30 Meter Deep Sinkhole Opens Up In Erzincan, Turkey


In Erzincan Turkey a sinkhole of 5 metes in diameter and 30 meters deep occurred in a farmer field.

Haydar Kaya  (owner of the land) informed the farmers’ Ilic governor’s office

At the request of the Erzincan University, the Governor’s office sent a technical committee of experts to investigate the pit at the request of the Erzincan University.

As a result of the investigations made by the tribunal last week, they have decided to take precautions around the pit (wire mesh, barbed wire and cement) to prevent loss of life and property.

Land owner Haydar Kaya told the news that, “I did not believe it before. Then  I went to the pit and  looked up and was surprised to see the deep sinkhole”  – Haberler (translated).

Source and author:  sinkhole

2 responses to “30 Meter Deep Sinkhole Opens Up In Erzincan, Turkey

  1. Deborah Hart

    Another reptilian lair has opened-lol!


  2. christine winnan

    a lot of these sink holes are occurring and they seem to be running concurrently along with all the sea creatures deaths and strange humming noises from the earth….also the disappearance of lakes and parts of beaches disappearing into the sea…….Revelations 12:12 “Woe the the sea and to the earth for the devil has come down to you knowing that he has a short period of time”