Earthquakes and Natural Disasters is there some kind of pattern? -188 DAYS BY LUCUS

With all these earthquakes and natural disasters is there some kind of pattern?

Author video: I hope that the information that I tried to provide to everyone was helpful to you in getting closer to the truth about what is going on.

While LUCUS gives an explanation if there is some kind of pattern, a disturbing report was published by Terral Croft on March 18, 2012.

Below the report:

Greetings to All:

Below is a copy of the Press Release being sent out to all the major news outlets today on Sunday March 18, 2012 (Terral Croft)

March 18, 2012 Press Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contact: Terral Croft,
Skype: Terral03


St. Petersburg, Florida – Our researchers have discovered a pattern of seismicity going back to 1965 that has transitioned into large magnitude events including Earth axis shifts on a regular 188-day cycle. The most-recent events include the February 27, 2010 8.8 event in Chile, the September 4, 2010 7.1 event at Christchurch, New Zealand, the September 15, 2011 7.3 event in Fiji and the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japan event. The next timeline event is expected to take place according to our calculations on March 22, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC, when Earth will pass through the gravity trough connecting the Sun and a heavy-mass object (HMO) being tracked out of the Leo Constellation. The Earth axis is expected to shift five to six inches like the four-inch shift with Japan event and the three-inch shift with the Chile event.

Saturn is currently in the Virgo Constellation next door to the Leo Constellation where the ringed planet also passed between the Sun and this HMO to develop an extra ring and the super storm now raging in the northern hemisphere. The evidence indicates that Jupiter’s liquefying core, Venus’ slowing rotation with Mars’ and Uranus’ increased seismicity are all perturbations associated with our inbound HMO. The last time Saturn experienced this storm type was thirty years ago, when the planet passed between the Sun and Leo Constellation. Our team is also tracking the U.S. Government response to these threats, which includes Presidential, NASA, DHS and FEMA Preparations.

Our research team anticipates that HAARP multi-frequency wave signatures will begin transmitting on March 19, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC precisely seventy two hours prior to the expected event. The team also expects to see increased four to six magnitude quake swarm activity at the ‘event’ location. Everyone living in or around a seismic area should be warned to brace for one of the top five seismic events in recorded history on March 22, 2012 right around the equinox.


Video TerralO3

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Another disturbing report:

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and even water resources by decree under the auspices of national defense and national security.  The order is not limited to wartime implementation, as one of the order’s functions includes the command and control of resources in peacetime determinations …continue reading at

Again we are confronted with predictions of a major natural disaster. I believe anything can happen at any given time. Time will tell, nevertheless, it is good to be prepared.

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47 responses to “Earthquakes and Natural Disasters is there some kind of pattern? -188 DAYS BY LUCUS

  1. I fully accept the likely hood of this,… How ever.
    The general public does Not in My estimation have the ability to track, or assess the mass speed or trajectory of the HMO which will Likely be Nibiru.
    With out these hard numbers to add to the equation a Viable scheduled or time table cannot be properly ascertained.
    Only government insiders with access to such things as the south polar array or telescope which tracks in Infra-red have such capabilities and are on the inside track to such data.
    So, I am forced to remain skeptical about any amateur attempt at calculating or dating such an event. Tho I believe the premise it self to be solid.
    I my self have now spent years attempting to sift through data reports and false information as to dates and measurements that can be found via questionable sources on the internet. I pretty much have no hair left from pulling it out in clumps in my frustration. The powers that be have done an excellent job on keeping the true facts out of reach even if they may be mixed in with the lies and falsies found by the thousands of categories on the internet.
    We shall simply have to wait and see.


  2. Well we will see in a few days. Besides, I think Obama’s goal is to start another war, to cement his chances for reelection. Unfortunately, it will become WW3…


    • he wont be starting it for re-election purposes when elections can be counterfeited, faked and stolen digitally these days, that will just be a potential fringe benefit.
      Obama’s popularity polls are in the toilet, there is no way to re-elect him with out stealing it now.


  3. And it kicks off with a 7.6 on the ritcher scale in mexico.


  4. Just saw that there was a 7.4 earthquake in Mexico…. Must say that scares the hell out of me… I literally just read this article about an hour ago and now this….


  5. Wow, thats all I can say, off by two days but it tells you there should be more in-depth research done on this.


    • It still may yet happen else where, NZ is on watch right now for geothermal movements, Yellow alert for center of the island.



  6. Marc LeJeune

    Oh boy! here we go again last year the hubbub was elenin now Terrel’s got something new, man I wish this guy would get a life…people don’t listen to BS just live your lives.


    • Marc.
      “I” listen to Every thing.
      So that I can determine for my Self what is BS and what is Not.
      I think his premise is sound, but his calculations are likely off for lack of accurate data to draw them from. This will in all probability throw his dates off. But Not the likely fact that it WILL occure, and for the exact reasons given.
      ~ V.


  7. I never fed in to elenin, but who knows whats out there, Nasa astronomers and scientist recently discovered over 100 brown dwarf stars on the edge of our solar system. I do however believe more research might need to be done on this to see if maybe we Can predict earthquakes, well big ones anyway. I do not agree it Proves in the intelligent design theory though. He is obviously wrong on a few points, but it takes open minded people to make history. Without imagination and an open mind alot of our inventions today would never have come to be. Try not to judge people so hard.


    • Hi sybil.
      I would be interested in any data/links you have that go to your statement:
      “Nasa astronomers and scientist recently discovered over 100 brown dwarf stars on the edge of our solar system.”
      I am sure you meant to say “beyond” our solar system, and not “on the edge of”.


  8. Looks like it came a few days early this time around. 7.0+ in Mexico. Also further south than predicted as well. It’s still in the margin of error.


  9. marina pratt

    Hi folks, just thought I would drop in for a minute to tell you that the Russians have pulled some of their ships into a Syria harbor close to the capital. The AP releases on this indicate communication between us and them in regard to humanitary concerns. Since the Russians are allies to Syria, they have the clout. I am sure there has been a lot of head nodding involved with this move from all concerned. It is important to remember we are not the only country on the planet. I know that is hard since the media seldom covers events in other parts of the world, but there ya go…

    My second point is, orbits and such are math–this is pretty much cut in stone. Thus I do give credence to the various astro charts I have seen regarding the alignment of the planets. I am particuliarly fond of the LEY LINE theory..It really rang a bell for me. The plotting of this ‘dark planet’ is apparently known by someone but It is beyond me how they figured that out. I have not been very studious in this regard. I do however believe there is another body out there–somewhere–affecting a whole bunch of stuff. They are talking about a Pacific quake here but I find myself concerned about the middle west..

