Group of 3 UFOs over Melbourne Australia – April 20, 2012


Melbourne Australia: 3 very fast UFOs travelling as a group.

They change direction of travel and distance between themselves.

The speed of travel is impossible satellites or birds.

They look just like the twin UFOs I saw on April 20, 2012 ( video 2 ).

Source and author:  UFOs


3 responses to “Group of 3 UFOs over Melbourne Australia – April 20, 2012

  1. marina pratt

    Considering how fast these objects travel, I am surprised that this film was able to capture them. I notice how clear the sky is. I am wondering if Australia is having “chem-trails”. If anyone in Australia has seen “chem-trails” , would you let us would be good. Our skys are full of the “trails” often making it difficult to spot these high flying objects. So nice to see someone has clear skys! Sincerely, Marina-1:54pm-edt-4/22/12-USA


  2. I live in the Southeast Area of Kansas and we have chem-trails everyday sometimes when I wake up early in the morning I see the planes criss crossing and have seen them in the night sky as well. I also recently took a trip to Canada and showed my friend that they are also being sprayed with chem-trails. I do not remember when the last time I saw a clear blue sky! Mary 6:40am CST April 23, 2012. USA


  3. see our ufo’s youtube lezlow111