Yellowstone Supervolcano + Strange ‘Rumbles’ in Clintonville Wisconsin Explained


Yellowstone Supervolcano + Strange ‘Rumbles’ in Clintonville Wisconsin Explained.

Clintonville Wisconsin — be sure to search the terms … “marathon wisconsin volcano” … “caldron reservoir” .. and “lake superior volcanic” . The nuclear power plant to the east is called the Kewaunee plant .. all these sites have ONE thing in common… deep earth shafts… pumped or filled full of water…. add in craton/plate pressure and a bit of deep earth magma surge underneath the plate as it gets pushed by the Pacific unrest… and you get underground explosions in Wisconsin near a dormant volcanic site.

Dormant Volcano, Fracking , or Nuclear plant ! Just Like All The Rest .. we see within about 20 miles or less… remember GEORGIA? Just a few months ago? strange “explosion” reports coming out of the ground.

Georgia had reports of the SAME kind of activity just a few month ago in Nov. 2011 .. turns out .. VULCAN MINING COMPANY was mining Georgia’s Pigeon Mountain dormant/extinct volcano just 19 miles WEST of the town that was reporting the ground explosions. You must read the Georgia article, if you’re going to understand whats going on in Wisconsin.

Coordinates of Clintonville WI to view on google earth: 44°37’40.01″N , 88°45’24.44″W  -Marathon County volcanic chain is just one county west .. 20 miles approx.

Yellowstone activity:


The yellowstone charts can be viewed here:


PDF Report: Wisconsin Volcanic Belt can be viewed here:



Water Dragged Down Into The Earth’s Mantle May Cause Volcanism And Plate Tectonics



Geologic water cycle may drive volcanism and plate tectonics itself.

Scientists have only recently begun to study the subsurface water cycle, which promises to be as important as the more familiar surface water cycle to the character of the planet.

Hydration reactions along the subducting plate are thought to carry water deep into the Earth, and dehydration reactions at greater depths release fluids into the overlying mantle that promote melting and volcanism.

The water also plays a role in the strong earthquakes characteristic of subduction zones. Hydrated rock and water under high pressure are thought to lubricate the boundary between the plates and to permit sudden slippage.

When water is carried into the mantle, the mantle rock undergoes a low-temperature metamorphic process in which it is oxidized and hydrolyzed to form serpentinite, a rock named for its scaly surface.Water plays a completely different role at depth than it does on the surface of the Earth. Water infiltrating the mantle through faults hydrates the mantle rock on either side of the fault … Read full article 

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