    I guess we are just going to have to wait and see…I suspect everyone needs to do the girl and boy scout thing and BE PREPARED. I am going to go to bed right now and think about this days rumblings..tomorrow then..I wonder what I will wake up to..Sincerely, Marina-9:43p,-est-3/20/12


  10. im more scared about the fact obama signed that order giving him full power of all resources during marshall law…. police state here we come


    • RORY.
      We already live in the police state.
      the laws are in place now, but have not been utalized to thier full extent.
      And if you did not realize, the combination of Different laws already in place allow for an interpretation that says these measures are Not merely for times of war or martial law alone. they can in fact be used at ANY time.
      Any time now for any reason what so ever.
      To be exact, the Only laws not yet passed to completely support a police state, are those that regulate the internet in the manor which they are attempting to. we have managed to skirt and shoot down all attempts to censor internet. …….. thus far.
      With out free unimpeded communication which allows us to inform, compare notes, and organize, we will be utterly SUNK.
      Do Not be misled by ANY attempt to make internet laws which are for the supposed implementation of copy right control.
      There are other laws already in place that will allow Them to declare what is and what is Not in a state of current copy right dispute, and to black it out claiming it cannot be shown until the dispute is resolved. which will be Never.
      This will allow them to target ANY thing desired, no matter what the subject matter or even If there is or isnt a realistic copy right contention.
      so long as they can come up with even ONE anonymous person to claim there is any contention what so ever, they will be able to do it.
      Any one can make the claim, even some one on thier own staff, with out need to identify them selves or testify. Once done, the subject matter will never need to see resolution.
      dont be fooled.
      Opose any form of internet censorship in any way shape or form.
      Its not any single law which looks innocent enough in and of it self, its a combination of overlapping laws and the way they can be interpreted which is the danger.
      ~ VARA.


      • Im telling you right now, USA is planning for drawn out war with China (hence control of resources necessary), all the signs are there for unrest: shifting of global superpower title, shift of economy, shift in resources, upgrade of Chinese military and sanctions between china and Russia. Its all a powder keg waiting for the right match.



      • marina pratt

        luke, trust me here- absolutely noone wants to go to war with CHINA. Least of all the RUSSIANS or the USA. Years ago Stalin declared a hands off policy in regard to China which is seen holding to this day with the alliance the two have formed in certain areas. They have territorial issues the RUSSIANS have allowed to pass. This is not to say there might not be a conflict in the distant future…which is why the nuclear issue is so important. The US and Russia are working to deal with the nuclear issue in the middle east and elsewhere because both know the entire world is at stake. Do not believe the hysterics you are seeing so often in the blogs and the like.

        There is a prediction out there which speaks of a possible nuke strike from north Korea on South korea..This might trigger a problem with China–Noone is prepared for that, let me tell you. They are working to prevent it on all sides. These are very complex issues and the guy on the street has not a clue simply because noone in any political system wants him to have a clue.

        It comes down to this…This is the only planet we have. If we as a world population can get past our ignorance and egocentric silliness, we might be able to save it for future generations.


  11. varakienen, yes you are correct I miss typed in my post I did mean Beyond our solar system, (us cajuns down here get our words mixed up sometime, LoL) ….. but some are near to earth, but no closer than our closest star is what is said. Anyway my point was they are still discovering things all the time.

    around 4:11 there is a caller asking about Planet x, which they right away say isn’t coming, and she goes on to say that they are still discovering new things…then the caller continues pushing for more….thats when she elaborates on the ‘new type of stars’ they recently discovered. This was this past September. So anyway theres the link, sorry for the misunderstanding.


    • haha. There is Nothing to actually apologize for hun.
      I merely sought clarification so that other readers do not assume certain things said are factual in and of them selves and run with it as if it were.
      There is So much clutter, misunderstanding and actual intentional misinformation in the environment, that I am merely doing my best to help people keep the facts and details as straight as possible.
      Its all good.
      Thank you for clearing it up.
      ~ VARA.


  12. Well , Terral03 are the reecarnation of Adan , and we are his child’s ! WAS WHAT HE SAID ON A LIVE RADIO SHOW . This and the Elenin dwarf star ” run for the caves ” thing are enought to don’t listen this guy at all . BUT ; here is the thing , back to a old video of hin on YouTube , the first time he made a reference on the circle 188 was from a video he saw ( me too ) from anothere youtuber 9Nania ” the same girl who ” predict ” a possible big quake and tsunami on the same day of Japan quake 3/11 before it happen , this girl was right also on the circle 188 that was not elenin alignment but something else from the same trajectory on sep 15 …. Terralo3 and his recearch “team” it’s just a stoled theory from this girl and shaped in his world , now forget this guy who are trying to make his name (+money ) if really something happen this day , he sent this info to many press agency , so if happen he be famous … But , the point is … that 9Nania was right 2 times ! and there are a real chance to be right again with this 188 days circle , where Terral03 have no credit on this 188 days circle , 9Nania and Lucus do it , SHARE for people be awake in a possible threat for their lives and try to help if does happen , another hand “Adan” ops ! I mean terral03 are just coping and posting to get attention and from news after his low credit after elenin fail as dwarf star . My point here is not a personal attack to Terral03 the Adan reecarnation what he call his self , the information are genuine ( if will happen I don’t know , time will tell ) the information are not from terral03 , hi are a copy paste on this subject 188 D , many people don’t take this guy serious anymore , but should take this information besides hin . so , be standby alert on the days ahead 21/22/23 just in case are a good move , and if you can be far from the sea on this day … it’s a smart thing to do . ( just in case )


