Burbank, WA Man Records UFOs – March 25, 2012


Burbank, WA Man Records UFOs

Two nights earlier, just after midnight on March 23, Klug noticed some odd lights near his house and grabbed his videocamera. At first, he thought they were helicopters but realized they were several ultralights soaring over a nearby farm.

“That’s identifiable,” he said. “I knew what those were.”

What he saw on the 24th is a mystery, however. Klug described it as being no more than 500 feet off the ground and moving at 15 mph east toward Walla Walla.

“It dawned on me that nobody was going to believe this,” he said.

So he went inside to grab his videocamera, and he began to film. Klug captured about five minutes of video as the reddish-orange orb slowly moved away. Because his camera was still set on night vision from two nights prior, the orb shows as a bright white light on the video. The camera he used is about 25 years old, a Sony camcorder that uses “Hi8″ tapes.”

Source and author: tri-cityherald.com *   UFOs

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