information. I saw paper work that varified that little dandy. Thus I thought I had some grounding in this area but I will admit the 97,000 looked a lot like a misprint to me..

    .This morning I woke up wondering if perhaps those missing people from the 9/11 event might not be part of that group. I am mentioning that because the begining of my recent search came as the result of recognizing that those planes that were supposed to have done the job, including the flight 93 horror, simply did not exist. I have been looking for them ever since and I ended up here as a result. The technology required to pull that off had to be something really spectacular..The recent independent investigations have managed to scrape behind the surface and find stuff that just puzzles the hell out of me.

    When I ran into the president Obama on Mars gambit–I just put it in my over flowing question box. With the quasi-techno information I picked up yesterday, it is possible that happened–based on the principle of the “if this is actual data”hypothisis – better known as the “if then conclusion”. This allows all doors to open–in an attempt to take the “blinders” off.

    Believing is not part of this trail of wacko stuff..allowing for the possibility is. This whole “DISCLOSURE” effort of the various people involved with a wide range of subjects, includes this area. All of the ET technology thingies supposedly given to earth bound humans to tinker with are part of the whole. Even if we only find that one little area is relevant to our personal interests, sure a shooting, some other aspect will come sliding under the door of our disbelief.

    I personally, love this MARS thing. I have been facinated with Mars since I was a kid and heard that a certain astronomer swore on a stack of telescopes that he had seen rivers and vegetation on the surface of that planet. Thus, I have always hoped he was right…When the NASA photos began coming in, I did not belive them..NOT POSSIBLE! It was some time later I learned of the air brush methods used by NASA to eliminate things from images of anything they did not want the world to see. Just the other day I ran into a european satilite scan of the Mars surface and suddenly what was brown and red became tan and green and the sky became blue. OH!

    So, I figure I out lived 3 husbands to reach the age of 75 just so I could reassure myself that indeed there was life on Mars. You understand I am sure, this has opened Pandoras box and my world of investigation has turned upside down. None the less, I march on. To believe or not to believe?..That is the question…I have not answered it yet.

    Most of all, Luke, don’t loose your sense of are a very funny guy. That is probably the most important quality any one can have when walking in this maze. Sincerly, Marina -2/27/12-11:50am-est/usa


  10. well if the “global Community”had to go look inside this place you might just find the answers to many questions,,as regards some of the “Electronics”in there,look at it,run “Computer Design Simulations”and you get diffirent answers that “Baffles The Mind Completely”


  11. vara, when will you look in a mirror? if someone posts a doubtful or sarcastic remark here, you go into your “troll” accusation mode. Do you not see that when you accuse someone of mocking those who do not “bow” in the direction they want them to go, that you are mocking those who do not “bow” in the direction YOU want Them to go? As for content of my posts, just how much serious content do you expect in response to silly postings like this? Yes, if they are embarrassed, maybe they should be. There is nothing cosmic or enlightened in embracing idiocy as if it were proven, rational fact. You seem to worry about people planting misinformation on your site, yet you never seem to suspect this kind of crap. Sorry, that doesn’t ring true. While you are free to have an “open mind” in regards to postings here, remember, “those who believe everything are likely to fall for anything.” At least some of you are on board with me, and occasionally you even appreciate the sarcasm.(thank you, Luke). When Luke, pk, and I et al, post what we do, you vara, should see those postings as a plea for sanity, for at least a little rational discernment. I think we are open enough to consider many things, but please don’t ask us to embrace imbicility. You know, one of the marks of a cult is to convince members that they can’t trust anyone outside of their little group. Isolate them, get them to trust only certain sources, and then you have got control of them. I think that the fact that we have at least some posters who are exercising their skeptical abilities is a GOOD thing, and will contribute to an overall healthier conversation about said subjects. I will say this for the last time, vara, if you wish to pay attention. I am open to many things. Much of what is posted here has at least a little, sometimes much, truth to it. But i am not hunkered down in a bunker in a dark room, face lit up by my laptop screen, and scared crapless that the illuminati are coming to get me at any moment. If I turn out to be wrong, i will apologize when we meet in a fema prison camp. If those in power, the ptb, have as much power as you think, there is little you, I, or anyone else here will ever be able to do about it. I think it best that we offer each other Truth, not conjecture. I am a Christian. And guess what? If we meet another alien race (which I think is likely), it will not destroy my “religion”. This may come as a surprise to you, but many of my faith are quite capable of seeing and accepting new truths. We are not neanderthals lost in our comfortable caves hiding from what is real. I am quite capable of integrating scientific discoveries with my personal beliefs. I find many of these possibilities exciting, and even as confirming my faith. Try not to box in religious(i don’t like that word, i prefer “relational”) people. We are not against truth. We actually embrace freedom of thought, even disagreement. And since we believe that “the truth shall set you free”, you may finally understand the hunger i have for reality, and the distaste i have for nonsense. Hugs and kisses.


