Voters Being Misled, Wave of Protest Against Electoral Fraud in Canada


Canadians recently flooded Elections Canada with more than 31,000 reports about robocalls and misleading phone calls placed during the last federal election.

With regard to the electoral fraud in Canada; the following ‘avaaz’ report:

Dear friends across Canada,

News reports have just revealed that callers supporting Harper likely misled thousands of voters in the last election. But we can undo this fraud, if investigators now work to find the truth of what really happened.

Last election, voters in as many as 45 ridings received misleading and fraudulent phone calls telling us to go to fake polling stations. New media reports show thatthis orchestrated attack on our democracy might have worked — flipping seats to benefit the Conservative party and giving them a majority in Parliament. Elections Canada and the RCMP are, thus far, limiting their investigation to one riding and the members of one political party — if we raise a massive public outcry they will be forced to expand their investigation to third parties and to dig into fraud across the country.

At minimum, our public officials should review all robocall contracts for election day, and we can make them dig deep in every implicated riding. Click below to demand Elections Canada and the RCMP act now to protect our democracy, then forward to everyone:

On election day – May 2, 2011 – Canadians were inundated with dishonest phone calls saying that voting stations had been moved, then directing voters to a wrong location. Some of these callers even posed as Elections Canada officials. We need get to the truth and to do that we need Elections Canada and the RCMP to expand their investigation and ask the courts to reveal all calling companies’ orders for election day calls. These calls were likely so widespread that they could have actually changed the outcome of many close races!

We already know that Guelph was targeted by misleading calls and that this was part of a complex and pre-meditated plan. Some of the calls used a number tied to a disposable “burner” phone paid for in cash and registered to a Mr. Pierre Poutine on Separatist St., Quebec. A conservative staffer working on the campaign in Guelph has already resigned and if Elections Canada and the RCMP expand their investigation we can get to the truth and confirm full responsibility for all the election day fraud, in all 45 implicated ridings and beyond. 

Our government was elected under suspect circumstances rife with reports of voter fraud — but we can get to the truth. Click below to tell Elections Canada and the RCMP to expand their investigation:

Millions of Avaaz members rallied together to win anti-corruption laws in Brazil and in India and now Canadian citizens can come together to rescue our democracy. We can’t let governments steal elections and if we take action today we can win back our democracy.


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UpdateWave of protest against electoral fraud kicks off Saturday in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — Hundreds of protesters will take to the streets in Vancouver this Saturday, March 3, to kick off a wave of protests across Canada in response to the widening ‘robocall’ electoral fraud scandal. The rallies will demand a full public inquiry and real consequences including possible new elections.

The protest will start this Saturday, 12 p.m. at the Vancouver Art Gallery, proceeding through downtown to a rally at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings) featuring representatives of civil society groups and opposition federal political parties.

“We need full, public and independent investigations in all of the affected ridings, real consequences for systematic election fraud that include new elections, and then a full public inquiry to restore the integrity of our democracy,” said Jamie Biggar, Executive Director of “So far, the government’s response has been to downplay the revelations and try to contain and delay investigations. That is totally unacceptable, and so we are mobilizing to show that democracy matters to Canadians.” …continue reading at

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One response to “Voters Being Misled, Wave of Protest Against Electoral Fraud in Canada

  1. Dont be fooled by arguments that this may be the product of some small rogue group with personal agenda’s.
    This was Very Large scale, employing hundreds of people, man many computer servers, and a great deal of time, thought, planning, and effort.
    Such an endeavor would likely cost in the millions.
    Should be VERY easily traceable and likely Is if you just follow the paper works and the money trails. But I can promise you there will be No official investigation which is run in a fashion that will give you appropriate results.
    Not all the calls were Robo calls. Many were personal calls.
    Do you think this only happens in canada? Think again all you US citizens.
    Elections have been stolen in your country several times now, and some of those times you arent even aware of.
    The greater agenda runs deep. this isnt just a few corrupt politicians. They ARE 100% connected as part of a greater plan that has been on going since before you and I were born.
    Welcome to your police state. Time to start researching.