Ghostly White Shape Shifting UFO over Chicago – May 11, 2012


Witness report 1: I caught this weird looking ghost white UFO today May 11, 2012 at 3.40PM over Chicago IL.I am West of this blob of energy looking East toward the Downtown sky.

Sorry bout all the shake when I zoom in, ive to learn to not zoom in so much next time. I tried to stablize the video the best I could. It was very bright out this thing was pretty high up so it was hard to capture it smooth esp thru a 3 inch LCD screen. 3 mins of video and 3 mins of enhanced still photos from the video.

Witness report 2: I live 50 miles north west of Chicago .Me and two other people saw same thing it dropped out of the clouds and flew in are direction and flew over us, the bottom of it looked like a jellyfish. We told a friend about it last night he just called me and said him and his wife saw it.

Source and author:  UFO


5 responses to “Ghostly White Shape Shifting UFO over Chicago – May 11, 2012

  1. Stargazzer

    Your mysterious object is a mostly deflated weather balloon, I guarantee thats all it was and nothing more. I personally followed one with excitement and enthusiasm till it actually came to the ground and said (Freakin alien jellyfish vessel is Just a weather balloon.) Nice footage though, however in the future if you have another chance to film a oddity start filming from the ground first then to the object of interest. This gives your footage more validity. The stills turned out nice.


  2. sorry but i think this is a fake, at one point you can stop the footage and there is a outline of the image on a blank background. I’ve seen this same thing happen on a few videos out there that were faked.


  3. jackallenmyersj.a.m.

    giant spermatazoa over chicago. – you take a dry cleaning bag and fill it with propane and tie a knot in the end and light it up (outside) . instant ufo lit or unlit . wooooooo.


  4. Looks like Elvis???


  5. This is the stupid NASA Blue Beam Project (Panic Project).

    Check out: