Aliens living among us

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A special report of Juan von Trillion and Gary Vey

Part 1 – What, When, Who & Why (repeat)
An overview of the current status of the “official” disclosure to the public about the presence and history of alien races on our planet. Revelations include the influence and utilization of alien technology by such defense contractors as McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed-Martin, including the now shocking death-bed revelation by former secret “Skunkworks” director, Ben Rich, that “Extraterrestials and UFOs are REAL.” The recent announcement by high level military personnel, stating that UFOs have compromised our nuclear missiles on more than one occasion, is also included.
Part 2 – Evidence of “AlienUFO”
This reviews some of the famous people — presidents and astronauts — who have witnessed UFOs and/or aliens and have come forward (more or less) to alert the public that these phenomenon are real. Some amazing claims are made, including the presence of military bases “off planet” and we begin to see how the military, or some other organization, has been working all along with extraterrestrials.


Part 3 – The Tall White Blonds in Las Vegas
This part focuses on one of the more amazing stories that have come out in recent years. Ex-military airman, Charles Hall, describes how a remote desert base has been used as a “rest area” for an alien race of tall, human-like beings. Not only do they interact with some of the military but they also go in disguise to nearby Las Vegas, essentially as clandestine “tourists.” It’s not all humor as Hill gives details and appears totally credible.


Part 4 – Origins of Alien & Human Races
Some contact with aliens has been well documented and their messages have been shared. This part of the series covers the Urantia Papers which give an incredibly detailed report on the social, political and religious structure of the universe, according to a number of different beings of the realm. These reports, or “papers” leave nothing to the imagination as they describe the various forms of life on different inhabited worlds, what they look like, what they eat and breathe and their ideas about God.


Part 5 – Scientific Proof of Alien Abductions
This part of the series gets down to the business of proof. The real evidence of alien abductions is discussed, along with the possible methods and purpose of these events. The abduction procedure appears standardized and is described in detail. The possibility of a hybridization program is considered, along with its implications for the human species.

Do the aliens possess the ability to control our minds? Or is this apparent ability just advanced technology through brain implants? How can we protect ourselves and family from abductions? Are aliens good or bad? All of these matters are covered.


Evidence is presented that the US military made contact with an alien race and formulated an agreement which essentially traded the freedom to abduct and experiment on human subjects in return for advanced technology. The history and facts of this agreement are detailed. Even more shocking is the fact that this advanced technology — capable of transforming our civilization and eliminating most of our social and political problems — has been kept secret and used by the military industrial complex for weaponization! You will be angry and sad with this information. It paints a very negative picture of both the aliens and the global government.
Part 7 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
This final section considers the good and bad attitudes that some “contactees” have regarding the aliens and their activities here on our planet. Why do some people “love” them, despite the horrific things that are done during an abduction? What is the credibility of these proponents of “friendly aliens”? Several examples of some famous alien encounters are reviewed.

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What, When, Who & Why

Part 1

Disclosure. An official statement that … WHAT?

Well, that the Earth is being visited, er, has been visited since … WHEN?

We don’t know for sure, but actually the point is, we have been working with some of them … WHO?

Tall whites, tall greys, small greys, reptilians … some hyperdimensional ones …
but we have this problem … WHY?

Good question. We can’t fake it anymore, so we are going to disclose … WHAT?

Hey, not more than we absolutely have to.

If you are among those who think that this AlienUFO thing is a good joke and provides passing entertainment value at best, you are lucky, and not likely to read this. Because it means that you have so much catching up to do with reality that you will likely not catch it. You will cling to complete denial of AlienUFO for as long as you can, and then spontaneously go bananas. Enjoy your blissful ignorance for as long as it is possibly enjoyable.

Disclosure has been happening, and is happening, ever since before most of you were born. Not officialdisclosure, though. By the time that this will be officially disclosed, you will be shrugging it off. But that will be quite some time into the future.

I don’t watch teevee, but if you have not heard of THE EVENT, a new NBC series, you will soon. Here is a brief comment, and the reply, to a post by Larry Lowe concerning the Disclosure leitmotiv of this new piece of tube you entertainment.


I tell you what would really blow everyones mind is if you could get Barak Obama, Secretary Gates, Gen Patreus to come on afterwards and say. “what you have seen on this series is very much real, but details have been witheld for purposes that cannot be disclosed in the best interest of not just the United States but the human race as a whole.

We chose a fictional format because it was the best way we could disclose without disclosing a reality the human race just isn’t quite ready to handle emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is the reply by Larry Lowe:

It can’t be that fast, Anon. We are talking about reeducating an entire society that has been well-educated and miss-informed as a matter of public policy.

“The Event” is just the first shot, although I suspect it will be a significant one.

Call it another 5-6 years at the least before you see the kind of formal disclosure with a big ‘D” that the advocates are so adamant about advocating. It will take that long for the reality of the issue to sink in.

So that when the actual real version of the event depicted in “The Event” happens everyone will go: “yeah, we know, so what?”.

Which is the goal.

There is an overwhelming amount of credible evidence that non-human intelligences are on Earth, and have been on Earth. Some of them since before we humans showed up, or were seeded, or were created, or shipped. Some of how many species of aliens? Pick a number, any number below, say, 57. Even if you pick only 3 or 4, the resulting complexity is simply staggering.

Which ones of the aliens are trading their technology for something valuable that we have (other than Jazz)? Which ones of them think it is ethical to mess with our extremely messy human affairs? Which ones can you trust to be left alone with your chicken? And, most importantly, which aliens work together, or don’t work together, with what other aliens? For humans, this is a messy scenario, and some alien species would certainly chime in here. Others might just look at us like a sheep trying to figure out wool futures.

As Charles Fort, a pioneer of alternative real knowledge research said a long time ago:

We are property.

You see that this gets impossibly complex once you pick more than one alien species being interacted with on Earth right now. It is not chess anymore, it is 3-D super chess on steroids, and humans need not apply.

Even if you have spent a lot of time studying the most serious, credible, dedicated and informed researchers of the AlienUFO theme, you often feel that you have a long way to go. One of the first breakthroughs is when you realize that the AlienUFO is unquestionably real. You start exploring the details, the alien varieties, the sightings and the stories, the coverups, the versions, the channelled stuff, the woowoo stuff, the speculations … and, finally, the implications of it all.

They said (the Brookings study) that we could not handle the truth. But the truth is that we know that theycan’t handle us once the truth gets out. Us, that is, you and me, the general pop, the useless eaters, the masses, the sheeple, the taxpayers, the patriots, the good people, the children, in a word: us 99.99%. They pretend that we will have a hard time coming to terms with the reality of the alien presence, when in reality, they are toast if they actually tell the entire story as it is, unabridged, no spin, no lies, no omissions, nothing but the truth. That would be the end of the line for them. Them, that is the 0.01% of the teeny-weeny minority of well-meaning population reductionists, or however they prefer to call themselves, those who are privvy to the big picture.

So. If I were you, I would not expect:

1) official disclosure of the alien presence, and

2) the full story.

Why has disclosure been going on since the first black and white televisions came out? For one, because ever since the famous Roswell Crash in 1947, preceeded by a wave of sightings in the time leading up to it, there have been major inconsistencies in official fumbleness. The air force admitted, for one day, that it had retrieved a crashed flying saucer, only to retract itself and call it a weather balloon. That is like saying you found a smoking gun but then it turns out to be just an old match.

Of course you are right when you say that it is next to impossible to keep a total lid on this. This is what targeted disinformation is for. Agencies and hired guns do their best to create a cognitive dissonance that ridicules any crucial events or evidence, even the mere concept of the AlienUFO reality. It is allowed in the movies, though, with hundreds of films and more coming. It is not hard to see why, after 70 years or so, we are still in the dark. Kept in the dark.

But are we? One thing is public knowledge. Another one is widespread public knowledge. Currently, we are between the two, all the while we are worrying about our world as we know it coming apart at the seams. Could it be that this is happening because of the AlienUFO? Trillions in taxpayer’s money can not be accounted for. Is this money going into black operations dealing with the AlienUFO?

McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs in the 1960s

Is there, or was there, one man or woman who has told us that not all is what it seems? Yes. Actually, several of them.

Spilling The Beans

The prolific AlienUFO graphic artist Jim Nichols found this mind-blowing statement by two people who laid the foundation for the US atom bomb, space program and the CIA.

Dr. Hermann Oberth, who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches, cryptically stated, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied; “The people of other worlds.”

Oberth’s fellow associate space pioneer, who also served the Third Reich, Werhner Von Braun, echoed similar knowledge of the extra-terrestrial reality when he stated in 1959, “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”

[From Above Top Secret by Timothy Good, William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1988.]

The AlienUFO issue is the biggest one there is. Everything else follows from it. Staggeringly huge budgets for black technology, derived from found, or traded, alien tech, are paid for by your taxes and a huge industry of covert, illegal operations.

To make a long story short: since Eisenhower or Nixon, this parallel world which deals with the AlienUFO has been privatized. It is owned and managed by the military-industrial complex, Rockefeller, those people.

The last US president to be briefed on the AlienUFO was apparently Ronald Reagan, who promptly spilled his beans. John F. Kennedy was apparently not okay with keeping this matter from the public.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

You just can not trust these presidents who, once in office, actually think that they are entitled to know deep secrets. One must wonder what can possibly be hidden in those 27 security clearance levels above that of the US president. That is a lot of room where to hide stuff.

Now let’s look at examples of such credible research into the AlienUFO. All these fine intelligence and military people eventually become ex-intelligence and ex-military fine people. They approach the end of their earthly lives and some decide to take their secrets to the grave, while others decide to leave those secrets outside of their coffin. But before they die, they live their lives as retirees, with grandchildren and all, they stay in touch with their colleagues. They talk. They may be still under oath to shut up or else, but when one’s life draws to a close, everything becomes relatively … relative. Many of these people have chosen, and choose, to confide their secrets before they leave. And not a few of them must be compelled to find out more about the AlienUFO by exchanging information and putting new incoming data into perspective.

Getting a bigger picture

Such is the case of Project Serpo. About 150 of these now private citizens with low profiles but formerly high positions and insights in all sorts of agencies and fields meet in an email forum. An anonymous informant show up in this forum and spreads highly novel information regarding AlienUFO. They conclude that, as outlandish as it is, the anonymous whistleblower’s information merits very close scrutiny. They also try to find out who this whistleblowing person is, and among themselves, speculate about his identity (it turns out that there are three informants, one only contributing a few percent while another over 80% of the highly classified information, reportedly of some 3,000 pages total). Keep in mind that any serious whistleblower who does not go anonymous is a dead whistleblower, perhaps barely able to whistle past the graveyard, his graveyard. And if the informant answers the right questions to him in the totally wrong way, he gets kicked out of this special sandbox.

If this piques your interest, keep the link handy:

Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works director, has admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real.

Dr. Ben R. Rich confirmed:

1. There are 2 types of UFOs — the ones we build and ones ‘they’ build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “hand-me-downs.” The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “purge”, administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector…

2. Nearly all “biomorphic” aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell spacecraft — from Kelly’s SR-71 Blackbird onward to today’s drones, UCAVs, and aerospace craft…

3. It was Ben Rich’s opinion that the public should not be told [about UFOs and extraterrestrials] . He believed they could not handle the truth — ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the “international corporate board of directors” dealing with the “Subject” could represent a bigger problem to citizens’ personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves.

Most of these people are very easy to find on the web, and have given plenty of interviews telling their story. The National Press Club has hosted several top-level conferences dealing with UFO’s interfering with intercontinental ballistic missile systems, turning them off, or reprogramming their target coordinates.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised By UFO

Also see story in MSM (Reuters): HERE.

Exopolitics is the new game in town. The biggest new discipline ever to come unexpectedly from left field. Straight out of woowoo-land, the AlienUFO complex is being exposed by courageous and articulate people, many of them, if not most, US citizens. Some of them are definitely kooks and disinformation agents, but the vast body of evidence is reflected in a concerted effort to put together a bigger picture. Some claim that Disclosure, official Disco-co-closure with pomp and circumstance, is just around the corner. Who knows what will come up at the next major interruption of your regular programming. Very likely, more programming.

Disclosure is what you can and perhaps should do for yourself. It also is happening all around you, on the internet, in thoughtful conversations, at conferences. It is not an easy subject to get into, and aren’t we all too busy? It stands your world on end and shakes it, no question about it.

AlienUFO is not stranger than you suppose, it is stranger than you can suppose. AlienUFO is not going away but only getting hotter by the year, by the month, by the week. It has been going on for many decades, and we are coming to a critical point.

Apocalypse means Revelation. If there is a bigger revelation than the revelation of the multiplicity of intelligent life in all shapes and forms around us, below us, above us, and within us … tell me which one it is. Meanwhile, we are going to put together a good collection of material that shows you that daily disclosure has been happening, and happens.

You just don’t know it until you know it. Dislose this. For yourself. Nobody official is going to do it for you without lying about it. Choose your sources well and apply a good dose of uncommon sense, intuition and pattern recognition. And forget about official Disclosure happening on your teevee. Before that happens, it happens in a few primetime TV series to get you used to it. Predictive Programming is what it is called.

Part 2

What is this hair-raising evidence about the presence of AlienUFO?

We are talking about UFOs, Unidentified Freaking Objects, but that is ultimately like talking about some other being’s (flying) cars, and not that being as such. You would not confuse a Porsche with its driver. But given our cultural obsession with machines, and yes girls, mostly by males, we seem to actually be more interested in their gear than their, uhmmm, philosophy, or favorite recipes, or even their guitar amplifiers. UFO’s as alien flying cars leave only a few possibilities to sort out the cognitive dissonance they cause in reasonably awake humans. It may be true in some, and not true in other cases. Remember, it’s a zoo out there and a jungle in here.

1) These UFO’s are somehow steered, usually rather intelligently, but there is no-body inside (e.g. theglowing orbs; not spaceships with, say, bunks, toilets, and leisure lounges)

2) They are (alien-) manned machines: the accepted General Understanding — in itself, an oxymoronic word combination,

3) Them UFO’s are not machines as we know them, but time-travel or interdimensional-travel devices; like a cross between Honda Antigrav and an Apple TimePad

4) They are a combination of factors such as those three above, or a bit of everything, depending on the case, or whatever: which we can not comprehend with our pea brains.

This is a bit academic, because the vast body of evidence indicates that UFO’s and aliens travel and often appear together, usually the latter ones inside the former. Since we only know that we know almost nothing, let’s put the following conclusion away in a safe place:

Aliens and UFO’s are somehow related

AlienUFO is the most important topic of our time, perhaps the most important topic of humanity. While most of us would probably be more interested in those aliens who are driving these UFO’s, and rather recklessly so, ignoring G-force, some people at so-called high levels are more interested in their flying cars. They wantthat UFO, and they want it badly, to go and arm it with something nasty. They would do anything to get the technology, and they did.

The story is, and I am getting ahead of myself but that can easily be reversed in time, that … the first deal that was proposed, in modern times, between the Tall Whites, or Nordics, and the Americans, was not good enough for the Americans. The Americans were told, in a nutshell, that their overall attitude sucked a lot.That these nukes were a big mistake, something like giving machine guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition to the drugged mad monkeys at the zoo before the gates open on Sunday. That the planet was being treated like there was a spare one somewhere. And that antigravity tech, and hence free energy, could and likely would be abused by humans. In a word: not now, maybe later. And that was not what the generals wanted to hear from the drivers of these ultra-slick flying cars. So they told Eisenhower to say no.

But … another deal was apparently made to get the technology to build those flying cars to arm them with nasty things and stay as the top dog, and also to go to places that Einstein said they couldn’t. Einsteinism is one of the major scientific frauds that conceals the physics which allow for antigravity, time travel, and scaring the hell out of rednecks.

In another optional scenario, the much-desired antigravity technology was back-engineered from crashed saucers (Roswell and others), no real deal as such involved here. Or, another variation, as some people suggest: the technology was harvested from a purposefully, sacrificially crashed saucer (same Roswell case). Some have noticed that the Roswell Incident happened at very specific coordinates at a particular time. Numerology, Gematria, Cabala and Magic play into this, and quite heavily. In 1947, Roswell was also the only place in the world which had nuclear weapons, another interesting fact because there is the argument that UFO’s started to appear en masse after the first atom bomb explosions.

There is no bigger swamp than AlienUFO, so let’s try to stay inside our hovercraft at all times. How to do this? Don’t ask why. That is never a good question with AlienUFO, despite your natural urge to do it anyway. Resist that urge. Ask anything, but not why. Because the answer is … who knows?

Keep an open mind but don’t let your brain fall out. Be as skeptical as you can, but do not discard arcane bits of information or perspective just because you are not familiar with them. Because it is all stranger than you can suppose, and all you can do is hang on to your knickerbockers.

WTF factors: some POTUS, some Astronauts, some Spilled Beans

At least two Presidents OThe United States have spoken in public about AlienUFO.

UFO – Ronald Reagan’s Speech about Alien Invasion

Ex President Jimmy Carter UFO

Of other POTUSes we know that they grew hemp, way back when (POTUS), which is quite interesting in itself. US Pot presidents include Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Taylor, Pierce, Lincoln, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Soetoro.

Clinton of course claimed that he did not inhale, and judging from his keen talent for explaining away oral sex, we must assume he didn’t. I mean, he did. Would he, uhm, lie? What did he say? What was the question? Was he stoned?

Stoned Presidents: U.S Presidents that Smoked Marijuana

You would think that when you mix UFO’s, Aliens, presidents, pot and secrets, you get something interesting. As long as you inhale.

See? See how they hide the most fun stuff from you? Get off your fiction fixes, people. Reality is the ultimate high. You just stay nice and sober and let the prez-dents do that one.

Astronauts in particular have been prone to AlienUFO beans getting spilled, and it was not due to zero gravity. They had both feet on the ground when they spilled things. Listen to what they had to say. They are known to be sober men who most definitely did not grow, or smoke, hemp at work.

Pay attention to the extremely reclusive Neil Armstrong’s last sentence:

Neil Armstrong’s cryptic speech

Buzz Aldrin talks about UFOs

Dr Edgar Mitchell on “Crashed Craft”

UFOs GORDON COOPER & Infrared vision

Gary does the Pentagon, which does not return the high-five

The WTF factor of this story is beyond belief. Gary, without stealing passwords, or breaking through firewalls, or anything more than commercial software and a lousy 56K modem, walked around US military computers between 2000 and 2002.

What did Gary find? He found that there is a Space Fleet Program, apparently man-made, so, nothing immeeeeediately worrisome …). There were names for vessels like USSS Le May and USSS Hillenkotter, named after serious AlienUFO insider military people. Gary McKinnon says that he saw an Excel spread sheet titled NON-TERRESTRIAL OFFICERS, with a list of 20-30 names. There were references to ship-toship as well as fleet-to-fleet transfers of material.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Gary’s decidedly not a hacker (though he admitted to breaking some law and regrets it – kids, don’t do this at home, okay?). Because these computer networks that he hung out in, between 2000 to 2002, had blank, default passwords. He saw large numbers of other connected people from all kinds of countries, but could not determine their right or lack of it to be there. It looked more like an open-door thing than anything else. Gary had heard that the Johnson Space Center Building 8 had people erasing (airbrushing) evidence from hi-resolution satellite images. He found his way into the computers at Building 8 and located the file folders. They were named raw and edited, essentially, and he was able to slowly download a 200-plus megabyte image in NASA proprietary graphic format, reducing the channels, via his 56K dial-up modem connection (an no, he did not take a screenshot.

He saw a huge cigar-shaped object with geodesic domes at its ends, no sign of riveting or other manufacturing, the photo apparently having been taken from a satellite looking down onto the alien object. He was disconnected before he could save the image, and Gary was subsequently tracked down and arrested by the British High Tech Crime Unit, which utterly failed to see the irony between unprotected military networks and their name.

Gary had tried to find a corresponding listing of the space command personnel which he had seen, but was unable to find one. Also, ships are always named USS such-and-such, not USSS. United States Space Ship, anyone? Wanna bet?

You would think that walking around computer networks that are not protected should not get you in trouble. After all, you are not hacking, rather, surfing along and opening unlocked doors, or just walking past them while nobody is looking, not vandalizing anything, not planting any woowoo bugs or worms or viruses. You just want to find evidence that some people on planet Earth have their hands on anti-gravity, or zero point energy technology, while us standard-issue hominids have to pay huge money for fuel in winter, if we are lucky (meaning, there’s fuel around and the money is worth something). This was Gary’s mission, having empathy with senior people who could not afford to pay for heating in England’s winter. Beats Bono, if you ask me.

Gary has also been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, essentially making him unable to lie and compulsively putting honesty and truth before everything else, even if it harms himself. Being reclusive, and smoking pot while surfing on his cheesy 56K modem around NASA, NSA, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Space Command, Pentagon, and other such “highly protected” networks, Gary was one of millions, only the URL’s he went to were funky. Pot-smoking American presidents could have done this in their spare time (had they inhaled) if they only cared, or knew some computing basics. Some have professed that they want to let the American public know about all those secrets that some people keep somewhere and all, but they don’t do the deed.

So. Highly classified computer networks had passwords which were left blank, on Windows machines being connected to the internet. Great.

Admittedly, Gary left some messages saying that their network security, in a word, sucked. They never admitted this, or forgave him. They want his British arse in some black military court. What was originally a 6- month community service penalty in his home country, the UK, ballooned into a 60-70 year prison sentence if Gary McKinnon gets extradited to the US.

An undisclosed source at the high brass in the US reportedly said that they were concerned about what Gary might have seen in his wanderings around the world’s worst-kept secrets (look, no passworks, mom!), but has not disclosed. Then again, what he said he saw may be the whole truth. After all, he is not a lying scumbag politician. I would take his word any day over that of about a million people on teevee.

Gary did his mission in 2000, 2001, 2002. Does anyone remember any significant events about that time that could have been as “wellprotected” as those lists of NON-TERRESTRIAL OFFICERS of NASA/DoD/Navy Intelligence/Air Force Space Command, which Gary McKinnon could have laid eyes on?

Gary looks a bit like an alien, and he is extremely articulate and obviously highly intelligent, courageous and empathetic. These are all attributes lacking his opponents, the oxymoronic military intelligence.

Your grandchildren will know who he is when their time comes, so you better check him out. A long list of entertainment people, especially musicians like David Gilmour and Chrissy Hynde are supporting him, and it will be a battle to get him extradited to the US.