    • very good post chuck. I too am all for the fact that healthy doses of skepticism are paramount to a healthy diet of intrigue. Im usually against religious types, especially in my family that many are part of Jehovah’s witness, but you my friend definitely seem to have a grasp on reality and the fact that it is ever changing. I look forward to a heated debate with you in the near future😀



      • Luke. If you remember any thing about my history, then you will remember that I am a skeptic. That I require Facts and proof before making a final conclusion. That I require opponents of debate to support thier views with evidence, links, documents, articles, interviews, eye witness testimonies, artifacts, etc etc.
        But there is a subversive element present now that encourages mediate dismissal of stories with out research.
        I dont care how actually true, or UNtrue said stories may or may not be.
        I dont actually believe the majority of them my self, how ever, encouraging dismissal out right, before even a debate to investigate which parts of the story may have validity, which parts may be misinterpreted info passed on to many lips, which portions have been manipulated for propaganda purposes, and Which portions have solid base in known and supportable reality….
        Im not willing to allow entities to manipulate people into utter dismissal before an debate or fact finding fact checking cross referencing conversation can be initiated.

        Such are the tactics of trolls or at least small minded people.
        And this site deserves better than that sort of manipulation.
        Watch out for, strategies that ridicule, distract, dismiss, attempt to embarrass, attempt to discredit with out supporting data, that incite, or deliberately attempt to conjure negativity or chaos in the environment.
        When some one speaks out against it, whatch for attempts to use these things directly at the person whom is attempting to defend the environment. This will show you whom is who.

        Above all, take Every piece of information with a skeptical grain of salt, but do not cast ridicule your self. Provide your Own counter data and debate with out bias to the material, and allow people to decide for them selves with out subversion.
        That is what I am doing. But you may notice, that is Not what various others are doing.
        THINK for your self, and allow for an environment that allows others to do the same. That is my goal. As I already have most all the answers I have been seeking to form my bigger picture after more than a decade. What I seek now, is to make sure that others can come to thier own place with out persecution, hindrance, manipulation, distraction and more.

        Think about it Luke.
        ~ VARAKIENEN.


  12. thank you and those who are like mind. I too enjoy debate, even heated debate. But with you, pk, and others, i will at least know we are trying to get the truth of the matter, and won’t want to waste time on useless, totally subjective philosophies. give me proof and fact, and i will humbly, kindly, agree or disagree with you, and won’t accuse you of being trolls, or govt. spies, but will respect your ideas and i hope learn from them. with kindest regards and respect. chuck


