Peru Investigates Mystery 538 Pelicans and 877 Dolphins Deaths


Authorities in Peru are investigating the death of over 538 pelicans, along with other birds, on the northern coast of the country, the Peruvian ministry of production said Sunday.

The new environmental investigation comes on the heels of an incident earlier in April when 877 dolphins washed up dead on the same stretch of coast.

It was not immediately clear if the deaths were connected.

The birds appear to have died on the beach, and more tests are needed to determine the cause of death, the ministry of production said.

The Peruvian Sea Institute surveyed about 43 miles (70km) of beach coastline on Sunday and estimated that 592 birds were dead along the shore.

State-run TV Peru estimated that up to 1,200 birds had been found dead on the 100 miles (160km) of northern shoreline extending from Punta Negra in Piura to San José in the state of Lambayeque.

The deaths began less than two weeks ago, local fishermen say.

The investigation into the mystery surrounding the dolphins is still ongoing. Peruvian Deputy Environment Minister Gabriel Quijandria told CNN the dolphins may have died from an outbreak of Morbillivirus or Brucella bacteria.

The Peruvian government has put together a panel from different ministries to analyze a report by the Peruvian Sea Institute (IMARPE). Officials have been able to conclude that the dolphins’ deaths were not due to lack of food, interaction with fisheries, poisoning with pesticides, biotoxin poisoning or contamination by heavy metals.

“When you have something this large, my gut would tell me that there’s something traumatic that happened,” Sue Rocca, a marine biologist with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, told CNN. She raised a number of possibilities as to what could have killed the animals, including acoustic trauma.

Preliminary reports ruled out that seismic sound waves created by oil exploration in that stretch of sea could have killed the birds, the environment ministry said.

They also expressed concern for the fishermen in the area and restated their commitment to protecting the country’s marine ecosystem.

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9 responses to “Peru Investigates Mystery 538 Pelicans and 877 Dolphins Deaths

  1. varakienen

    Im wondering if the changes the earth is going through with seismic activity, awakening of the ring of fire, strange sounds and booms heard all over the world, if These might not be some form of Natural acoustic and magnetic phenomenon and events that are happening in mass scale.
    The Military and mining alone doesnt seem to cut it for me as an answer any more.


  2. SonicBrain

    Unfortunate I have to agree …. Something BAD in global scale it’s to happen.. 2011 was 200% increase earthquakes over 5.0 backing 10 years ! put 2010 ( 2007 ) and you have quakes 100 years back ! All anomalies on the weather breaking record , mass animal deaths around the globe , the increase of. Anomalies also in space las 2 years , and rise on NEO threats … Like Vara said … Can not give the call for miners and military including HARP and Gulf oil disaster as a reason of all this events , cause it’s global , scientists are coming out saying this and that are a mistery , why and why in many earth and Sun anomalies … Well …. We have something going on and accelerating … I believe , until October this year , we gonna have a clear picture if we are going to some dooms day event or not – SOMETHING ITS COMING – cause its NOT NORMAL today Planet Earth … Keep awake … Keep aware…maybe make a difference … Maybe not …. Time it’s already telling us something we can not reject … IT’S HAPPENING ! The Sun , The Core … and watch for a possible strike from space … Mega quakes and mega tsunamis are just about when … Danm , kind of sad ” I have kids ” and maybe they have no future … this Sucks !


  3. I give you two scenarios, 1) EMF disruption, Dolphins and birds rely on sensitivity to the EMF to guide them in low visibility conditions, (we once had a similar ability but forgot it). Slight fluctuations in their internal telemetry coupled in with the confusion of thinking they are going somewhere when their sonar and eyes tell them they arent, and youve got a whole pod of dolphins following each other onto a beach in a state of confusion and fenzy. The Pelicans could have also been affected in a way that saw their usually plentiful fishing spots move to new locations (fish also navigate using the EMF) resulting in mass starvation and desperation searching for plentiful supplie, however i dont think this could apply to all the pelican deaths, which brings me to part 2…

    2) CO2 release from undersea vents, it has been recorded in history events where geothermal activity results in the release of huge amounts of CO2 resulting in oxygen deprivation and eventually death from suffocation, IF a large cluster of CO2 had bubbled up during a small quake on the sea bed and caught the birds while they were at rest or in flight it could have possibly suffocated them in their sleep similar to the out gassing incident of 1986 in Cameroon. I dont think this would be responsible for the dolphin deaths however.



