Unknown Bi-Pedal Creature Discovered In Azerbaijan 2012


Unknown Creature

The fresh skeleton of an unknown creature possibly a mutated Chupacabra, was found by local residents in Tartar, a district of Azerbaijan on Friday.

Local officials and residents claim that they have never seen anything like this before.

A representative of the Veterinary Department of Terter said, this is the first time we have encountered anything like this, the remains of the beast were very fresh, possibly weeks old, and the creature, judging by its structure and build was a buck, certainly bi-pedal, able to walk on his hind legs, its scary to think also, that this might have been the young of something much much bigger.

Is it a mutated Chupacabra or just the skeleton of a dog or sheep?

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6 responses to “Unknown Bi-Pedal Creature Discovered In Azerbaijan 2012

  1. Harry Taylor

    Looks like a kangeroo skeleton with the the upper limbs removed


  2. That was my thought exactly but its head and teeth aren’t quite the same. but depending on the true size, it could be any creature. It even looks like a racoon skeleton. We don’t have anything in the film to to compare it to for size. It could be a 1 foot skeleton or a 6 foot skeleton.


  3. Fr33kSh0w2012

    Looks more like the skeleton of a dog with the front legs and tail removed chupacabras don’t look like dogs or wild boars like most people think!

    If you saw a real chupacabra you’d be running scared!


  4. its missing its front legs you can see from the structure, also the ribcage has been gutted and crushed, so in reality this could be any sort of carrion from any number of animals



  5. Yeah, it does look like a dog skull so why can’t these” Vetenary professionals” see the same thing???


  6. I am under the impression the supposed “chucabraba” walks on all fours…not a bi-pedal animal. Odd things happen everyday…who knows. Just because we humans think we know everything…doesn’t mean we actually do “know it all”.