Link between Ley Lines on Earth and the 188 Day Cycle of Mega Quakes?

ley lines

Ley lines on Earth which are related with the 188 day cycle of Mega Quakes.

Is it possible that there is a link between the Ley lines and a cycle of quake patterns?

Author of the video: As much information and material as I covered in this video, its just scratching the surface which I’ll deal more with in part 3 since many of the concepts I discussed need more study. And although I initially wanted to keep the video under 10 minutes,, due to the complexity, magnitude and amount of information that could only be grasped by important context (especially for those new to this topic), it couldn’t be done. Hopefully it won’t be only those on a higher frequency that will be able to see the significance and implications before its too late. Whether anything occurs or not is anyones guess, but I’ve presented this information in hopes it might help raise awareness and preparedness JUST IN CASE for those who live in or around major quake prone zones these ley lines may be trying to tell us something.

And while the subject matter is very serious and had to be informative, I also tried to present it in an entertaining way to keep things balanced on the lighter side.

No I don’t claim to be any mathematician, scientist, astronomer, etc. As I said, i’m simply presenting the evidence and information as I see it posing some possible ways to look at it,,, but in the end, people can make up their own minds. If there’s any errors in the “math” etc, let me know and i’ll correct it or answer any questions I can. And yes, there are some portions of this dissertation that do not conform to certain conventional scientific theorems. As to the LINES, they’re extremely precise using euclidean geometry IMO, however obviously in a non-euclidean context, it would be far more complex to illustrate. in respect to the latitude of the Chile Quake and New Zealand, while slightly off by several degrees of latitude, the overall PICTURES that appear are still valid and IMO, the overall model and essential theory is correct which is why there’s a CIRCLE around each of the POINT that in the context of the ENTIRE SIZE OF EARTH, should be within a reasonable distance for these points to show a very close approximation with curvature of earth which btw is NOT a perfect sphere! Its more an OBLATE spheroid. In fact latitude and longitude vary at certain points and grids.

Degrees of latitude are parallel so the distance between each degree remains almost constant but since degrees of longitude are farthest apart at the equator and converge at the poles, their distance varies greatly. So as you move north or south of the equator, the distance between the lines of longitude gets shorter until they actually meet at the poles.

Anyways, Now that I’ve open pandoras quantum box so to speak with this, I definitely welcome any thoughts or questions because as I said, this discovery is only in its infancy stage. But I think those who take the time to consider what i’m presenting with an open mind, will see the merit or significance as well as implications in at least the very BASICS of the subject matter.

I truly hope nothing catastrophic happens around 3/22 or 9/27, but again, the evidence from just the latest PATTERN thats CREATED these ley lines, is not only OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain who takes the time to research the pattern, but the evidence is compelling to say the least. Does it mean a mega quake will occur on these next dates? NO, and I’ve explained in detail why. But I’m sure in hindsight, the people of JAPAN might have benefited and been thankful had such information like this been available before the events of 3/11/11!

The material and premise of the video transcends all racial and religious boundaries that have divided humans and caused the suffering, and wars for millennia on this planet, so I’m not looking for any accolades other than trying to RAISE AWARENESS and PREPAREDNESS for these and other events about to occur soon, because this is not about me.

Time will tell and Judge of the merit of what i’ve presented whether or not anything seismically occurs that this discovery warns about that Imo, has far deeper significance and implications on a UNIVERSAL LEVEL when you read between the LINES no pun intended!

In the meantime I highly suggest those in major urban centers around these ley lines take this threat very seriously and at the very least make some basic emergency preparations in the next weeks and months due to major TECTONIC even POLITICAL and Financial upheaval.

Source and author:  ley lines

6 responses to “Link between Ley Lines on Earth and the 188 Day Cycle of Mega Quakes?

  1. ley lines and the earth’s magnetic field forces synchronize!…


  2. marina pratt

    Good morning – This post is rather syncronistic to say the least. Over the last couple of years I have been almost daily reminded of the possibility of a quake in the MADRIS area. KANSAS AND THERE ABOUT. I had, years ago read about the quake that happened there when there was not much human population in the area. My interest was generated by an Edgar Cayce prediction that there would be a quake so large in the middle west that it would change the direction of the water flow in the Missippi. He went on to talk about how Chicago would be flooded and disabled because of a flow opening up at the lake Michigan area surrounding the north shore. At the time I was incredulas. Although I have not lived there since 1958, I have a great fondness for that city.Earthquake is not part of their common language there…Very cold sharp winters are.

    So, here I was, doing my earthquake watch thing on occasion and in recent weeks I learned that there have been small earthquakes in the middle west and in a Dutchsince piece, I discovered a steam venting event that is–IS –going on from Oklahoma right up through the middle west, Kansas to wyoming area. The vents appear over night and fade during the daylight hours..They were picked up by a weather satilite. I have not checked back so I do not know what is going on as I write.

    The Madris fault energy spreads to the east coast and up to Canada. When that quake happened in the 1800s…it was felt in NY city and to the south I am quite sure.

    I am so glad this guy has done the numbers. I am very impressed. His approach really hits home. I had gotten slightly familiar with the lay line points but am frankly not focused enough to do the math. A big thumbs up here! Now, I could not find part 3…I went to his site and it was not there either……..Anyone got it? Anyone know where I can go to find it?

    Anyway, many thanks..I will make sure this gets to those who may be affected. Sincerly, Marina-7:02am-est/3/17/12-usa


  3. Ian Williams

    8. “For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be earthquakes in place after place, and there will be famines and disturbances. These are the beginnings of labor pains.

