Solar activity: Major X 5.4 Solar Flare – March 7, 2012

Solar Flare

Major X 5.4 Solar Flare!!

Yesterday we had reported X1.1-Class Eruption – M3.3 Solar flare en route to Earth

Today, the second strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 24 and the Second X-Flare occured   from Active Region 11429. This major event measured X 5.4 at 00:24 UTC and triggered a strong R3 Level Radio Blackout. A coronal mass ejection was captured shortly after and is likely to be headed earths way. more information shortly.

The expected CME from March 4 has impacted the earths magnetic field moments ago, causing the Bz component of the IMP to deviated sharply southward to – 18 nT.

Update 1

A CME propelled toward Earth by yesterday’s X5-class solar flare is expected to reach our planet on March 8th at 0625 UT (+/- 7 hr). Analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, who prepared the CME’s forecast track, say the impact could spark a strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm.

Update 2

G2 Class geomagnetic storm is now in progress at 9.00 UTC March 8. Second CME must arrived 12.00 UTC March 8. Solar winds now spiking to 560 km/s

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5 responses to “Solar activity: Major X 5.4 Solar Flare – March 7, 2012

  1. marina pratt

    Thanks for this–I have another news release without the FB key–I am trying to keep my book people informed…most are not simply because the media is not covering this story much. After all…the sun is so far away..I am going to post the Ed Dames thing also…He has been on this since the late 80s. I cannot thank you enough for your coverage…Marina-3/7/12-9:27am


  2. Wait a minute, wouldn’t this be on top news? I checked and it wasn’t. I doubt this will have a huge effect on us. I heard it’s supposed to happen March 8, 2012 at 12:25 am.


  3. You can’t fix stupid…….Only the prepared will understand and thats just what they do not want you to do…Most people do not even care till they are affected which will be too late and then watch the media if they even can broadcast the good old test pattern duck and cover lol….


  4. marina pratt

    Jim–who are “they”? as in “they do not want you to do”. Perhaps it would be better to see this through the lens of ->fear of panic in the streets caution. In this of course, the joke is on them because if the electronics are affected–well, THEY don’t exist as an entity any more.

    This is supposed to be a “glancing blow”. If it affects anything it will be satilites and such which are in the direct path of the hit. Noone has given trajectory relative to the earths path–at least not that I can find. If anyone has that information it would be much appreciated. Not that it will change anything..we are just going to have to ride this one out..There will be more. Hopefully – lesson learned – will apply here.Sincerly, Marina 9:47am/est-usa


  5. Wow you do not know who they are??? Its the men behind the curtain with the power who would be this administration. Pay attention take a different look at life open your eyes to the truth not the disinformation….The truth does not lie,but this administration lies every second…..