  13. wow, vara, you are still stuck in paranoid mode. While i will applaud you attempts at keeping debate civil, remember, dis-agreement is just that, not agreeing. If someone has invested his personal well being so deeply into a philosophy, or set of beliefs, that contrary opinion throws him or her into emotional convulsions, then i personally would put little if any validity into their belief system. The search for truth will take us across many different “seas”. Some of them will be calm, others stormy. Both have to be traveled. If i propose a point or issue, how someone reacts to it has no effect on my continuing believing in it. I’m old enough to have realized that if i toss out some hair-brained theory or idea with nothing other than fairy tale stories to back it up, I know it will probably(and rightly) be rejected, even ridiculed. It should be. This is a site for debate, not sit on the deck and get drunk conversation (altho i wonder if some who post here have not already indulged). I have seen and read the posts of pk, luke, and others on this and different topics. The fact that they are sometimes incredulous, or even sarcastic, does not mean they are not open to rational truth. Quite the contrary, they often write matter of factly about things that others would find too far out to accept. So we are not close-minded propagandists. Just not easily convinced or brainwashed. Why don’t you spend your time more beneficially, and challenge those who post this stuff instead of accusing those of us who still use most of our brains as being trolls or govt. agents. You make such statements with no more evidence than those who post this silliness. Maybe that’s why you defend them. Yes, you should allow just about anything to be posted here. It’s good to work out our brains and debate a little. Just give up on directing our thought patterns. You may disagree with me, but please, you have no authority, or even any right, to tell myself and others how we MUST think. When you do, then you are guilty of the same disinformation and mind control you accuse us govt. agents (oops, let it slip again) of using. Seriously, isn’t this type of exchange more interesting than the “Art Bell” method of interviewing, You know, the “ooohhh, rrreeaallyyy”, or “wow, isn’t that remarkable” style of accepting as truth everything every interviewee says. C’mon, vara, lighten up (or is it, enlighten up).


  14. Noone has explained to me yet why they think this concept of time and space portals is crazy/silly/wacko–Come on folks–Just what is it besides the reference to Obama that makes this so far out it can not be discussed as a probability..? Start with known ET technology…Sincerly, Marina 9:49pm-est/2/28/12-usa


    • Well, I don’t doubt that this kind of technology could exist, but no way we humans have access to that kind of stuff. We are too dumb to know how to use it and besides, the aliens probably view us as “cattle” and would not let us have the technology anyway. I do believe that Obama is from another planet…


    • time and space portals, work upon the idea that time and space can fold upon each other thus decreasing the time it would take for your physical being to traverse a distance. Ie taking this *>>>>>>>* to this *>*. Of course this is all good in theory, but when reality rears its ugly head we find that to our knowledge to bending of space is beyond our grasp as we are still trying to understand what space itself is, what with the existence of antimatter and dark matter at the forefront of intrigue, also followed by string theory. When we begin to look at the power requirements coupled with the resources needed for such tasks, it is unlikely that we currently have this technology unless it was gifted to us by another exo-race. The more likely theory of space travel that we may see could be sub-luminal engines, not faster than the speed of light, but fast enough that we don’t spend 24 generations on a trip to Pluto.



  15. good one nanoduck. and marina, i don’t think most of us are “against” time travel or “space portals”. Lord only knows what exists out there in our incredibly large and complicated universe. Maybe they do exist. Maybe someone has learned how to use them. who knows. I don’t. If they do exist, they are certainly beyond our technological abilities, unless we have received assistance from “someone” else. I’m sure we don’t know ALOT about what’s going on if we can presume anything from the ptb’s unwillingness to inform us poor common folk about such mundane matters. Yes, adding Obama to the story definitely put a negative slant on the story, along with 97000 or so trips. I mean, how would the individual behind this story have all of this information? do you really think the ptb would let anyone, i mean anyone, release this info that they have supposedly been trying to keep a secret? Even if i knew it to be true through my own knowledge and experience, I think i would be a bit more circumspect about how i released the info. I think I would leave out the Obama bit and maybe even the 97000 supposed participants. But it is easy, if one is given the license(such as Icke), to weave a tall tale and include all sorts of juicy tidbits to spice it up. I mean, how can anyone disprove it? The more ridiculous the better. Makes it all the harder to disprove. One way to insure you will be ignored, at least by those you need the most to convince, is to make a plausible story into a ridiculous one. Vara seems worried about govt. disinformation agents planting false stories, etc. This story would be a perfect example. Take the “truth” about space portals or time travel, then add the “silly” obama, etc. details, and voila. You have a story that the gullible, easy to convince(and the ptb don’t have to worry about them) will accept, no questions asked, and also a story that serious researchers, including those who don’t trust the ptb, will discount. Job well done. That’s what most of us object to. I think. I don’t mean to speak for them. They do well enough themselves.


