Orbs moves around the Shuttle – Astronauts describing what they’re seeing!


Unknown objects ‘Orbs’ moving slowly around the Atlantis, as it floats in orbit during a 2006 mission.

The footage, which is a segment of the feed, begins with one of the astronauts describing to ground control what they’re seeing.

A crew member says: ‘It’s a structure that’s definitely not rigid. Doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen on the outside of the Shuttle

He describes how the object ‘quickly moved to the nose of the orbiter, moving away at least 100 feet’.

At 4.45 the camera looks beyond the shuttle and focusses on three orbs that appear to be hovering in a triangular formation nearby.

NASA’s Grond Control passes them off as ‘reflections in the camera lens’ – but the shuttle crew members seem far less dismissive, with one confirming that they’re seeing ‘three or four objects’.

Source and author:   * dailymail orbs

7 responses to “Orbs moves around the Shuttle – Astronauts describing what they’re seeing!

  1. I remember that one , and NASA sayd ” They didn’t know what was that ” if they don’t know ..means UFO . The funny thing is … the girl voice sounds very similar to Sheilaaliens !! … just saying , just sounds like … 😉


  2. another Fony is Sheilaaliens and MrRobertRoss1 also know each eigther .. when I went his Chanel to watch the video , Sheilaaliens chat with hin ….🙂 hahaha YouTube is a small world …. weirdo ! but that voice …..


  3. sorry my broken english – I mean ; each other 🙂
    anyway , UFO are real cause I saw this things – the most interesthing one was a V shape maybe around 600 meters above me ! no lights ..and no sound and it was dark color but kind of reflect surface like a dark grey sun glass ! and felt kind stupid …( I mean like if my brain was not “sonic”🙂 but kind like slow thinking if u understand what I mean … sight place – Japan in night time near the sea , and I was alone ( maybe not ! ) wahaha wahaha😉 ” evil stupid laught “. ok , bye .


  4. wow this is very nice🙂 the ufo’s stii watching over us🙂


  5. Sheilaaliens..???….LMFAO….give me a break.