    • The most plausible explanation by far Luke.

      I remember reading about the EMF abilities of a variety of species.
      Even saw a show about a test they did on cows to understand why in satellite photos of herds of cows all over the world, were also grazing facing North.

      When they manipulated a test environment and put a cow in small controlled area altering its perception of North Point, it kept facing North but shifted where it was standing and rotated in a complete circle.

      Amazing really, but nothing we didn’t already know.
      Probably a good thing we’ve lost this ability, maybe mass deaths would be happening to us too if we still had it?

      We are massively overdue a pole reversal, not that gradual shift of the poles a few degrees every thousand years or millennia but a complete reversal.

      Maybe all that mass deaths and quake activity is a pole shifting symptom or maybe its not.

      Before someone mentions Nibiru which I’ll need to see before I believe, I can’t swallow Sitchin’s theory because he has no support amongst the scientific community as does Von Daniken. They both could be crackpots they both could be right I don’t know.

      But my analytical and rational thinking mindset will “Occams Razor things out” before I start believing the most unlikely theories.

      Peace guys


      • Yes the mind boggles over whether this is the precursory event or maybe a small tremor to what may be on its way, I recall this time last year similar events occurring with large bird and fish populations across the US and Europe with some small scale events even here in New Zealand (an entire flock of sparrows littered a street in Rotorua, cause of mass death was unknown).

        Is it EMF polar disruption due to solar activity? or perhaps something we are yet to see, some unbeknownst particle affecting the earth or some form of wave energy never before seen? Even the possibility of the unknowns of Dark matter or gravity, the possibly of Invisible planets (so dark they do not reflect or radiate light or pulse signatures).

        All we know is that geothermal activity is on the increase, and i will not take the excuse that we just know about it more these days. Plants and animals are having mass die offs and crop failures, The EMF is unstable, and we are being kept out of the loop until the very last possible minute (ie. until the ‘important’ people get to the bunkers).



  4. I suddenly realize, what if they commited suicide? What if the feel something is coming? I mean, natural disaster, pole shift, something big. In school days, I was taught that animals, do not have concious of death. What if animals, have different skills that we don’t have, such as a natural geomagnetic guide or echolocation.


    • varakienen

      its possible for the dolphins to commit suicide perhaps, Poliot whales used to do it all the time. But these arent suicides. they have signs visible ailments.
      Pelicans cannot commit suicide.


  5. marina pratt

    Did anyone else notice what appear to be burn marks on the belly of the dolphin closest to the camera angle…? I am going for under water erruptions with the dolphins…that would validate the CO2 theory but it would add the speed of some kind of heat erruption that took a fast moving pod by complete surprise.The CO2 would explain the pelican deaths but I keep going back to the witnessed disorientation of the birds during the CME in hit in New Zealand…The thing is, it has been known here in the states that pidgion owners have experienced/witnessed the loss and disorientation of their birds since some time in the 90s – probably earlier. The media does not cover stuff like this, I got it off Coast to Coast..It was an open call that was followed up by scores of varification.

    We now know that there was a major polar shift in the process at that time. The time frame on this shift has only recently been released. We have been having increasing ‘beaching’ incidents by both dolphins and whales for over a decade now. My first take was that human technology -ie:the ELF WAVE which is now the HAARP project- has been active for a considerable period. It was developed to communicate with underwater vessels..the original project was spawned in Minnisota and caused enormous issues with the local human population, thus, they moved..ending up in Alaska.

    The pole shift and the elf wave could be prime factors to which one could add the geophysical activity all along the western and eastern Pacific HOT plate movement zones. I am sure there is no single perpetrator. I see the combination of events effecting birds falling out of the sky, huge fish kills and so forth. I also sense that there is not a damn thing any one can do about any of this stuff. Well, maybe if we stop the HARRP project…Not a chance.

    Did you see the release by some one –a gal was the spokes person–on the reason for the Chem Trail issue..”Don’t worry–be happy–we are only trying to control the weather…” RIGHT! NAMESTE’, Marina
    7:17AM-EDT – 5/4/12 – USA