    • HMM, Personally Chuck, I think the adding of Obama to the story has done more harm to the subject than good.
      I dont believe at all that it is a valid sales tactic for the reader to buy the rest if the obama issue is introduced.
      Keeping a story simple has greater impact on the gullible in my opinion.
      But, I concur that it may likely attract the worst sorts.
      ~ VARA.


  16. We ll, thank you for that–Now-how about the “Philidelphia experiment?” Ok, gotta go–Talk to ya later…Marina..6:40am-est-2/29/12-usa


  17. just like marina. ask a loaded question then take off. just kidding? thanks for your support, i think, on my previous post. and thanks for the info on the philadelphia exp. interesting. have read only a bit about it, so it was informative. just posted on article about orange craft(s) sighting. now, that one is intriguing. doesn’t need any embellishment, a great story just as it is. love to see those types of postings. sorry, meant to say “thanks vara” at the beginning. see, I can be nice


  18. marina pratt

    Chuck, you and Varakienen are a joy! No kidding, I had a hellatious day yesterday at the dept of Human Resources in search of an oil voucher so we could have hot water again. Can you imagian what it is like having a teenage girl in the house without running hot water in the shower? That situation makes this stuff look easy…we did have success on that by the way. Next we have to figure out how to keep the lights on…Thus my chuckle this morning in your regard was a welcomed moment. Here is that love you were looking for Vara…Love you both…Now—

    Before I read this great pile of links, let me tell you that I woke up with the Philidelphia experiment on my mind the day I wrote that. It was the only real substantial link I could think of in regard to the brew–ha–ha over this time-space portal issue. When I first heard the tale of what happened during that experiment I was truly horrified. There were men trapped in the METAL of the ship. Some up to their necks..some to their legs..some survived, others died a horrible death. One man lived to tell the story of how he suddenly found himself about 20 or so years in the future, completely disoriented–as I sit here now I remember only that he managed to get back and was able to tell his story–No one believed him of course. Why would they? This was in the 1940s…While science fiction had long since discussed this ability via technological hypothsis, it just did not register as possible.

    It is not until recent years I have discovered how connected everything really is. More and more I am beginning to find the linkage to the connections–While extreemly complex, it seems more and more plausable. As always however, caution is required. Humans, despite rumors to the contrary, are astonishingly creative and imaginative. This particuliar issue of time and space travel highlights those abilities.

    OK-My daughter is up and before she gets mobile, I want to check out some of these links. She has to use this space to do her funding chase. I will get back..Again love ya–see ya–bye–Marina-9:37am-est/3/1/12-usa


  19. If time travel & teleporting is a subject of interest to many, i would also be equally interested in actual travel & settelments of humans on the red planet. Imagine mankind being there on mars, wow it will be a dream come true. May or may not be possible for the present generation to make it up to this planet, but our future generation will make these dream come true. Terraforming is the way out for it to happen, more about it on this link:


    • RAJ.
      Just a single sample of subject matter related to your topic.
      I have hundreds of related documents, but Ill feed you this one woman to start you out and wet your interest enough to go from there and do your Own research.
      This woman doesnt need attention. she is well off. She has Nothing at all to gain from bringing this news forth, and every thing to lose.
      She has been threatened not to continue to expose this story, and sources claim that because of it her remaining families continued secret service detail has been revoked. (all presidential families for at least one following generation have secret service protection, so that they can not be kidnapped and or used to cause former presidents still living to spill secrets which may still be pertinent)
      Here, lets start you off with this…


  20. marina pratt

    I just ran into an article posted on “Before it’s news” as I was doing my email run – which deals with what might well be a tad off topic but then might not be, given the link I got to a site called – “Cognitive Sciences Laboratory – known as STAR GATE. ” THE LINK GIVEN [laboratories for fundamental research.]–The article on BEFORE IT’S NEWS, talks about the weaponization of remote viewers…Which in itself is a daunting concept.