At 6:50 into the clip: what Gary found while hacking into NASA

Gary McKinnon, David Gilmour and Chrissie Hynde speakout on the news

This one is a good one: David Gilmour and Gary singing with Chrissie Hynde. This is his support song, so he does not have to rot in jail in some failed police state. And Gary just wants to sing and write songs, he says … (see the Project Camelot interview below)

Chicago/We Can Change The World (Gary Mckinnon Support Video)

Pay attention to the delta-shaped craft which is clearly visible with the night-vision gear of Ed Grimsley.

Secret Space Fleet – Antigravity – SUPPORT Gary Mckinnon with Ed Grimsley 2009 HD Delta rev

This is a long one, 50 minutes. Absolutely worth it. At 21:15: “Nonterrestrial officers” Excel spreadsheet, with names and ranks of personnel; ship-to-ship and fleet-to-fleet transfers of material:

Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is most certainly not an agent of the official disco-coclosure that they want to serve you on the very disco channel sometime soon. He found some scary evidence. He admitted it. They want his smart arse. So it must be true. You would not go after a guy who fell for a hoax that you set up for some reason on unsecured computers, would you?

Or … was this an elaborate setup to make disclosure happen via the controlled feeding of true (and false) information? Anything is possible. Just don’t trust those journalist whores to which Mr. Swinton alluded in our opening quote. Pigs with lipstick.

Part 3

Tall White Aliens in Vegas — The Charles Hall Experience

The story of airman first class Charles Hall is not only the most detailed story of a human interacting with an alien humanoid species ever told. The account of Charlie Hall also spans about two years, with hundreds of meetings and episodes, so it is easily the alien-human story with the longest duration, the largest variety of events, situations, reactions and implications. Few if any alien encounter narratives come even close to what Charles James Hall tells in his book series “Millenial Hospitality” and the video interviews presented here.

His story is also heavily supported by evidence which confirms several aspects of his account. However, this evidence is more evident to some people than it is for others, just like most things in life.

The Tall Whites at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, who like to put on some disguise and sunglasses to hang out at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas while being heavily protected by their own guards as well as human CIA staff, filling in for Casino employees … this is certainly the most under-reported story you have never heard of.

And this Part 3 of the series will change that.

All the people, and they are not many, who have researched this case and interviewed Charles Hall, come away with an extremely positive impression as to his sincerity, veracity and general togetherness. He is a likeable person and a gentleman — old school. A soft-spoken family man and nuclear physicist. There is not one hint of Charles James Hall being a cleverly disguised genius writer-hoaxer who just happens to not have the knack to become a millionaire with his story.

Simply because every alien movie that this author is aware of pales against the Tall Whites in Vegas. Tall Whites have what is called human interest, and it is completely maxed out. Before Disclosure happens, in these times we call right now — this is the story of all alien stories.

It took Charles a very long time to come to terms with his encounters and write down his story. He started doing this in the 1980’s, having told his then to-be wife about his experiences six months after meeting her. He shared the secret, but not with many people. The manuscript was intended to be his biography, leaving behind to his family the documentation of what had been his remarkable encounters with the Tall White aliens while serving as a simple weather observer at Area 51, Nevada. Originally written as a fictional account with changed names and locations to protect himself and those who had served with him in the Air Force, Charles Hall later made clear that his series of four books, “Millenial Hospitality”, is as close to a documentary as possible. It took him years to live through the emotions of each encounter again, and to write down every detail as best as he could remember.


“I enlisted in the USAF in July 1964. After completing basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, I was trained as a USAF weather observer at USAF Weather Training School at Chanute AFB, Illinois. My duties were that of a USAF weather observer during my entire service in the USAF. In late March or early April of 1965, I was assigned to the weather squadron stationed at Nellis AFB at Las Vegas, Nevada. I was stationed at Nellis AFB from the early spring of 1965 until May 1967.

While I was permanently stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, I was assigned to several temporary tours of duty as the duty weather observer to the Nellis gunnery ranges that are located at Indian Springs, Nevada.” Elsewhere, one can read about what Charles Hall did after he left the airforce.

“After the service, Charles married and earned a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University. He also did post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. Raising a family pushed memories of the terror and unprecedented experiences on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges into the background, but they couldn’t be forgotten. Charles began work writing his memoirs for his children and grandchildren in his spare time. Eighteen years later, his wife Marie convinced him to publish what eventually became the Millennial Hospitality series of three books. Because of the nature of the material, it seemed prudent to change the names of friends and places to protect the privacy of others. The Millennial Hospitality series is an account of one man’s experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert while in the service of the government.”


Charles Hall Alien encounters

The civillian pilot David Coote has located three of the servicemen who were stationed at Nellis AFB with Charles Hall, and they confirm the basic parameters, though these people did not experience the close encounters that Charlie did. The particular circumstances and characteristics of this story will unfold while you, the reader, become familiar with the story. We have inserted segments from an interview that the Belgian magazine Karmapolis did with Charles Hall around 2005, as both the questions (Karma One) and Mr. Hall’s answers are very concise and carry a lot of clarifying detail. In other words, they should help you to wrap your head around this.

It seems that many people tend to think or say something along the following lines: “If this story is true, how come this person can tell it, write a book about it, be in a documentary film like “Fastwalkers”, give interviews? How come Charles Hall is not stopped or silenced by some agency who keeps a lid on the alien presence on Earth?”


Karma One : Have you been the victim of threats, pressures or manipulations coming from the Air Force (your ex-employers) or the US government in general?

Charles Hall : No. Remember, as I describe in “Millennial Hospitality” in the chapter entitled “The Happy Charade” the decision to send me, and no one else, out to the ranges, was made by a committee of individuals that included the Tall Whites as well as high ranking USAF Generals and other high ranking members of the U.S. Government. The Tall Whites are very meticulous about keeping their agreements and expect the U.S. Government to be equally meticulous about keeping its agreements as well. If I were victimized or threatened by anyone, The Tall Whites would interpret that to mean that the U.S. Government could not be trusted to keep its agreements. The consequences would be enormous. Remember also that I was a weather observer. I was an enlisted man. I was never shown any classified documents. I was never given any classified briefings. I was never a part of any classified program such as building secret aircraft. I never took any photographs. I did not bring any government property, anything material, any diary, or log book with me when I came off the ranges.

I came off the ranges (of the military base) with only my memories.


To really absorb the enormous impact of Charles Hall’s accounts with the Tall White aliens, you must give yourself the time to watch his interviews. This is not something you want to just rush over. He is great to listen to, he sticks to his immediate personal experiences though he is willing to expand beyond, readily admitting that he does not know many answers, and that he was not in a position to know. What is left still knocks off your socks if you are halfway aware of what you hearing.

He was simply the “Teacher’s Pet”, one of the Tall White alien females (all TW on Nellis AFB have these code names), and not a high-ranking military bigwig with stars, inside knowledge, and a high security clearance.

At the bottom of this article you will find the full-length videos. Here is a ten-minute excerpt, straight into the juicy details of the experience of being around Tall White aliens:

Tall Whites: ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert pt. 3

The Tall Whites very much resemble humans in that they are nice to superiors or equals in rank, but have little respect for common foot soldiers. Charles Hall seems to have been part of an experiment where his relative (hard-earned) equanimity in the presence of these aliens allowed them to introduce their alien newcomers to Earth. To have a first close look at one of those strange humans, one without much rank, but one who would not freak out or panic or do threatening or unexpected things. Such events, in their view, obliged them or justified to kill the human. This happened with the consent of the high-ranking US military, who would never let such an incident get in the way of the alien-human exchange of goods and services. The Tall whites are highly individualistic, so the can not be one characterization of their attitude which would do justice to their personality spectrum.

Tall White male

Hall had to overcome his intense fear during the first six months that he was stationed at Indian Springs gunnery ranges before he was able to simply stand the experiences, which he thought to be waking dreams at first. Multi-star generals came walking through his lonely barracks with Tall White aliens in the middle of the night, talking about this and that, so one can imagine that airman first class Hall, who had to get up at 3 am, was slighly unsure about reality as such.

High-ranking TW generals do speak English. Their natural language is entirely non-human, including ultrasound pitches so that they seem to not be communicating. When they wear their electronic communication devices, they can directly implant language into the human, and read the human’s mind. They are not capable of mind-reading, their technology is.

Tall White adult and child. Artwork by Teresa Barbatelli

Karma One : As far as you know, the organization of their society could be compared to what kind of structure? A militaristic society, centralized? A kind of democracy? Or a society oriented on science and trade?

Charles Hall : It was my personal observation that their society has an organization very similar to our own American society or to the societies in western Europe.

Karma One : When we read your account, you show that you feel a deep feeling of amazement and fear toward the Tall Whites. They look humanoid but they don’t look like we do. Can you describe what were the first kind of emotions (in the amazement range feelings) when you saw them for the first time? What precisely attracted your attention? The glowing light? The size?

Charles Hall : For those who have not read my first book, and to answer your question, it is important to remember that I simply had no point of reference for the experience of meeting creatures not of this planet. I had no briefing. It was night. It was pitch dark. It was in the large empty barracks on the Indian Springs base where I had my bunk. I was completely alone in the barracks. The reality is much different than one might suppose. I lived with them for two years and even toward the end of that time, the experience was never relaxing. For those old enough to remember what innocent times the early to mid-sixties were, I think they might have less difficulty understanding how unprecedented my introduction was.

Below, a reconstructed rendering of the view towards the peak with one of the Tall White underground bases.

Prior to being deployed as a weather observer on Nellis AFB, Charles had completed tests in convergent and divergent reasoning, scoring high marks. Later in his life he earned a masters degree in nuclear physics and eventually developed the Hall Photon Theory, which explains the fundamentals of the alien propulsion technology to reach multiples of the speed of light. Actually, about 25 times the speed of Albert Einstein in his shitty underwear (a true story, but not now).

The close interaction from 1965 to 1967 was limited to situations where the Tall White aliens either observed Charlie’s chores like launching weather balloons and taking wind speed readings, or when they brought along their children, who were intensely curious. Like, on their frequent outings to the playgrounds around the bases.

I know, it sounds insane. But that’s just because you are hearing it wrong.

There were instances where Charlie could pose questions to the Tall Whites. In most if not all cases, the alien Tall White females were much more prone to conversation than their male counterparts.

Charles Hall never took photos. The military areas where the described events took place are, rather obviously, secret. But here is how we still have some fantastic visual cues to where the greatest alien stories (so far) happened. Below excerpt from Gerry Zeitlin’s site describes the situation. Visit his site for much more great visual material. A selection of the Tall Whites surroundings, shown as renderings with Gerry’s original captions, follows his introduction.

“The story cries out for visuals of these elements. Yet it was not possible for Hall to provide us with anything other than his memories.

Visuals would have had value beyond the esthetic: they also would have demonstrated the feasibility of some of the things Hall describes. For example, he writes that he was able to view the Tall Whites’ main hangar entrance high in the mountains 30 miles north of his Range 3 theodolite position on the desert floor. A photograph of that unlikely view would have helped to support the story.

Twenty years after his discharge from the Air Force, Hall began writing down his experiences, and after another twenty years, published them, at first presenting his books as works of fiction. Had he never reversed himself and begun claiming them to be true stories albeit slightly modified to protect the identities of some of the characters, there would have been no point in going back and trying to reconstruct the events as they took place on the ground.

When he was writing his stories, he did not know that it might be possible to reconstruct how they fitted into the landscape and in that way test the possibility of what he claimed to have viewed.

He did not know that high resolution elevation data and satellite imagery of the Nellis ranges would ever be made available to the public, or that software capable of rendering photorealistic images from the raw data would be widely available.

And yet, these things have come to pass, and this makes it possible to create realistic illustrations and even a video animation of at least one element of his story: the landscape in which it takes place.”

Nellis Air Force Base with its associated “restricted ranges” occupies more than 5000 square miles of southern and central Nevada desert. Nellis is a vast military reservation, home of “top gun” flight training, exotic and leading-edge R&D projects. To the civilian airman, Nellis lies under restricted airspace, which makes it in effect a “no-fly zone”. To the rest of us, it is a no-man’s land, a blank spot on the map, a black hole out of which no information may come.

The peak containing the hangar, viewed along the line of sight from the Range 3 theodolite (which was Hall’s usual viewing position), but only 4.2 km from the peak. The time is just before sunset. The blue/white star marks the position of the hangar entrance. The red/white star designates the location of a picnic area (!) which is what first caught Hall’s attention.

The hangar door was hidden among the trees and was hard to spot (through the theodolite from 30 miles away) when closed.

Note: the landscape renderings on this page do not actually depict trees.

Ground-level (elevation 2 m) view from the theodolite position toward the high ground at the north end of Indian Spring Valley. The peak containing the main hangar and housing is faintly seen on the distant skyline to the right of center.

Looking west into the Tall Whites’ favorite rest and play area. A scout craft hangar was built into the south (left) wall of this canyon area. “Another shockingly good rendition. It sure brings back the memories. However, there is an additional arroyo that [this figure] does not show because of the resolution. It runs through the center of the valley. This image was prepared from 1/3 arcsecond-resolution elevation data.


Karma One : Did the Teacher ever tell you if other human beings like us exist in other region of the universe, or are we quite unique?

Charles Hall : Yes. As I stated in my answer to question #4, I quote from “Millennial Hospitality II The World We Knew” in the chapter entitled “Landing Lights.”

“Are there many planets like the Earth out in space?” I asked.

“Yes,” she (The Teacher) responded. “There are quite a few. However, humans are the only people that we have seen who live so closely with their animals. For example, you feel comfortable milking cows, riding horses, and playing with dogs. Every one of those animals could kill you, but you naturally use your intelligence to determine how each of those animals is thinking. Then you naturally take control of them. Only humans do that. On most planets, once people become intelligent, they don’t want to have anything to do with the animals that are much less intelligent then they are, so they kill them off.

“Also, humans will eat almost anything. On all of the other planets, the intelligent people will only eat plants. We, for example, only eat plants.”


Here are two long videos that will shed a lot more light on the pale, blueeyed Tall White Aliens.

Long video clips and interviews with Charles Hall

You need to jump to the 5:10 mark in the following video. The microphone is turned off as Charles Hall is introduced, but as soon as he starts, the audio is perfect.

XCon 2005 — Charles Hall — The Tall Whites — ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert









So, now what? Wait for the movie to be made? Read the four books that Charlie wrote about those two years in the mid-60’s, when he was pretty much surrounded while manning his lonely post by Tall White alien generals, guards, medics, women, and particularly children?

You must decide for yourself whether this story is what it appears to be, a highly complex and detailed description of actual events — or a totally brilliant invention.

Part 4

The Origins of Alien & Human Races

The Urantia Papers

I once travelled with a blond haired woman (no, she wasn’t tall) to China. In some of the smaller villages the children — and some adults — surrounded us and wanted to touch her hair. For most, it was the first time they had seen hair that was not black. Humans are curious people and part of our fascination with aliens is that, despite being human-like, they look so different from us.

While there are many discussions and revelations about the appearance of aliens, I have found no better explanation and analysis of this subject that those in a curious text called the Urantia Papers.

The Urantia Papers are a collection of transcribed sessions with extraterrestrial entities, mostly non-material, which describe the structure and organization of the Universe, it’s various races and political structure as well as a detailed history of the creation and evolution of humans.

Although they were written sometime before 1932, I first became aware of the Urantia Papers in 1971. Over the years I have read and re-read the material and always find it both comprehensive and thorough in its concept. In 1975 I was fortunate to have met and interviewed Emma Christensen, who was present during the transfer of knowledge and actually transcribed most of the material from its sources. I will try to recall my conversation with her to explain what I learned about the origins of this remarkable collection of information. Some of the minor details may be incorrect, but the actual story was unforgettable.

Prohibition, Kellogg Cornflakes & Eugenics

From 1920 through 1933 there was a ban on alcoholic beverages in the United States. Called “Prohibition”, the laws were difficult to enforce and stimulated an underground market for clandestine “booze” and was a boon to organized crime. While the ordinary worker could hardly afford to get drunk, the upper classes partied with imported alcohol and soon began to suffer the consequences of overindulgence.

Alcoholism usually culminates in a deficiency of thiamine, or vitamin B1. Symptoms of this deficiency appear as tremors, delirium and other nervous system problems. These medical problems were common among the rich and famous of the late 20s and early 30s and were treated in mental hygiene clinics where the patients were fed thiamine-rich grains, such as corn. The most popular clinics of this type were run by the Post and Kellogg families in the Midwest.

The founder of the Kellogg business was a philanthropist named John Kellogg [below: right]. He and his wife took care of many orphan children, sometimes legally adopting them and often not. But most of the children were well cared for and inherited the family name. One of these children was Wilfred Kellogg.

We know very little about Wilfred other than the fact that he was not well schooled and suffered from some mental peculiarities. John Kellogg sought help for Wilfred from a well known Mental Hygiene specialist in Chicago, Dr. William Sadler, who was married to his sister, Lena Kellogg Sadler, a prominent surgeon. As the story is told, Wilfred suffered from “spells” during which he would speak in a different voice and use language that apparently made no sense. Dr. Sadler was asked to intervene as a favor to the family.

According to Emma Christensen, Wilfred appeared normal when he was not having these spells, albeit he was lacking in education and schooling. But once in the office of Dr. Sadler and frequently in Wilfred’s bedroom as he slept, he had his piculiar spells and began to talk in a different voice, using excellent grammar and vocabulary — much to the surprise of his observers.

Wilfred and Dr. Sadler had many conversations covering a myriad of topics which included science, philosophy and religion. Dr. Sadler attempted to explore the depth and scope of this “sleeping subject” and soon enlisted the assistance of other intellectuals, fluent is various disciplines and sciences, to query Wilfred during these spells. It should be mentioned that when Wilfred came out of these states he was totally ignorant of what had transpired and resumed his normal consciousness.

Eventually there were many dozens of observers who were studying Wilfred. They would question him about such matters as physics, history, biology and astronomy and verified that his knowledge of these topics was complete and even futuristic. It was about this time that “Christy” (Emma Christensen), Dr. Sadler’s adopted daughter and stenographer, was asked to transcribe the various inquisitions. Then it happened.

Suddenly Wilfred, during a spell, announced that he had something urgent to say and that it was to be transcribed for humanity. Subsequently Christy transcribed each session in which a different entity would speak through Wilfred on a variety of organized topics. These transcripts became the individual Urantia Papers — Urantia being the name of planet Earth in the Universal language.

Once Wilfred had completed his mission he was cured of his spells and went on to get married and maintained a job in the Kellogg company. His involvement with the delivery of the papers was kept secret both to protect him from harassment and with the sincere belief that it was not he, Wilfred, who originated the papers.

Recently there has been some controversy about whether Wilfred was the actual “sleeping subject”. All I can say is the above story was told to me by Emma Christensen in 1975. I figured she ought to have known and had no reason to deceive me. Anyway, it’s a good story.

Much of the material in the Urantia Papers contains an underlying theme of genetics, on the part of the originators of human life on the planet and also in the deterioration of the human gene pool. Often there are subtle warnings about allowing the inferior humans to multiply. This theme was obviously carried by Dr. Lena Kellogg Sadler, the wife of Dr. William Sadler, who became a spokesperson for the popular eugenics movement in America.

As a fellow member of the American College of Sugeons and director of the Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs, Dr. Lena Kellogg Sadler made a famous speech in which she suggested that the mentally inferior humans should be sterilized and confined to work camps where they would be successfully removed from the gene pool. The wealthy and prosperous people with successful genes were encouraged to have many children and “uplift” the human gene pool. Some articles of the era even suggested that corn flakes were developed as a kind of economical “feed” for the individuals confined to these camps. Although this sounds shocking now, and reminiscent of Nazi Germany, it was once an idea that was gaining ground in the early American society.

Universe Organization

According to the Urantia Papers the material universe is finite and has a central abode of enormous proportions which serves as the gravitational stabilizer and headquarters of deity. The geography of suns and planets are divided into seven huge wheels called SuperUniverses [see below], which contain galaxies, local universes and individual solar systems with inhabited planets.

There is also a government of sorts, albeit spiritual, and each local universe is ruled by a System Sovereign who designs life, coordinates its implementation and evolution and then tests it by becoming incarnate as various creatures of his local universe realm. In the discourse of the Urantia Papers this Sovereign was Jesus and his incarnation as a human — the lowest sentient form of life in his Local Universe repertoire — was the final test, after which he could claim authority to rule over his creation.

In the papers we are told that there are as many as 100,000 System Sovereigns in our SuperUniverse. Each represents a portion of the universe where suns and planets have been materialized, and a specific pattern of life forms has been established — both material and spiritual.

Urantia, the name of our planet, is classified as an experimental world where dramatic adjustments to the standard genetic code is implemented. Every tenth planet is so designated. Our experiment was designed to speed up the appearance of various human races which usually evolve in succession over many millennia. The result was quite unexpected in that several different racial types appeared suddenly and had to learn to coexist, resulting in competition and aggression. The situation was further complicated when some unauthorized blending took place between non-terrestrial beings and the human population, causing a race of superior beings midway between human and spirit. It was because of these mishaps that the System Sovereign chose Urantia as the planet to incarnate as a homo sapiens sapiens.

The Raison d’etre of life

One of the strong points of the Urantia revelations is there very understandable explanation for the critical questions: Why is there life? and What’s it all about? From the perspective of a human being it is to exist beyond material death to serve in future assignments for the benefit of deity.

Humans have minds which constantly struggle, learn and adjust to their environment in an effort to survive and thrive. The patterns of survival become part of the mind itself and are known to the sentient human and his associates as personality. This is the ego, the self with which we identify. But because this phenomenon is organically based, it ceases to exist when the material body dies.

The Urantia Papers propose that there also exists a fragment of the Creator — a pure spirit — which, because it has no environmental challenges, has no personality. They call this entity the Thought Adjuster and it is similar to our concept of “soul”. The goal of human existence is then to transfer our personality to the Adjuster so that we can survive physical death and continue eternity in the Universe as personalized spirits. This is achieved by living according to patterns of behavior and thought which make our personality compatible with the evolving personality of the Creator.

If we achieve fusion with our Adjuster we will be assigned to other duties in the realm — perhaps serving as guardians for other material beings who are attempting to fuse. The whole scheme of life is devoted to serving the Creator and helping to evolve the grand personality of the Creator spirit — in essence, making the word become flesh.

Urantia, we have a problem!

We are told that not all of the higher spirits were comfortable with this scheme. A group dared to question the benefit of expending so much effort to help mortals to evolve into personalized spirits. They claimed that it seemed to be futile as no one had ever been able to visualize the final goal of this continuous evolution. They suggested that mortals should not even attempt fusion but should enjoy their temporal lives.

There was more to their rejection of the Adjuster fusion scheme, but the result was the same — a rebellion against the authority of the System Sovereign which attracted many personalized spiritual entities on many inhabited worlds, including Urantia.