    • The idea of the 188 circle is not a stupid concept as concepts go, its just that wacko’s have no real idea what it actual means; the idea behind the 188 circle isn’t a circle at all but an oscillating wave pattern repeating its cycle and reaching its maximum oscillation every 188 days (roughly). This pattern is seen repeated across the planet: the four seasons are wave patterns, the planets axis keeps us spinning in a wave pattern, the oceans are endless wave patterns and what we theorize is that the mantle below the crust also flows in a wave pattern, and when it hits a maximum oscillation point pressure must be released through the nearest outlet (energy always chooses the path of least resistance). This results in the major earthquakes on the planet (or so we theorize), but minor earthquakes also occur due to this pattern as do the ripples of after shocks received after a big quake

      Ps. when im talking waves im talking Sine and Cosine wave forms with oscillation maximums at the maxima and minima of each repeated wave



  13. V – I understand for sure, I do not want to spread any mis-info in anyway. I too am searching for the truth. Everyone seems to be waking up that something is going on, but most are confused as too what, or they think they know and go off of bogus videos or lies spread throughout. So I’m glad you caught my mistake, ty.
    Brightest Blessings


    • I share the same concern.
      And indeed, a planet wide awakening is underway despite efforts by the elite establishmentarians to keep us distracted misinformed and in the dark. all the easier to maintain control of us.
      For those whom are new to the awakening process, they wish to fill in thier lack of understanding with the quickest easiest explanation and tell them selves that the mystery is solved.
      I my self was prone to this in my early researches near a decade ago.
      Its dangerous to think we have the answer, or answers.
      I can only advise people to keep asking questions even after they Think they have the answer that suits them and thier need.
      I find many of my conclusions changing and broadening as the years go by.
      There is very little that I am willing to write in stone any longer, and I believe I know far more than Most.
      (some times I love my own arrogance. lol)
      And I amuse my self watching as my former conclusions tumble like a house of cards when New data is too heavy for the cards to support.
      But look, thats really just linear thinking, one of the lowest rungs on the ladder of growth and understanding. 😉
      ~ VARA


  14. marina pratt

    I am going to call march 22, HAPPY EARTHQUAKE DAY…It does not matter if we have a major desaster earthquake—but with all the chatter about seems that is a day to celebrate all the excitement. This way we can run and scream in the streets carrying ballons and noone will arrest us..although it is possible they will haul us off to the local mental facility–but thats ok. as long as we prove negitive on the drug and alcohol tests we should be ok…This is called –a don’t hold your breath moment.


    • Marina.
      Imma have to disagree with you on virtually All aspects of the political conclusions youve made.
      The US does want war, or rather the Illuminati wants it, and is Using the US to perpetuate it. Iran, china, or otherwise. And it has Nothing what so ever to do with non existent Nukes.


  15. Is Terral03 still in the caves in the Ozarks? After all the Elenin hype I find it hard to take anything he is involved in seriously.


  16. marina pratt

    Please, VARA–examine China–They have – by far- the largest standing military manpower on the planet. At this point they most probably have the technology to match ours and perhaps then some. The reason they have this military man power is because they kill their female children, usually before they are born – there is over a 3 to 1 ratio of men to women at the present time..[I may have that figure wrong + or – but it is very high} The reason they kill their female children has long been established..they have done it for eons..”The useless and expensive” is one expression I have heard. Now with their 1 child per household edict long standing, the loss of those females has caused an imbalance in their population thus freeing up far more males for military and other state service. I wish I was not so lousy with number quotes but I know you get my drift.

    The Chinese beat the pants off of us in Korea. I know a man who experienced that sweep. His story is a real nightmare. The reason we are at a stand off with China over North Korea for all these years is because of this “HANDS OFF” policy. Like the Russians, we have taken a non-argumentitive position and are VERY careful in regard to our one obligation, Tiawan.

    Now, the back fence gossip is that the “Illuminati” has “offended” the Chinese big all has to do with GOLD–not a good plan on their part. This country has swamped China with our coorporations for obvious financial reasons. While it seems, some of those corporations are pulling out, most are staying. We have enormous interests there. Thus we have a better chance at keeping communications open – at least for the moment.

    Nostradamas predicted all that time ago that China would go into India.They are sitting right on India as of their occupation of Tibet. They have built an enormous transportation network into Tibet and suspicions are that they have a ‘number’ of nuke silos installed there. I am a Tibet watcher so I try to keep track but that is not easy. The best way to do that is to listen to the Dali Lama–

    Ok, so let us count nukes here. china/n.Korea/Pakistan/Isreal? no firm data but the odds are yes/Russia/France/Britian/USA/India/Iran working/–and a thing I call “loose nukes” stolen or perhaps sold to God knows who. I do not know the number of China nukes but how many does it take? They have the rocket technology for sure. Pakistan and India are staring at each other with fury over territory they both claim to be theirs. The political situation in Pakistan is a tinderbox which appears to be heavy with military control. India is a flurishing society who we never hear much about but what little I know is, they are arming to the teeth because of threats both north and east. It is important to note here that India also kills their female children even though they do not have a 1 child per family mandate. I have seen several articles on this. Thus they too have a surplus of males and a huge standing army. In the meantime, we are a favorite son. While in the middle east we are the “Billy the Kid” they all love to hate.

    I will not argue that we should be in this far east/middle east mess. My instincts are to back out has honorably as possible. In that, I will not even try to discuss what I percieve is happening in our regard to these complex middle east affairs. I will say one thing, Russia has made an entrance. No matter the denials, this is a fact. As to the mysterious “Illuminati” well, I would suggest they are way out of their territory on this one. “They” did a big bad NO-NO in regard to China and frankly it is “payback” time.

    As far as a war with Iran is concerned, I would suggest you watch Syria. Russia is allied with both Syria and Iran. She stood firm in the UN on not allowing western intervention in Syria even for humanitarian reasons. Her presence now, poses a serious message to Isreal in regard to any plan they had to take out the “supposed” nuke project so often denied to exist, even by our secretarys of State and the Defense department.

    As far as I can tell, we are on schedual with our draw down in Afganistan. Approximatly 1/2 half of the toops now deployed there will be out this fall and the last of them by 2013. We are out of Iraq with the exception of embassy personel and some re-build contractors. In addition, we are in the process of pulling troops out of Europe–and about damn time too.

    Yes, oil is a major player here. But, it is important to look at the world wide distribution of oil. Syria has no major impact on the oil market for the US, nor did Lybia. A lot of that goes to Europe Russia and China [who is beginning to match us in consumption] . Saudia Arabia on the other hand, and Iraq do provide oil for the US.