    I just thought I would drop this in here while it was fresh on my mind.
    Sincerly, marina-2:19pm-est


    • weaponization seems irrelevant, these space probes would have been weaponized before being sent into earths upper atmosphere, what do you really think all these cargo shipments to space by both Russia and America were really for? all for the space station and satellite “repair”, utter rubbish in my opinion. I seriously believe we are going to see WW3 within this decade if not this year, with growing tension on the shift off power between America and china and china/Russia’s unwillingness to conform to UN guidelines are leading for a powder keg result. Im just hoping neither side are stupid enough to unleash a nuclear arsenal, one things for sure, America , like all superpowers before it, will not take the shift easily.



  21. marina pratt

    Luke–And a facinating “Powder keg” it is too..Good morning.. I really get what you are talking about here. My post however has to do with “remote viewing”. This is the part where an out of body entity is able to confront a subject or subjects supplied with some kind of a weapon I presume cannot be seen by the subject – Whether the subject is targeted for assasination or a location is targeted for destruction is not seen by the subject or anyone in the location. “Invisibility” is the key…Yeah, I know–this is really out there–

    This is an aspect of this subject dealing with the “star gate” technology that is within the realm of possibility given the advances made on the “remote viewing” end of this astonishing business of “tunneling” through time and space with “stargate” technology–and I will say–should it in fact exist. That is what struck me so strongly as I read the article.

    Now, in reference to your understanding of weaponizing space vehicles, ie; the space station, I am quite sure you are not far off. Why a weapon would be necessary in the space station is a question one needs to contemplate a bit, that is for sure…Given that the space station is in very close proximity to Earth, would a weapon in the space station be used for a space to earth target? In the wrong hands I see that as a possibility.

    However, if I am not mistaken, this has been dealt with in a number of agreements with nations involved in the multinational effort to keep this space station viable. If indeed there is a stargate technology in use, we are dealing with an enormous snarl of possibilities which would never have occured to any of us given our realiety recognition of the mechanical aspects of getting exploding rockets off the ground into orbit.

    You will notice that they have been having some difficulty getting various cargo transfer ships off the ground in Russia since our space shuttle program has been canceled. Now does that not make you wonder how they are supplying the space station? Is it possible that stargate technology could be used for this purpose? FAR OUT! There is a very heavy lid on the information about all of this as usual.

    I found an article yesterday done by a guy who claims to know “everything” . I suspect anyone who tells me they know everything. In this case it was the rap about how the BIG WWW3 is right down the road. In this, I noted that the article was done in 2007—so we have been talking about this for a very long time–well, someone has been talking about this for a very long time. It is almost like a magician telling the audience to watch his right hand while his left hand is pulling that card out of his sleeve and with a ‘slight of hand’ getting it into his right hand…to the awe of his duped audience.

    I am seeing a good deal of that kind of behavior world wide. Nothing is predictable. I am spending a good deal of time dealing with my own internal need to point fingers with blame or rock myself in grief in response to the dangers I find myself looking at on a daily basis. While I cannot remember the name of the man ‘in the know” who gave me this advice, I daily remember his words. “Focus on home and family–fill your eyes and mind with the glory of the planet around you. Find the place of peace within yourself and project it into the eather of the unknown. ” On my wall here, right by this computer, I have taped up a couple of little hand written notes. One is my favorite quote from “DUNE” “Fear is a mind killer.” and the other is a quote from my father…”What ever you do…DON’T LOOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR.”

    I consider both of those, the paddles in this row boat as I navigate the seas of this horrific material about how humanity is angry with humanity and it is not their fault because they are being manipulated by entities unseen from places unknown.

