Solar poles to become quadrupolar in May 2012 (One year earlier than expected)


Magnetic field polarity at the solar poles will reverse and become quadrupolar in May, meaning positive fields will emerge in the North and South poles and negative fields will emerge on the equator, according to the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and other institutes.

The sun may be entering a period of reduced activity that could result in lower temperatures on Earth, according to Japanese researchers. When a similar phenomenon occurred about 300 years ago, the Earth’s average temperature fell slightly.

Officials of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the Riken research foundation said on April 19 that the activity of sunspots appeared to resemble a 70-year period in the 17th century in which London’s Thames froze over and cherry blossoms bloomed later than usual in Kyoto.

In that era, known as the Maunder Minimum, temperatures are estimated to have been about 2.5 degrees lower than in the second half of the 20th century.

The Japanese study found that the trend of current sunspot activity is similar to records from that period.


The researchers also found signs of unusual magnetic changes in the sun. Normally, the sun’s magnetic field flips about once every 11 years. In 2001, the sun’s magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere, flipped to the south.

While scientists had predicted that the next flip would begin from May 2013, the solar observation satellite Hinode found that the north pole of the sun had started flipping about a year earlier than expected. There was no noticeable change in the south pole.

If that trend continues, the north pole could complete its flip in May 2012 but create a four-pole magnetic structure in the sun, with two new poles created in the vicinity of the equator of our closest star.

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  1. marina pratt

    While the sun is going about its business, doing that which only the sun can do, the science guys here on the 3rd rock from the sun are trying to out guess the suns business while at the same, trash one anothers guess theories. I found an article by a science guy who has been interviewing these alphabet soup science guys -[been doing it for 10 or more years] for a radio show he created and ran…probably still does run – comes to mind here—anyway. He was really blown out of the water when he discovered that not only do these guys NOT share information…they don’t KNOW what the other guys around them are doing! My take on all of this is that this is how the GLOBAL WARMING dance was able to get so one sided, absolutely noone was looking up–Now all of a sudden, evidence is reaching us that – [see pointing fingers in your mind] “Its all the SUNs fault!”

    Now what is left of this blame game is to make some decisions about the SUN without spending much time carving one theory or the other in stone. In my book, this is a scientific territorial spat. “My theory is better than yours and the guys we don’t know about or have avoided listening to, don’t count…GREAT! Thanks for the help guys…Get it together guys. In the meantime, we will keep watching…Nameste-Marina-11:15am/edt-4/23/12USA


  2. This would explain the lower temperatures we are experiencing in NZ, even for winter, as the relationship between Electromagnetic fields and Radiation (thermal) are closely tied in with one another. Basically this Quad point EMF is disrupting Radiance of heat from the sun reaching earth. Anyone else experiencing lower temperatures than the norm?

    Science minds do not share information due to plagiarization and also due to ego, each group wants to be the ones who make the next breakthrough and many do not want to collaborate and have to share in the glory of the next scientific marvels. Just look at the team on the hadron collider, they kept their research separate from all others studying the same field of molecular/particle physics, but now that they have done something none of them have done before (the supposed faster than light particle), the others are rushing to catch up while the HC team remain mostly silent. Collaboration is a dead thing for most big budget projects that don’t require multiple countries/teams to function.



  3. marina pratt

    @LUKE->This fits my long term observation completely. I noticed it in college. There is an exclusivity in colleges and universtities that can be spotted just by looking at where they build. A majority are on some kind of a hill and if that is not available, their opening building..usually called, “administration” is built like a “royal” ediface. Having gone to a somewhat elitist high school with a pretty big student body who mostly lived in the high end areas, I chafed somewhat. I had come from California. Wearing shoes there is a big deal. I come from actors/teachers, folks who were part of a sharing situation, teaching how to share while at the same time lead. Suddenly finding myself in an elitist enviornment in the middle west was a heck of a shock. So, I learned to watch.

    I completely understand keeping secrets. I do not understand the whole business of not joining together in search of an answer of some urgency.This happened during the sudden recognition of the AIDS epidemic. The breakdown of the imune system was observed and noted long before any public recognition was allowed that this was a transferable virus. As the tale leaked out, it was discovered that the French had made some enormous break thru they were afraid to talk about it because of the American bunch who were working on the same thing. Sure enough, they ended up in court fighting over copy rights while at the same time the public was dying in enormous numbers all over the world.

    This is the same proceedure happening with NASA although in their case, they are sure there will be rioting in the streets if their information leaks out. Now, suddenly, we are getting back of the hand warnings…I saw a thing my Michu Kacau [sp] the other day in which he softened the information but as he went along he issued a strong warning to be prepared for a break down in the power grid and all the consequences there after. He was talking about the activity on the sun. He was the point man for some one, no doubt. I love this guy by the way. It is a tough job and someone has to do it. They picked the right guy…

    The problem is, he is talking to a world who has been told that things happen slowly and it will take thousands of years for things to change. In the back room were people like Velokovski and others of his ilk, including Einstine who slowly came around to the realiety that things happen fast enough to affect their generation and at the very least 1 or 2 generations there after.

