Metallic Sphere releasing UFO over Scotland, Midlothian – April 2012


Metallic sphere flying releasing UFO over  was filmed on April 11, 2012

I will show you some stills, slowmotions and enlarged parts of it!

The metallic sphere is strange enough but i wonder what these fast objects were!

Watch it fullscreen!

The original video was recorded by SkywatcherScotland

Source and author:  * SkywatcherScotland UFO

5 responses to “Metallic Sphere releasing UFO over Scotland, Midlothian – April 2012

  1. Fascinating!


  2. Will I EVER see 1, just one video of a UFO that is not blurry and out of focus or shot from several miles away!!!

    I guess I’ll just have to wait for them to make official contact with us to get a good look but even then the mainstream media probably wont report on it.


  3. well put mc was thinking the same thing.


  4. We seen two parasails or parachutest last year and I snapped two digital pics with the wifes camera (kodak 8.2 megapixel) as they flew around in loops above the pine trees and we had a hard time finding them in the pictures later.

    To the eye it was easy to see them but a lot got lost in the picture.

    I dont blame the people taking the vids/pics but it appears the hardware is still not up to the task.


  5. HI Viewers and Uploader in Sctoland,
    Those objects are Biological and it not UFO.
    Use a Photo enhancer and you find that it is actually the same objects I photograph daily in Cape Town. Its Sentient, Biological Amoeba, and gets as large as 100 sq meters, invisible to normal vision, fast, uses phosphorus lighting like Sea Squid, and thrives on energy. This is no laughing matter, as it does exist and has been noticed as far out as the International Space Station. We have often described it as UFO, and morphing UFO, but it is a Sentient Creature resembling slugs in the Sea. Note UFOSAFRICA , The Latest UFO S ightings, and Anomalies.AHBotha.
    Glad to see others are also seeing the same stuff ! The stuff it appeared to have dropped. is just another object. These all appear and are noticed between the Video frames, when slowed down and viewed forward and backward. The particular video has more if you check it out this way ! Check it out slowly