One of the impressive spirits that joined the rebellion was stationed on our planet and, as a result of this treason, our world and the neighboring inhabited planets was quarantined from the rest of the local universe. This is why we know little or nothing of the local universe, inhabited worlds or spiritual authorities and have been left to wade through our ignorance.

This also explains the phenomenon of evil. Since the rebels’ aim is to thwart mortal fusion with the Adjuster spirit, various forms of distracting behavior — appealing to our mortal and animal instincts — is their forté. This would explain the promotion of war, violence, pornography, lust, racial hatred and materialism that we see endemic in our culture. These can all be traced back to the rebels and their human associates who have exchanged eternal service in favor of mortal rewards. These human associates do not believe in an afterlife and have positioned themselves in control of human finance, information and politics. They are the personification of evil.

It appears that within the quarantined section of the local universe certain neighboring planets have been able to establish communication and travel. This may account for the alien visitors and vehicles we observe. Because they are also inhabited by rebels, their intentions may not always be good. The Urantia Papers give some detailed descriptions of what some of these other life forms are like.

Other people, other worlds

“ALL mortal-inhabited worlds are evolutionary in origin and nature. These spheres are the spawning ground, the evolutionary cradle, of the mortal races of time and space. Each unit of the ascendant life is a veritable training school for the stage of existence just ahead…””All inhabited worlds are basically grouped for celestial administration into the local systems, and each of these local systems is limited to about one thousand evolutionary worlds…”

“Not all planets are suited to harbor mortal life. Small ones having a high rate of axial revolution are wholly unsuited for life habitats. In several of the physical systems of Satania the planets revolving around the central sun are too large for habitation, their great mass occasioning oppressive gravity. Many of these enormous spheres have satellites, sometimes a half dozen or more, and these moons are often in size very near that of Urantia, so that they are almost ideal for habitation.”

“The biologic unit of material life is the protoplasmic cell, the communal association of chemical, electrical, and other basic energies. The chemical formulas differ in each system, and the technique of living cell reproduction is slightly different in each local universe, but the Life Carriers are always the living catalyzers who initiate the primordial reactions of material life; they are the instigators of the energy circuits of living matter.” –from Paper #49

Our Local Universe contains seven types of sentient, mortal beings (with many variants) organized as follows:

1. The atmospheric types. The physical differences of the aliens are determined mainly by the nature of the atmosphere. The atmospheric currently on Earth is ideal for the support of the breathing type of human type of being. Other planets can also support the breathing types with physical adjustments to support superbreathers and sub-breathers, depending on their atmosphere.

In our local universe about two and one-half per cent are sub-breathers, about five per cent superbreathers, and over ninety-one per cent are mid-breathers like us. (If intelligent creatures existed on Venus, they would belong to the superbreather group, while those inhabiting Mars, would be subbreathers.)

If mortals inhabited a planet with no air, like the Moon, they would belong to the separate order of nonbreathers, and they are very rare.

2. The elemental types. These differentiations have to do with the relation of mortals to water, air, and land. There are four distinct species of intelligent life as they are related to these different habitats. Our human race is of the land order.

On some worlds the evolving mortals begin life and remain in the water instead of venturing on to the land. In other worlds it is possible, because of the density of their atmosphere, to navigate in the air. In the local universe, seven per cent are water, ten per cent air, seventy per cent land, and thirteen per cent combined land-and-air types.

3. The gravity types. Mortal beings can evolve and adapt to function on spheres both smaller and larger than Earth. Beings therefore vary in size and height. Some are only 30 inches in height while others are over 10 feet. The average in our local universe is about 7 feet tall.

4. The temperature types. Mortal beings can evolve to withstand temperatures much hotter and much colder than the what we experience on Earth. In our local universe, twelve percent belong to the higher temperature ranges, eighteen per cent to the lower ranges. The rest are in the mid-temperature group like us.

5. The electric types. The electro-magnetic, and electronic behavior on the inhabited worlds varies greatly. “There are ten designs of mortal life variously fashioned to withstand the differential energy of the spheres. These ten varieties also react in slightly different ways to the chemical rays of ordinary sunlight. But these slight physical variations in no way affect the intellectual or the spiritual life.”

6. The energizing types. Not all worlds are alike in the manner of taking in and using energy. Some worlds do not have an atmosphere capable of respiration and the exchange of gases, such as we do on Earth. Therefore, metabolism, food and anatomy can be very different.

“There are six differing types of animal and mortal nutrition: The subbreathers employ the first type of nutrition, the marine dwellers the second, the mid-breathers the third, as on Urantia (Earth). The superbreathers employ the fourth type of energy intake, while the nonbreathers utilize the fifth order of nutrition and energy. The sixth technique of energizing is limited to the midway creatures.

7. The unnamed types. There are mortal beings who sometimes cannot easily be fit into the above classifications because of their physical combinations and adjustments. These are nonetheless beings with awareness, spiritual and social capabilities and similar to all other mortals of the local universe.


With the the above guidelines we can tell much about the planetary origins of aliens, based on their physical features.

Physical size:
The hight of an alien mortal is inversely proportional to the home planet’s gravity, and thus the mass of the alien’s world. Larger planets with more mass have more gravitation pull and would naturally favor short mortals with lower centers of gravity. Conversely, smaller planets with less mass would allow taller beings to evolve.

Lower weight allows for a higher center of gravity and a taller body. For example, if you weighed 100 pounds on planet Earth, you would weigh only 16.6 pounds on the Moon, 37.7 pounds on Mars, 90.7 pounds on Venus, 236 pounds on Jupiter and 196 pounds on Saturn.

Eyes are generally adapted to the ambient light of an evolutionary world. Larger eyes facilitate low light conditions or nocturnal life. Round iris configurations are generally good at controlling light in bright conditions, like we have on Earth. Irises with slits, like those found in cats and some reptiles, are designed to reduce incoming light more efficiently, protecting extremely sensitive receptors that work optimally in the dark.

Head size
It is generally assumed that the larger head size is indicative of a larger brain. Recent studies of humans has validated this.

The Urantia Papers also speak of the different brain types found in our local universe:

…The one physical uniformity of mortals is the brain and nervous system; nevertheless, there are three basic organizations of the brain mechanism: the one-, the two-, and the three-brained types. Urantians are of the two-brained type, somewhat more imaginative, adventurous, and philosophical than the one-brained mortals but somewhat less spiritual, ethical, and worshipful than the three-brained orders. These brain differences characterize even the prehuman animal existences…From the two-hemisphere type of the Urantian cerebral cortex you can, by analogy, grasp something of the one-brained type. The third brain of the three-brained orders is best conceived as an evolvement of your lower or rudimentary form of brain, which is developed to the point where it functions chiefly in control of physical activities, leaving the two superior brains free for higher engagements…

While the terrestrial attainments of the one-brained races are slightly limited in comparison with the two-brained orders, the older planets of the three-brained group exhibit civilizations that would astound Urantians, and which would somewhat shame yours by comparison. In mechanical development and material civilization, even in intellectual progress, the two-brained mortal worlds are able to equal the three-brained spheres. But in the higher control of mind and development of intellectual and spiritual reciprocation, you are somewhat inferior…

These three types of mortals are distributed throughout the worlds of the local systems.
— Paper 49, Urantia Papers

Aliens on the Moon?

One of the most chilling revelations in the Urantia Papers is at the end of their doscourse on a class of mortals called non-breathers. According to the papers, there are orders of mortals who are able to live on worlds with little or no air. In our local universe there are only nine such worlds.

There are few nonbreather types of inhabited worlds in our system because this more recently organized section of the local universe is full of debris and meteors. Worlds without a protective atmosphere are constantly bombarded by these objects and the nonbreathing worlds must protect themselves by making electrical installations which shunt the meteors — much like our electronic bug traps.

The non breathing mortals must hide in protective insulated environments because their worlds are subjected to electrical storms and charged surface phenomenon, unknown to atmospheric beings.

The nonbreathers do not eat food or drink water. Their nervous systems, heat-regulating mechanisms, and metabolism are dramatically different from such Earth humans. Almost every act of living, aside from reproduction, is different. But here is the big deal with non-breathers:

You would be more than interested in the planetary conduct of this type of mortal because such a race of beings inhabits a sphere in close proximity to Urantia.
–paper 49

Part 5

Scientific Proof of Alien Abductions

One of the tenets of scientific proof is that a valid observable phenomenon can be predicted and repeated. I know, for example, that if I drop my cup of coffee it will fall to the floor and spill its contents. Although this has something to do with gravity, my intricate understanding of Newton’s Laws is not necessary to prove that something is pulling the cup down when it is released.

Trying to scientifically prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings requires the same prediction and repetition but does not require an intimate understanding of their origins, purpose or significance.

The closest evidence that meets these standards was reported by John E. Mack, a Doctor of Psychiatry and a professor at Harvard University. Dr. Mack specialized in psychiatric problems associated with repressed memories, often from abused or neglected children, and developed a method for helping his patients unlock these painful memories, confront them and eventually move through the trauma.

In his practice, Dr. Mack encountered hundreds of cases where adults revealed, often under hypnosis, memories of being abducted by alien beings. At first these memories were thought to be substitutes for actual sexual or physical abuse, too painful to be recalled even in the hypnotic state. But then Dr. Mack noticed that the reports were all very similar and contained details of the appearance, actions and interactions of the small humanoids, their space vehicles and even the surgical utensils used in the physical examinations that were the central theme of these memories.

At the time of therapy, Dr. Mack’s patients were not yet exposed to the plethora of movies and books that popularized the UFO phenomenon. In fact, his patients often knew nothing of these things and were quite taken back when they were exposed to their own recollections under hypnosis.

Eventually, Dr. Mack documented over 200 cases and published his findings in a book called Abduction. The book was published in 1994, the same year that the series X-Files appeared on American television. This focused attention of the phenomena, both good and bad, and put Dr. Mack in the world’s spotlight regarding UFOs and alien abductions.

Unable to explain why these repressed memories were all quite similar, many summarily rejected his findings and subjected him to ridicule. Nevertheless, Dr. Mack’s work chronicles the phenomenon which has become the archetypal abduction experience that continues to happen even today.

In summarizing his observations of the abduction experience, Dr. Mack wrote:

“I was faced with the choice of either trying to fit these individuals’ reports in a framework that fit my worldview — they were having fantasies, strange dreams, delusions or some other distortion of reality — or of modifying my worldview to include the possibility that entities, beings, energies — something — could be reaching my clients from another realm. The first choice was compatible with my worldview, but it did not fit the clinical data. The second was inconsistent with my philosophical grounding, and with conventional assumptions about reality, but appeared to fit better what I was finding. It seemed to be more logical, and intellectually more honest to modify my cosmology than to continue trying to force my clients into molds that did not suit them.”

The patterns or common elements that Dr. Mack observed in his patients’ abduction memories can be described as: (1) medical and surgical procedures, often including an introduction of the abductee to alien/human hybrids; (2) the relaying of an ecological warning about the survival of the planet and the human species; (3) the initiation of a transforming, consciousness expanding phenomenon; (4) the eventual development of relationships with these beings. We will explore these elements with some real stories from abductees.

Medical and surgical procedures… why?

Many people have tried to equate the abduction procedures with our own system of tagging endangered species in the wild. Others have described the abductions as the normal activity one might expect when an alien race encounters a different species, on a different world. But the fact that physical exams have been going on now for many decades seems to suggest something other than benevolent protection or scientific curiosity. The systematic abductions of the same individuals over their entire lifespan is indicative of some larger agenda, perhaps even one which we are not prepared to accept.

Having studied the abduction phenomenon for over 35 years, Temple University professor David Jacobs, Ph.D., the author of the highly regarded books The UFO Controversy In America and Secret Life, has come to regard the abductions as a means to breed hybrids (beings which are part human, part alien) in an attempt to replace our human population on Earth. He is somewhat apologetic about his conclusion and realizes how outrageous it sounds — especially to those with little or no knowledge about the aliens or the abduction phenomenon.

“I’ve been involved with UFO research for about 35 years now, since about 1965, and I have never been downcast or depressed about the phenomenon. I have never been pessimistic about it. I’ve always been filled with wonder and awe and amazement at it. I’ve been enthusiastic and optimistic about it.“But I must say that now that I’ve learned as much as I have learned, and I think I’ve learned an awful lot, I am very, very unsettled and upset by what I see. I don’t like what I see. I wish I didn’t see this. I wish I hadn’t uncovered this. I despair of it. It’s thrown me into a tremendous sense of concern about the future and unease. I just don’t like it very much. I wish I did. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. I could not have ever imagined that I would come to this position. What I’m seeing now, what I’ve found with the phenomenon, I could never have imagined.”

According to Dr. Jacobs, the program is huge and spans a tremendous amount of time. It’s done slowly and carefully to remain clandestine. However, the duration only seems long to humans, with a lifespan of 80 years. Aliens presumably live much longer and have more patience and time to reach their eventual goal. And that goal, according to abduction experts, is to take over our planet, replacing homo sapiens with a hybrid race.

A typical abduction/breeding procedure

Michele was four years old when she remembers seeing the “face” that frightened her. Her parents thought she was having nightmares. Michele remembers a face with big eyes that would frighten her so much that she couldn’t move. She would “wake up” to find herself in her bedroom, surrounded by something that felt like an invisible solid wall, at which point she would become hysterical. When her parents came to her she was unable to explain what had happened and could only tell them about the “face”. Naturally, they thought it was a bad dream.

When she was a little older she began playing “doctor” with various kitchen utensils, pretending they were surgical instruments. Her playmates were often made to undress and play “check up”. This abruptly ended when her parents learned of this odd behavior and suspected that she might have been molested by someone in the neighborhood. They couldn’t imagine how their eight year old could have been exposed to this behavior.

Michele once was “missing” and returned home late from high school. Her friends told her parents that she would sometimes insist on walking home alone through a remote wooded area. This caused concern that she had had an accident or met with foul play. She eventually returned in a dazed and confused state leading her parents to think that she might have been experimenting with drugs. They took her to a doctor but there was no evidence of any medication in her system. Instead, the physician found raised, reddish, triangular patches on both arms. Michele was unable to explain how she got these marks.

In her senior year of high school, Michele remembers that one of her friends became pregnant and left school to care for her infant at home. When Michele first saw the baby she became hysterical — so much so that her mother had to come and get her. It was then that she started “remembering things.”

Michele remembers feeling that she, too, had a baby. This was foolish, of course, since she had not even dated a boy. But she began to believe this more and more. A year earlier she had suddenly stopped having her period and thought nothing of it. Several months later she recalled having a bloody discharge that initially scared her, but she kept it to herself. Later her regular period returned. It made no sense to her, but the idea of having had a baby persisted.

She began to “see” mental vignettes which she described as “like scenes from a movie trailer” where she was being shown an infant which was then taken away from her. The emotion she felt when recalling these memories was so strong she would start to cry. Eventually she became obsessed with the memories and confided in her parents. They then sought psychiatric help for her.

Under hypnosis, her therapist sought to revive the truth of what happened to her in her younger years. It is common for girls to repress things like a rape or sexual abuse. But when she began to recall the on-going events in her life it was obvious that something more extraordinary was happening.

“There was a small person I call the ‘face’ because his face used to scare me. He had big eyes and was really skinny. But he talked to me — I mean he could send me thoughts — and he would tell me that I would be ok and that I was special. There were other small people who would do things to me but always the ‘face’ would be with me and tell me that no one was going to hurt me. They would put me on some kind of bed or table and then they would touch me with instruments like in an operation. I don’t remember getting hurt but I was afraid. Some times I would be in a small room and I would see the ‘face’ and I would suddenly know what was going to happen, like I had done that before. I think it has happened many times.”

When she was asked to recall her memories about the baby, Michele got very emotional.

“One time the ‘face’ took me to a different place. It was much bigger than the room with the bed. It was like a waiting room with chairs. Then another small person came into the room — she looked more like a person, but had different eyes — and she held a small baby girl and showed it to me. It was a beautiful baby girl. I asked if I could hold her and the person with the baby looked, as if to ask permission from the ‘face’ and the answer was no — but they held her close to me so I could touch her and she grabbed one of my fingers. She looked like she was sick or something. Then the being took her away.I remember I started to cry when they took her away but the ‘face’ told me that I would see her again. I kind of knew it was my baby but I didn’t remember ever having a baby. It was confusing. The ‘face’ said that I would understand some day.

He once made me look at his face, which was horrible. When I looked at his big eyes it was like watching television. I had a movie inside my head and the earth was on fire and lots of people were dead. I didn’t understand why he made me see such sad things.”

Michele is now in her mid-30s, married and has children of her own. Her youngest daughter, now 7 years old, knows nothing about Michele’s past and yet has started to exhibit similar behavior, suggesting that she is also being abducted. Abduction experts say that it is common for aliens to be interested in specific genetic lines.

Michele is at an impasse now, not knowing whether to discuss such things with her young daughter for fear of traumatizing her. Michele also believes that her own abductions are continuing. She often finds herself “waking up” in different rooms of her home, or outside, with no memory of having intentionally walked there.

The abduction procedure

  • Abducteed can be any age and in any environment when they are abducted. Typically they are rendered imobile by some type of telepathic process and then moved to a waiting vehicle which is nearby.
  • When the abductee is secure in the alien vehicle, their clothes are usually removed in a separate chamber before being moved into the examination room.
  • The abductee is made to lie down on a table. There is often a “handler” — a being with whom the abductee is familiar — who assures them that everything is ok, no harm will come to them and that they are “special”.
  • The “exam” usually starts with an alien who places hands on the abductees body. Many report that they feel very uncomfortable when this happens. Then other beings approach the table and begin poking and scraping the skin with various instruments. The focus of the aliens appears to be on the health of the abductee and their sexual organs. Many males report that an apparatus is placed on their penis and they are stimulated to ejaculate, at which time their sperm is collected. Women (and girls) report that they are often subjected to invasive procedures during which eggs are taken or, in some cases, actual fetuses are implanted or removed.
  • Before being released, some female abductees report being shown infants and asked to interact with them. Others have reported seeing what can be described as “hybrids” who look human-like and can be of varying ages from toddlers to teenage in appearance. Often abductees are shown “movies” on a screen or have scenes projected in their mind. The scenes can be of ordinary life (barbecues, playing in the park) or, more often than not, depict tragedies and disasters in which many people are killed.
  • The abductee is brought back to the first chamber where they are dressed and then transported back to the site of their initial abduction.
  • Within seconds of being returned to their initial abduction site, the abductees awaken and remember nothing that has just happened to them.

The abduction phenomenon is a traumatic one and usually is not welcomed by the abductee. It is rare to have a real abduction victim consider themselves “lucky” or “special”. Instead they live with a secret they cannot share with others and the constant fear that they can be taken by aliens at any time and subjected to intimate and invasive procedures without understanding the purpose or nature of the abductions.

Alien Agenda

It’s looking more and more like the ultimate plan of the aliens is to create a hybrid species that can adapt to the climate and environment of our planet. Specifically, the alien hybrids are being designed to appear more human like and there is evidence from various encounters that some hybrids are already living among us now and successfully manipulating science and culture in preparation for their eventual take over of the planet.

I know this sounds like science fiction, but it fits logically with what has been observed. Abductees report that hybrids look very human like except for their eyes, and often report that hybrids wear colored contact lenses to remedy this anomaly.

So the big question is, why are they secretly creating hybrids and what are their intentions?

Dr. Jacobs explored this issue in a recent interview ongodlike productions radio and painted a dismal picture of the future of humanity which he derived from the changing nature of his patients’ abduction regression sessions. Abductees report seeing hybrid toddlers, teens and even adults who so closely resemble humans that they are now apparently living among us.

In some amazing stories, abductees are shown movies where people are standing in line, walking down streets or having a picnic. The alien being then asks them if they can tell if the people in these movies are real humans or hybrids. Apparently other abductees have been made to teach hybrids and explain how to behave like a human and to understand various aspects of human culture.

In one amazing story, an abductee reported being made to drive two alien hybrids to an apartment complex where he was taken inside an apartment unit and made to arrange newly purchased furniture in a manner consistent with human living. He reported that the hybrids had absolutely no idea where a kitchen table, bed, sofa or pillows should be placed.

Dr. Jacob has spent 35 years studying the abduction phenomenon and has regressed hundreds of abductees. He feels certain that the intentions of the aliens is to build a critical mass of hybrids and then, when they are ready, a “trigger event” will disable our infrastructure and culture, allowing the hybrids to initiate their planned takeover of the planet.

Yes, it does sound a bit woo-woo… but the evidence seems to support this idea. The projected visions of an earthly catastrophe, increasingly shown to abductees before their release, appears connected to the trigger event and Dr. Jacobs believes that this should happen relatively soon.



We started the DISCLOSE THIS series to coincide with the anticipated revelation from the government that UFOs, their inhabitants from other worlds and their advanced technology were real. We have reason to believe this from many different reliable sources. While we wait for this event to happen, many aged military and defense contractor executives are already coming forward to prepare the public.

Ben Rich [right], Lockheed Skunk Works director, has admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real.

Dr. Rich confirmed that there are 2 types of UFOs — the ones we build and ones ‘they’ build.

“We learned from both crash retrievals and actual ‘hand-me-downs’. The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon ‘purge’, administration was handled by aninternational board of directors in the private sector.”

We’ll talk more about the “international board of directors” later.

According to Dr. Rich, nearly all “biomorphic” aerospace designs were inspired by the Roswell spacecraft — from Kelly’s SR-71 Blackbird onward to today’s drones, UCAVs, and aerospace craft.

Ben Rich strongly believed that the public should not be told about UFOs and extraterrestrials. He believed they could’nt handle the truth — ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the “international board of directors” dealing with the “subject” could represent a bigger problem to citizens’ personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves.

But before we cover the technology that we gleaned from the aliens, let’s review the “deal” we supposedly made with them. The basic story is as follows:

In the late 1947 an alien disc was recovered in Roswell, New Mexico along with several dead occupants and one live humanoid. The humanoid was given the name EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) and survived until 1952. During its captivity, EBE bacame ill from some unknown disease. Its body utilized chlorophyll and so a biologist was called in, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, and EBE was nursed back to health.

In this video [above], EBE becomes ill during an interview and is assisted by biologists.
[Below] Big-nosed Greys in autopsy from “Alien Autopsy” film.

In a futile attempt to save EBE, and to gain favor with this technologically superior alien race, the United States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast regions of space. The call went unanswered but the project continued as an effort of good faith.