    So, for you Luke, have a beautiful day. Did I tell you, the crocus are blooming here..The temp is going to be up in the 60s. What is best of all, today I get oil so I can have hot water again. This is what keeps me objective and able to allow peace to keep moving from my small place into the world around me. With any kind of luck at all, the wave will grow. It is worth a try.
    Sincerly yours, Marina – 8:17am-est/3/2/12 – usa


  22. Luke.
    If I had Not mentioned it before, the ONE thing I do Not fear, is a Full scale nuclear exchange.
    Alien presences both good and bad both have a vested interest and stake in this planet. This seed world.
    I can show you dozens of articles and documentaries if you like on UFO’s monitoring and even shutting down entire nuclear installations repeatedly around the world.
    The worst that is likely to happen is hand transported bombs in suit cases etc to predetermined cities, because I even have documentation and footage of UFO’s effecting missiles in mid flight.
    I Highly suspect that they monitor ALL nuclear fissionable material which cannot be hidden from them and thier technologies.
    Im far more worried about germ and bio warfare.


    • Global warfare of any sort is the sort of action we should seek to avoid, Though i do agree in Bio warfare being our downfall, it wasn’t long ago that they managed to manufacture Human-Human bird flu and even released notes on it. If one of these shadow societies gunning for global anarchy get a hold of something like that or manage to replicate the results just imagine the result. A small bomb in a major airport, releases the virus, virus spreads to pilots and passengers, within the first 24hrs, its already covered 20% of the globe and most major cities have out breaks, if it was made as a a long incubation virus it could take 2-3 days if not a week for anyone to show symptoms and most would shrug it off as common cold before cerebral hemorrhaging set in. This then sets the play with the scientists fighting to make an antivirus, this is the race against time as the more people who are infected means that the virus is also mutating into different forms to kill its host, this is when the multiple strains of infection of which each need a different cure start to run the operation ragged, similar to the Ebola outbreaks of Africa. From this tipping point either the top Governments stop funding the cures and retreat to underground bunkers until the afflicted die on the surface (mass killings may also occur in this scenario, or a broad base cure is found and inoculations begin within 6months (due to production quantities and refitting of mas production machinery). This is your basic, disease spread scenario and one of the many that could result in the deaths of 60-80% of the worlds population.



      • I ABSOLUTELY Promise you this one thing about bio warfare Luke.
        Nothing gets released that they dont already have both the vaxine and the cure for hidden some where.
        ~ Varakienen.


      • If there is an outbreak, Find the personal doctors to Very VERY Important people, and the cure will be near by.


      • Once a virus is let free, intermingles, mutates with other cells, moving forward hitching a ride when ever it can, airborne. touch and water, there will be no stopping it. No vaccine will be made in time to cover all mutations. Of course those with money and power will run and hide.
        What can we do about it? Look for the signs and protect yourselves and your loved ones. After all the world can’t even feed all it’s population now. Medicinal supplies are also limited.

        Stay Safe


      • Vara that is supposing that they released it, Viruses are biological anomalies residing within all cells much like cancer, when to many anomalies start to group together they form a virus cell (this is one understanding of viruses) today however we have many strains of viruses that tend to mutate rather than become new viruses meaning that yes they usually do have cures on standby or works in progress for dealing with possible mutations of the base virus. However as throughout history we have seen different viruses spring forth from different environments in nature or created in the slums of mankind. Every virus is different and attacks each person differently, that is why they give you such long lists of possible side effects associated with inoculations, as these are the observed possible attacks that the virus will employ. There are some viruses that dont even have cures today Ebola for example, came from chimpanzees, and yet we still have no cure for the 5 strains which decimated entire villages in africa within weeks, These five viruses are: Bundibugyo Ebolavirus Zaire Ebolavirus, Sudan Ebolavirus, Reston Ebolavirus and Taï Forest virus. EVD is a viral hemorrhagic fever, and is clinically nearly indistinguishable from Marburg virus disease.

