The Moon Landing Hoax: ‘Apollo Zero’

Apollo Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever really walked on the moon.


Think about this: to date, only three countries have been able to put a man merely in Earth orbit – the United States, Russia, and China. That speaks to how difficult it is just to get into orbit. Next, consider how far away the moon is from the Earth: 240,000 miles. Since the alleged moon landings, no country even claims to have gone more than 400 miles from Earth and that was in the Space Shuttle.  The International Space Station orbits at 200 miles above Earth. There is a big difference between 240,000 miles and 400 miles. Why can’t anyone make it more than 400 miles from Earth today if we could make a 480,000 mile round trip in 1969?

NASA further asserts that three men were loaded into a rocket, flew 240,000 miles to the moon and then achieved lunar orbit. They say the spacecraft separated and two astronauts flew 60 miles to the surface of the moon, in a vacuum and 1/6 Earth gravity. They then hung out on the moon for up to three days in 250 degree heat, hit golf balls, rode a moon buggy — but what powered their life support and equipment? They say BATTERIES.

They then supposedly blasted off the surface of the moon, docked with the third man going around the moon at over 4000 miles per hour, and made it 240,000 miles back to Earth. They re-entered Earth’s atmosphere going 25,000 mph, but parachutes assured a safe landing in the ocean.

View Apollo Zero and decide for yourself.

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11 responses to “The Moon Landing Hoax: ‘Apollo Zero’

  1. I my self Strongly believe that at the very least, the first lunar landing was faked. How many after that, I could not accurately say.
    I do believe it Likely that we Have gone to the moon how ever.
    The Van Allen belt is actually even More dangerous than is being let on its true, but that does not mean that it is insurpassable.
    Powdered led, foil, various coatings and a number of other things can be used to bring down the penetration of radiations. As well as iodide or other chemicals and medications can be used to bring down the effects of prolonged exposure.
    The craft were passing through the layers of the belts in a matter of hours at best, not days.
    The smoking gun the author claims here is ridiculous and some thing of a reach. It can be explained any number of ways.
    The reason astronauts can not easily see stars from the lunar surface are several fold. the reflected light is intense from the environment, and closes or dialates pupil responses letting less light in. as well, they have various shields on the helmets, filters, which allow less light. take some dark sunglass’s and go star watching and see.
    The authors arguments are void of a great deal of logic and research in my personal opinion. the battery power used over such a period of time and for things like perpetual conditioning of the air etc was the most valid, but not insurmountable argument IMO.

    Lastly, these men. These astronauts were the greatest pilots in the world, having climbed through the ranks in their careers to win the coveted possitions and be chosen for space flight. space flight being a monumental undertaking fraught with tremendous dangers and requiring incredible skill, knowledge and experience. Weather they actually went to the moon or not, they DID go into space, braving these dangers.
    To, come up to a person and claim that their entire lifes work, their careers, thier experiences are nothing but a fraud and a sham is More than enough reason to get a good Punch in the head. Im Not an astronaut I’ld have done it my self just standing there listening to the way he degraded and goaded these space veterans.
    I was absolutely Appalled at the authors lack of integrity and respect for these people and the subject matter he was stomping on.

    Yes, I am sure there has been a great deal of fakery.
    I am doubly sure that a great deal of the cover ups in the subject matter and science environment here has more to do with UFO sightings and extra terrestrial encounters during missions.
    But honestly, by the end of this particular movie/pseudo mockumentary, I felt that the author did Not make his arguments on solid ground with enough solid supporting data or evidence to back them, and in the end I just wanted to kick him in the teeth for his treatment of the subject and profound subversive behavior and disrespect to these atronauts.
    Shame on him.



  2. They went to the moon, found it had once been occupied. Since the moon was littered in ruins, they couldn’t show the real images, so they created fake ones.


  3. I agree. My physicist husband said these arguments against a moon mission don’t hold much water. By the end, I also felt a kick in the a— was very appropriate. (Not to say that there are no deceptions here and there at NASA)


  4. Eisenhaur was told by the Greys, who live on the dark side of the moon, that if they landed on the moon, the Greys would obliterate the earth. People may want to check this out:

    Comments suggest it is fake but it is NOT, it’s the real deal.


    • Maree.
      I know of the contract to stay away from the dark side of the moon.
      But where the heck do you get the Obliterate the earth stuff from?
      Ild be interested in seeing any evidence of that particular phrase or threat being a part of that contract.


  5. Maree – they have no need …nor do they want to obliterate the Earth.


  6. now vara, how many times must i address the issue of your civility on this site? We must treat all contributions as sincere attempts at exposure of the truth no matter how silly. Do i have to………wait a minute. I get this all backwards. Vara’s usually doing that to me. Wow!!! what a switch. lol. Good to see some fire there, my friend. I agree with your assessment. A couple of interesting things overwhelmed by nonsense and poor workmanship. I too believe we have been there, but maybe not as many times as reported. I think they discovered something very discomforting on our lunar pal.So they kept up the “trips”, real or not, probably not, and channelled their efforts elsewhere for research in the “dark” programs. Yes it seems the author thinks “gotchA” journalism passes for real work.


  7. This video is crap! We went to the moon and that is that. Give it up as you all need help.


    • Thanx for the Ignorance crap there GRC54.
      There’s always one, and now that we have gotten you outa the way, we can get onto the actual facts, instead of the made up lies.
      Ignorance = to ignore.
      Thanks for commin out and sharing such engrossing data dude. 😉


  8. Did we land on the moon? Hmm such an interesting dispute this has been…
    Haha this is awesome “This video is crap! We went to the moon and that is that. Give it up as you all need help.” I’m a super believer now thank you grc54. Now for a serious post on this subject. IMO yes, we did land on the moon, but what they saw I believe no one knows the truth behind this. I also believe the date that they realesed that we “landed” was not the correct date. I believe that the astronauts went before the date and what they say was not only incredible but brought great fear to them. So was staged a “fun day” on the moon. Playing golf,riding the buggy,taking pictures, jumping around playing around with the low gravity like it was something new to them. They train for low gravity before they even launch into space. Again all in this information is just an opinion but i do believe the explanation for the Lunar landing is alot more in debth than what we believe.

    Fun suff

    Thanks for reading.


  9. grc54, are they being mean to you? are they not appreciating you own personal opinion. I am shocked. I have never seen this type of behavior before. Wow. Sorry, i’m just stunned……….anyway, back to reality. Be careful how you disagree with people here. In other words, be careful not to disagree. Although you didn’t offer much of a substantiation for your viewpoint, but neither did the person lambasting you for it. I guess whoever “feels” he or she is more right wins. Personally, i agree and disagree with you. I agree we have been there. And protests to the contrary, no one has ever proven we haven’t been. I disagree with you if you are implying the official story is the complete truth. As Hikiruu inferred, we went, we saw, we did not conquer. Apparently on this site, someone can make a claim(the greys told eisenhower blah blah), someone else confirms it (“i know of the contract”), and viola, with overwhelming proof a fact is established. That is what passes for “engrossing fact”. Like i said grc54, i agree and disagree with you. But protestations aside, no one(including me) offered any incontrovertible proof that you are wrong. It isn’t about facts, it’s about who can act more abusive, dismissive, or insulting, while pretending they are doing none of the above. So my little friend, you post whatever the hell you want to, and until someone offers something more than a personal insult, you just go right on and believe what you want. They certainly haven’t given you a rational reason not to.