    Frankly, this stand off with Syria is very difficult to watch. They are fast spirling off into civil war there. From what I can see, “containment” is a major issue for all concerned. Lebanon is right next door, as is Turkey. The whole area is tribal with competing religousity. A piece I read today gave a description of inter – religious conflict that became very confusing. As my daughter said, “I don’t get it! It is all the same God!” From my distance, I am reminded of our inner city gangs and I replied, “It depends on what color scarf one is wearing I guess.”Clearly this is a guy thing, you will notice very few women involved. [I look at as many photos as I can.]

    Also, Vara, I need to bring up a last point. Our forces are whipped. They are not prepared to deploy in a major conflict. We have been ‘boots on the ground” since 9/11–The loss of blood and treasure has been stupifying. We are seeing enormous numbers of walking wounded returning home with lost families and no jobs. The numbers of diagnosed PTSD cases and the number of suicides is mind boggling. Young men deployed and old men are returning..I saw a report just yesterday about the toll on the tecnology people as well. Even though they have not had the shooting war in their face, the war from a distance has taken a major toll. I think we have figured out that we cannot just go on and on with this business of being the world policemen. In one blog recently I saw post after post advocating the draft. I think not. The message is clear. We need to deal with our national issues for a while. This loss of man power and its creativity is an open wound that makes our whole nation more vulnerable.

    Last but not least, I know you are into the whole ET thing. That is a major factor in all of this. I will get that to you in another format. So, yes, I have gone on and on here…The house is quiet–Peace to you my friend.

    Sincerely – Marina – 3/21/12 – 7:10pm est-USA


  17. Okay here is the things for the past few months:

    – Huge warning regarding the sun’s flare – RESULT: YES BUT NOTHING
    – Exercice in Colorado by Army and Nasa – RESULT: NOTHING
    – Nibiru is on our solar System – RESULT – Where exactly ?
    – ELENIN was a hype and dangerous – RESULT : NOTHING
    – 3 Huge UFOS coming to Earth – RESULT: Where are they ?
    – Mayan Calendar predicts end of the world in 2012 – RESULT… DUH?
    – Huge Earthquake tomorrow march 22 – RESULT: WILL SEE!!!!!!!!
    – Huge Triangle in the sun… PORTAL: RESULT: We don’t have a clue!!!
    – Propaganda over the Net – RESULT: Here is a proof finally!!!
    – Mr. Camping predicts End of the World – RESULT: He was wrong as hell.
    – Earthquakes increasing… RESULT: Really coz I check earthquake sites and don’t see that increase.
    – Polar Shift will cause huge catastrophies… RESULT: Who was there in the past to predict that?

    FINAL RESULT: I have to admit that it is quite interesting to talk behind our hat about “conspiracies” or “Doomsday” but in the end, who really are starting propaganda when we check some false facts mentioned just up my post. ELENIN was suppose to be terrible, really? Oh yeah, that is right, we have many genius in the room…

    Nibiru is coming soon, at the size of the planet (predictions again) where it will come in december 2012? This is all, excuse-me the term, “BULLSHIT” and people keep buying that. I mean, when something big will happen, and it will happen one day for sure… Nobody knows that date, place, event etc…
    And the worst part of that, is there is millions of videos post on tube, and 2012….COM websites and books and all those claimers seem to have the “INFINITE ANSWER” yeah right…

    Then many talk about propaganda and conspiracies but those are the same who start the “FEAR TYPE CONSPIRACY” which is worst then everything because it is base on nothing but “SUPPOSITION”…

    So before being a fool of yourself, ask this question:”If Doomsday will come, or end of the world, what would you do ANYWAY?”


    • Sebikon

      Actually if you did your research you would see the instances of severe earthquakes are on the increase also geothermal activity has been on the increase for the past decade along the same path as the increase in average global temperature due to global warming, ie. the planet is heating the crust shifts more, ie. more earthquakes, ie. do more research before rebuking ideas.

      Polar Shift change could create all sorts of chaos, i think your too stuck in the Hollywood world where everything involves explosions and massive destruction. All i think that would happen with polar reversal is possible EMP effects coupled in with malfunctioning equipment resulting in loss of infrastructure for countries that rely on power and electronics to do the menial day to day tasks for them. think of it factories, governments, your car, your household appliances, could all go on the fritz for weeks, now think of all those people unable to work or get food, how long do they sit still and wait….

      Now as to the rest of your points, ELENIN: never bought into it after the incoherent posts started up. Harold camping: dont even go there. Army and Nasa: they could be doing all manner of things and we shouldn’t have a clue about it, do you know anyone in NASA or the pentagon that provides you with info about them not doing anything? No? well me neither, so that stays open for me. Solar Flare warnings: these are WARNINGS do you know the meaning of the word WARNING?

      “A statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation.”

      ie. it. could. possibly. happen.

      I now ask; if you find everything on this site to be a waste of your valuable time and resources, why are you commenting here if you clearly support none of the main topics?




    Quotes: Please, VARA–examine China–They have – by far- the largest standing military manpower on the planet. At this point they most probably have the technology to match ours and perhaps then some. The reason they have this military man power is because they kill their female children, usually before they are born

    You know what is happening there and will happen soon? No of course because your not chinese right? But I can tell you that they will have an issue soon of reproduction because they will be more man then women… So this have to change fast because they will be in deep s/%t…

    And their force, you thing they are “poeerfull” well guess what, they have military, but it is illusion… They are poor because of their economical system which is not equal. So before they go to war for exemple, they know that they have alot of things to face…


    • Sebikon

      Im going to make this nice and easy for you to see exactly what china is up to:

      -Built new Carrier Fleet
      -Rearmed entire armed forces with updated weaponry
      -Air force has been supplied with the new J20 stealth fighter bomber, which outmatches the F22 raptor in speed and maneuverability
      -Created a new round for the common RPG7 rocket launcher, the new round can level a 3 storey building.
      -Every person in china can be drafted into the military of the “peoples republic of china” and with a population of 1.3 billion vs Americas 300 million of which only 2 million are either army, navy, air-force or reserves, do the math…

      Now some points toward conflicts roar ups:

      -America is trying to encroach on the south china sea saying they own half of the oil reserves there, china is having none of it and the two are at a stalemate over the issue
      -America moved 2500 marines and heavy equipment to bases in japan, Indonesia and Australia late last year, any guesses as to why they might see the need to reinforce the pacific/Asia region?
      -When The UN backed a move to invade Syria two main countries moved naval fleets to stop an American lead strike force; Russia and China speak out openly about America and the UN’s bully tactics against other nations.