Aware of the alien encounters, President Truman created the NSA (National Security Agency) in 1952 with the goal of deciphering alien language and communicating with them. In 1954 the race of aliens described as “grey skinned with no hair and big noses”, from the Orion region in space landed at Holloman Air Force base. These were the same race that crashed in Roswell seven years earlier. They stated their planet was dying and needed safe quarter on earth to conduct genetic experiments that would allow their race to survive. It was speculated that they reproduced by cloning and this technique lacked genetic variety and had weakened them over eons of time. The space was to be provided to them in exchange for certain “advanced technology” that the aliens agreed to share with us.

Ironically, the Government also had contact with another race of aliens in 1953. This race was allegedly more human in appearance and sounds very much like the aliens that Betty and Barney Hill encountered.

This alien group warned us against the “Big-nosed Grey” aliens that were by then orbiting the Equator and they offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed! They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other.

This race stated that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. Although this sounds ideal now, post WWII and entering the Cold War, these terms were met with extreme suspicion — especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament.

The military believed that meeting these conditions would leave America helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing comparable in our history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States and the proposal was rejected.

President Eisenhower eventually met with the Big-nosed Greys who landed for a second time at Edwards Air Force Base. A formal treaty with them was signed in 1954. (Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist.)

[Below: New Hampshire Legislator, Henry McElroy, discloses that Eisenhower was briefed about crashed UFO, aliens, both dead and alive. Must see!]

In exchange for the transfer of advanced technology, the aliens were given permission to abduct humans on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring. This had something vital to do with their own genetic experiments. Since their knowledge of biology seemed advanced beyond our comprehension, this was never adequately explained. The stipulation was that the humans would never be harmed, would be safely returned to their point of abduction, and that the humans would have no traumatic memories of the event. Also, the aliens would provide a detailed list of all abductees to a special group called MJ-12 who would monitor their compliance.

Asking for some “quarter” to conduct their work, it was agreed the alien bases would be constructed underground, beneath Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Another base was to be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4, about 7 miles south of area 51, known as ‘Dreamland’.

Although the National Security Council had an agreement with the Big-nosed Greys that they would give a periodic list of abductees to the MJ-12, within a short time it became obvious to the Eisenhower administration that these Greys had broken this agreement and were abducting far more people than they reported — including large numbers of children!

Horrified by the betrayal of the Big-nosed Greys, the government further suppressed any public knowledge of the aliens, realizing their own culpability for their betrayal of humanity. An assessment was made and it was determined that the US lacked the resources to fight them and so it was decided that the military should continue the agreement — even though it had already been violated — and to focus on exploiting the relationship with aliens for their advanced technology. [see below – page 4 of MJ-12 report]

Of course, any new technology gained would also have to now be kept secret lest the public should discover that it was “bought” with the sale of their freedom and security. Rare reports were surfacing about the alien’s hybrid program and horrible genetic experiments that were being conducted on men, women and children. All of this had to be kept from the public at any cost.

A multi-billion tax-dollar secret fund was organized and maintained by the Military Office of the White House in 1957 by order of President Eisenhower, supposedly to build secret underground bunkers for the President and Congress in case of military attacks. Later, when much more funds were needed, the appropriations were funded by “black” projects contained in the defense budget — not subject to any review.

One is reminded of the 2.3-trillion dollars reported missing from the Pentagon budget by then Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001 — with all the documentation stored in the ill-fated Building-7 at the World Trade Center. After “911” this missing fund was never mentioned again. Guess where the money went.

Project REDLIGHT was formed and experimentation in test flying alien aircraft was begun in earnest. A super top-secret facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of the weapons test range. It was code named DREAMLAND. The installation was placed under the Department of the Navy and clearance of all personnel required “Q” clearance as well as Executive (Presidential) approval. This is ironic due to the fact that the President of the United States does not have clearance to visit the site. The alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in an area known as S-4. Area S-4 was code named “The Dark Side of the Moon”.


During these early years the United States Air Force, NSA and the CIA exercised complete control over the Alien Secret. Later the National Security Act (NSA) was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien endeavor.

At some point, the military decided that the best R&D (research and development) of alien technology could be conducted at private corporations and laboratories [see below]. The oversee of this development appears to be under the control of a clandestine group who answer to the Bilderberg Group, a world wide political entity created by Nelson Rockefeller with the approval of Eisenhower. This group would attempt to manage the “mistake” and certain corporate entities would even profit from it.

The extent of the “mistake” was underestimated. Not only have the horrible abductions and the hybrid program continued to this day, but the “research and development” of alien technology has been exploited almost exclusively for defense contrctors and kept secret.

Sure, we got microcircuits, semiconductors and computers — and part of the alien “gift” is responsible for the web page you are reading right now — but the real technological benefits were seized by defense contractors to make miniaturized atomic bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. The advances in biology were applied to biological warfare and may have resulted in some of the retroviruses or Morgellons that are currently perplexing biologists. But the main benefits — the technology associated with the UFO propulsion systems and energy generators — are the real “gifts” that we aren’t allowed to know about and utilize. And if we could, they would transform our civilization almost overnight.

Read this MJ-12 report and see the recommendations for developing new alien technology. This is what happens when our government allows the military industrial complex to represent humanity in the “deal” with alien visitors.

The Big Disclosure: An Under-reported Event

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, part of the Disclosure Project, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, established without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

The testimony and evidence proves that these vehicles have been tracked on radar on many occasions, have landed and/or crashed on terra firma, and have been retrieved and studied by specialized and compartmentalized projects. It also proves that the technology gained from these encounters with aliens and their artifacts has been engineered and applied by laboratories and corporate contractors for decades!

A Whole New World Awaits … Disclosure!

Advanced technologies which have been identified from the study of these vehicles, once disclosed, will replace currently used forms of energy generation and propulsion. These technologies will enable the Earth to attain a sustainable civilization without pollution, energy shortages, or global warming. These technologies are already fully operational. They have been developed within super-secret, unacknowledged special access projects. In short, the definitive solution to the world’s energy, pollution, and poverty problems exists within compartmentalized projects that need planned disclosure and relevant legislation.

The programs controlling this issue are operating outside of legally required Congressional oversight. Even Presidents have been left out of the loop, deliberately deceived, and denied access. Therefore, urgent action is needed on the part of Congress, the White House, and other institutions to obtain the necessary oversight and control of these operations to ensure that these now-classified technologies are prepared for disclosure and the eventual near-term application for world cooperative energy generation and propulsion.

What will happen?

“How would society react to the knowledge that trillions of dollars have been spent on unauthorized, unconstitutional projects over the years? And that these tax-payer dollars have been used by corporate partners in this secrecy to develop spin – off technologies based on the study of ET objects which were later patented and used in highly profitable technologies? Not only have the taxpayers been defrauded, they have then been made to pay a premium for such breakthroughs which were the result of research paid for by them!

While the basic energy generation and propulsion technologies have been withheld, these corporate partners have profited wildly from other breakthroughs and benefits in electronics, miniaturization and related areas.

And how would the public react to the fact that the multi-billion dollar space program, using internal combustion rockets and the like, has been a primitive and unnecessary experiment since much more advanced technologies and propulsion systems were in existence before we ever went to the moon?”

–(p11 Disclosure Project Executive Summary)

Whistle Blowers Spill The Beans

Boyd Bushman — a retired, Senior Engineer at Lockheed-Martin for over 20 years — revealed this nuclear powered flying saucer that was actually flown as far back as 1960! It used a magnetic gravity drive propulsion system. He wonders what kind of developments have been made in the past 50 years.

The most prolific whistle blower of late is Michael Scratt, an aeronautical historian who has spent years collecting stories and evidence of advanced technology. Scratt is a bit different from other UFO enthusiasts in that his main emphasis is on the amount of taxpayer funding that has gone in to the development of this advanced technology and the few benefits that taxpayers have gotten for their hard earned money.

Schratt has collected photos, blueprints and testimonials from test pilots, describing amazing craft that have been built and flown with technology derived from retro-engineered alien designs.

One of Schratt’s favorite stories is of an ex-WWII aviator, Jack D. Pickett, who published an in-house aviation magazine for military personnel with his partner, Harold. It was 1967 when the Adjutant General’s Office at MacDill AFB (Tampa Florida) proposed a front cover, and two-and-a-half page article within. The subject was Vintage, Historical or Experimental aircraft. Jack and Harold learned that some experimental jet aircraft were being stored at the base salvage/scrap-yard. These particular aircraft had already been decommissioned/declassified, and were parked directly outside, and NOT in a hangar.

In September of 1967, both Jack and Harold drove together to where these aircraft were being parked. Upon arriving at the chain link fence, which surrounded the perimeter of the base near the scrap-yard, Jack first saw the most awe-inspiring aircraft ever built. There, in outside parked storage, were four flying wing discs, measuring 20 to 108 feet in diameter.

Because they were the last remaining of their model, the Master Sergeant of the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Club telephoned the Adjutant General’s Office for permission for polaroid photographs to be taken, even though all of the tires were completely flat down to their wheel rims. The General’s Office (headed by base commander William M. Wilson) suggested that Jack use higher quality official Air Force photographs available at the Adjutant General’s library at MacDill. Under armed guard, Jack was personally shown literally hundreds of official U.S.A.F. photographs of these aircraft in formation flight, on the tarmac, and was shown portions of motion picture footage of these aircraft in flight.

Measuring 108 feet in diameter, and standing 12′ off of the ground, the largest of the four discs must have been a sight to behold. Each main landing gear consisted of 6 wheels, measuring 5′ in diameter. The nose gear had an incredible 32 wheels, each measuring 2-1/2 to 3 feet in diameter.

Jack Pickett was never briefed on the exact propulsion system utilized by the four craft, or who specifically built these aircraft, and any guess would be pure conjecture. However, Jack was told that these aircraft could fly so high, and so fast, that they were actually capable of achieving space flight. By definition, that would eliminate conventional jet engines, due to their tendency to “flame-out” at extremely high altitudes. This would mean that these aircraft were capable of literally flying rings around anything operating at the time. With a top speed of 15,500 mph, and an almost unlimited range, they definitely still remain among the utter most classified aircraft in the U.S.A.F. inventory. Jack also inquired why they had been discontinued, and was told that it had to do with maneuverability problems, and that the U.S.A.F. now had “better ones”.

Scratt also discloses that engineers revealed that advanced technology is being utilized on the current B-2 Stealth bomber. One of them referenced, Townsend Brown’s Electrogravitic Patent No. 3,187,206, which specifically describes how the B-2 electrically charges the leading edge of the wing to reduce the radar cross section. Then it negatively charges the exhaust gases to reduce the infrared signature. It’s essentially a flying capacitor!

They also found out that a 1968 report from Northrup Grumman Corp. claimed that when you electrically charge the leading edge of the wing, there is a resulting drag coefficient reduction up to 60%! That technology could be retrofitted today to the commercial airline industry, saving billions of gallons of fuel — but it’s not happening. And that’s why the engineers came forward.


Take a minute to read this page from the MAJESTIC-12 Group Report. This report was prepared on 18th November, 1952, for president-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, to bring him up to date on the alien “situation” prior to his taking the office. It describes the crash at Roswell (which appears to have been brought down by a military X-plane) and the analysis of the alien technology that was used in the vehicle’s propulsion system.

Subsequent contact and “deals” made with alien visitors to our world resulted in deliberate transfers of science and technology such that we had our own UFOs flying by the late 50s or early 60s. Along with the propulsion systems, alien technology contributed to semiconductors that replaced vacuum tubes, miniaturization of electronic circuitry and the understanding of zero-point (so-called “free” energy). Yet, because the military industrial complex controls these discoveries, and because of their error that resulted in abductions and potential displacement of humanity by hybrids, this remains the most secret information on the planet.

You see, it’s NOT about a propulsion system for a flying saucer. It’s about energy production. Something that everyone in the world needs right now.

Everything that causes suffering on our world could be remedied with a free supply of energy. Pollution could be eliminated, poverty made obsolete and health brought to optimum standards — if only we had free and abundant energy where we needed it. Yet we continue to depend on oil for most of our energy needs — resulting in poverty, wars and pollution.

We have a broken government that has betrayed humanity. We have immoral corporations that profit from our suffering and allow an alien race to rape and mutilate our families and neighbors — and ourselves. We are kept in ignorance and poverty, our short life-spans are maintained, disease is allowed to infest us — and all the time they know well that a solution to our suffering has already been developed but is used instead to maintain their own power over us.

We certainly hope that there is a move to make these facts known. But, as you can see, the result will almost certainly lead to an uprising against those who have enslaved us.

Am I exaggerating? In fact, it is much worse than we have reported here in this series. Much worse. But now the solution is OUR responsibility. Let’s talk openly about these things, combine our anger and protest and hope that we can at least go down fighting.



The Star Nations & Dr. Richard BoylanDr. Richard Boylan is a hypnotherapist and behavior scientist who claims to represent the Star Nations — a group of over one million alien civilizations who have formed a kind of federation which watches over the inhabited worlds, promoting their evolution while preventing harm from exploitive alien civilizations. The Star Nations have allegedly been protecting humans for a long time.

According to his web site,, no aliens are here to invade, kill, intimidate, experiment on us or to take over the planet. Dr. Boylan knows this because a group of mental health workers calling themselves The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc., — of which he is a director — claims to have never found a credible case of aliens abusing humans.

“I have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of such professionals involved in this kind of highly-specialized work with those having Star Visitor encounters. In so doing, I do not find credible reports of low-life aliens from these professionals, nor from the experiencers they have worked with. On the contrary, the reports coming from these professionals describe intelligent, wise, compassionate, interested Star Visitors, who want what is best for our world and theirs.

This was of great interest to me, especially after reviewing the, sadly, common accounts of mutilated women and traumatized children. Did these mental health workers never see this type of abductee? Or if they did, was there some “good” way to interpret this?

I wrote to Dr. Boylan and asked if we could compare notes on his assessment of aliens as being friendly and kind. I told him that I wanted very much to hear the “good side” to this whole alien story. Here is what I got for a reply:

Oy veh! Your seductive invitation is countermanded by the dark twist which you have done to your energy signature.
Adios, Cabal-ista.

When Juan von Trillion tried to open a dialog with Dr. Boylan, he received this interesting e-mail:

You’d think that you Cabal “assets” would by now have learned that one of the ways you give yourselves away is by your readiness to turn dialog into an argument. Not that your negative energy signature doesn’t give you away, too. Bye. I’m not teaching you Cabalistas “sources and methods”.

Hmmm… We aren’t sure whether or not we qualify as “cabalists” but we found Dr. Boylan’s unwillingness to respond neither helpful nor constructive. In fact, it was paranoid and weird. Enough said.

It seems as if the good aliens of the Star Nations have contacted president Obama, through their “Councillor of Earth” (Dr. Richard Boylan) and have demanded a full disclosure be made to the world, concerning the alien contact, by 11:59 on December 31, 2010. According to Dr. Boylan,

…if they [the Obama administration] renage (sic) on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star Visitors reality. —

We shall soon see.

The Pleiadians and Billy Meier“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937, in Bulach/Zurich, Switzerland and has had contact with an alien species called Pleiadians (sometimes called Plejarens) since he was 5 years old.

Billy Meier [right: circa 1980] claims that the “Pleiadians” appear human like, even beautiful, and they have a lifespan of about 1,000 years. The come from a planet called Erra which is 80 light years on the other side of what we call the Pleiades star system. Billy was not taken seriously until he released some remarkably clear and detailed photographs of the alien’s “beam ship” [see below] which started an international fascination this particular alien race.

Billy claims to have interacted with a number of different Pleiadians on as many as 600 different occasions. The first contact he had was with an older Pleiadian named Sfath in 1942. Asket took over from 1953-1964. There was an 11 year hiatus during which Billy joined the French Foreign legion and traveled extensively. In 1975 Billy was visited by Semjase, the granddaughter of Sfath, and it is Billy’s interactions with this beautiful female that are best known to fans of Meiers.

From 1975 to 1995 Billy was taught about being in harmony with the universe and warned about the dangers of such things as nuclear bombs and environmental damage to our planet. He was also given information about the future which he published in his “Contact Reports” — many of which have been translated from German to English. Most of the predictions that Billy reported were confirmed by associates before they happened, but unfortunately were not released to the public until after the events took place. One of the most famous future predictions which was revealed beforeit happens is called the Henoch Prophecies which describe such things as future wars, disease and disaster for humanity.

“The entire planet will become an arena of unparalleled suffering, which will never have existed before on Earth up to that time. The cruel happenings will last about 888 days and cause civilization to collapse. Yet, the terrible scenario will continue, and epidemics and various diseases as well as enormous famine will be spread among the people, while the economy of the world will totally collapse and there will be no possibility to produce any goods. All foods and medications will be rationed. The insanity of war will extend not only across the land, but the disaster will equally be spread to the oceans, into the atmosphere, even into outer space. But there will also be settlements under the ocean that will be developed in the course of the future and these will be attacked and destroyed, claiming the lives of many thousands of people.” — Excerpt from the Henoch Prophecy

What many people do not know is that Billy’s Pleiadian contact, Ptaah, told him that he was the only contactee with which the entire Federation of aliens had communicated.

“Now that we have withdrawn from Earth, I want to reiterate the issue, once again, that neither we Plejarans nor any of the allies within our federation are maintaining any contacts whatsoever with terrestrial human beings; neither in a physical nor a telepathic form. All of the people who claim to be in contact with Pleiadians should be ashamed of themselves.” — 251st Contact on February 3, 1995

So how does this concur with the many other alien contacts that have been reported? It seems we don’t have to worry about that. Billy Meier’s wife has since come forward to explain that the whole encounter with Pleaidians was a hoax. She revealed how he grew bonsai trees and made detailed models to fake his famous photographs. In her most damaging revelation, she shows how one of the alien “beam ships” that he filmed was, in fact, their garbage can lid!

Enough said.

The Peaceful Nordics and George AdamskiGeorge Adamski was born in Poland on April 17, 1891 and his parents moved to the United States in 1893. He grew up in Dunkirk, New York.

After spending 6 years in military service and marrying his wife, Mary, Adamski moved to the Los Angeles area and took a job as a concrete contractor. Considered very intelligent, Adamski founded the Royal Order of Tibet in 1930 and, at the age of 40 he began preaching about universal law and the philosophy of love. Six years later he wrote about these ideas in a book, Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East.

Assuming a preacher’s role, Adamski gave sermons and established a monestary in Long Beach, California, where he was legally able to manufacture “sacramental” wine during the prohibition era. Stories abound about how this wine was sold to the thirsty public, making Adamski a handsome profit.

When prohibition ended, Adamski and his wife set up a small cafe in Palomar Gardens, California, and it was here that he set up a telescope and claims to have seen a large cigar shaped UFO. In 1947 Adamski claimed to have seen an entire fleet of 184 “saucers” flying through the skies over Palomar. By 1949 he wrote his next book, Pioneers of Space, a science fiction about meeting aliens from Venus, Mars and the Moon. The public were just getting interested in UFOs and aliens in the late 1940s and, along with the fears of the new cold war and nuclear bombs, Adamski found that his ability to preach about universal truth was very much in vogue.

On Novemeber 20th, 1952, Adamski along with six other people, went by car to the desert. Somewhere between Parker, Arizona and Desert Center, California, Adamski claims to have had contact with an alien. The group parked their car in a very remote area while Adamski walked out alone into the desert. The group who originally accompanied him to the site did not witness the encounter and there were differing accounts of what little they did see that night. Some witnesses thought they saw a UFO while others saw nothing.

Adamski says he met Orthon, who was an astronaut on the UFO. The two communicated mainly by telepathy and by drawing on the ground. Orthon was from planet Venus, he was dressed in brown overalls, was 5’6″ and he wore his hair long, down to his shoulders. Since he looked to Adamski to be “Nordic”, this is the name by which the aliens were known.

George, had more contacts with the aliens, February 18, 1953; April 12, 1953; April 24, 1955, during this time span Adamski’s wife died in 1954. He wrote many books about his alien encounters and became a successful lecturer and celebrity. His claim to fame was actually a photograph that he claims to have taken from his telescope of a UFO, [below] which some now claim was fabricated from a street light.

Adamski, claimed that he was taken into outer space as a guest of the aliens and visited Venus, Saturn and the Moon. According to him, all of the planets of the solar system are inhabited.

Adamski also preached what the aliens told him, that the universe was a big “school”. If you got things right on Earth, when you died, you would be born onto another planet, as in graduation. Life in the universe was about learning, wisdom and growth. Jesus Christ was an alien master who had incarnated on Earth in order to try to help humanity. His message was a mixture of Christianity and Eastern religions like Buddhism.

The Nordic aliens told Adamski that the Earth was a “problem planet”. There had been many civilizations before our present one which culminated in horrific wars, essentially causing humans to “start over” again and again. The aliens were sympathetic and trying to improve our spirituality and philosophy so we could break out of this cycle of destruction. These stories were very similar to what Adamski had preached years before at The Royal Order of Tobet and what he had written in his science fiction books. But much of it was new to the public.

Adamski’s “peaceful Nordic” story eventually died out when space probes visited Venus — a “inhabited” planet he allegedly visited — and discovered a desolate surface with an atmosphere of sulfuric acid and a temperature of just shy of 500C!

“Little Men” with a Warning to Zimbabwe SchoolchildrenOn Friday, September 16, 1994, at approximately 10:15 am, teachers and school officials at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were amazed when the school’s students, aged approximately 5 to 12 years old, reported that a flying object had landed on the school grounds. According to some sources, UFOs had been seen in the skies over Zimbabwe for two days before the incident occurred.

The sighting happened in the schoolyard where 62 children were playing while their teachers were inside the school building at a meeting. The only adult present was the mother of one of the students who was manning a snackbar where candy and soda was sold.

Ruwa is about 20 kilometers from Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe. Ariel School is a private elementary school with students of mixed ethnic heritage located about 20 kilometers from Zombabwe’s capital, Harare.

The children said that they had first seen three silver balls in the sky which appeared and disappeared with a flash of light, apparently moving closer to the schoolyard each time. Some reported hearing a high-pitched sound, like a whisle.

As they watched, puzzled by what they were seeing, one of the objects finally landed in a brushy area, about 100 meters adjacent to the schoolyard. This area was off-limits to the students for safety reasons because it was overgrown with thorn bushes, and some brown-gray cut grass with bamboo shoots sticking up out of the ground. The object hovered momentarily over the ground.

Suddenly, the children observed a small human-like being standing on top of the craft. The humanoid figure was about 3 foot (one meter) tall, was dressed in a shiny tight-fitting black outfit. He had a long slender neck, long black hair coming down below his shoulders, large eyes, and a pale face. The being came floating towards them across the rough ground, became aware of the children and then disappeared.

Then a man, who looked just like the first little man, appeared behind the silver craft. He stared at the children for some time, then disappeared again. The silver ball then took off and vanished.

