Plumes erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone – 2.9M quake follows – March 1, 2012

New Madrid

Plumes erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone, 2.9M quake follows …something is happening?

Original text report from Luann Gogglin Patterson. Many thanks to her for catching the plumes and reporting it.

“I recorded a whole video on the plumes .. then as the video was processing .. a 2.9M earthquake struck the New Madrid Seismic Zone” (TN and AR border).

The plume area in Arkansas is coming from near the dormant volcanic chain which includes Murfreesboro Diamond mine state park … a dormant volcano where you can dig for diamonds.

Note: The plumes are being seen with infrared satellite which means its measuring heat energy apparently from the bowels of the earth. These plumes are being released from the earth, they’re not tornadoes or clouds, they’re plumes of energy being released.

The whole event happened this afternoon (March 1, 2012) — viewable on College of Dupage (or any other visible satellite of the midwest USA) …

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4 responses to “Plumes erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone – 2.9M quake follows – March 1, 2012

  1. Hi,
    Great input. I agree with your find and prediction. The Caldera “Old Faithfull” is next on the list. Keep an eye on it !
    Great program and thanks again !


  2. Watch for major earth activity around April 2 and May 1. Moon will be at perigee along with the full moon 4 to 5 days later. Perigee will be closest to the earth for the year.


  3. more plumes!! Over larger area….


  4. The New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-12 was actually the result of a meteor impact to Northern Mississippi coming from the dust tail of Comet C/1811 F1. For overwhelming evidence go to ,documents and links, “A Few Comments on 1811” or google “Kalopins Legacy”. Find the truth behind the scenes.