50 Top Astronauts, Scientists, Engineers at NASA have signed a letter asking NASA to cease its global warming buffoonery

“Unbecoming of NASA’s history….Unproven remarks…..not substantiated…..hundreds of well-known climate scientists…..tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief…..science is NOT settled….advocacy of an extreme position…..damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA…..even the reputation of science itself…”


Fifty top astronauts, scientists and engineers at NASA have signed a letter asking the agency to cease its global warming buffoonery. The global warming emperor has no clothes, and people are finally saying so out loud and in public. Read the entire letter below.

Please note, that the signers have a combined 1000 years of professional experience.

March 28, 2012

The Honorable Charles Bolden, Jr.
NASA Administrator
NASA Headquarters
Washington, D.C. 20546-0001

Dear Charlie,

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites. We believe the claims by NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change are not substantiated, especially when considering thousands of years of empirical data. With hundreds of well-known climate scientists and tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief in the catastrophic forecasts, coming particularly from the GISS leadership, it is clear that the science is NOT settled.

The unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making an objective assessment of all available scientific data prior to making decisions or public statements. As former NASA employees, we feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate. We request that NASA refrain from including unproven and unsupported remarks in its future releases and websites on this subject. At risk is damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA, NASA’s current or former scientists and employees, and even the reputation of science itself.

For additional information regarding the science behind our concern, we recommend that you contact Harrison Schmitt or Walter Cunningham, or others they can recommend to you.

Thank you for considering this request.

the list of the fifty attached signatures.

Source and author: notrickszone * thecelestialconvergence NASA

28 responses to “50 Top Astronauts, Scientists, Engineers at NASA have signed a letter asking NASA to cease its global warming buffoonery

  1. Here we go! This is but a tiny little Iceberg of ” MISINFOMATION”
    We are the “Dear Charlies” who have to be content with all the misinformation being fed to us, to set, our minds on some other so called direction of thought. Noting more than enforced and acceptable combined thought control.
    The letter to Charlie says nothing ! Nothing, we do not know. Our skies are being seeded with crap chemicals toxins to subdue and cause the havoc we see everyday.
    All to enhance and force human infections in health, sterility, death, (Yes like Aids, mad cows and pig infections, but to name a few.
    Weather and Weaponizing Control via electronic transmissions in high frequencies, like (HAARP)…Oooops ! do I hear Bull Dust being shouted ! …… Well…. there you go, mind control and misinformation … Don’t you get it ! … It’s part of the major plan of the New World Order, and we are all playing their game reading this type of Bull Dust being fed to us !Lies and more Lies and disinformation !
    IT IS CALLED MASS COLLECTIVE MIND CONTROL, AND BELIEVE ME IT WORKS ! And it is a fact, that it is being used right now !
    Oh …what’s the use ? Most of you are being manipulated and sitting in their bandstands singing NWO songs and humming their tunes !
    We all need to wake up and understand, but it seems to late as it is !
    Bring on the Bull Dust stories and misinformation so that I can plan my day through all the Mine fields.


    • I think you find that there are plenty of people who feel much the same, though at times it does feel like we are alone!

      So many of us just want the truth and are fed up with the endless Governemts lies, they have forgotten they’re here to SERVE the public not rule us, but power corrupts I guess.

      It WILL all change, you cannot keep the truth hidden for ever, more and more evidence from people who are well repected are coming forward. We are at a stage where you would need less testimony to convict someone in a court of ‘law’..

      The Disclosure project has moved this forward fast, and has gathered professionals from all fields, testifying to a coverup.

      So, in time, the reasons for climate change too will be exposed.

      I only hope that it will not be too late…

      I wrote in my blog:
      This is further evidence that shows that global warming has been the ultimate misinformation.

      The question is why?

      Is this simply an exercise to generate further revenue through taxes or is this a cover up hiding something far worse?

      The problem is, as usual, the Governments have an agenda, so they will lie and cheat to attain their goals.

