Amazing video of Devil’s Hole seiche rocked by earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico


Watch never-captured footage of a seismic wave rocking the whole pool at Nevada’s famed Devils Hole.

A fortunate National Park Service biologist and a Scientific American reporter were standing at a deep natural pool in Death Valley when it began to be dramatically rocked by the underground tsunami, resulted from seismic waves emanating from a 7.4-magnitude earthquake, 12 miles deep, near the Mexican state of Oaxaca, 2,000 miles distant. Violent oscillations decimated the small breeding area of the endangered species of pupfish that live nowhere else on earth but in these hot water

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5 responses to “Amazing video of Devil’s Hole seiche rocked by earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. marina pratt

    Is it possible that the BOOMS we are seeing just about everywhere but most recently in the middle west… related to earth movement elsewhere?. The energy generated by the movement of land mass is known to affect water levels and activity as the energy moves away from the original displacement. 5:02pm/est – 4/7/12 USA


    • No i think they are in relation to something happening in the midwest, the earths core is heating slowly due to global warming and now smaller fissures and dormant or extinct faults are coming to life as the molten layers of the planet are expanding toward the surface, basic principles of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics; Matter introduced to heat will expand at a constant rate of ‘alpha’ and a volumetric rate of ‘gamma’ constant occupying a new area of ‘beta’ constant, and the basic principles of energy flow; energy will always seek the path of least resistance… in this case, dormant faults and fissures that are straining under tension. We are seeing the results of this in New Zealand with increased severity of earthquakes and major weather pattern changes, they may not be noticeable as much from the equatorial reaches, but the southern parts of the world are enduring some seriously odd weather anomalies, for example; taranaki (my home region) is subject to maybe 2 major windstorms a year, so far in the space of 5 weeks, we have had three with winds strong enough to rip down forests like they were toothpicks, and tear apart houses like a tornado.

      Something is very unstable right now and the rope is beginning to fray, Im starting to fear that the ignorance of the major corporations to warnings that were given 8 years ago may be coming to fruition in the very near future as anomalies like major floods and earthquakes, tornadoes and windstorms, freak lightning storms and King tides are becoming increasing common at rates never seen before, possibly never again…



  2. marina pratt

    As the old ladies say in Oshkosh, Wisconsin –“Thats a BINGO DUDE!” Oh Luke, what would I do with out you?! This would give my argument, long since put forward, that the New Madrid fault is edging to high activity. Midwest folks do not have a clue..and they are barely prepared to deal. They can handle tornados – sort of – but those even are greeted with shock and speechless awe…”It shouldn’t happen here. Never did before.” This, of course is a complete misunderstanding…they happen there all the time.

    One of the things Elizabeth Montgomery predicted was “high straight line winds.” I am curious to know what is the direction of these winds? Usually? Are they being discussed in any media there? Has anyone thought about digging a hole in the ground to escape to? One of my continual questions to the folks who experience tornados here in the states is, “Why are most buildings built without an escape shelter under ground?” It seems simple enough – right?”

    As you have probably noticed, my direction is the search for survival techniques. Where you live it appears that you are the canary in the coal mine. If the canary keels over dead, you know there are deadly gasses about. Right? So if your area is experiencing these dramatic “earth changes” has anyone said, “Ok guys, dig a hole or something?”

    As I look at the quake map, your area is really hot. I know a place in upstate New York that is tranquil–open land, farms, simple folk – my adopted brother lives there. I am seriously considering re-locating out of this frantic area–We are close enough to the coast to anticipate the effects of a possible tsunami generated by a landmass collapse way across the ocean. I woke up this morning in a cloud of conversation with my brother–I am going to call him today to see if he also was conscious of this. I would really like to know what he was talking about–what ever it was, it was urgent.

    Some of the stuff I looked at yesterday read along the lines of, “Just throw up your arms and die gracefully–reach for the 4th dimension.” OK…I am Germanic/Norwiegn – with a little Italian thrown in for spice…This is not my style. I have this thing about genetic survival…while, on the other hand, I am not so sure I want my kin to hang around to clean up the mess. And, BOY is this going to be a mess. Of corse, I am sure the ETs have all that genetic stuff on file being as they are so into cloning but none the less..I am: You are, in this skin NOW..And NOW is really all we have.

    Well, it is Easter Sunday here–I made deviled eggs and the base for potato salad..I have had the good fortune to be alone for a week now–the only interruption coming from the rabbit, 4 cats and don’t let me forget the short dog. My daughter and grandaughter are returning tonight they tell me. I am hoping you have had an opportunity to be with family and friends although I don’t know how far the colored egg tradition has traveled world wide.

    My thoughts are with you–Nameste’ -Marina -8:43am-est-4/8/12 USA


  3. marina pratt

    Is – Bollicks – what colored Easter eggs are called where you are? Help-illiterate person here…the closest thing to travel to other lands is crossing the border into Tijuanna..My European exposure comes from my grand fathers side of the family–German/French/Italian-and he traveled there a great deal as an artist peddling his work in shows..All members of my fathers side spoke fluent German…On My mothers side, Norwiegn was used to keep the kids uninformed..but exposure to the language proved its existance at least. This would put me in the catogory of “while bright and interested”, I am completely without knowledge except for the wonderful information and photos I get here and on the web in general. Oh, I forgot, as a kid in California, I was exposed to Spanish and when I went to high school in the middle west, I took 3 years as a required language requirement. I had then, and still do have an issue with the classical form I was instructed in because I knew that was not the language I heard spoken out west..South American and Mexican versions of the coloqual language were completely ignored…Frankly, it was my lazy interest which prevented me from chasing down any language other than the one I was used to.

    Thus I plead my ignorance of the word, BULLICKS–and beg your indulgence of a translation – in flurishing detail if at all possible. I thank you, my mother thanks you and my father thanks you..My deepest regards and sincerity, Nameste, MARINA