The smaller children were very frightened and cried out for help. They believed that the little man was a demon who would eat them. Black African children have heard legends of tokoloshis, demons who eat children. The children ran to the woman running the snackbar and cried, “Help me, help me,” but she was reluctant to leave the food and cash unattended and so didn’t go.

The older children were also yelling and screaming in the schoolyard but the teachers inside, at the meeting, thought they were just playing a game and ignored them.

The late Cynthia Hind, known as Africa’s foremost UFO investigator, investigated the case the next day. When she was first contacted, she asked the headmaster of the school, Colin Mackie, to have the children draw pictures of what they had seen. When she arrived at the school, he had about 35 drawings for her [right]. The drawings were of very similar — but not identical — objects.

The headmaster stated that he believed the students were telling the truth. One little girl told Cynthia Hind:

“I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.” Dr. John Mack, an abduction psychiatrist and a professor at Harvard Medical School, was visiting Zimbabwe at the time of the event, and along with his associate, Dominique Callimanopulos, went to Ruwa and spent two days interviewing and counseling twelve of the children and their parents.

Mack’s specialty was treating adults who were abused as children. He treated them by releasing their repressed memories. He also used his techniques to reveal the repressed memories of alien abductees. He had collected hundreds of cases where medical exams and surgical procedures were performed on human subjects, who were later made to forget these events. His interviewing techniques were able to elicit more detailed memories from the schoolchildren.

The older students said that they felt the “little man” communicated with them telepathically, through his eyes, telling them that we humans are destroying our planet and polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences. Some of the children reported having a “vision” of an ecological disaster, making them feel “sad inside”.

There was no record of any abduction or harm to any child, other than being severely frightened by the event. The communication appeared to be a warning or an attempt to enlighten us about our current behavior as a species, and its negative repercussions.

“Those thoughts came from the man — the man’s eyes.”

By Gary Vey and Juan von Trillion: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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  1. At about 4:AM, I began reading the current Sorcha Faal report on the energy vortex in the Gulf of Aden. Following the links, I wound up on your site. I finished reading your 6 part report at 7:45AM, and I am very distressed. For the past 35 years, I have read about and researched many topics – UFOs, spiritual topics, ancient alien astronauts (I love Sitchin), abductions, and many more. My current focus is on “chemtrails” and I have spent the past few weeks copying and distributing Reality Zone’s “What in the World are They Spraying?”. Of course, “they” are spraying the entire civilized world with aluminum, barium, and strontium. Just last week, I wondered out loud to my husband, “Am I crazy, or could it be that the ‘overlords’ are preparing our air, water, and soil to be hospitable to alien (HYBRID???) life that needs these elements/chemicals in order to survive here?” This spraying is killing everything that breathes – plants, animals, microbes and insects that keep the soil fertile, and, of course, human beings. My distress comes from the fact that all this chemtrail poisoning fits very neatly into the “Repopulation of the Earth by Human/Alien Hybrids” scenario. Combine this with the U.S. government’s passing laws making it illegal for us to grow our own food (S510 and other bills) and the proposed availability of only GMO Monsanto seeds, and you have the perfect scenario for the extinction of the human race as we know it. There are 3 genetic modifications in Monsanto seeds – 1. they are infertile – you cannot harvest the seeds from fruits and vegetables in order to plant another crop, because the seeds cannot reproduce, 2. the plants from GMO seeds produce their own insecticides! (You might as well pop the top on a can of malathion and drink it straight!), 3. the GMO seeds are ALUMINUM RESISTANT – the only seeds in the world that can survive in the poisoned soil. Also, lab animals fed diets of GMO food are either sterile within 3 generations or, if the animals were fed these “Frankenfoods” as infants, they were dead within 3 months! There is a great deal of information about this on the internet, but governments are suppressing the release of the scientific papers and the researchers themselves are being “drummed” out of their professions. Somebody, please, respond and tell me this cannot be happening. I do NOT want to believe this, but, at this moment, I am afraid that I do. Please respond…


  2. Your comments are well warranted my friend…It is a daunting reality when people come first to find the truth!! I ask anyone who reads this to start looking about in the bible and really ask yourself, why is it the bible has stated all of these things going on, These aliens are merely “devils” or “demons”, they have many forms, many sizes, they manifest there form in our mind, they are real and powerful but only for those that haven’t inherited the kingdom and power and protection of Jesus Christ!!!! We were warned of all these things, LONG LONG AGO!!! The future was revealed in the bible from our loving creator who gave us the free will to choose our own destiny!!! But few have corrupted the many and kept them ignorant, that is why he came to earth to give anyone who would have faith in him and his sacrifice a way out of the hell that will come over all things very soon now!!! You see all these things going wrong with the world; corruption, secrecy, cross breeding of species… this is clearly outlined by normal people that decide to pick up the bible to find out if there is any truth to it, you soon find, it is all true!!! Your life will change instantaneously, overnight!!! God’s voice will eat away at your mind and your heart will feel like it is getting until you acknowledge the truth that you know has been with you in your heart since birth, God, the devil, good, evil, heaven, hell, life, and death ARE ALL REAL, all things are culminating, whether the prediction is being followed like a blueprint from the bible, or it is just meant to happen this way. Do not be deceived by the alien agenda. Angels do not take physical form, at least the good ones that obey our creator. I have been shown the edge of the solar system and the bars that contain all of us and the spirits which have passed on are trapped here in this solar system, the spirits needing protection receive it from Jesus/God as long they asked with there heart to be saved, not out of fear but out of love and respect for the beautiful gift of life we have all been given. The time will come when all the righteous will gather in spirit form and create a spear to pierce the blanket of darkness that withholds our solar system from being visible to the rest of the universe. Once again don’t be deceived by the devil and the temptation of understanding all things… What you are looking for can only be found by letting go completely of all pre-programming and accepting Jesus as our true savior, the creator of all things… Once you do this you may be allowed to have a peak at the truth that is if your heart is true and WOW is it astounding, and only bearable with the Lord on your side. I have stayed off the internet from this point, but it is time to speak now, the time comes close, God bless everyone and may god speak to you of his brilliance glory and truth. Amen


    • Well said, Linderman. Jeus is was and will always be our Protection against the wiles of Satan. All of these things must happen, and then the End will come.
      2.Luke 21:31
      So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.
      Be Saved. Repent and Believe the Word of God.
      Romans 10:9
      that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.


  3. My mind is adequately boggled!!


  4. I’m not sure if you were attempting to be facetious, but I think you should look at this website:
    Otherwise, I appreciate the information provided on this website.


    • @Lexi: Before further dissemination of disinformation regarding Obama’s citizenship status, please refer to the U. S. Constitution, specifically those parts which spell out the qualifications required for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Those two offices–and only those two–require a NATURAL-BORN citizen to hold them. This does NOT mean “born on U.S. or territorial soil”, etc., or even a “naturalized citizen”. “Natural Born” status is separate and distinct from other types of U.S. citizenship, and is a reference to the citizenship status of BOTH parents, who BOTH have to have been born on U.S. soil. It was spelled out this way to avoid the very situation we are in today with an unqualified usurper in the White House. Please research the difference before quoting for-sale, garbage “truth” sites such as Thanks.


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  6. I’m a thoughtful, well-educated American who thinks that this topic is worth looking into. Astronomy has shown planets similar to our own might exist, and our technology has advanced rapidly in the past half-century so it could have a capacity to exponentially find new means of space travel. This topic seems timely and reasonable. I began reading this exposition and found it was soundly reasoned and its witty tone kept me reading straight through to the end. The human spirit is unique in its optimistic sensibility, and I think in the face of war, environmental problems, poverty, disease, and even cosmic mischief-makers, we would tend to find that everything will work out well in the end. If we simply strive to improve conditions on both a large and small scale, things on earth will improve and our sustainability in the face of those dangerous conditions we might face will prove out for the overall betterment and continuation of humanity. Free disclosure of technological advances that can assist us all is commonsensical as the author argues and free exchange of information regarding our celestial neighbors would similarly be a normal and natural way to find our sound place in the stars.
    Thanks for the well-written piece, and carefully arranged research. I looked only at the text today, but plan to return to your site to check out the documentary video you’ve included.
    Best Regards,
    Earth-bound Star Gazer


  7. Dan, Earth-bound Star Gazer,

    I believe you would like the site Go to ‘David’s Blog’, scroll down, and read the four-part series about China’s “October Surprise”. If this is true, we may be close to getting some of your wishes granted. Please, come back to this blog and let me know what you think.



  8. Oh gosh. I wish aliens would abduct me. I would TOTALLY feel lucky. (not sarcarsm)
    noone believes me anyways. If they can travel through space, they are more intelligent than you and i. Which id love to engage in conversations about the universe and such with other life than mine own


  9. I agree. TAKE ME!!


  10. Interesting deductions. As always the truth is so much harder for minds to comprehend than a mere piece of fiction which can become a minds reality. The perception of true facts enables one to build a true reality. As deception is also used to build a false reality, Alas unknowingly false to those minds that believe… It is common knowledge that this is the controlling factor- knowledge is power/ an power corrupts those that seek to control, the same is history about control, it is said whoever controls the past, controls the present and whoever controls the present controls the future… It is important to understand those statements entirely: Every mind has free will but the manipulation of facts by controllers albeit elected or otherwise has distorted not only history but also every facet of life, all have become docile under deception. Any normal free willed mind/being would choose good over bad, good over evil, peace over war, life over death, no waste over starvation, health over sickness, knowledge over power, ultimately as religion would state heaven over hell… I can honestly say that nobody is going to hell because hell never existed, that is, until all let it be delivered here; reality…An that heaven , it got so much further away. The present owners?controllers of this world have seen to that, by design an deception have stolen the planet at the expense of the population. Any mind can see easily the hell they build on a daily bases, yet through deception they maintain the power to destroy all, even the planet itself, as they are, with docile mind/brainwashed help. Humanity by its own hand is destroying itself. Reality dictates it does not need any help at this…Paper promises at others expense currently buys wholesale destruction, that is convenient. A printing Press of Power, to buy Humanity to destroy itself. If perchance you do not agree, then how much paper promise for you to: neglect your own kind? Kill your own kind? Spray poison on your own kind? Torture your own kind? Deceive your own kind? Manipulate your own kind?Experiment on your own kind?Even sell your own kind? And that is called Kind?..Humankind!? A weakly pay/extortion to be joined to the corrupt official destruction of your Own Kind? Every detail is before you, the list is something else, but the proof is the reality. You can be deceptive but ultimately you can not deceive the Truth. Listen now >you< have done/helped the very annihilation of your Own species… And if You Believe that Aliens want whats left of your planet after you have finished destroying yourselves, your right.. Humans have a delectable, but also a demonic mind..You decide, compromise an then continue, the demise is sure.At this Point in time. Point in Time. Asis


  11. I’ve seen ufo’s many times…exsperianced strange things that made no sense…My soul is precious..To me and to them…I am not afraid of death..Doing things right in your life ensures there is a better place later…


  12. Romans, Egyptians, Incas, have all fallen acceptance and merging with us is the way to save the human race. you cannot tolerate your own differances to your own kind so why do you think we will be accepted here? We come to help you try and cross the bridge it is your last chance!


  13. Ohh ffs put spaces in ur text I can’t read walls of words.


  14. The Bible states that the last days will be like it was in the days of Noah. Genesis 6 speaks about the sons of God that saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they came down to be with them. Then it says that there were nephilim in those days , men of renown. God saw that the earth was corrupt and He got rid of the evil. Only Noah was “pure” in his generation. The new testament confirms this in 2 Peter 2:4 “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned ,but send them to hell putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgement, if He didn’t spare the ancient world when He brought the flood on its ungodly people.” Putting these two statements together in the same context and you get a scenario that these angels “aliens” corrupted men and created a hybrid race and therefore God had to send the flood to wipe this evil race out. The Bible talks about the land of Israel as the fig tree. It says that when the fig tree begins to blossom the generation who sees this will not pass away , but will see the son of man return. When did the fig tree begin to blossom? In 1948 when Israel became a nation again. That was the begining of the count down to the what we call today the “the last days” I find it very interesting that the roswell incident occured a year before that and so began our facination with aliens and UFO’s. So if the Bible says that the last days will be like the days of Noah then I am 100% sure that these aliens , fallen angels whatever you wanna call them have allready succeeded to create hybrid race and they are probably living amongst us. The Bible also states that in the last days God will send a strong illusion that if possible even the elect will fall for this deception. Revelation says that when Jesus is coming back with His holy ones to make war against the Beast that even the inhabitants of the earth will try to fight Him. I always thought why would people be so stupid to fight against God the creator of all things. Now I believe that maybe the people will be told that it is an alien invasion and that is why they would fight or try to fight against the Almighty God and by that time they would have allready accepted the mark of the beast and would be under the antichrist’s mindcontrol and so be completely deceived. But God will capture Lucifer (the mastermind of the deception) and throw him in the abyss for 1000years and so will begin the reign of Christ on earth together with His bride over all the rest of the human beings who were not killed. After that 1000 years the devil will be released to go and deceive the new people that was born during this period and who doesn’t know about good and evil to test their hearts. And then the final battle will take place and the devil and his army will be thrown into the lake of fire. After that the great white throne judgement will take place and if found that your name is not written in the book of life you will be thrown into the lake of fire. After that God will destroy the earth and the heavens and make it all new and He will live with man forever. How wonderful that will be think about it……There is no way to change the course of events it was pre written thousands of years ago and will play out exactly the way it is going to. The only hope we have is Christ and if you want your name to be written in the book of life you need to invite Him into your heart today and ask for forgiveness ,because we are all sinful human beings and only the blood of Christ can cleanse us from these sins and protect us from what IS about to happen very soon.


  15. Are Aliens From Space Already Living Among Us?
    Yuki Oikawa, Chief Ambassador for Happy Science USA, Explains Why We Should Prepare for “The Next Great Awakening?”

    As everyone knows who has read The War of the Worlds, or heard about the 1938 Orson Wells-narrated radio show of this book that terrified listeners and caused a near panic nationwide, contact with a technologically superior alien race is not beyond the realm of possibility, and history may show signs that support this idea.

    For Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science ( a new world religion and spiritual movement, the “real world” is more than what we can see with our limited senses.. In his latest book, The Next Great Awakening: A Spiritual Renaissance (New Atlantis Books, 2011), Okawa shares “the truth” about alien visitations in the past and describes “a New Space Age,” in which these visitors, who are already here, will begin to openly reveal themselves, for the betterment of mankind.

    According to Okawa, it is no coincidence that from 1947 on, UFOs have been appearing more frequently than ever here on Earth. As research on hydrogen and atomic bombs increased through the 1950s and 1960s, the number of UFO sightings also greatly increased. The influx of UFOs also coincided with humanity’s forays into outer space and subsequent trips to the moon. These events marked our official entry into the Space Age.

    During this time wars broke out four times in the Middle East, from 1948 to 1973, and the possibility of using nuclear weapons was raised. It was also said during the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union that nuclear weapons might be used, which could have led to a civilization-ending “nuclear winter.” During these turbulent times, there were many UFO and alien sightings. As Okawa discusses in the book, an interplanetary pact is already in place in the Universe among more advanced civilizations on other planets and fives them the right to intervene in activities on Earth when wars or other people-driven dangers pose a threat our planet’s safety or even our continued existence.

    May I offer you Yuki Oikawa for an interview on these issues below, or book diiscussion:

    Yuki can discuss:

    What Happy Science is and how it grew to 12 million followers.

    Why Master Okawa aand his millions of followers believe that Happy Science can help heal the U.S. of depression, anxiety and paralyzing fears?

    Why does Master Okawa say Atlantis was not a myth but a reality?

    Master Okawa says we each have Guardian Angels,who can help us live richer, fuller, happier and more prosperous lives. How does one connect with his or her own Guardian Angel?

    About Yuki Oikawa
    Yuki is Chief Ambassador and Head Minister of a new spiritual movement called “Happy Science” that already has numerous centers in various parts of the world, In the U.S. their centers (also called Temples) are in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Tampa.

    May we book an interview for you with Yuki Oikawa? Meantime, we would also be happy to send you a copy of this new book.


  16. Are you truly that ignorant to believe that we live on this planet alone? Animals – what are they are if they are not alien to us? Animals are our closest alien neighbours and we eat them. We do so without thinking of the consequences of our actions. There are alien races originating from other galaxies, existing among us, who will one day make themselves known to us, by manner of making themselves visible. At the moment they remain invisible, or disguised as human, watching, observing. Aliens from morally pristine planets will deliver ‘an eye for an eye’ because that’s how the Bible says we should live, and everything the Bible says is real. If I can offer you one word of advice it would be to stop eating animals. If you don’t, you sign your warrant to become an alien’s dinner in the not too distant future.


    • Jesus said that everything on the earth has been put here for our use. I’m sure he also ate meat, like lamb.

      Jesus never advocated being a vegetarian or celibacy, for that matter. So much for the RCC (Roman Catholic Church). He never advocated crawling up a mountain on your knees as a sign of worshiping Him, either. Remember that our bodies are “the temple of the Holy Spirit” and that means do not abuse your body (tattoos, body-piercing jewelry, mind-altering drugs, alcohol abuse, etc.). Does that mean you can’t have a glass of wine, beer, etc.? Of course not! Jesus also drank wine and turned water into wine! So much for the AOG, etc.


  17. as in the time of Noah…so shall the end times be…


  18. Yap, you are right. Just like in Noah’s time, so it shall be in the days before and of the Great Flood. All the basic four elements of the Earth and Heaven will be used by God’s natural forces against all the unnatural forces synthetically created by the unnatural forces of Satan.


  19. i agree with Helen and the fact that i read somewhere in my time that they made a man and a pig and fruits and the man was told to never eat the pig (swine flesh) and that only the fruits you must eat as they will grow again.
    Man was meant to live with the animals to share the land and to adapt living with the animals and for that matter all other man so as to create a world of peace and harmony.
    It is only because the man killed and ate the pig that we have become parasites and the animals rebelled to defend themselves.
    I think the cancers thats man has is from the pig and that the evil was maybe a curse from the pig that lives within us.
    It is too late for me as i was brought up to eat animals as are most of us so the only way to remove us all is to destroy us all through space and the universe.
    They tell us there is only 4 elements to life on earth but I personally think there is a 5th element that is here with us that can be used against the threats of the universe, maybe its hidden or its right in front of our eyes.
    Its another theory as I beleive the Pyramids were built for a reason and that there ius maybe some form of energy deep within them that could create a super energy that could defend an asteroid etc but i like I said its a theory in my imaginative mind …


    • You are referring to OT “laws”. Jesus said that “the law kills” – but in Him there is Life! SEE! my response to Helen, et al. It’s perfectly OK for a follower of Christ to eat meat. What you think in your imaginative mind is fantasy and inconsequential. Human minds created such imaginative fantasies as Hinduism, Buddhism, Voodooism, Ecumenism, etc. – those fantasies of the imaginative human mind were all made OBSOLETE when Jesus arrived on the scene and performed miracles and other supernatural deeds (in addition to what He said). Almost everything about Jesus was supernatural – that’s why so many people had/have trouble believing Him (like the Jews of His day).


  20. if u do the right things before u die u ll be reborn in another planet, heaven.
    it is not far that day, the day that we free spirits will fight the ultimate battle against evil (greys or whatever want to take all our lives).

    im glad US dont rule the world and i hope it wont ever but i suspect that russie now is in that boat and only new powers like chine , india etc who are now researching and soon landing to moon will balance the control and soon truth will face us , hope it wont be late.


  21. if u do the right things before u die u ll be reborn in another planet, heaven.
    it is not far that day, the day that we free spirits will fight the ultimate battle against evil (greys or whatever want to take all our lives).

    im glad US dont rule the world and i hope it wont ever but i suspect that russia now is in that boat and only new powers like chine , india etc who are now researching and soon landing to moon will balance the control and soon truth will face us , hope it wont be late.


  22. It’s thrill


  23. The greys and others will try to impersonate god and make you believe that you are their creation..but you will know god by his good works so don’t fear!


  24. Very well said truth seeker, and i honestly do believe in God and all of his creations. But how do people know what to believe today, with so many people saying aliens are already here, some say they are good, some say they are evil…with all these supposingly reported ufo sightings and footage, if they are true, what do they want, and if they wanted to take humankind out, why wouldnt it have been done a long time ago..and if it aint true, and all these sightings and stories are made up, what would be the purpose of this, what do people get out of this. I honestly believe there are lots of things we dont know about the government, and i believe there are lots of secrets and information kept from us people(area 51, etc)..but why is the question…if what they know like some doctors have said could only help this world and make it better, why wouldnt they already be in use(energy, technology, etc) and if aliens do exist and only come at certain times, and to cetain people, why is this, why wont they expose theirselves to everyone. It was proven that living things could live on other planets( 4 planets i believe) so whos to say whats really out there, and i believe those people put under hypnosis and told of alien abduction dont just make stories up, not after the many many many cases across this world of alien and ufo sightings and reports and photos…but certain people i believe are paid to keep their mouths shut because of what would become of this world if we did have the technology and energy like other planets…but its a very confusing topic, i believe in God with all my heart, and believe every word that is written in the bible, but if there is life out there on other planets, what would it be that they want on our planet so bad(genetics, water, etc) i love history and all the stories that come along with it, but to say what is true or not, real or not, and the thought of aliens living up to 1000 years old and that when you die you move on to the next planet to continue getting smarter, and the case of billy meier, why would someone who said since young hes seen aliens and got messages and warned peop;le of world disasters keep this going for years and then his wife not even him turn around and tell the world it was basically all false information, its weird, i think he was getting to the bottom of something, and getting really close to an answer to what people have been waiting for, and it was either say this or die or maybe they got paid to keep quiet…god only knows…i guess one day we will know too, and that day i feel is coming soon!!!


  25. We should start the disclosure of aliens in earnest by disclosing that Israeli Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) did 911!


    • PS THEY LIVE – and look just like us. ;)


    • A real Christian does not hate from Israel and people,I think you are a little bit racist Mr.God Send.


      • Who are you to decide what a ‘real’ Christian is? If you STUDY all my websites (5) you will learn that “THEY are not Jews but are a synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9). Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). Zionist Israel is the homeland of these reptilian humanoid Satanists as well as run-of-the-mill anti-Christs (Talmudic and Torah Jews). It’s perfectly OK to hate the Devil and his “brood of vipers” (per Jesus the Christ). What are you, an apostate CUI (Christians United for Israel) so-called ‘Christian’ – like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, etc.? If you are one of those millions, YOU are not a Christian – but one of those deceived sheeple, bound for hell.


    • absolutely right.We are part of the light,we came from the light we will back to the light again some day.