    The cards are in the air. Now we are talking about a major polar shift on the sun. “Don’t worry. Be happy” It won’t amount to a hill of beans – happens every 11 years…Oh, REALLY? when did they find this out?…A long time ago I will venture. When the global warming gambit was launched, it was completely Earth centered…Noone ever thought to look at the Sun. When I think of it, that IS pretty heady stuff…The sun is the star that warms us. It would never do us harm…

    So those in charge of such things, hide stuff. They don’t open discussion on these issues in the schools–even colleges. I ran into an astronmer fellow alumni guy a couple of months ago who was still laughing when I suggested that Velokovski had the right idea. I asked him if he had read any of this mans work. “You mean the guy who thought Venus was a comet.” He snorted.

    As it turns out, Vel baby was pretty close to the mark. He did not have the technology. All he had was a huge pile of clues from just about everywhere on the planet. I understand they are still arguing the merits of his arguments in the hallowed halls. Earth polar shift, never comes into the conversation.

    “Today, it was discovered that the earths poles are shifting at an unexpected rate.” The relationship between the earth and the sun still gets fuzzed over. I am quite sure this is due to the fear of informing the public. Rather than prepare the public to insure a greater rate of survival and a faster return to some kind of normalcy–silence.

    My argument is–noone has anything to gain with this kind of behavior. As I sit here thinking about it…Maybe that is what this is all about alphie…Learning—


  4. Scientist are just as bad as most Doctors I’ve been too, they are playing a guessing game with the little bit of information that is available to them. Not one of them have or know the big picture so they take their pieces to try and fit together a puzzle that is beyond their understanding.

    History has proven time and time again that natural disasters happen and they can happen fast with little or no warning.

    As far as it getting colder, well two years ago it was abnormally cold down here, even had a little bit snow fall which hadn’t happened in 30yrs, but this winter …..or lack of winter ….. just didn’t exist. It was colder this morning when I went outside than it had been all through Dec.-March. Today it felt normal, what it should be this time of year, but forcast shows its supposed to heat back up tomorrow. The temps around the world seem to all be going from one extreme to another in a matter of days in most cases.


    • well you think that’s weird weather, last year my town was snowed on, we are at sea level and in over 200yrs of post settler history this has never happened. oddity indeed. look up the articles on it, snow storm hits new plymouth, new zealand.



      • Yeah, well thats why I’ve really started to pay attention, because we are at sea level too, on the Gulf of Mexico….Near the equator


  5. My question is ; how this early Sun shift will affect the max solar that was expected to dec 2012 …march 2013 ?! any conment about ?!


  6. marina pratt

    I sense that the earth pole shift excelleration and the sun multi-polar shift are working in tandum. This does not bode well…Marina -9:00am-edt/4/23/12-USA


  7. This is indeed interesting. Was there not some talk/inquiries into the theory(fact?) that our solar system is headed into an “interstellar energy cloud”, which supposedly happens every so and so many thousand years, that would affect the planets and the star’s output of energy? Could it be that which is helping in this unexpected accelerating rate? Is there any truth to this? Mind you im just also inquiring.


  8. Does anyone have an idea what this will do to our emotional bodies…??


    • Now im not talking out of harshness or to be mean or any of that non-sense, and im definitely not saying anyone must believe what I am saying, in fact you should always be questioning everything and what everyone says, including you. Nor am I talking about any theoretical systems to pattern our minds with either, I am but merely inquiring with intellectual communication into yours and mine and those thoughtful peoples interest to understand ourselves, so we can observe without conditions, illusions, what is really happening to our bodies and minds in relation to what is happening this very instant – which is all life.

      So, you asked, and now we are discovering a little.🙂
      Given that as we are also energy and mass on the same platform as that which is happening about us now, it would seem logical that something would radically change in our way of perceiving things, If, there is a friction to the energy flow within our mass, our entity, our minds. Though the thought, “if there would be”, a physical change in the mass, in that which we call our organism, the vessel; which is a mirrored result, a product, of nature(which is not merely the image of forests, mountains, rivers and seas, but is everything around us, in us), is, as well as this desire to absolutely seek an answer based on the cause to merely satisfy our own beings security, is merely the minds cunning escape in created conflicts of speculations and theories which is born from fear, from dogma, of the unknown and the known – which hinders us from seeing things as they are.
      From my point of view, these conflicts, are but mere symptoms, illusions that we ourselves have created, and which we now are lost in; and if we are lost in this net of ideas, illusions, how could we ever see what truly happens to ourselves, to the so lovely galaxy, the earth, the sun and the universe? How could we truly observe reality when reality itself has become but mere images of our own self-projections which is created by environment, which again we ourselves have created? How could we ever understand this? So to ask what would happen to our emotions, to our bodies, our organism, is to merely seek answers for so to overcome, to substitute the opposite, which is insecurity. But, if one were to ask oneself truly and honestly without prejudice or acceptance; what is our emotions? Why and how do we have emotions? What is our body? What is our true nature, what is a human being? Are we not a fresh living thing with a fresh living thing inside of us, with consciousness, and now even with this product of environment called the “I”, this self-consciousness, this possessive “mine”? So, whereas we are always looking for answers and craving a guide to satisfy our questions so that we can be lifted out of our problems into a new haven, we seem to never investigate ourselves and discover what mankind, what we, truly are. We should not be trying to improve anything, or change anything about us, but to merely understand, because in understanding a problem, a conflict, out of the understanding comes its own dissolving.🙂


