Laredo Paranormal Research Society and the investigation of UFOs

UFOsLaredo – Investigation of UFOs

Translated from Spain: The Paranormal Research Society Laredo is a society run by Ismael Cuellar, who have special infrared technology with which they have been able to record excellent images of UFOs.

Here’s a video recorded October 23, 2011 that could not have been filmed with common equipment.

They have a unique mode of putting a projector for all to see which is being captured in real time.

Source and author:  UFOs

5 responses to “Laredo Paranormal Research Society and the investigation of UFOs

  1. These boys have got it Right.
    But they need to take their set up to hot spots, not catch shit in thier back yard.
    The triangle is a typical shadow military stolen reverse engineered craft.
    US secret project test vehicles.
    reports indicate that they should have hundreds by now.
    where did you Think the stolen trillions was going?


    • Right, my friend, not to mention the black ops running drugs, addicting poor civilians and taking that money as well. These triangular craft can dock or link up to form larger ones. I recall that from some whistleblower testimony.


  2. With the recent reports of 10’s of thousands of drones being put into the air in coming years, I don’t doubt this is a government operation.


  3. HI Laredo Paranomal Group and Joanan Diaz,
    The craft is Triangle, but it is not a USA Craft. I assure you the Technology for such a Propulsion System has not been Reversed Engineered or ever could be done, without help from you know who.
    This type of help will not be forth coming to any Nation who may use it for power, as it is always done by major Power Countries. These few moments of actual sightings, are real, and where ever there is equipment being used to video or photograph sightings, you will find the same is being done to us ! Forget the area ie Mexico, or other Drug related Countries. It has nothing to do with it. These are nothing more than the last visitations before the actual Introduction by the Alien Observers.


  4. I spoke with Ismael at Laredo UFO last year and we both agree these “orbs” are visible with the naked eye sometimes. I have seen 3 of them here in the RGV, TX in the past 5 years at various levels, from top of our atmosphere to a few 100 feet overhead. Never seen more than 1 at a time, let alone in triangular formation! These things ARE really there folks. Thanks again Ismael for proving to my family that I wasn’t just making this up. See you at the next Laredo UFO…