The Cover Up Is Going Down, UFO Alien Spacecraft near the Sun 2012

UFO Alien Spacecraft near the Sun! Are NASA covering this up? It seems a little weird to us, but what is it?

The lack of NASA update, SOHO went into “Emergency Sun Reacquisition” mode  on the 4th May 2012 caused by a false trigger of the Coarse Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Detector. Nominal science operations should be re-established in the next couple of days.


On May 3, 2012, YT rob19791 found on the Helioviewer an enormous UFO. The next day SOHO went down .

In the next video you see four similar (UFOs) images from NASA, including the anomaly from YT rob19791 and the SOHO Lasco C2 – Giant UFO  recorded on April 24, 2012. Coincidence?

The next video, recorded on May 5, 2012 from Stereo Ahead COR1 shows a strange objcet caught in a CME and goes in reverse.

Look very close particularly and the last segment and you can see the CME going over the object, it causes a ripple… Then the UFO moves up a little and then takes off towards the sun!

In the meantime as long as SOHO is in “Emergency Sun Reacquisition” mode and NASA is not willing to come out with a statement or explanation, here is a compilation of the best UFO / anomalies found from the SOHO probe and convince yourself.

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11 responses to “The Cover Up Is Going Down, UFO Alien Spacecraft near the Sun 2012

  1. Hmm… does anyone here able to confirm what the size of Planet X/and entourage is…i thought it was the size of Jupiter somewhat.


  2. Nihbru,PlanetX-Etc,exists,approaching from the Leo Constellation,it is a Mini Solar System,with a heck of lot of Space Debris in orbit around it,with its own moons,its coming it cannot be hidden away by cover up information any more,these UFO,S near the sun are an indication of an event going to happen in our solar system,forget about all the doomsday theories on the internet,the facts are unfolding ,
    Increased Solar Activity
    Increased UFO Activity
    Increased Solar Flare Activity
    Everything indicates an event is unfolding in the universe,and it cannot be ignored no more the factsPhotographsData speak for themselves,its telling the world better get ready something is going to happen,the question is what?,there is a massive amount of information regarding these events unfolding are they linked to each other,that question is HOW LONG IS A PIECE OF STRING


  3. Obvious to me that UFO-Aliens are the one third the Lucifer drew/1/3 for heaven, and the ultra rich have fallen for the great LIE the the book of Revelation speaks of. The dates have been set for the New World Order and the rich to move underground, while you and I, OUR bodies may die but we live.


  4. and yes,,this are just the signs that Jesus is comng soon,we must hold firmly to God and his word,this world is not our home it is in HEAVEn,let us accept Jesus as our savior and repent our sins,,know the truth especially now that satan is getting double time for he knows that Jesus with the mighty power of God will overcome him.My dear brethrn,,this is the time 4 us,to stay on our God with scrptures,aliens,antichrst ,falseprophts,many more are still to come but d Lord says,,dont let ur hearts be troubled have faith in our father and in Jesus..the SABBATH will be greatest test of loyalty bet,God and satan,,and tht is the goal of NWO(see Great controversy by ellen G, White),to change the laws bcos tht is a sign of our covenant to God,,bcause i love u friends,i wnt u to know that the only sabbath tht was made holy by God was Saturday not Sunday,i dnt mean to hurt u but tht s the truth.! .I pray to God that ur hearts might b opened and someday b4 its too late ,,u wl choose to stand for God.If you love me u will keep my commndmnts..-God(we r prying 4 u)tnx 4 letting me shre ths,”>i hope wth Gods power u’ll open ur eyes and hearts 4 the truth.


  5. Wow..nibiru being a part of a mini solar system sure does sound right..surely something is nearby for this increased activity of the others…this is May 2012 afterall, folks…things should be much clearer from now on.


  6. Earth people …this could be the time period before the storm ahead whereby mankind’s future is renewed a fifth time in Earth’s history.


  7. I hope these images are real and not fake. I mean I’ve seen a few images over the last few days each showing a similar shaped object. If that’s a ship of somekind then it’s of a huge magnitude, it’s hard to believe but I want to believe. How can any kind of debris be of this size? There’s been a lot of sightings of ufo’s near the sun, could they just be using it for energy, maybe the sun provides them energy to travel, we don’t know what technology they hold and how they harness those energies! Or maybe they are getting ready to arrive near earth for some major event?! Whatever’s going on, it feels like the media is putting more out there maybe to get us ready for things to come.


  8. the truth- agree with you. Something is about to happen. Just don’t know what for sure. We’ve had our disagreements, but i do appreciate the site and visit it often. I don’t buy into everything posted, but then again, I’m not here to buy, but to learn. Keep up the good work.


  9. marina pratt

    @PRESCIOUS JOY->This is going to sound very odd I know but I would suggest that “Jesus” is already here. I would go further to say, “Jesus” never left. Thus I suggest that the saying, “Thank you Jesus!” is in order here.

    Thank you for the people I read about in Syria who are taking their lives in hand to bring supplies of food and medicine to those hundreds who have been abandoned to starvation and artillery fire. Thank you for those who rescue humans and animals all over the world from pain and suffering. Thank you for giving me the strength to look out at our solar system in astonishment and still have the courage to recognize that I might be useful if something catastrophic does happen to my fellows, both 2 legged and 4 legged. Thank you for letting me know that if I keep my eyes on the road, if I keep my thoughts clear and if I make sure I do not fall to the hopelessness of FEAR…We will survive as a species should the Sun spray us with its sneeze as we are passing by.

    Most of all, thank you for letting me know that you never left, for now I am sure, should I die before I wake, you will be there and I will smile. So, now I can go and do what I need to do, no longer worried whether I will ever see you. Nameste’-Marina-10:43am-edt-5/15/12-USA


  10. Thanks marina for those nice and truthfull words in your post. I recalled a beautiful song from yesteryear’s by jim reeves. Here is the lyrics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The chimes of time ring out the news,
    another day is through.
    Someone slipped and fell, was that
    someone you?
    You may have longed for added
    strength your courage to renew. Do not be disheartened, I have news
    for you.
    It is no secret what God can do, what
    he’s done for others he’ll do for you.
    With arms wide open, he’ll pardon
    you, it is no secret what God can do. There is no night for in his light you’ll
    never walk alone.
    Always feel at home, wherever you
    may roam.
    There is no power can conquer you
    while God is on your side. Just take him at his promise, don’t run
    away and hide.
    It is no secret what God can do, what
    he’s done for others he’ll do for you.
    With arms wide open he’ll pardon you,
    it is no secret what God can do.


  11. marina pratt

    THANK YOU RAJ–That was a pleasure to read. A little prayer goes a long way…Nameste’, Marina – 4:58pm -edt – 5/15/12 – USA