  26. Anyone interested in the ALIEN THREAT and DUMBs should Google “Phil Schneider”. THEY have been here for a LONG time and are apparently “cooking up” something VERY sinister in those DUMBs! HIGH Time to DO something about it:


  27. A word of WARNING about aliens – there are NO “good” aliens! When Phil talked about 2 “good” alien races in his videos (out of 11), he was deceived. If there were any “good” aliens, would THEY be in cahoots with our corrupt Federal Gov’t and Military for all these years??? If THEY were “good”, THEY would have overthrown that corrupt Gov’t by now and taken control of our planet! Even the “elect”ed were/are being deceived by Satan! (Eisenhower, etc.)


  28. That’s all very interesting hogwash and dumbo-jumbo from Eddie,but here is the ONLY thing that matters in the time ahead:

    “NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me” (Jesus the Christ). “There is NO other name by which we must be saved”.(the hashem is Yahweh Yahushua). So what is there to do as we face the End (Times) – including our own personal end? “SEEK and you WILL find”. DRINK – from the fountain of living waters! If you have not yet found Jesus, there is precious little time left. SEEK (Him) means an all-out, desperate search, 24×7, as if your LIFE depended on it – IT DOES!


    • “”I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.”

      Jesus the Christ IS the Truth. There is NO other Truth. If your mumbo-jumbo and hogwash translates into those quotations, then you are right! :)


  29. Here is the difference between aliens and spirituals (angels or angelic beings). The angelic beings do not need space ships, and also can go thru anything such as a building. Aliens on the other hand need ships to move and travel about to different places and cannot go thru objects etc.

    In fact it seems that the aliens also agree that there is a Jesus Christ!!!!! and they know of Him and of His power and existance. This was one of the attention grabbers most of you missed.

    Also the prophecy pertaining about the end days, “As the days of Noah” we all know and got the warning that the Government has betrayed the public royally big time, and they thought they had a deal etc., of which the aliens broke. Now its out of control, so they are forced to try to obtain as much tech knowledge so they can defend themselves and at least match the aliens technology to be even steven.

    Therefore the destruction will be by fire, poisoning, famine, earthquakes, floods, even our atmosphere will be poisoned eventually causing original humas a problem to survive.

    These hybrids are around us, and they are being set up to change the human DNA eventually once they populate with enough of their own forces.

    Therefore those who want to meet and go see the aliens, you will be facing grave danger. I also believe there is a inter-galactic war ongoing of which we have yet encountered for real on this planet. If we did, its bye bye as we do not have yet that high advance technology to defend against any invasion.

    In other words the aliens are the Nephilim. They came from a different solar system. What Jesus Christ did here 2,000 plus years ago, Satain or Lucifer, or known as the Morning Star, has to also duplicate the same scenario and he will have a person known as the Antichrist appear here.

    We are seeing the signs of the end times folks. Most of us over 60 years of age will not see the ultimate fate yet to come which is the global fire which was prophecied. These human hybrids will be the followers of the Antichrist believe it or not. However they have to be in position to be in power controlling the world and one of them is the Economy (stocks) Banks, Large Corporations, and even have control over the military, and Media. As we all know at present time the economy is teetering on the brink of a world wide collapse. Example USA is in 15 trillion in Debt!!! How to pay off this debt is next to impossible. Look at whats going on in Europe. Eventually China will seize control and declare the USA currency worthless. In fact China owns 4 Trillion of our debt and they want their money back.

    To bring in this new energy source, and to stop the pollution will destroy world wide electric companies, and many other companies at the same time such as Automobile Companys – Chevrolet, Ford etc, and this will cause millions to be out of work and most importantly the OPEC Bloc. The consequences will be catastrophic. For this to happen the Economy has to totally collapse first. How soon will this happen I predict very soon to at most 3 years from now. So I suggest you folks start stocking up on survival food and get your debts paid off ASAP so you can at least own something when the shit hits the fan.

    I also would like if anyone can confirm if the USA government has passed such a law saying we cannot grow any food for ourselves. If this is true, I will be the first to say I will shoot the SOB who comes on my property telling me that its illegal to grow my own food, and cremate the bastard
    permanently. More likely it will be a hybrid human no doubt.

    Other than that, the warning is quite clear, so use common sense and start taking steps to protect yourselve and learn how to recognize human hybrids. If you see one, and know its true, stay clear away from them and don’t help them jack shit. The last thing we need is for them to act like one of us.

    As far as I am concerned I don’t trust Aliens PERIOD. I will always be suspicious of them and be wary of them. In fact they will get so good even those of the elect will get deceived by them. Some questions to ask them is about if they wear contact lenses. Ask them to take one out cause you would like to see it. If they do, then look at the eyes as it will be a dead giveaway. The other is their size, and eye and brow displacement. The configuration will be different than normal humans. There will probably be more than this over time but at least this is a start.

    Good luck



  30. Daveyo,

    You are right that there is NO good alien! If there were, they would have revealed themselves to the general population by now, instead of cooperating with our corrupt Governments and the Military of the world. Remember, THEY have been here for eons! It’s a progressive invasion by subtle and long-term infiltration, even cross-breeding. Their take-over is becoming more blatant – 911 and the GRAND DEPRESSION. THEY intend to openly enslave all of humanity (Gulag Earth).

    Forget about trying to save your life or extending it by stocking up on “survival” stuff. It’s a rip-off. You’ll just end up being breakfast, lunch or dinner for the aliens! When TSHTF it will be SO dramatic and severe that you will be better off dead (as long as you know Jesus!). When it says in Holy Scripture that “pray that you will not be with child” (pregnant) in the Last Days (just ahead), you can also conclude that having young children and watching them suffer will be an agony and you’ll be better off to avoid it. In fact, seeing humanity impoverished, enslaved and destroyed (in future wars – like Iran) will be something best avoided.


    • dude you need to take a night off the blogger machine, thee ideas you come up with are insane, aliens wanting to make our world into a gulag, if they wanted to do it why now? why not when we were still in early development? all the aliens are evil, yeah sure…. because unlike all the rest of the universe the aliens do not observe the balance of equilibrium.

      i think the real reason they do not contact us is because they have read our internet over and over and seen nothing but crackpots like you posting you insane garbled rhetoric over and over across your, apparent, five websites. how about jumping of the DOOMSDAY express and taking a different look at the world….

      now i know you’ll ignore this and continue to ramble like you do with every other person who offers an opposing opinion to yours, and for this feel sorry for you because a truly wise man understands both sides of the coin before the toss



  31. OK, Luke – you asked for it!

    If you STUDY my websites, you will learn that the aliens FEED on the human race. There is a post on my Google blog with some heads of cabbages. THEY have been CULTivating the human race for eons – just like we cultivate fields of cabbages. All the wars that were ever fought (for no good reason!) were nothing more than planned feeding frenzies for the aliens. THEY feed on human bodies and souls and are particularly fond of Human Negative Spiritual Energy (NSE). They consume this NSE through ORIFICES, which have been constructed by the human race (with subliminal alien prodding) for that (hidden) purpose. Think of the Vatican, the WH, the Capitol building, Oxford University Library, Columbia Library, the Federal Reserve building, etc. and all those ancient temples with PILLARS (now mostly ruins) as ORIFICES with teeth (the pillars). So, the reason THEY kept us around for so long was to increase their food supply. Ever see the film “War of the Worlds”? THEY suck up humans with vacuum hoses and funnel them into their on-board blenders! It’s an allegory but the principle is the same. We are FOOD to THEM. Now, as we approach the moment of TSHTF ( BIG TIME), THEY are preparing one, last humangous FEAST. That’s why 911 was so full of holes but THEY did it anyway because it don’t matter anymore if we find out that THEY (Israeli Zionist Slimeballs) really did it. Their next blood-letting will involve America and Iran – etc. YUMMY!

    Actually, your argument (what little there is of it) is about as weak as the OWS movement! In fact, you don’t really have an argument (position) at all. You are just babbling meaningless BS to be contrary. Yeah, a coin has 2 sides but you have no side at all! I’m not doing this (explanation) for you, by the way. :)

    I’m guessing you’re about 12 years old. You have a lot to learn but unfortunately, you have very little time to do it. You might delight the aliens as a midnight snack, however! At least your life will not have been totally useless. ;)


    • well this is exactly what i was referring to, mindless babble supported by your own websites, and quoting movies as if they are truths? war of worlds was not only a shit movie but totally ridiculous, next were gonna say that movies like “wanted” display actual bullet physics (ie swinging your hand will make a bullet curve around a target). Also stating all the worlds wars are to feed the aliens WHAT ARE YOU ON!? are you so convoluted that you actually believe the utter rubbish you type? where is any evidence to support what you say? do you have anything that is not on your website or another blog to support you or is this all what some little green man told you in your sleep? Im really sick of people like you giving us ufologists a bad name, you’re the ones they put on camera to make the rest of us look like crackpots who’ve spent too much time on the peace pipe. just stop already…

      oh and btw im a 19 year old mechanical engineer, majoring in design and development. i work for shell todd oil and gas because they pay well, i hate what they do, but you have to pay your bills. In my spare time i work on creating a free energy device (magnetic ring) while keeping up to date with whats going on around me and reading up on the latest ideas and tech from around the globe. all the while i look after my partner, make sure im home for tea and go to the gym for an hour every day. so what do you do with your life?



      • I’ll be brief.

        There are TONS of links on my websites in support of my posts and comments. You have to CONNECT all the dots (or bloody blobs).

        You may be 19 but your maturity level is that of a 12-year old.

        If you are a mechanical engineer, you are the 1st 19-year old mechanical engineer i ever heard of. Most 19-year olds are in their 1st year of College!

        If you visit and click on all the links,you will learn what I have done and what I am still doing with my life. At 71, I’ve done a heckuvalot more than you have – or likely will ever do! Of course, you could prove me wrong. ;)


      • your link page is under construction and looking for funding, how does this show me what you do? i can create a webpage declaring me to be god but that doesn’t prove anything, i finished university at the age of 18 with a diploma in mechanical design engineering and im working while studying for the degree, and yet you say my maturity is that of a 12 year old, most 30 year olds cant get off their arse to pick up the remote let alone, work for an oil and gas giant, feed the family, and study in night courses. oh yes and still have time to talk to people like you about how ridiculous your ideas are. so before you bring my maturity into question look at all the other 19 year old’s living on unemployment, smoking dope and drinking themselves blind throughout the day.

        Your actual webpage, novalight (you should have really put down this link), states you worked and lived in New Zealand for Inland Revenue, telecom and Fletcher challenge, interesting to say the least, so it does seem you have some knowledge behind you but i still find you views to be too far fetched as to believing that every aliens wants us dead. do you expect people to sleep with a gun under their pillows?


      • Luke,

        You started to ridicule me because your field of view is narrow and focused on the physical world – understandable for a 19-year old mechanical engineering student. If you already have a family with children at that age, it further questions your maturity. Your language is offensive and accusatory, without showing the slightest interest in the reasons for my beliefs or investigating who I am and what my experience is – on which those beliefs are based. Compared to me and my actual experiences and beliefs covering 71 years, you are just emerging out of the womb. You couldn’t even find your way around my single opening web page, on which you finally discovered the link to my BIO, sometime between writing your first and second paragraph. Have you discovered my American experience and education yet? My BIO does not represent all of my knowledge and experience – BY FAR. My 2 blogs contain another dimension of that experience and knowledge.

        As far as the aliens go, you will learn a lot more about THEM if you STUDY my 2 blogs. It’s important to do your homework, no matter how old you are.

        The aliens are CULTivating humanity for their CONSUMPTION. That does not mean THEY want us all dead immediately. Can you understand that? When THEY come for you (or anyone else), a gun under your pillow will do NOTHING for you. THEY have FAR subtler ways of coming for you! It’s obvious from your comments that your subconscious has been programmed by THEM and you are babbling nonsense without knowing it!

        If you’re going to grow up and learn things which you do not yet understand, you must train yourself to have an open mind and acknowledge that you basically know NOTHING (worth knowing). STOP watching TV and reading MSM newspapers. If you must watch, turn off the sound. THAT is how THEY program your subconscious.

        Learn HUMILITY – very appropriate for someone your age.

        Don’t be discouraged, however. Jesus taught humanity more in the 3 short years of His ministry on Earth than the combined lives of all the philosophers, scientists and mechanical engineers who ever lived or who will ever live! Moses didn’t start the real work of his life until he was 80!


      • Luke,

        My wife and I raised our 2 children in Aotearoa for 10 years and we love that country so much that we all became dual citizens, with the “Right of Return”. NZ has a wonderful and inspiring National Anthem, among many other valuable features. I had a brilliant 2nd career there and have friends throughout the country. I started my 1st website there. It still exists (old version).

        It’s always a good idea to listen to someone who has a different point of view than yours (even if it is dramatically different), than to go for their jugular. We had some misunderstandings here, unfortunately.

        Most of what I publish on the Web is based on personal experience, including spiritual knowledge.

        I hope you will find the time to become more familiar with what I publish because it is of the UTMOST importance – to you and to everyone who visits there. My main website has been visited daily by people from just about every country in the world – to this day.

        Good Luck!


      • now to clear this up by family i mean, i look after my grandparents, both retired and in their 70’s, and my partner of three years who ive been faithful to since high school, also i have viewed your entire bio I was merely commenting on your experience in new Zealand (my home) as opposed to your life in Germany, your move to America, specifically new york where you worked for MGM and your various other positions and qualifications including your bachelor of arts and private pilots license. also you mention controlling my subconscious, this i found ridiculous also, as i do not follow the mainstream news and the only time i use my tv is to watch doco’s on engineering design etc, i detached myself from the mainstream media a looong time ago and only follow websites such as this to find the truth behind everything. I still cannot justify my existence being purely the puppet of the shadow governments, zionists, an alien harvest project etc etc etc.

        lets just agree to disagree as i refuse (at this time) to believe the ideas you come up with and you seem convinced that your information is true to fact.



  32. Your replies are wild and interesting Godsend and very honest. I am just wanting to know if you feel that the 144,000 are none Jews as I feel God will still deal with them and many will become saved after the rapture. I support the UFO theory and I support that those on TBN are a false gospel. Thank you.


    • Actually, the most important thing about my comments is that they are TRUE. (would God send a liar?). The144,000 are followers of Jesus the Christ. As Daveyo said, the Old Covenant (with Jews) has been replaced by a New Covenant with all the followers of Jesus the Christ. Only Messianic Jews are included, aka the REMNANT. Many of them are being saved and will continue to be saved until The End. There will be a REVIVAL during the End Times, led by Messianic Jews. Remember that Christ’s disciples were all former Jews. Christ Himself was raised as a Jew – but then He REPUDIATED Judaism (in no uncertain terms). STUDY my websites – they are filled with truths and very spiritually uplifting posts.


  33. Well here is my supposed theory between the argument of Godsend and Luke. I think Godsend meant to say that the Aliens advocate wars and killing and this is well known for the last 5,000 years. It is known as the purging event when another seeks conquest and power to dominate other cultures and nationalities. As a matter of fact we do have evidence that humans existed during the dinosaur age!!!! Footprints were recovered along side of the dinosaurs same age period in America.

    There are several classes of aliens and one of them is known as the Reptillians. They are the ones interested in humans for their silver platter as they do have the appetite for such means. There are ancient drawings showing what they looked like from the past as they are very tall and large and extremely very strong physically.

    To Godsend and Luke. There seems to be from what I am seeing overall, the aliens do admit that there is a Jesus Christ, and they also admit that this person is far more powerful than they are overall, and controls the Universe. It appears that they themselves had some kind of encounter with Him long time ago.

    To Irish > the 144,000 are the elect from each tribe (12 of them) regarding their heritage that meet certain criteria to be qualified. Whether or not it refers to Jews alone or to all worldwide remains to be seen cause I am not sure of it. I do know the Jews lost their birthright to the covenant and now the covenant will involve everyone. As a matter of fact the Ark of the Covenant is still on Earth, but if anyone goes or attempts to get to it, they will die long before ever seeing it. Its well guarded by angelic beings. Its location is in Jerusalem.

    Before the end of times this Ark of the Covenant will be revealed and be shown to everyone and there is more of what will happen next. Too much to put down.

    You have to understand what the prophecy is saying. The end of the age means this>> ELE >>Extintion Level Event. The prophecy said had not the days been shortened no one will be left alive!!!!!! Therefore the days were shorten so the remaining can be saved. Which means to say something very bad and horrific is going to happen to humanity. Godsend was referring to this part when Godsend commented saying one would be better off dead than be alive to see this particular event unfolds before all.

    After those who were saved etc., then the fire will come to destroy Earth. Now when one thinks where and what kind of fire can consume Earth the answer is the SUN. Irrespective of the distance between Earth and Sun, all it will take is a super duper flare to shoot out so far it will be so powerful it will go past Earth’s orbit. The other is how Sodom and Gemmorah got destroyed, but this one will be of such enormous proportions that even the experts will not be able to comprehend.

    When they speak of stargates and the capability to do such travel etc., we are of water and bone composition. We have cells and each of us is different. You cannot transfer such human into another dimension. The star trek series of beam me up Scotty is virtually impossible. The cells will die instantly and you will be dead or not even materiallize on the other side. You can probably do this spiritually but not physically.

    The construction of the aliens spaceships is of a material that is totally unknown to us at present time. I don’t think we have such on Earth, but such material more likely is found on other planets. In fact this material is capable of being able to withstand extreme high temps and we see these ships very close to the Sun today. Also there is some of it around at various places on Earth that the Aliens left behind.

    As of the Aliens not revealing themselves full up front of our faces there is a reason for not doing so. Their objectives and plans are totally different than what most people are thinking or saying etc. In a sense keep in mind they are highly intelligent and no where near being a fool to tell us and they have no particular reason or need or be required to inform us.

    Good luck



    • Daveyo,

      “the aliens do admit that there is a Jesus Christ”

      What is the source for this statement?

      Regarding the alien materials of which their star ships are made. Watch the videos of Phil Schneider (Google him). The aliens brought many entirely unknown materials to Earth – some of them made of elements we never heard of! Some of these materials have to be made in Space.

      Actually, several aliens have revealed themselves to humans (mostly Gov’t and Military). There are even photos of THEM. Again, watch the Schneider videos. He was a credible witness before THEY eliminated him. Also watch the William Pawelec interview (available on my wordpress blog). He was also a very credible witness. There are other credible witnesses as well.

      The point about the aliens is that THEY have made deals with corrupt human government and military officials which are NOT in the interests of the human race! At best, these government and military officials have been DECEIVED. DECEPTION is the hallmark of these aliens and of Satan (aka “The Great Deceiver”). Zionist Slimeballs are humanoid AGENTS of the generic race of alien demonic beings – brood of Satan!


  34. Hi Godsend, First you say the aliens want to eat us then you mention later its the Zionist……I am confused/


    • My Wild Irish Rose,

      I am not the author of confusion! You are NOT paying attention – to the details. As THEY say: “The Devil is in the details”. Luke, being a detail man, will attest to that.

      Now, to become fully versant in alien lore and fact, you MUST STUDY my blogs. If you visit the POA (Patriots OCCUPY America) website: you will find 2 beautiful blue and round buttons next to my photo near the bottom of the Home Page, marked Blog 1 and Blog 2. If you click on those buttons, you will be taken on a magical mystery tour to my blogs – and there you will discover all you ever wanted to know about aliens – but were afraid to ask. One of those blogs contains 777 posts – and a TON of links. The other blog is a lot smaller, only about 80 posts – and has a lotta links, too. You will also discover a whole bunch of other goodies which you never dreamed of!

      If you prefer short answers, the aliens are demon-possessed beings who exist in the same physical dimension that we do, although THEY are aheckuvalot more intelligent and technologically advanced than we are. The demons and their father (Satan), however, live in another dimension, also inhabited by angels and even God, Himself! Those Zionist Slimeball critters, whose homeland is Zionist Israel, are humanoid reptilian AGENTS (also demon-possessed) of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). The Zionist Slimeballs do not want to eat us – THEY just like to torment and kill us for the fun of it (especially Palestinians) – AND to feed their demonic alien masters – who like to dine on human souls and Negative Spiritual Energy (NES), which THEY extract from the human race through VIOLENCE, WARS and DEATH. NSE is primarily consumed through ORIFICES of which MANY have been built throughout history, including modern times. Think of ancient temples with PILLARS. They are the same PILLARS that are visible in our Capitol (TONS of pillars – symbolic TEETH), the WH, the Vatican, most Libraries and MUSEUMS of the world, etc. When clueless humans venture into these ORIFICES, they unwittingly emanate NES by their admiration and awe-struck wonder at all the IDOLS which are secretly being worshiped there. Did you ever wonder why so many of the ancient temples and our modern ‘temples’ look alike?! It’s NO ACCIDENT.

      I should note, however, that those Israeli Zionist Slimeballs have been caught snatching body parts from dead Palestinians and selling them to organ seekers for a hefty price! Like the “Holocaust Industry” (Norman Finkelstein), THEY have established another “Organ Industry”. Nice, huh?!

      So, most of those aliens do not want to eat us in our sense of the word ‘eat’ – although THEY seem to be fond of our ‘precious bodily fluids’ (blood and glandular secretions). It’s more symbolic and spiritual than physical.

      I hope that clears up the confusion.


  35. I am going to google zionist and definition


    • Don’t use Wikipedia for the definition. Wikipedia is a Zionist organization. They are part of the Zionist Slimeball subconscious programming and brain-washing machinery.


    • Zionist (Slimeball) is equivalent to ISRAEL. A Zionist is a fanatical supporter and defender (no matter how irrational) of the Rogue and Satanic State of Israel. When Neturei Karta True Torah Jews state: “ZIONISM IS NAZISM”, they are not kidding! American “Auslege” Goy Zionist Slimeballs (like Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a) are also loyal to Israel, rather than America (and they worship Satan).


  36. Godsend, now I must have a paradigm change in my thinking if I am to read your blogs on the Jews. My bible tells me that the Jews are very special to God and that the palestians are the rotten eggs. I have already had suck a shock on the Nasa Moon Rising video and now this. My brain is in overdrive but as I seek the truth I shall go there and will ask the Holy Spirit to guide me.


    • You and MILLIONS of other so-called ‘Christians’ must have a paradigm shift because you have fallen prey to ZIOChristian fake Christians like John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson and oodles of other CUI (Christians United for Israel) mis-leaders of ‘Christian’ sheeple. The ‘Chosen People’ (Jews) are dispersed all over the planet because of the Diaspora – and Israel is now OCCUPIED by Zionist Slimeballs. THEY pretend to be Jews but “The are not Jews but are a Synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9). Benjamin Freedman, a former Jew who saw the Light and became a Messianic Jew, revealed all about the Zionists in his 1961 and 1974 speeches (available on my blogs).

