Multiple UFO’s “RAINING” down over Murmansk Russia March 2012


UFO activity in the sky above Murmansk, a seaport city located in the extreme northwest part of Russia, on the Kola Bay.

Witness report:  I certainly do not believe in UFOs but it’s certainly not the snow

The sighting was recorded earlier this month. (March, 2012)

Source and author:   ufo

9 responses to “Multiple UFO’s “RAINING” down over Murmansk Russia March 2012

  1. marina pratt

    WOAH- What is that? How odd..Since it is Russia, there will probably not be another video shot of this so we will never get a better look. odd stuff.


  2. looks like a small meteor shower… if you watch the last one to fall actually looks like it hits and seems some of them look like they have a trail behind them. I watched a decent size one come in one day when my children came running in saying their was a ufo or something in the sky. When I when out it was way up but above my house and it was bright white with a trail behind it, as it passed I could tell it was on fire. By the time my husband ran outside it was passing the treeline and looking smaller it so he thought it was just a plane by that point because it was back to looking like a bright light until my boys and I told him what we saw.


  3. Yea sorry chuck but on several occasions the orbs pass behind the power lines in front of the camera, at 0.16 – 0.19 you can see one falling behind the lamp post and powerlines quite clearly.

    I myself am not sure whether to call this a meteor shower or enmasse ufos, or possibly flares, from a plane above the clouds, the brightness hints at possible phosphorus burning. Im leaning sort of toward meteors as this was obviously happening long enough for someone to have time to collect a camera (or camera phone) and begin recording. At 0.18 the camera pans down to the mountain and i may be mistaken but it looks as though there is a small amount of smoke rising from the trees near the top of the mountain, possible impact? The enmasse ufo’s:/ im pretty iffy on that one, the trajectory and flight path of the objects seem to be mostly unison indicating most likely debris or meteors on reentry.

    still this is very cool footage, too bad for the low quality camera



  4. Falling too slow to be meteors.


  5. I would have to disagree, they are not falling too slow ….I have witnessed one coming in above my head as stated in my other post. It appeared to be going about the same speed as these seem to be when it was further away, when it was over head it seemed to be going faster. Perception can be tricky.


  6. Deborah Hart

    Well, whatever they are, it is certainly a timely capture! But aren’t we supposed to have satellites above the Earth that can detect meteorites coming in when they are that close? There sure seems to be a rash of undetected “meteor showers” coming in to our space lately!


  7. You know wnat it is, it is Satan and His demons being cast to the Earth.