Cone Head Hybrid Human Skulls Of Paracas Peru


Examination of possible Alien Hybrid Human Skulls from Paracas Peru.

Facial reconstruction based on Peruvian elongated skulls.

The Paracas skulls are unique. They have specific features, such as two small holes in the back of the skulls that are not present on normal human skulls.

These physical features indicate that these skulls were elongated at birth.

The question remains then, where did the genetic code for these skulls originate, or, are they really human skulls at all?

In the first two videos, you can clearly see the differences between the elongated skulls of the Paracas Culture and human skulls.

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10 responses to “Cone Head Hybrid Human Skulls Of Paracas Peru

  1. Ian Williams

    Hmmm, sounds like a job for SUPER CONEHEAD MAN!

    The recipe for propaganda – distract, divert, divide, and then conquer.

    Wake up and smell the coffee – the aliens are already here – the Lizard People are the same “Brood of serpents” which so hated and crucified Jesus in the name of their “serpent of old” god.


    • Ian, thats…. certainly One interpretation.
      view points can be like camera lenses.
      If you look at the same details through a different lense, you may see them differently than you had before.
      My suggestion? With hold conclusions and try many many lenses.
      ( in this case I am suggesting a NON biblical lens. )


  2. I have a book that shows a baby conehead that was in the womb from S.A., for those of you who want to say they lashed boards to the head to make this strange cranial shape.


    • Will you please reference this. I haven’t been able to find such a theory or photo. I am under the same impression that “they” want us to believe that it was a desired look and that heads were bound in infancy. This may be true, but why? There must have been some kind of visual ideal of beauty.


      • varakienen

        I have an documentry, one of many that references oddly shaped human heads. But this particular docu covers SO much more as well.
        Its about superiorly ancient and unexplainable artifacts that in Many cases shouldnt logicly or scientificly exist.

        It also references the diferences between head boarded normal humans, and skulls of human type creatures that were clearly Not head boarded to shap the skull. well worth watching in its entirety. mind you, yes, it has its boring moments as well. 😉


  3. so where’s the rep’s sculls? Some human reptiod bones….?…anyone?


  4. Going to have to agree with Ian on this one though I don’t believe in the Reptillian theory. Skulls like these back the Genesis account of the bible as well as the book of Enoch. I feel when skulls like these are examined and people continue to refute what is written scripturally than those people are simply choosing to ignore existing facts. The bible was written during a time of eye witness account and should therefore be taken seriously.


  5. Here in lay the problem with the notion that all of these elongated skulls come from boarding.
    See the little seem that shows where the bone plates of the cranium come together? Some one noticed that among the oldest of these skulls the seem does not exist in the proper shapes or patterns that it should.
    ALL completely human skulls, manipulated or not have the proper bone seem in the proper place. Boarding wont change it. It doesnt matter what race you are you have that seem. And yet there are a great many skulls which dont have them.
    It is a contention that the seemless ones are the actual hybrids, and the seemed ones that were boarded for shape were done after to mimic or emulate those they held in awe or worshipped.


  6. Ian said it. If and when they start showing themselves as their true selves again, remember you have to lop their heads off!


  7. Thanks, good stuff, and very informative !
    We will have to look at the skulls of the African peoples of Africa. Some weird stuff here !
    and thanks