      Pastor Chuck Carlson ( ) knows all about ZIOChristianity and is actively exposing the ZIionist Slimeball deception to the many congregations which are being mis-led by false ‘Christian’ leaders. You SEE! how diabolical and deceptive the Devil is! :O No wonder the Bible says that in these Last Days “even the Elect” will be deceived, if possible. The “Elect” are Christians who listen to those CUI deceivers who defend and support Zionist Israel.

      The Holy Spirit will not lead you astray! Just make sure it’s the Holy Spirit and not some other, Satanic Evil spirit that you listen to!


      • @Godsend

        Comments with endless religious quotations and promotion of your websites are not allowed.

        Read our T.O.U

        No 5. No one is allowed to insert endless Religious quotations on this forum
        as this site is not for religion.
        There are other groups and sites for this on the internet.
        However you can insert a small religious quotation, or a religious artefact in question
        to compare if such is related to some means of science for discussion or debate.

        To Godsend and Luke

        No.3. Any offensive words or non offensive words meant to and or directed
        at to attack the character of another person is not permitted.

        To our Readers

        Please read our T.O.U. before you post your comment!



  37. Is God finished with Israel and are you a replacement theologist person.?


    • No, God is not finished with Israel and the Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) by a long shot. Ezekiel 22:20 hasn’t happened yet (get out your Bible and read it – or you can find it on my blogs) but when it does, that will mark the END of the Zionist Slimeballs and Zionist Israel. Israel will just be one vast Parking Lot. If you STUDY my main website ( ) you will find out who I am.


  38. Admin,

    OK. Those are fair guidelines. I’ve come to the end of my biblical quotations and conversation with Luke.


  39. “You MUST be born again from Above”. If and when someone is “born again from Above” they begin to SEE! (Jesus the Christ). “Amazing Grace” explains how it works with a few inspired words. When most people talk about a “Higher Power”, they mean God (the Father). It’s all explained in great and unmistakable detail in the New Testament. I’m not kidding you!


  40. I decided to conclude my visit to this website with some final words, spoken by others many years ago. I supersedes anything that any ALIEN ever said or might have to say to humanity.

    November 25

    “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know… His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength He exerted when He raised Christ from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 1:18-20 NIV)

    Resurrection is the paramount miracle. Death is the greatest power against God’s work, God’s likeness, God’s purpose. Death is the greatest power in this universe against man; his labors, his hopes, his wellbeing. Death is the last word in the creation as it is. Outside of God there is no power in this universe as great as death. When it has intervened and done its work there is nothing that can reverse or destroy it. In the realm of evil there is no power that exceeds the power of death. This is why, in referring to the resurrection of Christ from the dead, the words are used: “the exceeding greatness of His power” (Eph. 1:19). When death has exceeded every other evil power – sin, suffering, sorrow, and destruction, then God’s unique and exclusive answer is the only hope, and the one answer. More importance and glory is placed upon resurrection in the New Testament than upon any other matter. Indeed, everything else is declared to be in vain and worthless until resurrection is established. Resurrection is stated to give the value to every testimony and every work. Death, spiritual death (not cessation of being) – of which the physical is only one small aspect – is Satan’s horizon. Resurrection is God’s horizon in Christ.

    Resurrection, we repeat, is the answer to death in all its forms and aspects: God’s answer in His Son, Jesus Christ. Having said that, let us proceed to note that the next thing revealed in the New Testament is that this supreme truth in Jesus Christ is the birthright of every one born into God’s spiritual family; the heritage of every truly born-again child of God. But the point for special realization is that we must not make the mistake that Martha of Bethany made, when she received such a revealing correction. She said, concerning her brother: “I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection.” It is not something in the future for believers, but for the moment when they believe on the Lord Jesus and receive Him. The order now is first the resurrection of the human spirit and at last the resurrection body. This, for any born-anew Christian needs no stating, although the meaning may take years to learn.

    By T. Austin-Sparks from: Horizoned by Resurrection – Chapter 6


  41. Have you reviewed the lawsuit filed 11.23.2011? The lawsuit that could end the gangster rule of Western civilization
    Audio in two parts…


    I say “Nike It!” or JUST DO IT! Disclose, uncloak, first contact… Bring every Truth to the Light for all to embrace.
    I would ask everyone to watch

    And if you can sit still for 2 whole hours, watch the movie “THRIVE” – it is a moving target on YouTube as there are obviously wealthy thieves that have a huge stake in keeping the Truth of their actions from the the world so you’ll have to search or go to and purchase the DVD.

    Much Love & Light as the Collapse of Tyranny is underway!


  42. Who are Advanced Beings… These we call Aliens? by J.S. Thompson (Partial snippets of article)

    Contemporary science is knocking on the door of “other dimensional science”! Scientists believe and rightly so, that if they can understand how an atomic particle is constructed, the universe might give up one of her secrets. Understanding how this machine we call a particle works, will open up the door of other dimensional sciences and society will change forever!

    As you might have come to expect, someone has already figured this out. It isn’t difficult to understand that when your life is controlled by a very advanced computer, that you make very few mistakes and being exposed to modern man or for that matter, even primitive man to a lesser extent, is dangerous for these people. They are vulnerable and they fear us much more than we fear them.

    Advanced beings live within the earth. There are several different societies of advanced beings who have developed several different levels of technology but they all share one thing in common… they have discovered “other dimensional science”.

    I don’t like to use the word “dimensional” because it conjures up mental pictures of old sci-fi movies and books. However, for the sake of explanation, we will use it to mean the particles (matter) that exist outside of “our” (the solar) frequency spectrum. There is nothing mystical about other dimensional particles; they are simply particles that have an internal pressure and signature that we cannot perceive without technology. The signature for all matter begins and ends in electron space (E. space).

    What we describe as “advanced beings”, they have been here on the earth for a very long time. In fact, most of these beings are earthlings. Most of these beings were born here on earth at a very specific time in our past; there are very few exceptions.

    Advanced beings do not breathe! In order to become an “other dimensional being,” you must make a few changes to yourself. Advanced being physiology works in much the same way that advanced being craft work. There are no moving parts that make contact in atomic space. The only heat generated in an advanced being body and an advanced being craft… is generated in quantum space or more specifically, a level of sub atomic space.
    Space is divided into sections with signature configurations. This is why advanced craft all have the same shape; the shape of the craft is designed to fit perfectly into this section of space.

    Advanced being craft are multi- dimensional, which means you see only part of it. You don’t see the thrusters on an advanced being craft. The thrusters on these crafts are huge and shaped exactly the same way as the craft. If an advanced being society were to give you an advanced craft to study because they wanted you to do something for them, you would most certainly attempt to back engineer the craft to find out how it works, but you would never figure out how it works, you would never be able to back engineer this craft or unlock the secrets of its dimensionality. An advanced being society would never give you the tools to threaten them. If you are going to discover how other dimensional science works, you’re going to have to do it another way…

    Advanced beings don’t breathe because they have discovered that oxygen is a source of heat that begins burning us up from the inside from the time of our first breath. Oxygen, ironically, gives us life and also it takes away.

    Advanced beings must alter their human bodies in order to prevent oxygen from killing them. [more]…

    To read article in its entirety….


  43. Good to see so many awakening to truth and possibility…I see you as well who deceive by sleight of mind…greetings all…
    The path is exciting yet not without pitfalls. There are those who would lead you astray even while claiming a level of advanced divinity. The discernment required this regard was a gift (present) to each of you from the time your form was created, residual from your grounded and divine “from earth” DNA The truth of this you will neither come to “know” by my teachings of truth or by deceptions taught by other humanbeings…the truth is with-in each of you awaiting your awakening…you must choose to remember, even your ancient past…for you see my dear friends, we are they…to a point.
    To solve the mystery of “aliens”, solve first the mystery of “humans”. Humans, as such, are not native to any known civilization in the local system of galaxies, contrary to what you may have been led to believe. Neither are we a single species but now five, though few of the original versions of “humans” remain after the great war. In common, each was created from naturally evolved DNA of this planet, though not entirely in the same fashion. I will offer a brief explanation at the risk of sounding psychotic to some of you…as said, when you are ready to know the truth, it will be that you remember it, not learn it anew. I offer only a few sprinkles of cold water in your face…
    Our first visitors, significant to this discussion, arrived here by accident hoping to escape detection of their pursuers by means of a naturally occurring harmonic anomaly, call it a “stargate” that creates an interdiminsonal link twice during each full 25,600 year cycle, as this system passes through the galactic plane. This is the uniqueness of this time, and for reasons I will not address at this time, the most unique and significant occurrence of this anomaly in three full cycles and only the third such occurrence (opportunity as well as threat) sense the arrival of our visitors more than 230,000 years ago. They soon discovered their place of hiding was a self imposed prison as well. Their technology of no avail.
    The biosphere was not conducive to the long-term survival of our (initial) visitors. Here is a brief history of “humanity”. We were evolved of earth, our DNA still containing a double helix of 48 chromosomes. 144 were taken from our families by capture. 72 male, 72 female. What happened was unique in the history of future human development in that it has never happened again. The technique was more of a splicing and grafting where in we were physically joined with mismatched DNA of our visitors. What you have likely not heard before is that this was a two way street, as the DNA taken from us was later used in an effort by our visitors to alter their make up to allow them to adapt to earth bio-sphere. These later “test-tube” genetic creations resolved to what ancient myth and legend refer to as Lemurians and Atlantians, both of whom quickly accepted their “humanity” and reject servitude to those who had created them and would be master. We on the other hand, Amadonites, were not so fortunate. The original 144 were returned to our homes to find our families had been eradicated as well as more than 90% of evolved species from our family tree. The few who survived we were forbidden to mingle with and all were doomed to extinction. We were allowed to interbreed naturally 100 fold, the population never exceeding this number. All 144,000 were servant / slaves. Of these, only twelve have survived, and this only by grace of continuing manifestation of form with few restrictive genetic implants …and of these, 11 made the transition to this time, though one has been lost to things of the world and as such lost memory as well, and one returned to the past prematurely for reasons not known. Some know us as geomancers and we are but nine among you now.
    Next were Lemurian, intended to be physical embodiments of the visitors as they began to age quickly on this world…didn’t exactly work out as planned. Their advanced nature allowed them contact 154,000 years ago with, the first great cycle of three 25,600 years (6 passes thru the galactic plane) with beings known as Mechelzedecs, who had been among the pursuers of our visitors. Lems were freed of their jaded origins. Next effort would be those who became known as Atlantians, again as embodiments, avatars if you will of the visitors, technically more advanced than their Lem predecessors, though not nearly as evolved “spiritually”. All groups though of certain common ancestry for the most part lived in isolation of the other until sometime after the second visit by the Melchzedecs some 77,000 years ago. Contact between the Lems and Amadonites, who now served the Atlantian race, increased during this time and for many of us it was a time of awakening, for others darkness. Loyalties were equally divided.
    It was the intent of the Atlans, by means of their advanced harmonic technologies, to access the “stargate” during a cycle passage through the galactic ecliptic and escape this dimensional realm unnoticed. Their intent did not go unnoticed by the highly intuitive Lems. Also the work of building the harmonic devices largely fell to us, and our loyalties were by this time as mentioned divided. The remnants of these devices are not the megalithic structures of earth with you today, but those even older at precise locations of the harmonic grid of the earth. This was in fact the second time this was attempted, most of the original structures long vanished now. You should know the all important locations of devices were done by “divination”, the primary function of geomancers, an instinctual ability to resonate with earth possessed still most strongly by those with strongest ties to evolved DNA. You see this in many forms of evolved life although it is largely misunderstood and thought to be “magnetic” in nature. This period in measure of current time was 25,600 years ago. In an effort this time to conceal their plan, the Atlans attacked the Lems with nuclear and other advanced weapons. Many think the Lems “returned fire” but this is not so and ancient myths abound with this inaccuracy. The Lems possessed no weaponry. By their advanced psychic abilities they caused much of the Atlans aggression to be redirected at themselves. Both cultures were destroyed as well as much of the biosphere and most forms of life. The earth experienced nuclear winter for most of the next 12,000 years. The Lems never attempted to repopulate the surface as the Atlans did, nor did they let their presence be known until it was necessary to again intercede. A third effort to escape was launched by the Atlans, this at half-cycle 12,800 years ago and for a second time resulted in nuclear devastation. These are the true stories of the Vedas, and it is these megalithic structures with you now that were the harmonic devices intended for this purpose. But for twelve survivors, all Amadonites were lost in this second exchanged, many by execution at the hands of the Atlans. The few survivors, only by the grace of the Lems. The few surviving Atlans were for the first time without the servitude of amadon geomancers and most of their technology was lost as well with the exception of two devices, one which was concealed in stone in the great pyramid of Giza that has since been removed, and a second known as the holy of holies, the arc of the covenant, still hidden.
    Early on I stated there were five genetic races derived from evolved DNA…I have mentioned but three. The fourth was a modification the surviving Altans incorporated into their own make up by the addition of reptilian DNA to their earth/alien make up without which they would likely have not survived the nuclear winter they created. Many stories of alien “reptilians” but I tell you they are from here…not “out there”. These blood lines have been preserved to this day as the masters among you and not a single of the original Altans survived without this modification. And the fifth…As was the first, created to serve their masters. These are known as the Adamites and are a very recent genetic creation in the scheme of things. Designed to evolve quickly with technical skills (so as to be useful by the ecliptic crossing we go through now). This rapid evolution “gene” is evidenced in accelerated technical development as well as skin eye and hair color, height, susceptibility and resistance to disease, diet, and any measure of variation not typically seen in other species. Modifications also shortened physical life spans and installed an “implant” whereby as each conscious entity reborn as Adamite does so with now memory beyond the present incarnation. What we call “instinct”, genetic memory, has not actually been removed from Adamites but has been blocked by “implant” and can be removed with conscious intent as well as with exposure to certain harmonic variation.
    What is the truth of this? Extra-terrestrial…the term itself honors your terrestrial evolution… remember who you are, not limited to current form, and you will know…



  44. Thanks for the data–I think I am getting it..a pattern is emerging– There is no doubt about it, Planet Earth has been played…BIG TIME! To what end, one can only guess. If there is a major planet magnetic shift, we are going to loose a lot of population, so that is a factor in play. NASA is beginning to disclose more and more information on these issues–the big IF is the present mystery. The cabal/illuminati/hidden gov -blah-blah – is another rather ornate factor..internal strife being the pay off as far as I can see…I am reminded of the Greek Gods standing around a table, moving pieces on a board and putting new pieces into the game while they chuckle behind their hands–playing the planet while they play one another..

    I think the light really got brighter when I listened to the pieces on the “Tall white” race –“They don’t eat meat. They are vegetarians. They don’t have or keep pets. They don’t like animals…We, humanity is mamal…we are animals–that is the part–indiginous animals we are..hyper-upgraded genetically over centuries, we are learning to love and protect our fellow animals.. While at the same time, we slaughter them for food. We have races who are mostly vegetarian and races who mostly eat sea food and on and on…We have to be able to digest what we eat or we will starve..biology is the great dictator. This is an element in this game as well..different species from other planets ‘seeding’ our human population perhaps?

    And all of this ‘meddling ‘ is going on with a species who is able, by some means or another, to ‘create’ their own realiety — influence the larger realiety with collective unconsciousness…Exemplatory proof keeps coming in on that. Some call this process, prayer…some call it meditation, some just see that process as wanting or beliving something to/will happen without even knowing it at a conscious or surface thought level. So if influenced, sold a bill of goods for what ever reason, it changes the realiety recognition..Thus those “video” moments in starships perhaps? Oh, yeah! Perhaps it is the process of creating such fear as to motivate the opposite effect, the desire to prevent something…One can go in a number of directions on this…

    You understand of course, it does not matter if our administrative government, no matter which party, decides to do a full blown media dance called disclosure…that is already in the process…It is time to take the jig saw puzzle out of the box and do what has been done on this information site..always be aware of the short comings of the human ability to process the data that there may well be pieces to this puzzle which have dropped to the floor unseen as the box was opened and dropped on the table of our minds…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  45. You know, I promised Vara to be nice, but it is so very hard to do. It doesn’t take an “advanced” being to prattle on about things they know little or nothing about but sound very “deep” and “cosmic” while they are doing so. I wonder if all of you “cosmically” aware “advanced” beings could try to offer a little touch of scientific proof to validate anything you are saying. I know it feeds our egos to think we are so much more “advanced” than we really are, and it especially feeds ones ego when he or she believes that “they” are aware of these deep profound truths that the rest of us have somehow missed, or just plain forgot. Throw in a few well wishes, mix in some expressions of love and concern, or a bit of encouragement to “remember” how great we all are, and darn if it doesn’t almost ring sincere. But if all you offer are some “alice in wonderland” theories, some ideas that have been recycled for millenia, then you will only reach those who are already on your same “wavelength”. The rest of us, those with at least a dab of skepticism remaining and a desire to approach all things with a touch of rationality, are not going to be impressed or convinced by your ramblings. Do yourself a favor, and stay in your current dimension and think with a rational mind. Deluding yourself with fairy tales or wishful thinking will not “advance” you one little bit.


  46. Well, it is 8:26am here – I see you are a bit ahead of me Chuck…I read your post wondering why you are so angry about folks appearing to feel superior because they go on and on about their favorite theories and philosophys. I suppose in that process it appears that they are saying, “come on you dummies, don’t you get this!? Usually this response is based in religious thinking. It seems that everyone is arguing for their particuliar take on the ‘personalized’ GOD thing. Ancient aliens diatribes tend in this direction as well. I have done it myself many times. The feeling in me when I go on one of those, “Why don’t you see this!?” rampages, is intense and often impatient. “Why are you not thinking — like me?”

    I have noticed that these ET pages invoke a wild mix of emotional energies. There is a frantic, almost desperate quality to the bizzare recognition that we are somehow, not alone, either as individuals or as a species. It is very hard to accept on the one hand and very inticing on the other. Once the recogniton begins to dawn, the fight to remain firmly planted in the daily humm of life as usual, begins to fade, data point by data point. It seems the only way to stay steady, is to seek some form of mental comfort in things familiar or soothing. Panic attacks are very frequent in those I have known who are walking through this mine field of possibility. All we, as individuals are trying to do, is deal with our daily physical challenges with the tools we have on board our routine lives. Anything outside of that is a threat to self of such proportions that we want to put it into some familiar context in order to keep our eyes and minds on the road of physical living.

    So, for all, no matter how controlled or how we wrap ourselves in a protective, “superior” blanket to protect our selves from our own internal terror of vulnerbility, this is hard. I, for one, started my recognision trek in the 1980s. In a way, I am one of the lucky ones who rejects out of hand the ‘crazy’ scenerio simply because of my own life experiences and education. Some how, in all of that, I learned to trust myself. Having been raised by artists was a big plus. The active artist, no matter their field, looks outside of the ‘box’ ever seeking ‘new information’ about their world. The phrase, “Hey, look at this! I bet you have never seen something like this before!” comes to mind in this regard. In order to do this, great allowance is necessary. It means allowing things not normally exposed to the ‘tribe’ mentality to be investigated. Theater, music, drawing/painting, movies, directing, and even producing at the executive level in all fields, hold this as a bottom line in approaching subject material.

    Until digital exposure of enormous realms of information became common place in the lives of the average person, areas of interest and investigation appeared as great mysteries or did not appear at all. Widely available college education was working over time to bring increasing numbers of students up to new levels of world awareness unavailable in elementary and high school exposure. Radio and television became mired in commercial driven formulas restricting broader access to “controversial” areas of human behavior and experience. It was Star Trek who broke the bubble on the anomolies of the space exploration issue and they had a hell of a struggle staying on the air. Now we are space ships and space wars with aliens every where in the cartoon medim and all other commercial medias.

    In all of this, the concept that humans are a superior being has been endlessly challenged through humor and drama. “Secret societies” have been exposed and their secrets have been dissected and noted in wide public access. What was once thought of as “Magic” is now alloted to science. The idea that magic and technology are the same thing is ever dawning. The mysteries of DNA, cloning, even telepathy are suddenly brought into human view through science exploration. Time travel as well..the list goes on and on. We are fast becoming aware that we have been, for many centuries, something quite less than superior…now we are finding that the pyrimids were lit with what we all know as electricity…Once that knowledge disappeared, our whole world slipped into a tribal void and we had to get back out with endless struggle which we are experiencing to this day.

    In this, every individual is challenged. We are existing in a waterfall of information and recognition of enormous proportions. I must admit, I long to go back to ‘not’ knowing..not having this continual recognition that, yes indeed, something anomolus is very present, seen mostly in ever present and increasing, “fast walkers” in the sky. That recognition alone is a real pile of questions to work through—denial is a natural response…”This is just too much!” I keep hearing..

    “PROVE IT! PROVE IT! PROVE IT!” Is the call…Everyone who has been exposed to any of these “anomolies” wants some one to do their work for them. Fortunatly, as this series of articles above indicates very clearly, there are those who have stepped up to the plate and taken enormous personal risk with no little personal sacrifice to do the proving work. Enormous patience is required…The public response and recognition is growing but in that, frustration and a feeling of horrific isolation of the individual is a continual drumbeat in the background. Most do not know how to express in either speech or the written word what they are seeing or feeling. Thus these ‘ego centric’ appearing responses pour forth without “section and clause references” to back them up.

    Trust me! There is enough volume of data available to back up everything you have seen on this information site to keep us all busy for a hundred years. It is impossible to recite chapter and verse when attempting to express personal experiences with things that just do not make “rational” sense to someone recently exposed to “irrational” experiences. More than that, for someone who has not had a “sighting” experience other than perhaps a utube video, comprehension of this realm of exposure, is not the same in intensity and personal emotional response. So, when I personally find myself confronted with a “disbeliever” I say, “The information is out there..Just keep your eyes on the sky and you also may become addicted enough to this phenomena to carry your camera with you 24/7–”

    So, what I am asking of you here is, Please be patient with us – we are doing the best we can with what we have. The fact that you are on this site at all is a good sign–at least you are curious. There are many who don’t know this kind of information even exists. One of the symptoms of breaking through the sides of the “rational” box is the focus of skeptism about what is one the other side. Enjoy the ride but make sure you buckle your seat belt.


    • Marina, So many well stated points. Your journey has been long. I love your thought regarding the arts as they have long been haven for those who would express themselves “outside the box” without being subject to ridicule and scorn. Also, your comments on “proof” are well taken. No shortage of people, not only here, who offer up their religious beliefs as proof when in fact they seek reinforcement of their own less then stable ground, and no shortage of the “rational minded” who play advocate demanding proofs from the world that can only be attained experientially by inner exploration.
      I have for more than forty years been involved in past life regression personally as well as in groups with Christos method, Dolores Cannon, Burt Goldman, Brian Weiss, and others and I can tell you that much as all the great masters of religion and philosophy taught the principle of looking with-in for truth, I have experienced and witnessed in others remarkable change when they became open to “remembering” their own conscious evolution. Not to remember past glories of being Napoleon or Cleopatra or alien heritage, but much more personal struggles with loves and losses, conflicts we grow through and carry from one incarnation to the next. It is these things forgotten we relive. It is these things forgotten that shape and often limit our perceptions…unresolved pains and fears. Healing and growth is not a measure of things forgotten, but of things remembered.