  9. marina pratt

    @->Hilde->This will affect the brain function of all who have one. The extreems could be deep depression ranging up to hyper-activity. Since most humans do not relate to the relationship between their bodies and their brains and the relationship of the electromagnetic enviornment to changes in personal behavior, we need, within our close relationships to carefully observe and inform those around us to be aware. This is hard.

    Most folks are just doing what they do. I had an outbreak of fury the other day which is not my was brought on by a response to a known mentally disturbed person who is absolutely without a clue as to her own behavior. I would normally become very cautious with my responses but I was triggered on the blind side..I was disturbed from my focus of the moment and before I knew it I was using the F word alot. By the time the initial rage was spent after kicking some garbage cans, I stopped and reflected. At least I am able to control such outbursts but only because of years of ballet training..and such.

    The American population is now peppered with males returning home from duty in the middle east…Post Trauma syndrome is resident in every one of them to some degree. Having dealt with this in close proximity, I can honestly say, depending on how these symptoms manifest, it is a very difficult thing to get a handle on both as an observer and as a sufferer.

    Add to that the hyper-invasion of the HARRP effects, the solar maximum/what ever else effects and it is a sure thing we will be seeing increasing exaggeration in human behavior in the general population. Oh, and I forgot…there is the pharma effect, as well as the social media effect.-

    The solution is to develop a STAND BACK position. If it is a husband or wife who goes off the edge..get the kids AND PETS into a safe, secure place. If it is a stranger, get some distance. Perhaps, most importantly, find a place within yourself where compassion and forgivness are.

    Perhaps most important, be aware of your fear. Fear is a learned response to that which you are told from what ever source. The media in general feeds on fear and spews it back into the listener who, as in a circle dance, spews it back into their personal world. Most fear is based on flawed information but that information has been existant for centuries in one mutation or another.

    Superstition and extreme religiosity often go hand in hand, spread within families and social groups. We as individuals, only know what we know. I recently encountered a person who was not accepting new information. While I was very careful in my approach, it was clear that there was nothing I could do to penetrate that wall. Behind that wall is a frightened soul feeling protected by the wall. This was not a cultural thing, this was a behaviorial thing. There was nothing I could do. Thus I have chosen distance to allow myself not to get “hooked” into the tightly woven web.

    You will notice that most folks are not getting the information about the electromagnetic effect on human behavior. One FAQ I am seeing more and more is, “How do I tell them..warn them?” My only response when asked is, carefully and simply – without demeaning – approach the subject with primary school about magnets. Talk about electricity and where it comes it from a personal learning point of view as opposed to – “what do you mean you don’t know.” This is a leading process. Leading through the woods so darkly thick with daily survival challenges that folks just don’t have time to consider the source of the technological world around them.

    I have chosen to carefully post articles on my Face Book page..I will alert folks and family in areas where earthquakes are expected and I talk about things like HAARP and the sun through postings suited to the mind not yet exposed to the subjects. I do not allow – “end of the world hysteria” to enter into the conversation. I do speak of “how to survive an earthquake” however and I have been known to rage about the lack of basements and shelters in tornado prone areas.

    With all the BOOMS and shaking that have been experienced, the population is waking up in areas where they were not accustomed to such things before. Most folks in the NEW MADRID fault area are completely unaware of the geology there. I talk about that..”did you know?”

    We have to help those we love, be they family or close circles in our worlds. Those are the folks who we can come together with in an attempt to educate and remind. “This is happening and we cannot stop it from happening.”

    If we connect among ourselves – we will feel less disconnected..
    Nameste’ -Marina – 8:14 am -edt/4/26/12 USA


  10. We did get bombarded with many many false dates in the past & i have lost keeping count of it. Never the less here we go. . . there is one more date for may 2012. Im going to stay neutral on this one. Just passing on the information for this site.


  11. marina pratt

    -.>RAJ–Thanks for that post link…I signed up..Nameste’-Marina
    3:07pm-EDT – 4/26/12-USA


  12. Media rules with psychology; nothing has changed since. We (humans) has such a short attention span that any media campaign rules us. The 2012 scare was allowed to run its course and now we are all exhausted from it; but here we are with 8 months to go and the real events are happening. We will always be blind-sided by the actual events because science has chosen this run-away rumor campaign rather than the facts.
    It probably means they don’t have a clue and rather than be caught out looking stupid, they would rather be unknowing and surprised.