Mysterious Boom and Bright Flash In Krasnoyarsk, Russia – March 25, 2012


A mysterious boom and a bright flash, which was likened to a nuclear bomb going off, knocked out power in the city of Krasnoyarsk yesterday.

Officials as of yet have no explanation of what caused the bright light, but claim it could have been a substation fault.

Witness’s state it was like a nuclear bomb going off, a booming sound, a huge explosion, and then a very bright light, everything shook, we were terrified.

UFO activity has also been blamed on the event, some locals have claimed UFOs were reported in the area around the time of the white flash.

Was this a substation fault as claimed or was it something else?

“Footage recorded by city cameras, no sound.”

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3 responses to “Mysterious Boom and Bright Flash In Krasnoyarsk, Russia – March 25, 2012

  1. Deborah Hart

    That’s a damn big flash, way too big for the msm to ignore!


  2. MelodyAtHome

    I would love to know what this was…if it wasn’t a transformer then I wonder if it was related to all the other booms and mysterious sounds around the world?


  3. I have kept an eye on reports like these for over a year now, and based on the prior videos i have watched, this compares well to those. I would have to say my determination is that this flash is another massive transformer, or other power system/distribution component, failing due to the impending and increasing geomagnetic shift that is currently underway. These events are occurring ever so more rapidly and will probably continue to occur more frequently and widespread as time continues throughout the year.