      And this is just the stuff thats out in the open, there are rumors of negotiations between north Korea and china after truck loads of food and supply’s were taken across the border. Also China and Russia have been making profitable exchanges in the world of resources (ie oil, steel etc) that may see them being a united power.

      So Sebikon, please put some effort into posting and at least have some research, i can a t the drop of a hat send or find you the links to every single thing i have mentioned here in this post.



  19. Sebikon – I have to agree on the fact we don’t know for sure when anything will happen…or if it will happen within our lifetimes. But I know what you can do for “doomsday”…prepare… for the “End” I think most do seem to agree they do not believe it is the ‘End of the World’ ….Just the end of what was….a new begining after destruction. Which is what happens in all Major Destructions. Yes the Sun can affect us, We have not had a CME big enough….the Sun has increased….yes it does that on a cycle…but they do have a way to protect our technology now…why will they not put it into place? The temps. the past few years have been erratic. Nothing like we are used to, from extreme cold the past two winters where it actually snowed down here by the Gulf of Mexico….to this year the exact opposite…We are used to mild winters…Not ones where I actually had to turn on my air conditioner and wore shorts and short-sleeve shirts to stay cool outside, and I’m talking about back in January…(I know people from up North have come down here during our winters and done that…but not me, I freeze easy, at 60 I am in longsleeves and a jacket….. and its getting worse. To sit there and say there is no evidence for Anything happening is just you having your blinders on.
    Then on the the Earthquakes….why don’t you check further back in your research…we are having more now.

    And as far as the Illuminati go….those who don’t think they exist are fools. My sister-in-law works for the State Police a friend of her’s offered to sponser my oldest boy in the Illuminati when he turned 12 (which will be towards the end of this year). They start them out as kids to train them in their ways (or brainwash in my opinion) ….I was told he would go on “field trips” and that it was alot like Boy Scouts they would have “meetings” and when they grew up they would become a full fledge pledge of the Illuminati…..humm some boy scouts. Jury is still out on them in my book. I have never met the person that wanted to “Sponser” him and my sister-in-law never would tell me a name. I do know that we have started to prepare….and My sister-in-laws (twins) where the first ones to start talking about it in our family. We are talking about two women that have spent their Entire 48yrs educating themselves. One is a Doctor in psycology, the other a state trooper and currently going to school to get her Doctorite in law enforcement. They have Never fed into any of the BS going around, basically laughed at it….until last year, all of a sudden they were both telling us it was time to prepare “in case”. So you draw your own conclusions from it. If your not prepared for what may come you will regret it if it does….better safe than sorry!!

    Be safe and Brightest Blessings


  20. Hey guys, thank for the answers.

    You see, for me it is quite sure that there is some forces regarding “space” as for comets, attractions, solar flares etc… The problem with that is that “WE” the simple people, cannot have the informations regarding a potential hasard or menace. The fact is that even if it happens, I doubt governments will tell us before in order that “WE” people, will not create a global destruction before.

    The other thing is that “WE” all have questions regarding UFO, Extra-Terrestrial, Life and Death and many other things, and it is quite good in fact. The problem again, is that there is so many people around the Internet that want to be “READ” or again “KNOWN” that they can put all sorts of crap around here saddly. So the result is that many informations that we see, especially on “youtube” is quite obvious that is crap.

    And for the others, the illuminate ones, the ones that are saying it is “God” or “Christ” or “Divine Light” will to face the doomsday, they don’t even know the real existance of such “god” lol. What if we have been colonize long time ago and with the thousand of years, we can’t remember our real past or “creation”?

    There is one problem with human race and this problem is “POWER” so money is a proof, army, religions and other stuff that have been created by men and cause our own destruction. We, humans, are quite weak in fact. We babbling on and on about subject but the real treat is ourselve. Isn’t it quite strange that we search for cataclysm everywhere when we are our main cause of destruction?

    I have read alot of stuff, and by the way, I never forget the fact that what is written by someone, it is by someone. So Nostradamus for exemple, the interpretation vary from a point of view to another. Like for the Mayan’s glyph or sumerian’s scrypts. In fact, each year a disinformation appears to say that we were wrong about one point and another.

    We don’t even know how the universe has been created. We don’t even know on earth, what happens 1 000 000 years ago or even if truly astronauts have been on the moon (which I really doubt as we believe everything so easily).

    And regarding the WAR… If there is a war… I can say for sure, as I have alot of respect for the proud men and women from the USA that are in the army (I am canadian by the way), USA has done alot of propaganda and cause the death of many of their own soldiers for stupid wars… In fact, why they are not in Africa to help the liberation resistance? As many child got killed, raped and abducted. Useless for the USA’ there is no profit in that. It has been always a question of money. As for the Bush dynasty and all those republican “shit”. This is mostly strange that people votes for such a thing. I don’t mean that we are better in Canada, in fact, we suck in democracy for sure. Because if we check carefully, there is no real democracy… It is there, the real lie around “us” and we keep talking like sheeps and do nothing except clearly believe at the “End of the World”… But our eyes are so damn close in fact that the real “TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENE” is that we are:

    – Modern slave
    – Without real culture
    – Believing in what we have thought even the new believes
    – Patriot for stupid causes
    – And mainly… the cause of our own destruction….

    AMEN !!!


    • Ahhh that was much better Sebikon

      Structured, concise and ending with some valid points.

      Now I totally agree with the false flag of democracy, with us being led like sheep being told our say has an effect. But even here in NZ we are ignored; in my home town we have had our councils 10year draft set out and with the current plan they wish to raise rates by 5.5-7% per annum. Obviously a number of us protested but were ignored by our mayor and council even after 96% of people wanted big budget projects dropped to curb the rate rises (they want to build a new stadium and art gallery, total cost 35million).

