Mysterious ‘Montauk Monster’ Washes Up In Seal Beach, CA – April 26, 2012


Montauk monster Seal Beach, CA

An unidentified ‘Mountak’ creature was discovered Wednesday by a woman taking her daily walk along the shore in Seal Beach.

Karen Summers says the animal corpse didn’t look like anything she had ever witnessed.

She called officials from the Public Works Department, who arrived Friday morning and disposed of the unidentified animal.

Summers says the workers couldn’t identify the remains either.

The discovery is reminiscent of the so-called “Montauk Monster,” an unidentified creature that allegedly washed up on a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York in July 2008.”

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9 responses to “Mysterious ‘Montauk Monster’ Washes Up In Seal Beach, CA – April 26, 2012

  1. Vlada Mikahl Schoon

    Oh wow some people are unbelievable,its rather obvious what this so called ‘Montalk Monster’ is its a bloated smelly possom that’s been in the water a while lost its fur, the dead give away sign is the mouth and feet,the possom has a rat type jaw with bottom & upper teeth protruding teeth on a funnel type way when joined, that resemble a type of beak like a bird in the skeletal form,I cant believe that people can be so stupid and ignorant seriously I’m laughing..


  2. They couldn’t take it to a vet or a research lab to study it! Outrageous! It looked like a clone gone bad. Who knows what type of experimentation is happening out on ships at sea…no regulations there. Really makes me take a step back and think…omg!


  3. That was not a opossum…! Seen many in my lifetime…their snouts are much more pointed…and they have a a much skinnier tail.


  4. marina pratt

    Not opossum! closer to the feline family from the look of its leg anatomy. Ditto on – WHY DID THEY NOT TAKE THIS TO A LAB!? I am going to go with possible clone as well…A mix of some kind…Someone should yell at these people–the police and all about not having done an autopsy! GRRRR-


  5. Haha….those city people never seen a dead cat before. They get bloated, lose all their fur, and get all green and purple until they don’t look like a cat at all. Persian cats and bulldog-type dogs have squashed snouts making them look like deformed mutants when they lose all their hairs.


  6. PerfectPerception

    It looks like a badger or wolverine,notice the small snout and the sharp claws..


  7. jenifer davies

    it looks like it comes from underground ,no eyes no ear s just like a mole ,only much bigger


  8. mr. space-cakes

    That’s a dog. Skinned, killed and thrown into the ocean months ago. Pretty clear to me…


  9. Starbuck Queen

    It’s a raccoon….looks almost identical to the one found on the east coast a few years back and that was identified as a raccoon at an early state of decomposition.