Strange Shaped Object near the Sun on Lasco C2 – May 13, 2012


Strange (UFO) shaped object on Lasco C2 – May 13, 2012.

Within a short period of time four similar UFOs appeared on Lasco 2 and Helioviewer.

Here is number five!

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Source and author:  UFO

6 responses to “Strange Shaped Object near the Sun on Lasco C2 – May 13, 2012

  1. What is going on, I’ve seen this now in few different images over the last few days. Also there seems to be a sudden burst of UFO activity in and around our atmosphere, is something big about to happen, I just have a feeling it is. Feels like we are all here to witness something major, just hope it’s good! And is May 20th really signifant to all this? Would love to hear other peoples thoughts.


  2. space junk,when you dickheads goin to wake up


  3. Space junk from who? This is very very big!


  4. Caught this today. Imo it’s the best evidence yet !


  5. Space junk thousands of miles long LES? What’s with the offensive nature too, can’t believe that got past moderators lol! What kind of space junk do you think takes on this format, magnitude, manages to resist the sun’s heat being so close and syncs with the switch off of communication satellites? Cheers