Mars and Phobos Monoliths – Aliens left us a Calling Card?



YouTube ‘ufovideonet’ uses NASA images of Mars to pose the question of UFO origin. Is there a 2001: A Space Odyssey type monolith jutting up from the surface? If not, then what is it?

The video also points to a similar obelisk on the asteroid Phobos.

The Martian monolith is clearly at odds with its surrounding topography, thrust out from the surface and perfectly symmetrical.

Have ancient civilizations planted the Martian monolith as a means of signalling humans that other life forms exist in the universe?

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2 responses to “Mars and Phobos Monoliths – Aliens left us a Calling Card?

  1. Well these are interesting, the one on Phobos seems however to possibly be a freak geometric accident, no sides are equal and it could possibly be the tip of some sort of geological formation beneath the outer. Also i dont know why a message would be left on Phobos as it it theorized that the ‘moon’ is only an asteroid stuck in mars’ gravity field and this is thought to have happened recently (in galaxy terms). The first one of mars is very interesting, if its shopped in, good work to the person behind it, if not it only raises more questions, is it like the formations that NASA thought were trees, but where in fact plumes of solidified sand or rock possibly from undersea vents? or could it be the remains of a extinct volcano plug or magma tube? or, if we go into the more scifi area, if could be another civilizations probe or crashed ship.

    The odd thing about all of these ‘monoliths’ is the lack of crash sites, craters, holes, indentations, THAT makes it interesting as to where it came from, was it eroded? was it under the sea? was it from some other place? or was it built?