Multiple UFOs in low earth orbit NASA 2012


Filmed by ISS cameras, multiple UFOs in low earth orbit.

Video 1 and video 2: UFOs in low earth orbit. Video 3 shows multiple UFOs, similar to the low earth orbit UFO’s.

This video was sent to me so I do not have any info. Obviously it is the I.S.S. but I have no idea the time and date. Very insightful! Beepee

Source and author:  *  UFOs


2 responses to “Multiple UFOs in low earth orbit NASA 2012

  1. salvatore j. cento

    fantastic news & pictures


  2. I am not skeptical because I truly believe that there are other lifeforms with far superior technology and spacecraft out there in the Universe, because humans are not the only lifeforms in the Universe nor are we technologically superior, but looking at the video feed from ISS of Earth, the objects moving across in orbit of Earth probably are man made satellites or space junk, which can travel at greater speeds in lower obit. A satellite can orbit the Earth in a matter of minutes.
    As for the video feed from the Space Shuttle, it clearly looks like paint or something coming off the Space Shuttle as it flies past the camera not alien spacecraft – but the specs of light definitely would be classed as UFOs as we are not sure what it could be.
    Still, any objects that cannot be identified would be classed as UFOs.
    Nice video feed tho.