      Democracy doesnt work at all when a council elected by the people can choose to ignore the people who gave him power, im pretty sure hell end up kissing our arse next year to try and get back in again though.



  21. marina pratt

    Well, now that we have annalysed the world scene–and Luke, thank you for the thing about our putting troops in Australia and there abouts…I remember that — I just forgot it…I have the same question.

    Anyway, a friend sent me a link in which he indicates with a paper trail that there was to be a civilian – earthquake survival exercise – schedualed on the 20th 0f March. Apparently there were fliers sent and handed out to the general population a week or so [or more] ago. Dutch went to his computer and tracked it and sure enough – there it was. He has a copy which he displays on his utube video. He calls this a smoking gun for a HARRP event. He also points out that Obamas daughter was vacationing just north of this “practice event’. He strongly states he does not believe it was a US HARRP event that triggered the 6.5 quake Mexico experienced on the 20th.

    As I looked at the computer read ‘by google’ It was very clear that the energy from that quake went in a straight line up through the middle west of the USA–right through the New Madrid fault area…Along that line, 5.5 quakes broke out from the gulf all the way to Canada…Not a word has appeared in the media.

    I cannot tell you how frustrating this is..I have friends on the west coast and in the middle west that I care about and trying to get this data straight is daunting. I have sent out warnings via FB and I am hoping folks will listen. The bottom line is however, we only know what we know and we only believe based on what we know…It is of urgent importance to be objective. If we are here, together on this forum, we have an advantage. This puts us in a position of taking the risk of pointing things out to those around us that we care about. If they call us crazy or what ever, that is not our problem. At least we tried.

    This end of the world gambit is very ancient indeed. Everyone everywhere from the beginning of time has prayed and chanted to keep the world from ending. The carvings in stone through the ages reflect this fear. Human sacrifices through the ages have been done to keep the end by the Gods from comming to pass. We cling to our small lives, our corporal being, frantic that we will keep the chaos away.

    At the same time, we kill each other with abandon..tribe against tribe; nation against nation…the higher our technology the bigger the kill. It is somewhat soothing to have a villian to point at..the Illuminati –the pope–the facisists – the governments–the ETs…and while all that pointing is taking place, we, “the little guys” are not taking responsibility for our own patch. I for one do not like “collective” bad guys. They may exist but they have little or nothing to do with me.

    World war 1 started because some Serbian guy was all mad at the Austrian Duke for something and when he shot him, it gave the Austrians an excuse to roll out the weapons they had been collecting just in case France tried something one more time. The Germans had the same response and even if it took almost a year…they all began banging at each other. Milliooooons died. And then, they did the same damn thing again 3 decades later.

    So don’t talk to me about how the USA is the bad guy here. We have a wart on our nose..that is for sure. Our intent was corrupted, that is also for sure. But–WE ARE NOT THE END ALL AND BE ALL OF BAD GUYS!!!

    DEMOCRACY IS A THEORY…It has worked and it has not worked. We are fast learning that DEMOCRACY is not a transplantable concept because those who have never experienced what we have experienced in the USA have nothing to compare it with. Who cares if the Masons brought this concept into being–no really–who gives a shit. What they brought here has certainly been corrupted at some levels..mostly having to do with money–but that corruption is made by the population who are involved with that aspect of our affairs. Those who do not have money to light their cigarettes with are envious of those who do.

    .Within the government itself, the military has found itself beset on all sides by one thing or the other and their sense of kill or be killed has spawned a growth of technology that is nothing less than astonishing. In the meantime, the population has a glory oski dream like vision of a perfect world that, given the forces around it which they cannot even begin to fathom, is smoke.

    So what?! We are living our lives the best we can. We are all we know. As individuals our lives are fraught with crisis and at the same time, filled with peace.We do not have tanks blowing up the buildings we live in Our only connection to that violent world around us is through the TV and the computer..we can honestly say that were it not for this technology, we would be dumb as rocks..and many of us are anyway just because we are not interested in the emotional impact constantly being thrown at us from digital imput. BUT oh, how we complain!

    The only control we have is our ability to vote..and that too is a phantom. It is the only phantom we have and it remains mysterious because we do not know how the system of an election works. When we look up and see the lights moving in the sky we stand in jaw dropping wonder. We do not have a clue what that is. Those of us who have had ‘anomolus’ events in our lives don’t even know what the hell happened..All we know is time was lost and marks on our bodies are found and it never seems to stop. So we call it something. Extra Terrestrial will do–nothing else seems to fit.

    So with these earthquakes that really seem odd…we don’t have a clue. We are grasping at straws…HARRP technology for most of us is a complete un- known. We–no, some of us, have done some reading on the subject and to our surprise have come to find out that the USA is not the only country that has the HAARP capability. Now we find ourselves dealing with a possible “weather war’ phenomena coming at us from GOD knows where.

    So, the best we can do, given our ignorance born of a lack of information, is think small and personal. We need to take care if ourselves and those we love and keep track of developments the best way we know how. This conversation in this forum is one of the ways we can keep track of things. There are also UTUBE and other sites to draw information from. If we, as a group have questions, there are many places to turn…most of which we are not aware of unless we begin to search around without prejudice. In addition, we have our personal experiences we can report..Like the one I got yesterday from a friend in Phoenix who saw a convoy of huge concrete boxes headed to LA…”what the hell are they for?” was his question.

    The more we talk to those around us in search of information the more we can bring back here.,..noises from the earth..military venting..small quakes..animal behaviors..ET anomolies..the whole nine yards. That apparently is our “job” . That is why we are here. To help ourselves and those around us…My love to you all..Sincerely, Marina
    8:19pm – est-3/22/12


  22. Thank Luke. Yes sometimes we have to put more details lol🙂

    In fact, I just want to know where is the Mega Earthquake in the Pacific heheheh🙂


  23. Nope, don’t think usa is going to war with china anytime soon. Why would they want to fight us? They already own us. lol. That was a lot of posts to wade through, and unless i missed it, there seemed to be dead silence on the Israel-Iran problem. Still think that’s where it all begins. Israel will NOT wait much longer. Then the Arab nations will join in. Then usa will join in. Then Russia will join in. Then the dookamajiggies will hit the earth. Then the earthquakes. Then the solar flares. Meanwhile martial law. World govt. Billions dead. The rest of us longing for the days we could post on ttbts and predict this stuff. I may be off on the exact order of things. And i didn’t predict any dates. But it’s all coming. Something evil this way comes.


