Huge donut shaped UFO with Lasers appears near our Sun – May 2, 2012

Huge Donut shaped UFO appears near our Sun.

Captured on Stereo COR1

It is not being recognized on the NASA “What Planets Are Now Visible?” web page!

It appeared around 19 h 15. and sits stationary for a very long time.


Decloaked maybe?

It is not clear whether the lasers were fired from the UFO or it’s fired at by lasers from space and the sun and releases a chain of orb ships at some points…

Video 1 – Still images and enlarged

Video 2 – Time Lapse

Source and author:  *  UFO





12 responses to “Huge donut shaped UFO with Lasers appears near our Sun – May 2, 2012

  1. Linda Thomason

    Just asking. Could the “donut shaped” UFO be Nibiru?
    In all the pictures I’ve seen of it, it has a dark “hole” in it.


  2. jackallenmyersj.a.m.

    it looks like a small round reproduction of the overall soho image , stationary next to the larger one lower left. suggests some kind of optical or imaging anomaly. j


  3. Rohcheckan

    This is the exact same shape of UFO as appeared in the STS shuttle mission with the broken teather, the clips of this are widely avaliable on youtube, as this one did – the STS ufo’s materialised from no where, very interesting indeed, check out the youtube clips!


  4. This is some nice footage. Though I do wonder why SOHO cant reproduce images of 2012-05-04 till 2012-05-08 6pm. What happened during that period ? Anyone has images of those ?


  5. i think it´s just the lens reflecting itself….it looks like the same shape with the dot in the middle….it´s broken….tha lasers and orb-ufo´s are all reflections….


  6. Okay, I have eaten donuts in my day, and that is no donut, that is a bagel!


  7. O.K, here is the link to the STS UFO incident, the same ufo shape, check it out people –


  8. don’t know what the image or object is, but if that is a laser beam coming from it then it’s the most squiggley laser beam i’ve ever seen. i.e. don’t think it’s a laser beam.


  9. have viewed these images with inhouse designed analysis software,what you looking at is increased ufo activity,as regards possible lazers being fired highly unlikely for a craft that size it appears more to be a harnessing of photon energy between the craft and the sun,its harnessing the suns energy most likely like when you fill up at a gas station,in any event these are huge craft,


    • It’s a natural source of energy available to those capable of tapping into it. We use solar panels and other devices to harness the benefits of the sun, why shouldn’t other intelligent life forms with more advanced technologies do the same but on a grander scale? We earthlings need to drop the arrogant attitude of being an omnipotent race. We are like little children at this stage of the evolutionary chain…mine, give me, I want it..and so on!. If we could land on the sun like we landed on the moon, we’d probably stick an American flag on it too! Space and time isn’t just for a select few. It’s an on-going party out there and most of the people who visit this site would more than likely love to join it if they could….I know I would!!!!


  10. Reflections are not affected by the sun, see the 1,2 and 3 O’Clock positions where it looks like the sun is shining on that are making it very bright and peculiar looking… I have been watching it very close for 16 days now and it seems to be moving towards us and those smaller objects seem to be going in and out of it… Why if it is just a reflection etc doesnt NASA make some type of a statement? Godspeed my friends…-BPOD