      If there is something bigger coming our way, global warming stops people from asking the right questions, most simply accepting that WE are the problem and the solution. This is simply brilliant, whilst we all squabble, each blaming the other for the problem, the Governments get richer through taxes and all the squabbling keeps us from the truth.

      With the Governments hoarding food reserves, building underground cities (D.U.M.B), stockpiling ammunition, putting laws in place that restrict freedom of information, laws that remove our basic human rights (held in detention without trial), High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P), and not forgetting the UFO conspiracy…. this all adds up to something very bad!

      Is there an ‘outside’ threat from the stars, as stated by President Reagan, or more earthly threats like economic collapse or WWIII? What are they preparing for?

      What is for sure the reasons behind global warming is not human intervention, if it is not ALL just misinformation!

      We to demand that the Governments tell us the truth and remind them that they’re here to SERVE the people NOT RULE us!


  2. Nah, I Like this story. I feel it is a step, all be it a tiny one in the “too little too late” department, towards global consciousness in separating the facts from fiction.
    Not entirely sure what AHBotha there is on about. He is saying some things that are true to be sure, but then mixing it with others…. not sure what he’s getting at.
    Any way, Goodly stuff here.


  3. A big fat thank you to the astronauts!! Everybody go to aircrap.org and join the fight against “geo engineering” and “global dimming”. Take a stand now. Get informed and make others aware of what the NWO means for our (non) future! That incudes Agenda 21, fraudulent, criminal politicians, “one party” elections, — you know what I mean…..


  4. Stella H Howell

    Without Prejudice
    Who are these so called ‘To 50’….
    Why have they not published this in the Press, internet, other media etc.?
    1000 or a 100,000 Professional years experience is irrelevant.
    Without integrity, their ‘word’ is nothing.
    I too am a Scientist. However, hate to be called that.
    The Scientific community is in a depressing state of affairs.
    We, YOU & me, ALL of us, must start by changing the environment & systems related to the scientific community.
    Is it not the Scientific community that has :
    Hidden the discovery of Nichola Tesslar’s ‘discovery’ that Energy can be harnessed from the ‘AIR’;
    What has happened to the other discovery that engines can operate on Water. This includes Cars. Recently India published the same discovery.
    Such are not headlines.

    You are told what they want you to know.
    & you will never know the truth. In fact you will support them.

    Has hearing information through such sources helped you?
    It helps THEM as you agree & support the need against T e r r o r i s t s.
    Have you asked who are these t e r r o r i s t s?
    They are those who compile the press/news release.
    They who terrorise you with biological w e a p o n s – c h e m t r a i l s – forced v a c c i n a t i o n s – creating c a n c e r s, deaths etc.
    All of you who believe in these words and wish to take action,
    let us join forces and create our Law in all areas.
    This is what I did in one sector of Industry which I established as an example.
    I created and introduced what is now widely known as Best Practice which in reality is my Law along with Certification etc.
    Interested in protecting humanity, through a Peaceful endeavour.
    I do not wish to prove anything but the power of every human being. Power coupled with other ingredients makes one successful.
    Comment if interested.
    Opportunity comes once!


    • Stella..I applaud the spirit of your concern and your proactive approach.In response to one of your statements “What has happened to the other discovery that engines can operate on Water. This includes Cars”. Answer to you question: There exists a small segment (small but growing) of people who are taking available technology and improving on it, Garage Technology if you will. If you go to youtube and type in, cars running on water or gasoline vapor engines, you’ll see ingenuity on parade. What I find interesting is the that these earth-bounders want to share what they’ve developed or are still developing with anyone who can add something to the pot to help the cause. Some may have other motives such as personal gain from it but for the most part you’ll see the true spirit of those who want to make a difference.
      Show and Tell in this case is very heart warming!! Proves the spirit is still at full power.
      These are people who are fed up with waiting on others for a solution that should have already been in place a very long time ago. Some of the silent majority aren’t so silent any longer and not just in this arena either. As this small collective of non-whiners grows, so do the unknown possibilities of advancing technology. Garage Technology has a long standing reputation for the spawning of great concepts and products. I consider myself part of that small collective just as you and hopefully others who voice their opinions on this website. I tip my hat to all of you who want to make a difference…keep the faith and keep on truck’n!!!!!


