Photographs of a Ghost captured on The Mount in Guildford, UK (+video)

Ghost on The Mount in Guildford, UK

Photographs that appeared to show a spooky shape on The Mount in Guildford UK, have caused such a stir among paranormal investigators that the Surrey Advertiser was asked to join a ghost hunt near the town and film the events that took place.


Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the picture has no idea, but does think it strange the series of pictures he took last week when trying out a new camera timer appeared to show a white form when he downloaded them.

“It was not until I got home and was downloading, I noticed it,” he said, adamant he had not digitally altered the image in any way.


Barri Ghai, 33, and Phil Measey, 45, from the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS) (they have appeared on Living TV’s show, Paranormal Investigation)   were so interested by amateur photographer Mark Baker’s shots of what seemed to be a ghostly figure standing in the mist, some way above the cemetery on The Mount, that they decided to go and see for themselves.

Could this be a genuine photograph of a ghost captured in Guildford, or is it a mere trick of the light?

Watch the video below to find out what happened.

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  1. englishsunset

    Very good indeed. I want to believe we are getting closer to the truth. Time will tell.


  2. Nothing special here…just another bloke who died and don’t know where to go. Shoo, quit hanging around and go to the light….


  3. Thanks for nothing. 7 minutes of my life I won’t get back!