    • China will go to war with us “IF” the Illuminati were successful in converting its most recent current ruler, the son of the one that recently died, (Cough*assassinated *cough)
      Because the previous one wouldn’t play ball.
      They will then go to war because the Illuminati Own them as well.
      ALL major banks and or that which they have profound influence over is owned.
      In star wars, the emperor controlled /owed both the separatists and the republic, and sent them to war against each other any way.


    • True Chuck that china owns nearly 20% of USA to date, but a big point to note is that in all of our history, the transfer of the title of “greatest superpower” has never been met with calm times always with discord and war, maybe not all out wars like we think of, but wars over resource use, segregation of the UN into splinter nation heads, dissolution of governing powers, falterings in democracy (the cracks are already showing here). The list of probable events are endless. Also think of the unrest it would cause to those AMERICA IS NO1 types? being told no actually sir the chinese own you and your house….



  24. I THINK – if really a mass object is coming to cause a pole shift or some mass destruction , like …influencing the SUN to blow a X 20+ towards Earth … the new order plan it’s after this mega event and not before , makes sense … many countries will be hopeless after the after day … and USA and partners are read to save their military toys underground , and when the martial law makes sense after math KAOS. well , about 3/22 nothing happened .. here it’s what Terrao probaly will say in his another fail prediction … makes sense anyway , but he is a copier , this site should stop to use his post a reference for don’t lost credibility as Terrao . The original post before Terrao post something , it’s here .. makes sense anyway .. true or not , time will tell soon … the post ; WHAT TERRAL will say for his failed prediction probaly will be something like this


  25. marina pratt

    I read this morning that Mrs. Assad is being sanctioned by the UN but is a British citizen and is there fore unable to be prevented from going there. As it appears she is now without funds to buy CDs but is free to leave at any time. That she will stand by her man appears to be clear. Not a word re-the Russian presence–Not a word about Isreal. The North Korea impending missle launch is not mentioned either. So, take a minute to breath.

    I am of the opinion that the World government is a fail..this is not to say some will not stop trying.. They have bailed the Greeks out a bit–Italy is floundering. The URO is not a favorite monetary instrument with those still pending on the list of monetary change over.

    Did you see the clip about how Isreal has a new weapon. It is designed to prevent the missles that are being launched from the Palistine area from reaching Isreali territory. From what I can tell it is something that cuts off the trajectory system of the missles and renders them dumb and perhaps disarms them —There has been an increase in this bombardment over the past month or so–Now I am quite sure everyone is aware that there has been a bit of a disagreement between the US and Isreal. It has to do with getting the Isralies to relax a bit in regard to Palistinian independence.

    The jury is still out on whether Isreal had anything to do with the killing of a few scientists in Iran..The chatter indicates that it may have been Iran itself who did that.The motivation there is possibly the argument within the scientific community in Iran in protest of whatever the nation as a whole is arguing about at the moment. While Iran squashed the “freedom” movement by killing whole bunches of folks, they are in continual parinoia because, as the silence will tell you, the population is not pleased with a good deal about their internal politics.

    As to the “marshal law” here in the states…There is no question that the feds have passed some pretty thorny stuff in this regard. This process appears to be a continuation of the 9/11 parinoia on its face but I suspect it has more to do with pending natural desaster expectation. If I am guessing correctly, we are experiencing weather and earthquake “anomolies” which indicate human tampering. The lid on this information is as tight as is possible. The clues are coming from independent researchers, a number of whom I have run into in my curiosity. In several areas, there are folks with the equipment to detect HARRP signals. While it does not appear that they are able to find the point of origin for these HARRP energy appearances, it is no doubt at all that they are real.

    This changes the game considerably. While it is clear that earthquakes are natural events which function on a longish time scale, it is also clear that there are indications that scale has sped up. This is a tip off. I know everyone is looking for a “bad guy” element and the scuttle-butt is that “evil lurks” in areas of invested power and money. My opinion is that there is no “profit” in destroying the fabric of the giant economy that feeds the greedy. It is based on that principle that I look to a couple of other options. One would be an ET element. The other would be a “one ups manship” battle between existing earthbound powers.” Sorting that out is very difficult. I am not into tagging collective entities. I am looking for motivation.

    At the same time, noone cannot contest that the poles of the planet are moving faster than was believed possible by the scientific community. I am seeing expressions of astonishment and shock expressed by both NASA and the academic science research folks. This pole shift is an enormous perpetrator for many of the ‘earthchange’ events we have been experiencing. We cannot stop this, we can only ride this out. In order to do that, given the possible catastrophy motif which is part of this pole shift phenomena, we must have the ability to control things on the ground. Thus I postulate, the strong “marshal law” legislation we are seeing, not only in our nation, but in nations around the world.

    As to wars–Well, I can only hope that the insanity of the past two decades have brought a lesson. While it is possible that pandoras box has been opened, I suggest that at least our nation will not allow itself to become emeshed in the middle east snarl. It looks as if we are hunkering down. New techniques in warfare are visible – HAARP is one of those techniques.

    I really want to know where that high HARRP signal came from that was observed in conjunction with that Mexican earthquake. The energy projection directly through our NEW MADRID fault area was like writing on the wall. The possibility exists that it was an attempt to shift the fault lines in an attempt to lessen the enormous bang which this land rift is capable of–thus pointing the finger at our Alaska HARRP unit. On the other hand, it may have been an attempt to trigger the bang in an attempt to undo the internal national economy which flurishes in the middle west. Remember that Chicago is a major economic hub.