  5. I look forward when these “top 50” stand together and say “Yes, we have been waving at tens of ET races through our Spaceship portholes for years. We collectively state that ET’s are real and that the governments of the world have been lying to you since the beginning of time”
    ET disclosure is less important than global warming but it could speed up disclosure and bring about technology that can sort out our screwed up atmosphere. Bring on disclosure or dont you feel safe enough being part of “The top 50″…????


  6. Che tutto questo sia vero oppure no , non ha importanza , la cosa importante è che la gente ne parli ora e che inizi a prenderne coscienza , ogniuno di noi , da solo può fare poco , ma una grande massa sfonda la cortina di bugie . Serenità per tutti


  7. marina pratt

    @Stella H. Howell–Yep, we are out of the loop. But, here is the deal. This has been going on for a very long time. I suspect a lot of folks who we suspect are in the loop are as much in the dark as we are. Furthermore, I suspect this is simply the nature of the academic and science business. Things are so walled off because of the need to focus on spacifics. It is only in the last 30 years that it has come to be recognized that the walls don’t really exist because the computer introduced “multi-tasking” . So, this really all comes down to, “You only KNOW what you KNOW.”

    Those who have grown up with the computer have a far greater chance to branch out and see patterns. It is also easier to see flaws. On the other hand, it is NOT easy to have patience. The speed of information flow brings with it the inability to accept that some brains are a bit more cloddish than others. Thus we have a culture of ->them who get it fast and them who can’t catch up. I suspect that is, to a large part, what is seen here in this mind boggling silence.

    I have personally discovered how very hard it is to move out of my safety zone and look up. In 1983 or 4, a photo was taken of me sitting on a rock in the desert. Behind me, in the sky, was a huge smokey X –when the photo came back, we laughed…”X marks the spot.” and then I did not give it another thought. In 2004 – while living on top of a hill in the country, my husband began to see lines in the sky..and there were X’s too. That was our introduction to CHEM TRAILS. It took a while for him to search it out. By that time there were small independent “sniffer” planes gathering fall out from the trails and as the reports came in we were astonished. We had gotten information on Harrp as the result of an interview with the author of the book, “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP.” So we began to search for the connection if there was one. We were in no position to investigate too deeply. We looked for others who could. They were few and far from available.

    As contactees, we were left with piles of conjecture. We had learned to look at the sky. When I got this computer after my husband died, I went on the hunt for a number of things..One important insight I found was the inability of the general public to “look up” . It was not until this year that I began to see any recognition that something was going on above us. Just this last while here, I found a small town on long island who went to court to demand an answer to the chem trail issue. The story went silent instantly.

    There is no question that the media is the hub and font of “all knowledge.” If one of them discovers the “look up” method, they disappear from public view. I discovered years ago that the media is very lazy and very cautious. Here again is a huge wall. It is easier for them to do politics..thus the “global warming gambit.” It was staged just for them. The moral of the story is, if you cant break down the media wall, you can’t get the message out.

    So it is not that the science guys are completely responsible here. I talked to an astronomy guy a couple of weeks ago who absolutely did not accept that the galaxy is spiriling out instead of moving in a flat ring. If you can’t see the spiril with a telescope, you know it is not there. He didn’t learn that in astro school so it can’t be right. This week past, NASA announced, “the galaxy is spiriling out.” So maybe he will accept the concept now. I said, maybe.

    So, while I am too old to be dashing around with picket signs, I am not to old to give some advice in your quest to bring the public recognition up a knotch…figure out how to break the media wall…Disclosure is a slow and tedious process..I am seeing it in movies, stage shows, music, numerous utube pieces ranging from UFO to philosophy. Even this recent earthquake blast has not made the major media but it is there for those who know how to look. Everything is regional, local…the national format is pre-set..politics – politics = politics.