        Heres a look at the fatality rates from ebola
        Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreaks
        1976 SUDV
        Juba, Maridi, Nzara, and Tembura, Sudan
        284/151 (53%)
        1976 EBOV
        Yambuku, Zaire
        318/280 (88%)
        1977 EBOV
        Bonduni, Zaire
        1/1 (100%)
        1979 SUDV
        Nzara, Sudan
        34/22 (65%)
        1988 EBOV
        Porton Down, United Kingdom
        1/0 (0%) [laboratory accident]
        1994 TAFV
        Taï National Park, Côte d’Ivoire; Switzerland
        1/0 (0%)
        1994–1995 EBOV
        Woleu-Ntem and Ogooué-Ivindo Provinces, Gabon
        52/32 (62%)
        1995 EBOV
        Kikwit, Zaire
        317/245 (77%)
        1996 EBOV
        Mayibout 2, Gabon
        31/21 (68%)
        1996 EBOV
        Sergiyev Posad, Russia
        1/1 (100%) [laboratory accident]
        1996–1997 EBOV
        Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo
        62/46 (74%)
        2000–2001 SUDV
        Gulu, Mbarara, and Masindi Districts, Uganda
        425/224 (53%)
        2001–2002 EBOV
        Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo
        124/97 (78%)
        2002 EBOV
        Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo
        11/10 (91%)
        2002–2003 EBOV
        Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo; Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon
        143/128 (90%)
        2003–2004 EBOV
        Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo
        35/29 (83%)
        2004 EBOV
        Koltsovo, Russia
        1/1 (100%) [laboratory accident]
        2004 SUDV
        Yambio County, Sudan
        17/7 (41%)
        2005 EBOV
        Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo
        11/9 (82%)
        2007 EBOV
        Kasai Occidental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
        264/186 (71%)
        2007–2008 BDBV
        Bundibugyo District, Uganda
        116/39 (34%)
        2008–2009 EBOV
        Kasai Occidental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
        32/15 (47%)
        2011 SUDV
        Luweero District, Uganda
        1/1 (100%)

        Now these figures show some have resistance, but you have to understand that Ebola is a disease spread by touching infected matter (people, excrement, surfaces) and it was in selected and secluded villages, if we were dealing with an airborne capable high incubation period disease with a long viral lifespan and a global infection within 48hrs, we would be utterly buggered orr at least 50% of the orld populace would be, ccan you imagine major cities like NYC, Tokyo of LA having to be shut down due to infection spreading and all the resulting uninfected refugees, and those refugees living in squalor for months with low immune systems and possibly harboring dormant forms of the virus…. Im telling you Vara the government does have control over nature and it own selection process.



  23. marina pratt

    @varakienen-Regarding your statement on “If you have questions on this or a great many other subjects – Please let me know—” How do we do that?
    Sorry it took me so long to get back…but—we got oil! YES! Big day for showers here…
    Sincerly, Marina – 10:47am-est/3/2/12-usa


  24. Marina. Contact RON, the site administrator and he will send you my e-mail address. Just point out that I gave “you” personally, permission for it on this thread.
    I have been asked not to put my e-mail address up for all to see.
    Lets chat.
    ~ VARA.


  25. marina pratt

    @varakienen->Ok – Next question at a praticuliarly brain dead moment here..How do I contact Ron…Would that be the part where I do an @Ron-administration post by any chance? Yes-let’s chat–
    Marina -12:50pm-est -3/3/12-usa


  26. marina pratt


    Varakienen has requested that you send me an email address so that we can “chat” – “Just point out that I gave “you” personally, permission for it on this thread.”<- A direct quote.

    I would appreciate that a great deal. Thank you for your time. Sincerly, Marina Pratt-3/6/12-12:18pm-est-usa


  27. William Stillings

    You can understand why the Getting rid of Missiles was done… Why have a rocket when you could just teleport a Nuke into a country.
    It has been done very responsibly and not abused.
    Teleportation is need for the Masses. |
    The above article is very True and a Great Article. Im happy and proud.


  28. William Stillings

    I Never Teleported anywhere on the planet that lasted more then a Second.
    My first trip to Mars was about 18 or so Minutes. In later years It certainly felt less. I know that It was really quick to get to Mars in 1984, i have such little memory of that. I know that People Were saying Nows the time to go, and My dad was getting me underway.
    You could only go once a day, But in March I do recall that 4 people, including myself were in that elevator that day.
    The Only time of the year that More then two people could go.