Interview With the KY Woman Who Tried to ‘Pray the EF3 Tornado Away’ – March 2012


The EF3 Tornado!

“EZEL, Ky. – If you’ve ever questioned the power of prayer, watching the video of Charlotte Hall as a huge tornado begins to form over her home in Ezel, Ky. might change your mind.

Hall watched as the massive cloud formed Friday.

“As it got larger and larger that’s when I began to pray,” said Hall.

What passed over her house, ripping the porch away, was just the beginning of a monster of a storm that would churn into an EF3 tornado.

“It would lift and come back down and I just kept praying,” said Hall, who she says she knew better than to stay there, but there was no fear.

She refused to leave until the cloud did.

“I’ve been through many storms in my life, and I was like, ‘Okay God, you’re gonna take this.’ And I knew he would,” she said.

But Hall’s prayer could only do so much. The storm moved into nearby West Liberty, where Hall was born and raised, and marked a deadly chapter in the small town’s history, killing six people.

“I had no idea it was gonna go into that town, but I’ve been praying for them every night,” said Hall. “The loss is beyond comprehension”.

Charlotte Hall prays while the Tornado approaches

Source and author: 9news *  tornado

13 responses to “Interview With the KY Woman Who Tried to ‘Pray the EF3 Tornado Away’ – March 2012

  1. Stella H Howell

    Those with wisdom* are fearless.
    Wisdom is obtained by genuine truth seekers and observers of the Law of YAHWEH.
    Every form of Protection is granted to such individuals, not necessarily their seed nor the neighbourhood.

    *wisdom is not from academic qualifications.
    It is the reverse.


  2. Amem brother!

    It’s interesting that when an ufo or alien video appears here, a lot of people comment about it, but the REAL POWER of our Lord has no comments.


  3. I take for what I see, the tornado stops, be it by her prayes or just mother nature changing, I don´t know. What i do know is that I dont belive in any god like being. So really, i dont have anything to ad to this, thats why I dont have anything to comment, except for this comment of course🙂


  4. Prayers do work. Just need to know what you want or need, and have faith that its been heard and answered. Won’t work if you do it half-heartedly, or begging and groveling like God isnt going to care.


  5. Commen Sense

    Surely it was a change in the storm’s direction on its own. Tornados change direction very quickly as they are moving incredibly fast. Now let us stop and think about this for a second, before just assuming and deciding yup her prayer worked. From what I’ve seen reported 8 people died in west liberty, and I’m not sure if any were children on that path of devistation. Now I ask myself did this woman truely move this tornado with her prayers and or her mind? Now don’t get me wrong, I know we are capable of truely amazing things, I however don’t believe God singled this woman out and saved her, only to change the direction of the tornado into West Liberty killing 8 people. To say that God would intervene in YOUR life, on this one occasion a tornado pass’s you by, and not intervene with the tortured disfigured kids of Joseph Kony in Africa for the past twenty years is ignorant. It is just recently something is starting to get done with this monster, but he still evades capture. My point is much more horrifying events occur on a daily basis with no intervention, which is very upsetting. Everyone is allowed to there own opinion, and that is mine.


  6. common sense, understand your comments and empathize. Could have just been a natural turning, for as you stated, they can move fast and turn unexpectedly. But if God were behind it, i don’t see Him as evil or uncaring because others perished. This is a fallen world, full of evil(as you mentioned in your post) and someday i think that will all change. But your frustration and anger at evil being done is justified. Maybe WE all should care more about that. Your opinion is as good as anyone elses.


  7. amen, I really believe in the power of prayer , if people stopped praying , more severe disasters would take place . Once I heard one preacher shared with us, he had a vision, in the vision he saw one woman holding two big bowls in her right and left hand. Her left hand seemed so heavy with the bowl . He asked the Lord what it meant . These two bowls represent our current conditions , her left hand was holding a bowl containing our sins, greed, hatred, arrogance and selfishness , in the meantime her right hand was holding a bowl containing the prayers. Let’s keep praying, brothers and sisters. amen


  8. sher strickland

    You may have wondered about those unusual folks who sometimes pray in words you can NOT understand. Why not watch this video and ‘discern’ if this woman is genuine. This is CNN news footage!! Apparently the Holy Ghost is now going on one of the most respected news networks to get out some truly relevant news.


  9. do you have an address that miss hall can be written
    also what church does she attend in EZEL OR WEST LIBERTY KY.
    This is great faith with courage in action through prayer


    • Stella H Howell

      Hello B Taylor. I sense your yearning for the Truth. Hope you do not mind this reply.
      Truth also comes direct to those who genuinely seek. Christ says,
      “Seek and you shall find”. This truly is also relevant today.
      Each of us have a different level of Faith & lifestyle irrespective of whether or not from the same congregation.
      What one person achieves, might not necessarily be achieved by another. We all receive according to the level that we Desire. Depending on the Depth of our Desire we Achieve.
      Miss Hall does not necessarily have to attend any Church for deep rooted Faith neither for her Prayers to be powerful. Churches might provide external display of piousness, with emptiness within.

      Nothing can defeat Faith. Faith is knowledge of that Power which is called upon. A relationship creates Faith. The relationship is through observance of the Law such as Sabbath & abstinance of flesh blood (thou shalt not Kill).

      Wisdom makes one fearless.Wisdom only comes from above.
      May you achieve your desired knowledge.


  10. Praise the Lord for his mercy