Solar Activity: M6.3 Solar Flare and Earth Directed CME – March 9, 2012

solar flare

M6.3 solar flare and Earth directed CME

Following the appearance of a new active sunspot AR1429 on March 2, it erupted on March 5 with a major X1-class flare, sending a storm of plasma and charged particles towards the Earth, followed by a second  major X5.4 -class flare on March 7.  The widely-reported CME produced by this X5.4 -flare from sunspot AR1429 hit our planet’s magnetic field on March 8th. The impact was weaker than expected, producing only a mild geomagnetic storm. Power grids and other sun-sensitive technologies were unaffected.

More appears to be on the way,

CME Impact and G3 Class Geomagnetic Storm In Progress.
A G3 Geomagnetic Storm (KP=7) is now in progress. Solar Wind speeds touched 830km/s on the arrival of the coronal mass ejection (CME) late yesterday.

Active Region 11429 has continued where it left off, by blasting another M flare today (M6.3) while in an earth facing position, a coronal mass ejection immediately followed and is headed earths way.

Impact is expected during March 11 and another geomagnetic storm may result.

Active sunspot AR1429 continues to grow. It is now more than seven times wider than Earth, which makes it an easy target for backyard solar telescopes.

solar flare

The behemoth spot has unleashed four strong flares since it emerged on March 2nd, including the X5-class eruption of March 7th. More could be in the offing. The active region has a “beta-gamma-delta” class magnetic field that harbors energy for additional X-class eruptions.

Source and author: spaceweather *  SolarWatcher solar flare

4 responses to “Solar Activity: M6.3 Solar Flare and Earth Directed CME – March 9, 2012

  1. marina pratt

    I suspect we were affected here on the east coast–our power went down for about10 seconds around 4am. I had the computer on all night..dumb–but I was up early and turned to see the weather when the power went down..I started counting and got to 10 when it came back up. The computer is fine..only my daughter and I knew it had happened. Like I said, I have no proof but our power is very stable here so I am going to guess it was the flare effect…10 seconds of silence and darkness…hummm
    Sincerly. Marina, 6:19pm – est – 3/9/12 USA


    • yes they weren’t expecting it to be intense, but a switch in polarity of the energy waves pushed it above safe ranges for about 4hours


  2. Our cellphones were all affected by the solar flare on March 9, 2012. The time was off by an hour or so, when I was talking on my phone it went dead. I tried dialing the number back thinking that I dropped a call but the phone just went back to the main screen. I tried again and it ent through only to be very choppy. Our power went out to for about 10 to 15 seconds as well. I just didn’t put the two together. I am on the west coast and so the flare caused a national power flicker? Our winds have gotten very strong since the flares started. They reach about 50mph daily with 70 to 80mph gusts at times.


  3. marina pratt

    @KimWippert-We also had highwinds over a long period of time..still going today but seem to have died down. We are getting a new slap tomorrow I understand…go to…He has some great pix of the magnetic effects and the earthquake patterns across the globe. In full color and all that jazz..Also, I have had a headache of the major kind.

    I heard from a friend in Australia that they had a great deal of animal disturbance. The birds were screaming and flying chaotically. The farm animals were baying loudly–dogs barking…you know–In addition they were hit with some kind of a red dust everywhere. He did not mention wind. This is the same area that was hit with the wave of small black spiders everywhere—He said people went inside and did not go out. There was a major 6.5 earthquake in Indonesia but I do not know his location so I do not know how close he was.

    Having lived on the west coast for a number of years, I am highly sensitive to earth tremers and that unsettling feeling that the earth has turned into elastic. I lived along the southwest coast and even though a major quake happened in LA..all we got was that trampoline feeling and loud car alarms. According to the satilite feed, the entire coast of Ca all the way up to Seattle has been having earth movement..So glad your cell phone returned…Have water and all ready..we are going to be hit again in a couple of days. Stay off the roads as much as you can…
    Take care and thank you so much for this post…I have family out there who refuse to go on face book so I have no idea what is happening.

    Sincerly, Marina 9:10pm-est/3/10/12