UFO Caught from Plane – Canberra Australia – April 04, 2012


Canberra Australia ufo

Again an unidentified flying object, (maybe a drone?) was caught on camera from an airplane.This time, near Canberra, Australia on April 04, 2012, filmed by passenger Thomas Roth.

The UFO was flying very fast below the Aircraft.

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Source and author:   ufo


4 responses to “UFO Caught from Plane – Canberra Australia – April 04, 2012

  1. Like the video, doesn’t appear to be home grown…but it could be. Research and development is a beautiful thing!


  2. ComputerWitch

    Awesome! Finally something from Canberra (I live there!). I really must set up my 2 telescopes/


  3. Why is it more and more of these ufo videos are popping up and its really funny how people are catching these things HOAX sorry but it is i can see so obvious that its been edited.


  4. james melocco

    That was Julia’s credibility leaving Canberra.