    The only approach to the media I can suggest is to worm your way to the inside. Like all theater, it is a closed community. If however, you use the “wives talking over the fence method” you may well be able to breech the wall. Staging is everything. Slow and careful presentation, without hysterical demand allows recognition. Understand your audience.

    Last but not least. I completely agree with BELIEVER that ET disclosure is less important than “Planet change’ – Drop the “Global warming” language and you can get away from the political motif which brought it into place in the beginning. It was not a bad beginning–it was a hint of things to come..and now, here we are…GLOBAL CHANGE–

    GO FOR IT..Yours most sincerely, MARINA–9:29am-edt-4/13/12 – USA


  8. I agree with this. It is a fact that our climate is changing rapidly, and it is definitely warming up. Anyone can see that our weather patterns have changed drastically in the last few years and we are having more extreme weather. However, it is foolishness to say that increase in carbon dioxide by human activity is the only and single cause. It may play a role but there is much more at work here like sun activity and vulcanism, as well as natural climate variances that earth experiences every few centuries or so.


  9. Global warming, from whatever source, has been in the past a driving forc behind drastic climate change and mass extinctions. CO2 emissions add to this mess, and trying to disclaim this FACT is doing a diservice to the people of Earth.


  10. I often wonder why if for thousands of years humanity used wood and coal to heat their homes and cook their meals.Why is this climate change just happening now.I think this would have occured a long time ago.I am not scientific or technical so please corrrect me if i am wrong.This is just one mans humble opinion.


  11. One big factor of the worldwide Climatechange and the horrible worldwide beedying is for shure the microwaves from the handytowers all over the world….and of course some other factors…the sun itself for example, because the sun shines not yellow like in my childhooddays anymore, it shines now in white wz a little bit blue. I cannot look direct in the sun anymore like in my childdays where you get the warning from your parents that you take care and do not look very long direct in the sun..30 seconds where no problem at that times now after half a second i have to look away…somebody else here who makes the same expirience?


  12. I agree the sun is much brighter than it used to be.I find this occurs most prominently in the early am hours at least on Long Isand.I was able to stare at the sun as a child now there is no way i can.Iam a lot older now i do not know if this should be factored in though.


    • Because Tom, Our human contribution to global warming is less than 3 percent in these modern times. No where near enough to actually create green house effects. man made green house effects was a lie.
      Its some thing else that occurs every 26,000 years or so.
      Other planets in the system are heating up too. The sun is going through changes and putting out more energy than recorded.
      This has Nothing to do with mans contributions, though, there is nothing Wrong with going green and taking better care of our world.
      Saddly the truth about the phenomena is being twisted by those intent on control and money making, and so they have spread lies over 30+ years to convince you to thier belief system about global warming.
      Arisol cans, cow farts, and factory emissions are Not eating the Ozone.
      Not causing green house gass effects.
      Those arent the answers. Look instead to our solar system traveling through the high gravitational and magnetically dense field of the Galactic ecliptic plane. every 26ooo yrs as the equinox turns and renews it self. This agitates the sun and the planets and caused the sun to release more energy.
      ~ V.


      • Good point.. This is a natural process, and Governments know this. They’re using this to manipulate the public, giving them the excuses to raise taxes, etc. However, what is interesting is the Government increasing food reserves, underground bunkers, putting laws in place to arrest and hold people without any reason, control internet information, etc.. why?

        Yes the Sun is more active, is the Government worried and putting measures in place as a just in case?

        What is for sure, more is going on!

        Thanks dude..


  13. Thanks for your reply.I have read about the answers you put forth through my own studies and I agree.that was my point we are being lied to.


  14. Yeah I thought it was possibly a cyclic thing. I suspected so.


  15. marina pratt

    Yes Tom, we are being lied to. BIG TIME – The lie is across the board. When I look at the issues involved here, they stretch beyond where I can see. I have poked a little here and a little there and as I do my frustration grows. I went into a rant on the 9/11 issue the other day–pure frustration. My friend talked me down but as I went back over just that issue, the bubble of fury began to grow again.

