Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens: The NASA Connection

NASA scientists, former astronauts and secret government files all point to the conclusion that there has been contact with extraterrestrial life in the past. Researchers examine this and other recent scientific evidence that may provide proof of alien contact in both the recent and ancient past.

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  1. Been watching the “Ancient Aliens” series. Excellent show, although there is a bit of misinformation and speculation. But it is very informative and can learn a lot that scientists won’t tell you.


  2. marina pratt

    NANODUCK->You have introduced some words that are key to a recent quandry of mine on this issue of “information release”. I am not sure if the right word for this dirth of information is “scientists WON’T tell”. Perhaps, “can’t” applies. Further, perhaps, “It is out there but not advertised because the work is all IN HOUSE diatribes in the form of “theory papers”. ” Which is to say, they talk to themselves but seldom get a public airing because “That is how research is done”.

    As I recall, most of these papers are on information derived from spacific projects and “works in progress.” They have to go to a review board and then to a final arbitrator, at which point they are registered and some can be seen in “in house” publications. Others make their way to official science data magazines which are available but no one has the patience to read because it is usually a major techno language thing that only is known to scientists in a spacific field.

    The thousands of NASA photos also have to go through this process. We know that there has been a major effort to alter some of those photos for public consumption but now with high tech equipment available to the general public, some of that stuff has been worked on and the truth is slowly being revealed. Some of it has also altered to present the issue of the person who has altered it.

    My argument is based on my understanding that there are things “someone” does not want to release to the public for fear of the shock of recognition of stuff that has been said for years not to exist. What with this disclosure movement being played by some really determined and informed folks who have figured out ways of informing the general public, there has been enormous pressure on the scientific beaurocracy to be more forth coming with their information. I am seeing some positive results of that. The Ancient Aliens project is one of those which makes an effort to put things into focus for the public at large.

    In recent years, there has been an upwelling of demand for information from and for the general public – many of whom are feeling spacifically involved with the ET movement because of their own experiences. Then there are elements who have latched on to this area of interest because of their witnessing of UFOS and other anomolus events which has pushed them to search for more information. This wave of information pursuit is mixed with another ‘upwelling’ of political parinoia, fed by a wild mix of guys [mostly] who either have a personal issue or who are in it for the possible financial benifit they will have by catering to this growing ‘movement’. The mix is wild and often contradictory. I am reminded of compulsive-obsessive behavior such as that which was seen in that preacher who insisted ‘the end is near’ and publicly made two announcements. Last night I got a report that this same man has apologized publically for his “error” and promised he had no more interest in such things.

    We humans have a tendency to talk in language of a collective nature..”them” “those guys” “the rich and powerful” “the illuminate” – The Bildeburgs” – “The Nasa people” – “Him” in President or whoever – “the CIA” AND on and on and on…none of these collective references have a spacific name or face and the time frame references are always left out.

    It is not that many of the things hollered about are not true. It is that the non-spacific data is always couched in anger and whipping up hysteria already fostered in the wake of 9/11–. This is as much mind programing as are the arguments against mind programing..There is a whiplash effect to all this shouting that, no matter how aware you are and prepared for it you are, pushes your thinking directly into a place where there is no “get out of jail free” card. I, no matter how careful and aware, have experienced this whiplash as I gingerly walked myself through issues like the FEMA stories and the like. Fear is the ugly monster that roars at the soul, leaving a dusty cloud behind it. “Is this real?”. My realiety based recognition process really has struggled to get out of the storm churned up as a result.

    I am not saying, stick your head in the ground…I am not a sheeple..quite the opposite..There is something in all of this that reminds me of brain washing. Its is as if we – the audience – are being set up some how. Even the guys who are screaming this chaos have been set up…Something is out of wack here..I believe it can be corrected but the first thing is to be aware that this continual and jarring call to fear is way over the top.

    I am but one voice. I use it to speak of caution in all things of this nature because I remember well the heavy propoganda layer the American public did not complain about because they knew that “loose lips sink ships”. We were in a fight for the life of the planet. In addition, there were very few outlets of information and most of that was photography. People had turned their lives inside out to be part of the war effort. We were doing our part about a threat that was very real.

    Now we are in an entirely different situation. None the less, since 9/11, the old scenerio of “silence” has been enforced and reinforced. This against the background of an impatient public, better educated, seeking TRUTH–what ever that may be. I am not sure we would recognize TRUTH even after being reassured it was TRUTH simply because of the enormous and vibrating parinoia and distrust that seems to have swept over the land like a thick sludge. This can be seen in countless comment lines like this one. With any release, there is always someone who shouts…”Bah! Humbug!”

    So, we each need to be somewhat cautious and meticulas in our search for all truth..I always ask myself..”What is the path this information has taken? Who released it? –And last of all–I hear that voice in my head saying, “Repeat after me, WHAT IS – IS- follow the dots.”

    It is Saturday and I have a head ache from thinking too much..Now I will go back and listen to this post–Sincerly, Marina-12:57pm-est/3/10/12-USA


  3. @Marina
    I recently watched a documentary on the Great Sphinx in Egypt. It was about a geologist who studied the erosion pattern on the Sphinx itself and the surrounding buildings. He concluded that it was caused by rain, not wind, as many believed. That would put the Sphinx perhaps 9,000 years ago or even further back in time, when the climate of Egypt was wetter. The evidence is very clear and overwhelming. However, when he presented his finding before top archaeologists, they refused to even look at it or acknowledge it. It seems to me that many in professions, be it archaeology or biology, are very full of pride. They refuse to admit that they are wrong, even if the evidence is right in their face. So I think it is a matter of academic pride– or being faithful to a certain dogma.
    I can think of many examples. If you read scientific books about the Great Pyramids, or go to classroom to learn about them, they will tell you that these bronze-age people built them, using only primitive tools and dragged the blocks around. So if you go to Egypt, you see millions and millions of those blocks, some weighting up to 200 tons or more, cut and placed with mathematical precision…you wonder if the accepted idea is right. If you try to tell people that this is impossible for a bronze-age level civilization to build them–we can hardly move 200 ton blocks even with modern equipment– they will laugh in your face.
    Same thing, with the Easter Island statues, underwater cities, massive cities….these things stick out like a sore thumb begging for explanation, but they are ignored.
    Evolution and the beginning of universe, you have DNA that is incredibly complex, yet the “brightest” educated professors will tell you it all came together somehow in some kind of organic soup. Yet, those same professors can’t create a simple cell from scratch, even with the best technology we have. And how do you explain evolution happening on its own without any kind of predetermined direction, like, say an universal consciousness (God)?
    I could go on, but it is very clear to me that we are deceived on so many things, including science, politics, and even churches. And what is so sad is that maybe only 10% of the population ever take the time to stop what they are doing and examine what is being fed into their minds.
    “Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” -John 8:32


    • nanoduck, Look up the name Christopher Dunn. He has a couple of books about the pyramids. There is also a link to Dr Robert Schoch’s site. This man is a professor at Boston University and was the person who did the work at the sphinx. Check them both out Chris Dunn is an engineer and what he has to say will enlighten you.


  4. Howdy, Its a fickle world we live in, as in order to present heavy facts to the public, there has to be a certain amount of dis-information, to go with the facts, so its easy for the ” Fake ” folks to put it down, and out, other wise the whole thing would be edited out, and we would get nothing at all.


  5. were the videos taken away because they told a truth we are not supposed to have been able to figure out. Maybe that is why i always have to always be facing Orion. Front yard always faces setting Orion. Keep up the good work.