    While grandiose doomsday images are fun…they really get the juices going..I personally am into a wait and see-take it one step at a time mind set. I sure would like to know more about this earthquake in Mexico–anyone out there got information? Sincerely, Marina-3/23/12–8:50am-est-usa


  26. interesting stuff. good comments. A note though: i am not saying that we and china might not square off against each other, i just don’t think that it happens first. All indications are, let’s say, if one were a computer program sifting through all available communications taking place on earth, and that by sifting through those words could come up with a reasonable prediction as to where the next significant conflict will be, i think the middle east would first. As a student of biblical prophecy, i have always puzzled over what seems at first a glaring omission: the united states. Russia, China, Europe, the middle east, Africa, arab nations, the far east…..all of these are mentioned in biblical prophecy. There is, however, no mention of the usa. Now you could argue that the usa as we know did not exist at the time the prophecies were given, but then again, we are talking about the prohectic FUTURE. I have wondered why the usa is left out. Some say it is because it is absorbed or part of the revived roman empire, or whatever the anti-christs’ kingdom or area of domain is called. That might be true. We are kind of tied into Europe. But i have also wondered if this absence of mention might be because the us is, for lack of a better word, irrelevant. Perhaps natural or man-made disasters, economic collapse, or even pre-emtive nuclear strikes have rendered it so weakened, so devestated, that it is struggling merely to survive and thus plays no specific or influential role in these future events. Just wondering. It’s hard to understand why nations would want to obliterate each other, but if some earth-changing events happen, if fuel or foods supplies become scarce, or MORE scarce, i guess it just becomes a matter of survival of the fittest, or strongest, the one’s with the most weapons or most men(and women, sorry). There’s one particular prophecy in the book of Revelations that mentions the armies of the “kings of the east” (from Israel’s perspective, this is probably China, and/or the orient). It says this army numbers 200 million. Now, considering this prophecy was written about 2,000 years ago, that seems like just a made up figure used to impress. In fact, many biblical scholars, at least the ones who try to deal with it, say it’s just a symbolic figure used to mean “really, really, large”. That might be. There was a documentary from about 40 years ago, I believe it was called “The Red Dragon” or something similiar, dealing with china, and one of the individuals interviewed stated (this was a secular, not religious documentary, and the person was a representative of China) that at that time, if necessary, the chinese could field an army of ……(drum roll)…200 million. I’ve always thought that was a rather “odd” coincidence, and in an age of high tech weapons, why bother with such a large, unwieldy, army. But who knows what it will be like in those days. A few huge solar flares, something that knocks out our electronics, and we might be pushed back to a more primitive state than we could ever imagine. So again, i think that the middle east will be the trigger point. That is not to say that the usa and china might not engage in some sort of “economic” war before that. Could certainly happen. Just keep your eyes on the middle east. And on your wallets. And your freedoms. The ptb will use any “world-wide” event to institute their controls. And i think we all know we shouldn’t count on any sort of “early-warning” system. Best be already prepared.


    • I very much agree with most of your notions here chuck, I believe however that the US will be torn from within , when a country as large as the US has so many major cities, so many forms and sectors of government, how many would vie for power and control if the ties to Washington were severed? how many of the deadbeats and lowlifes that crowd these cities would then ignore the police etc and wreak havoc with no leader to follow, im sure many can agree with me here that there are some Americans who wouldn’t know what to do without the TV telling them first. I think some of these splinter states would get a hold of nukes and use them on other states as a show of power, i think two movies that portray this perfectly are “children of men” where the US is in the grip of civil war with four people claiming to be the president, or “The book of Eli” where townships are governed with iron fists and dictators.

      The Chinese would not have these same issues (at least not on a comparable scale even due to population density) as they are much more in tune with procedure and knowing their place in society, Workers know they are meant to work and soldiers know they are paid to fight, whereas the western countries, we all think we could do the top job better than the current guy (true in most cases haha). But therein lies the problem, when you have 10 men and each thinks they will lead, how many will kill one another before the other renege their challenge?

      Now as to the Europeans, I find that Europe, no matter what happens, will be very much affected by any major event due to its depleted resources in most countries, Britain for example relies on imported foods and fuel to survive and couldn’t function without these necessities.

      The Islamic countries and African countries have long been 3rd world (im speaking majority, not counting oil rich Dubai and the like) relying on basics that are readily available or in short supply and so they will not be affected as much as the western world, in fact they may profit in the ways of salvaging, piracy etc.

      Ill analyze the rest of your post later as im just too darn tired right now to continue.



    • Good solid Post.


  27. marina pratt

    I second the motion–the middle east is a place of high temperment fueled by religious belief systems. I have not been able to keep count of all the variances in these tribal cultures. The temple in Isreal appears to be the big sore thumb in all of this–As to territory, there is not much available for the growing populations of the various nations we include inthe middle east conglomerant. The desert has been made to flurish in Isreal but from what I can see, desert is them. Each populated area is surrounded by –desert. There are few places to escape to.

    I do need to make a note here on something I discovered with my friend while we were researching planetary placement timelines in relationship to historical events. China was a concern of ours way back then. It was the early 1970s. We had pretty well pegged the middle east tangle but we did not see nor could we have guessed the 9/11 trigger that brought it on. We both knew that there are existing prophacies concerning the European involvement in middle east wars but we did not put that in the equasion. None the less, the middle east kept coming up big time. A long protracted struggle that would end with Europe having the strongest effect and thus the advantage.

    It was only after that we saw another major world tangle..China..Perhaps it came as the result of the middle east thing, it was hard to see that in the numbers. None the less, sometime in the 2020s and up mark, China comes into play big time.

    The aspects of the planets were extreemly disturbing. They were more actively involved than during the world war 1 through world war 2 period. We felt it was almost anomols in a way and with held making a decision on what we saw. We stuck to world politics…earth change was a factor but we did not include it. Who would have guessed, given the lack of information at the time, what was going on with the sun and the galaxy. I suspect now that this is what we were seeing.

    It is possible the USA will sit tight. I see Russia is in the docket now..I hear there is major shelling going on but the only report I was able to find was short and without any detail. There is a lot of denial and angry shouting coming from the response blogs…All the idiots are out there banging the keys.

    So, put the China piece in a place where you canwatch it but keep your eye on the Russian appearance in Syria. Apparently there is a carrier involved and some gun ships as well. I just pray the the population of syria can find a way out of harms many have died already…

    I understand there was an earthquake in Australia today or perhaps yesterday..I cannot keep my time structure straight. Does anyone know where it was..did anyone there feel it? My understanding is that it was almost exactly on the ley line discceting through the eastern area.

    Ok, gotta go–Sincerely, with prayers, Marina – 3/24/12-sun-est-9:36pm-USA