    Another translation says sorrows. In Thessalonians it speaks of sudden destruction coming as a thief, or as a woman in labor. The reason why the season of sorrows is to come upon the whole earth is that Mankind for the most part has sought the blessings of God but not to share in His sufferings – we have been selfish and for the most part concerned with our own security and needs – we have sought the “All these things” instead of the kingdom – we have had the cart before the horse. He said if you will share in my blessings you shall also share in my sufferings, but we did not want to hear that part for the most part, and now it is time to balance the ledger and there is a great weight of sorrow to come upon the whole earth and the destruction shall have nothing to do with ley lines, for all the islands shall be moved out of their place and the nations shaken before the coming of the Son of Man, and we are entering a phase of history known as the Days of the Son of Man. Before this happens there will be huge EQ’s around the world – me, my sons and grandsons have seen them in visions and dreams. The earthquakes will be utterly terrifying to some but to others they shall look up for they know that their redemption draws near. Then the fiery ones will be released – the harvesters – the messengers who will carry the manifestation of the Power of the good news to all the earth and then shall the end come. It will all be over by 2021 and Jesus will come and rule the nations with a rod of iron – His unbreakeable Word will uphold all things by its Power. Ley lines? Smile lines are better! 0(:->)


  4. marina pratt

    Ian Williams–Happy St. Patricks Day!
    Ok..Now..I need to know Thessalonians–So..I will go get my bible and look for it..In the meantime, let me address–Ley Lines..for you…Because–I am interested in the geology as it was behaving during the period in which this was written. Then I am going to look for location. There is no doubt, as has recently been discovered by geologists and archeologists, that the bible speaks of many earthchange events which had occured and were spoken of from father to son as part of the ‘remembering history’ tradition until it was able to be noted with writing at some later date. The events, the quakes and such, were real. The problem was, there was no time frame given when these words were notated..None the less, modern 20th and 21st geologists have found many records in the earth itself which speak of these enormous earth changes. What is really neat is, they have been able to give a time frame which has grown more spacific with our new technologies. It was fortuante that most of those folks were living in simple structures, tents or such, because they were nomadic people. The shifting of the ocean waters and the advent of sun activity were their greatest danger. They remembered through their tales. That gave the gift of hope to one another for their survival.

    As I watch our present situation world wide, I must say, we are in a bit of a pickle. I suspect we have many corruptions of human behavior because there have been a great many more toys to play with. Humans are, no matter where they come from, very self involved. The human brain was developed in such a way that an enormous part of it is dedicated to the enrichment to self. At the same time, in recent decades and years, because of the access to learning about other lands and cultures, a very kind, loving and unselfish part of human nature has been awakened.

    What we are experiencing at this time is the struggle between the selfish and the unselfish. I use that language because it is the same in meaning as the arcane language used in the bible. These days this is called a ‘spiritual’ battle. In order to have this kind of battle/struggle, there needs to be The ability to learn…

    I believe we, as a species, are learning many things very quickly and thus we are finding greater satisfaction in our individual lives. I have enough faith in Jesus to believe he is pleased. On the other hand, there is no doubt that he is not pleased with alot that has been done in this human to human battle. It is very important to remember his personal experience as it has been passed down to us over this last two centuries.

    There is no question that the man we call Jesus experienced the worst of torture. As the story is told to us, he did it to give an example to the world. He could have run into the night. He did not. His self chosen martyrdom has imprinted the memory of human history in indelable ways, no matter what religion or belief system. Just as he is recorded to have spoken to us in words, he spoke to us through his pain. In all of that, he spoke of hope, he spoke of understanding.

    Part of that ‘understanding’ comes when humanity looks up from their small lives and begins to learn about the surrounding world. Included in that learning is, finding out how things work. As this learning takes place, fear lessens—“Do not be afraid.” Fear is the work of the devil. It gives off an energy that enslaves humanity.

    Learning how things work, frees the human mind. In this case, we are talking about LEY LINES. As with all things on this planet and the surrounding galaxy and universe, MATH WORKS!! While the planet Earth is a complicated mechinism, it is ultimately understandable. While there are things that happen to this planet EARTH, affecting ALL the creatures on it, if humans can figure out how those things happen, there is a far greater chance that we and perhaps many other creatures will survive as a species.

    Humans are, after all, a rather interesting species. Our brain and our body were designed to travel in space and time. While we are very nasty to one another, we have the ability to look forward to the hope that some time in the future, we will live in peace and productivity for all. If we can learn how to survive the difficulties that come of living on an ever changing planet which is affected by the ever changing galaxy, we will have the ability to make that dream come true.

    Understanding where a possible desaster will happen will give a better chance of the humans in that area to survive. Certainly it is possible many will not survive but those who do will know what happened to them and how to recover and thus will not be thrown into the darkness of ignorance. This will give humanity a better chance of rebuilding beyond the tent they sleep in. Let us pray, that in rebuilding, it will be better next time.

    So YES LEY LINES! I see enormous hope in this theory. I see a new world. A better world. We will, although challenged, make it through this changing planet, no matter what it throws at us. In fact, I see Jesus smiling. Now that is a good thing. Sincerly, Marina, 7:42pm-est-3/17/12-USA


  5. There are also 188 confirmed symbiotic stars.

    And 188 stones on the Washington Memorial.


  6. marina pratt

    Now that is facinating…got more data?
    Sincerely, marina – 4/2/12-mon-8:49pm-est -USA