    It is not that I have any power to change anything. I do not assume that had I been in that insane mix of abstract human behavior that I could have DONE anything about it. Even though I understand to some degree why nothing has been done to call the game now that much of the data is exposed at various levels, my frustration is still on the surface. Yes, that is history now..a done deal. So my question then becomes, what if the truth was revealed. What would happen here in the states and world wide. There is no question that the world was deeply affected by that event.

    That is really the core of the issue dealing with GLOBAL CHANGE. It is so very complex and inevitable. It is happening and we cannot stop it from happening. So, now what? I think that is the source of great angst for many both in the know and without a clue. This global change is looking like the big equalizer. When I hear about the infamous tunnels and the tales of a chosen few dashing to safety there, I wonder how those tunnels are going to make it through the pressures brought to bare by the various planet tipping polar change events–and without electricity–oh, boy!

    So, as my favorite professor used to sing [Tom Lear} “We will all go together when we go…every president and es-ka-mo -” or something like that.

    So, maybe it is better that we don’t know–What do ya think?

    Tomorrow is another day–we made it through Friday the 13th with barely a scratch–except for my Snuggles cat, who fell off the desk this evening..25 lbs of sleeping 13yr old stripped cat, bamm- what a surprise! See ya..Marina – 4/13/12 – 9:46pm-edt – USA


  16. Thanks Marina,I hope your kitty is O.K. i have an old kitty too she is 18.I read some buddists believe very enlightened people rest between lifetimes in cats,not that this has anything to do with weather,but i find this concept fascinating and worthy of sharing.


    • My own cat is 19 this month, and he is such an old gentleman and unique soul. He doesnt strike most people that meet him as a cat at all.


  17. marina pratt

    @Tom Hale->Snuggs seems ok this morning. He has had a bit of a bad year. He lost half his weight but we brought that under control and he is now enthroned in his blanket pile–regal he is. Now, this cat is an almost exact duplicate of the cat that belonged to my aunt. And her cat was an almost exact duplicate of a cat she had while a 7 yr. old living in Germany..Prince Rupert she called him..Thus her cat who came to her as she was walking to her apartment in downtown LA-USA was also named Rupert.

    Mr Snuggs came to me after Rupert the 2rd died. His mother walked him to my door, gave him a lick and walked away. It did not dawn on me that he was a duplicate of Charlottes cat until I saw a press release of her story having to do with her fight to keep him in the hive like senior center she lived in. My husband dubbed him Mr. Snuggs because he bonded to us in a very special fashion. He and our other “cat” who was not a “cat” – Whitley the Siamese, who died a few months ago in very odd circumstances..did not get along. Whitley did not want to be around a “cat”–besides, he got there first. Now Mr. Snuggs rests, 24-7 on the same perch Whitley used to hang out on.

    My experience with Mr. Whitley says to me that Varas -not a cat at all – is most likely – not a cat at all. I have recently had dreams about the special nature of cats..They appear to be guardians–highly telepathic and healers. I have 3 others..each serves me as a conduite to something I cannot see but know exists. My prayer is that they die before I do because the world is VERY cruel..These fuzzy folk are my reason for being alive. Snuggs is the elder..Rue” [the girlie – girl] is about 6 – Henry, [the black guy] is about 5 1/2-Mr. White Guy, “Levi Malehi” [my grandaughters] is the younger at about 4. I call them the Guardian pride. CATS ARE US..Whoops – I forgot the Rabbit–He is becoming a very interesting member of the family. Thanks for mentioning the cat subject. My favorite–Nameste’ Marina
    9:55am -edt – 4/15/12 – USA


    • @Marina When you mentioned that cats are “highly telepathic” I can believe that….when I am doing some tasks and my cat wants attention, she would go and lay across over what I am about to do (be it laundry or surfing the internet), lol.
      Let us not forget our canine friends…I also have two dogs and they are wonderful and intelligent, and I don’t know what I would do without them.


