UFo dropping Orbs in Escondido, California -May 1, 2012


Amazing footage of bright unknown object dropping orbs in the night sky above Escondido in California on Tuesday, 1st May 2012.

Source and author:   orbs

4 responses to “UFo dropping Orbs in Escondido, California -May 1, 2012

  1. Ian Williams

    This is close to the San Andreas Fault – these ufo’s and orbs are seen just prior to major quakes. It is your own USAF/UN Airforce. It is all about Agenda 21.


  2. jackallenmyersj.a.m.

    you are kidding, right?


  3. Those objects appear to have been patched in using a drawing program. The objects are flat, and do not have edging. Using edge detecting shows nothing but a flat surface.
    Sorry I cannot believe its USA or Alien craft !


  4. Ummm – do you guys not have night sky-divers in the northern hemisphere? Looks pretty much like a night sky-diving display – they jump with flares attached to them.