  18. Just because there are still 50 “astronauts, scientist and engineers” still getting all their news from Fox, it doesn’t mean they know anything about climate change. Fox viewers will deny global warming till their feet are wet. I don’t ask a climatologist how to design a plane, because that isn’t their field of study. Engineers don’t know squat about climate change, and those that claim they know more than the thousands that make the study of climate change their life’s work are idiots.


    • WOW! Do you know anything about climate change? You dismiss these guys out of hand simply because you have spoken with every climatologist in the world! Oh no? Well then, as you know, in this field not every climatologist agrees with why our climate is changing. To dismiss anything out of hand is, sorry to say, simply ignorant and narrow minded. Climate change is a fact, we have all witness extreme weather conditions, the increased solar activity, have all read about the region of space we are travelling through, vulcanism, pole shift, etc, etc, etc….. Any single or multipe event could be causing climate change. So before you spout off, dismiss out of hand what people may or may not know about, think! Remain open minded to the possibilities and then you may have a small chance of discovering the truth!


  19. Agree’s with BOTH JMP and PSToo.
    Fox and other main stream media cannot be counted on for any thing.
    And, What PST said too.
    Lets keep it cool lads.


  20. @varakienen🙂 no probs dude.. hot topic I guess…


  21. marina pratt

    If you compare the number of people who do watch FOX news with the number of people who don’t, I would suggest that those who don’t watch FOX news -win. FOX news is a corporate entity with its own agenda. Most of that agenda has to do with money. Since “climate change” is a topic of interest, they go with it, with or without correct information or data because they are playing to the wide audience who have expressed an interest in it. It has to do with sponsors and MONEY.

    Americans are dependent on their TV sets to bring them information because they don’t have time for long discertations on the scientific information required to get the truth of climate/planet change. Media is designed to give short bursts in headline form because there is a wide range of information that they cover. They sit around a table everyday, picking through the latest info in order to put it into small sound bytes as they shove it into the funnel called the evening news. Most of what comes out the other end is sausage…designed for entertainment with the full knowledge that most of the audience only hears what they can catch as they are moving from room to room doing their daily routine. Only half of that presented, [if that] manages to get past the audience consciousness. If there is a tornado predicted, they listen. The rest is chaffe.

    TIME IS MONEY. This is not a conspiracy–this is just another day at work. It is the dependency of the American public to eat food already cooked and listen to information without substance. So, what does that mean? It means that it is up to those who do have some information to give it to those within their small social circle with references..take it or leave it is the criteria. No point in getting angry because this is just the way it is. Anger is bad for the brain function required to be rational in the process of getting the correct data to back up the information.

    It is too late to FIND FAULT. No one person is to blame, nor is one governmental agency..We have been dashing around trying to pay our bills, and so have the individuals who work in what ever function at what ever level. Thus, those of us who see the gapping holes into which we will fall as a collective population if we are not prepared, need to approach this information deficit with what ever tools we have. This is a one on one effort. This is gossip over the backyard fence. This is sharing information on a personal basis. Everyone experiences life and knowledge independently. Each has spacific skills. The only way to blend those skills into a workable survival in any circumstance is to allow them and share them.

    So, it falls to us to change the national conversation. Perhaps just by simply changing the language we use in our daily conversations would be a start. This is about language as a symbol. CLIMATE CHANGE denotes co2 contamination..that is the internal image conjured when those words are spoken. In England and its tributaries, Carbon taxes are being levied based on this falsehood. There is a heck of a fight going on in Australia on this issue. So, let us talk about PLANET CHANGE.

    What does that mean? That means our poles are changing. That means our sun is changing. That means our galactic alignment is changing. That means all the planets in our solar system are warming. So you could even say, GALACTIC CHANGE..That would bring some questions. The more questions you get, the better prepared you need to be. Now you have an entire community of scientists trying to change the conversation. We need to support them…one conversation at a time.

    YOU CAN DO THIS! Sincerely, MARINA – 7:49AM-EDT – 4/16/12 – USA