  47. Marina, appreciate your response. But goodness, do you need to write a book? I appreciate y0ur enthusiasm and excitement, but these long tomes are impossible to respond to unless one wants to spend hours, which i don’t have. First, I am not angry. I am frustrated. When “truth” is reduced to personal experiences and opinions, then all we have left is dopers staring at colored lights. I am not against personal experience. That would be stupid. I am not against opinions. That, too, would be stupid(another opinion). I have had many experiences that coincide quite nicely with those of many on this site. I agree, in principle, with many opinions expressed on this site. What i react to is individuals deciding that whatever they believe or experience is suddenly the new truth. Sharing what you feel or experience is different from promulgating it as the “new” truth(or a recycled old truth). One may certainly express how this event affected them, and what they think it means. It is the long-winded speeches where suddenly, based on something as trivial as a moving light, or retread rumors, one suddenly becomes a purveyor of truth. Also, I don’t react well to posters who pretend they are somehow linked to “aliens”, and then proceed to give us some sort of “cosmic” babble drivel talk, encouraging us to embrace the enlightenment they are supposedly revealing to us. I have had experiences as well, seen UFO’s, once practiced witchcraft (no longer), dabbled in drugs, embraced the New Age philosophies (since abandoned), and embraced religion(I prefer “relationship”, it better expresses my experience). We, of course, are all free to embrace whatever appeals to us. I am cool with that, and enjoy friendly verbal or written sparring while sharing these things with others. It is those who, while pretending to be cosmically advanced, and without using the exact words, communicate their pretended superiority hidden in patronizing phrases. One post on this site ( forget the topic) even implied that he (or she) was the cause of solar and planetary disturbances we are experiencing, and that to him(or her), we were like little bees buzzing around them. What tripe!! If only we could locate this person and get them the help they really need. You seem ( i may be wrong) to reference skepticism as if it is a negative (or less than enlightened) response to things posted here. If i am correct on this, then I can’t disagree more. I am a student of history, and the more i read the more i wish that millions of people, over thousands of years, had exercised a bit more skepticism rather than embracing some psychopaths (Hitler, for example) hysteria as truth. That is an extreme example, but multiply it endlessly and you may understand why, although we can be an incredible and compassionate creation, history is filled with millions, maybe billions, of cruel and needless deaths, motivated by lies and deceit. My personal belief is that something wonderful is on the way. And rather soon, at that. But first, I believe that great deception will preceed this event. A great world-wide deception. I do not believe I am already “god”, or have some inherent divinity within. I believe in a Creator, a being who has beautiful and eternal things in store for some of us. I also believe there is a great deceiver, one who intends to thwart this grand purpose with all of its might. So i have to be skeptical. I don’t mean to be cruel. And I am as excited as you are to share what I have seen and believe. But unless it is grounded in the “real”, and the “rational”, in the provable, then it is nothing more than opinion and philosophy. I share these with others too, but would never postulate them as “truth”. People who believe in “everything” will be fooled by “anything”. So forgive me, I have written a tome, and in the process, have become the very thing I complain about. lol


  48. I have had a heck of a time getting back here because of domestic interruptions. For now, the house is quiet so I am figuring out how to approach these 2 replies to my diatribe. First, let me say, I am indeed complimented by the response diologue.There is a wide range of things to address here…I have had my thinking cap on for this pause.

    This goes into the proof catogory. This directed primairly at CHUCK> The ET ISSUE is stupendus–It goes way past the UFO issue actually. My first inkling of the ET issue had nothing to do with seeing ships. It had to do with a radio show I am sure you are aware of..COAST TO COAST with ART BELL. He no longer does the show but originated it and did it for a lot of years. George knorie[sp-sorry george-bad day] Art had a MAJOR ship sighting as he was driving home from shopping with his wife. The ship was a triangle and it hovered directly over the road or just to their right as I remember. Both his wife and he were astounded and I think the word, shocked, applies here. They got out of the car and despite the time factor requiring for Art to get back home, he just stood with his wife and stared.

    This is a man who was in the air force. He was familliar with flying everything because he is a data collector by nature. Until this moment he was doing mostly political commentary. From that day forward, his show was dedicated to finding PROOF…his work is quoted endlessly. Tapes of his interviews were with folks who also were pulled into the discussion as the result of their personal experiences. To a voice, not one of his interview subjects were willingly drawn into this field of investigation. Each had long tales of their own revelations and the processes they went through in seeking PROOF.

    My husband and I were astounded as we sat and listened to the first show that began this 30 odd yr history of public discussion on the subjects of UFOS, abductions, witch craft, natural healing and on and on…he was on the air for 4 to 5 hours, 5 nights a week with sundays eventually dedicated to a show he named, Dreamland featuring Whitley Strieber [who now has a web site, Unknown Country]. One major aspect of the show was” call in time” with the general public..What you are seeing here on this site, is almost exactly the same as what we heard over and over again from the stunned and disbelieving public. The difference was/is -Art had a time issue and could not allow long verbal lectures on any subject. He kept it short and to the matter what the subject.

    In all honesty, I had exactly the same reaction you are having to these “ramblings”. It took me a while to understand the ever present ego need to insist that, “I am right, you are wrong.” I was frustrated that the general call -in public was so incapable of ‘getting to the point’ in a search for PROOF. Art however, really got it. He had been dealing with the call in public for a long time before his “ship” incident. Now he had to apply all of his patience and knowledge in search of some answers and part of that came from the calling public. There was a public evolution in comprehension taking place and he was the moderator. He was the first and only radio show dealing with these – BIZZARE – subjects. He found the best people by reading and researching. To this day, I can see his hand in many presentations on the subject ET.

    As I discovered, the ET subject, has no data points…we have abolutely no idea what we are dealing with. We know now, more than we knew before but just barely. Everyone in the field has had to learn that nothing in this process is for sure. The resistance has been enormous. I cannot tell you how many times I have said out loud, “If only we could be sure.”

    One of my favorite segments in this above effort is the interview with the wonderful man who dealt with the tall white “people”. That was a pure personal experience which created data points as the result of his forced and surprising encounter with these entities. For me personally, a lot of it rang OH TOO TRUE – As I listened to those videos of his discussion in front of an audience, I had a upwelling of personal recognition at the most fundamental level. That was very difficult for me. I was kicking and
    screaming in my mind as I listened.

    Key to this response is the knowledge that WE can never undo any of that. I just want to ‘go home’…I want an uninterrupted life of blissful security. This is a challenge that I am forced to deal with on a daily basis. That is why I am here now writing to you.

    On skeptics>Without skeptics, we would not have the endless struggle for truth. There has to be some resistance as we skid down this slippery slope. This works both ways. For the true skeptic who is not a “blocker” of knowledge but rather a proof seeker, learning unfolds as demands are made for information that can be considered “proof”. This is different than the denial process where the skeptic refuses to accept any data points requested as the result of his questions and demands. One of the unfortunate behaviors of the skeptic position it to sit back and let others find the proof he/she seeks rather than do the work him/her self. This is an ego place–“I am right.” YOU prove to ME that I am right.” I suspect one of the working principles here reads something like, “If I go out looking for information then I am saying what I do not believe, actually is something to investigate.” This is an abandoment of scientific approach..In the case of ET..the scientific approach is very difficult to say the least. The reasons for that are vast and I am not able to bring the few I points I have encountered to this writing.

    It is based on the idea that a skeptic has the ability to answer questions he /she has asked, that I made the comment about watching the sky and don’t forget your camera… In this, I did not intend to indicate that I thought you were a skeptic. I saw you rather as one who is experiencing the same impatience I felt as I listened to the endless listener comments on Arts’ radio show…What I later began to understand was, this outpouring of religious belief systems and historical information is part of the unfolding process that leads away from the dark woods of denial. I have come to believe, this is a necessary unloading of self learning which clears the way for the VERY DIFFICULT recognition of the ET presence.

    Here again, I understand your impatience..I have waited what has seemed eons to get where we are today in our data accumulation. The focus on the military and space agency denial is a very important one. This is paper trail data accumulation with personal testimony leading the way. The other aspects of this issue are very scary..I don’t know what else to call them. Information from Bud Hopkins/David Jacobs/Linda M. Howe and on and on and on…pretty much leaves me personally feeling that I am floating next to the Titanic with only a marshmello to hold onto.

    In reference to the comment made by MdK> Past life regression and all that includes is again, an enormous field of investigation. Clearly this is part of the evolving process…Time travel is part of that as well. Along with the ET issue there rides a whole lot of stuff dealing with life after death. These issues appear in many testimonies of “abductees” . I personally know a few folks who have experienced what can only be described as dimensional shifting..time warping combined with location relocation. This stuff is left tucked away behind the hardwear and abduction incident reports. Now with science varifying multidimensions and unified theory break thru with the discovery of particles traveling faster than the speed of light, the whole planet is in a recognition shift, a pyradym shift. [excuse my spelling please – I see it but do not have the ability to correct it for lack of time-no pun intended]

    Folks who are dealing with any and all of these issues have to do a periodic realiety check while walking the line of living from day to day. It is no wonder that those who are only recently introduced to just the ET/UFO issue are circling around the beliefs they find most comfortable. Many in my own family to whom I introduced this subject matter a number of years ago, smirk in my general direction. I don’t do crazy very they know in their hearts that is not an issue..On the other hand, there is a natural avoidance of the subject–it is just too much. That was why I made sure to tell them when I did…Now I have some back up with all the ship sightings on the computer and other references appearing in various unexpected areas like science and space exploration. I was hoping against hope I could cushion them for the surprises yet to come. Frankly, I may be dead when that happens but they will not be alone…I will be right there, whispering in their ears–“Slow, go slow..”


  49. Marina @
    ho scoperto solamente ieri questo bellissimo articolo , poichè non conosco la lingua inglese , mi sono dovuto affidare al traduttore automatico di google , perciò ho impiegato parecchio tempo per leggere tutto e non ho certamente capito tutto , ho dovuto pure non vedere i vari filmati che sono tutti in inglese , mi sono piaciuti e tuoi intreventi , che trovo molto saggi .
    Recentemente ho aquistato due libri scritti da un ricercatore italiano , esperto in lingue antiche del medio oriente , dal sumero , accadico ed ebraico ,( non sono a conoscenza se detti testi sono stati tradotti in inglese) e con grande sorpresa ritrovo confermato ciò che viene trattato
    in questo articolo. L’autore è Mauro Biglino i testi sono :
    1° – Il libro che cambierà per sempre le nostre idee sulla bibbia
    2° – Il dio alieno della bibbia
    Preaticamente sono traduzioni “letterali” di altichi testi che ci sono state tenute nascoste e travisate a bella posta per non farci capire di essere stati raggirati e mantenuti nell’ignoranza per meglio controllarci .
    Vorrei tanto che voi comprendeste l’italiano come io vorrei capire l’inglese , purtoppo sono troppo vecchio per ricordare nuovi vocaboli .
    Un caro saluto a tutti . franco


  50. Frank, ottimo post. Mauro Biglino ha fatto un lavoro straordinario di tradurre il testo originale della Bibbia senza inserire le convinzioni teologiche e le prospettive desiderata delle grandi religioni che hanno distorto questo lavoro per i propri fini. Trovo il suo lavoro molto lodevole e poco parziale. Per chi è interessato a una prospettiva nuova e più antica, Biglino ha una serie di lezioni su youtube con sottotitoli in inglese. Vale un orologio per la mentalità aperta.
    Frank, Excellent post. Mauro Biglino has done a remarkable job of translating original text of the bible without inserting theological beliefs and the desired perspectives of the major religions who have distorted this work for their own ends. I find his work very creditable and un-biased. For those interested in a fresh and most ancient perspective, Biglino has a lecture series on youtube with English sub-titles. Worth a watch for the open minded.


  51. MdK>Oh, thank you so much for translating that for us…I am going to send Franco’s reply/post to my italian speaking grand son…I could do this on GOOGLE I guess but won’t this be an interesting challenge for Emedio? I have my only book resource by my side but it is a gramer book rather than a dictionary. I will also search for Biglino on UTUBE. Ah yes the circle goes round and round…Thank again.


  52. … Si è più caro benvenuto uno …


  53. MdK@
    Ringrazio per l’intervento , ma non capisco il senso del tuo ultimo scritto , è un pò troppo criptico per mè , forse è il traduttore automatico che confonde i concetti , saluti franco


  54. Franco, “prova” si traduce spesso come un “test” … è meglio “prova o fatto”. “Avvocato” in inglese è anche simile a “uno che pratica legge”, ma significa anche altri … è meglio “critico” … colui che domande … “esperienziale” non vuole essere “sperimentalmente”, ma il significato di “per esperienza personale” .
    Prenderò in considerazione traduzione ora sei qui. E ‘stato criptico. Trovo difficile affrontare le cose da fare con le vite passate, viaggi nel tempo cosciente e origine umana con le persone che sono a livelli diversi di sviluppo personale in un modo tutti i gruppi di capire. Per una parte è criptico, ad un altro è capito, e un altro dirà che è troppo semplice


  55. MdK@ ,
    ora capisco come dovettero sentirsi i costruttori della torre di Babele quando furono confuse le loro lungue , ora non sò come google traduce il mio italiano nel tuo inglese e se riesce a trsferire il mio pensiero nel modo giusto . …Si è più caro benvenuto uno… nella mia lingua non ha significato , io potrei interpretarlo come …un caro benvenuto… inteso come partecipante a questa conversazione a distanza . Nei vostri scritti ci sono poi molte frasi gergali-proverbiali che voi utilizzate per chiarire i concetti che da noi non hanno senso e che rendono difficile la comprensione dei vostri pensieri .
    E’ la prima volta che intrevengo in un blog americano (?) e sono veramente affascinato nello scoprire una tale comunanza di ricerca di verità irrangiungibili (per ora) su tutto ciò che riguarda la conoscenza della nostre molte vite passate e di come siamo arrivati quì .
    La curiosità è grande e la voglia di sapere pure .
    A presto franco


  56. @Marina
    First of all…Happy new year to you and everybody here …and i feel without any doubt, this year we all will see a lot of real Ets…because you and all the other writers here and also me know it deep inside ….something is going on….;)
    So enjoy life and relax.


  57. Oh boy, how can anyone describe, where our thoughts take us, when we develop something, dream about something, in fact do things we have never done before ? Instinctively know many things but cannot explain !
    We carry the information , “just like a bird knowing to fly when its kicked out of the nest”, within our Gene Pool. You sit and think, and then all of a sudden you know how to develop a Nuclear Bomb ! Weird stuff, but it is a fact ! Reincarnation is nothing more than our selective gene pool sharing via our human mingling of our blood lines ! The non-interracial mingle groups tend to hold on to their information longer than the mixed groups, and that is a fact !
    We are the hybrids of those Aliens we are waiting to welcome as so called Gods or what ever ! Look at the history of Sumeria, and you will find that our history is totally screwed up, by our own kind who just grabbed and adopted left civilizations of alien technology when the Aliens left for the Universe or where ever !
    We are the outcome of their weird Gene splicing, and thus the reason for our continued knowledge of their Presence and all the stuff which goes hand in hand with Aliens !
    We can actually say, that we are the Hybrid Aliens, who is almost ready to meet our makers !
    We have how ever thousands of beautiful written works regarding our past and we cal it conspiracy theories !
    Kind regards


  58. Greetings, You are from South Africa?


  59. @AHBotha
    A nice Link for you, if you dont know that one, this man has also a good intuition:
    PS: Another cool link is this one, you can look for anagramms in names….very funny and facinating due to the magic in words and some hidden words in Names:
    Tip: Take a look at the news site you can klick at the headline there…i think you will be perplex as i am.


  60. Before I begin another ramble, I need to say hello to my friend, “Mr. Nobody”…Nice to see you here as well. In response to AHBotha – While reading your comment, I had a thought that has bubbled up now and again in response to various information concerning our fellow Earth dwellers. Our planet is rich with what we verbalize and catorgize as “wild life”. We humans are also part of the animal kingdom.. We are classified by the scientific community as the species, Homosapian. Other creatures have their own classification in elaborate technical language designating species and sub-species all intended to indicate branches of the same tree. Then we have the plants whos appearance depends entirely on their ability to adapt to the enviornment they exist in. Animals are much more adaptive although it is clear they have spacific needs and migrate to those areas that provide those needs. Plants don’t have that ability [I am including trees here by the way]. In all, living creatures on this planet have very spacific life styles. Science has finally gotten to the point where they are beginning to see beyond the anatomical make up of the living world into a recognition of the languages each creature uses to communicate among them selves and with other species around them. This recognition is really recent.

    Humans as a herd, have believed that they are the superior creature–top of the food chain–with the exclusive ability to communicate. To this day, despite the well advertised break throughs in the field of animal/mammel and all other species communication methods, the belief in seperation of the species homo-sapien from all others is most common in those who do not have “time” to contemplate that possiblity. It is very difficult as well for humans to have “compassion” for other living things because if “they don’t communicate” then “they don’t have emotions”…Thus, what puts humans on top of the food chain is disregard of the ‘feelings’ of those creatures we eat. This same disregard can be seen in other predators as well…eating is the supreme motivation for all creatures..At the same time, few species eat one of their own members unless forced to by starvation. Contests for territory, on the other hand, bring battles where one is shamed and often injured and isolated away from the group.

    Humans however, fight to the kill..Usually this is not only about territory so much as it is about power. With human communications skills and the wonderful apposable thumb, we, as a species have learned how to build bigger and better weapons with which to kill one another. At this present moment in history, we have figured out how to do things like make ourselves invisible with force fields..[recently announced work in progress]. We kill large groups of people, no matter who they are, in wanton slaughter. These events occur all over the planet. The human race has been at war with its self for hundreds, nay, thousands of years…

    Is this because we are, without knowing it, different species in addition to being races..the question has come up in the ET dialogue a number of times. Is it possible, [allowing ones self to imagian], that as a biological species we are able to carry receptors in our brains which allow different species of living entities who do not reside on this planet to subvert us through a process of communication which is like and kind to what we call, Possesion…? Following that thought comes the concept that perhaps we are doing the work of these, “possesors” as they go through the process of sorting out their own differences.? God, that is so abstact!! At the same time, many of the roads I have followed in my imagination have led me to that possiblity. This is a tough concept to explore. It is how ever, one to keep on the playing board. On that note, I am going to back off here and see if anyone else might have considered this..I saw it slightly hinted at in reference to the genetic “meddling” reference…re:HABotha–. I know this is a really HUGE concept but it seems worth a try…Till later then..Sincerly, Marina


  61. @Marina
    Brilliant conclusions you made in my eyes. For me it is also horrible that we have to rob the energy of other living beeings to stay alive ourselve, no matter if we are eating flesh or if we are vegetarians or whatever. i know some yogis are able to create their own liveenergy and need no food. But that are only a handful of human/hybrid beeings.
    Due to my researches of ETs i think, that our planet is occupied by a alien race since maybe millions of years. They are the real socalled “rulers” of this world and all the wars. And we are their servants and maybe also their food physically and psychically (our souls are maybe like batteries for them and guarantees their immortality). And from time to time, when we become to many people in their eyes, a extinction event will occur. And then the game begins again. Because they dont like to work hard and they are nearly (because they need also energy) immortal and maybe also imprisoned at this planet. Sometimes they try to break free, but there are maybe other ETs who take care that they cannot leave. So, they who are imprisoned here are due to that full of hate and greed about their imprisoned live. And they always look for a way to leave their prison earth. But i cannot verify that. But everytime you digg deeper in whatever the ET stuff comes on the table. All Roads lead to the ET stuff. Really strange.
    So maybe the Mayans and some other indigene human/hybrid races did know that first hand. Also the socalled forbidden Archelogical Artefacts always point to that.
    But for me as a slave, i want to break free from that energetic possesion of this alienforces. And i am shure that there is a way for us all, maybe that is that what Jesus Christ and Buddah want to teach the people, because i am shure that both of them did know about that ET stuff also and i am shure that Buddah and Jesus find the way to become free from them. So that is one of the deeper reasons i follow exclusively their teachings. And i am not in a church or in other religious or esoteric groups.
    That are my conclusions about the ET stuff, maybe its crazy, than i am a cazy beeing…because i dont wanna change for shure….;)


  62. 1/8/12>6:49pm–Good evening Mr. Nobody-I am entering my starting time to the left so I can judge how long it has taken me to put this together. I am often up and down during the writing process just to think things thru. You made some important points here and I am circling around trying to figure out where to begin. You said “All roads led to the ET stuff. Really Strange.” I could not agree more. Around our house, the inside joke is, “It is an ET thing.” If something disappears or we look up from what we are doing and discover it has been several hours since we began..We call it an ET thing. Any of the little surprises that pop up, fall into this catogory as well. We have learned to replace the fairies and goblins of days yore with a new icon..ET. There are many reasons for this.

    There was a time in the 1980s during which I had a series of incidents that absolutely shook me to the foundations of my pragmatic Norwiegn/German soul. I had 3 highly charged encounters with a being who appeared to be a replica of a school principle I’d had an encounter with in regard to my daughter many years before. This same “look alike” being had also been described by my husband who encountered ‘her’ on the bus he traveled on every day, to and from work. He had mentioned it because he could feel ‘her’ probing his mind. Because he was very receptive and perceptive he developed a way to counter this probing with an ‘attack’ of his own. He told me he got her attention enough so that she turned in her seat, empty in both face and eyes. She got up and got off the bus at the next stop. As I recall, he said her eyes were black. He never heard a word in his head as this ‘leaving’ took place. He never saw her again. I do not remember what he conveyed to her and I am not sure the words matter. It was the angry refusal to allow this intrusion into his mind that mattered. She was playing him and as the old saying goes, “Never try to play an Irishman.” At least not this one.

    This same ‘woman’ appeared at my place of work. This was the bakery just 3 blocks away. Just prior to her appearance, a few things had occured that set me on edge. The first was the arrival one morning of a gaggle of elementary children, all boys, in search of their donut breakfast. As they burst in the door, they were chattering loudly with enormous excitement about a UFO they had seen directly over the bakery as they approached. “We saw it, really we did. It was a UFO!” I gently asked a few questions and the answer always came back the same–“NO! NO!” IT WAS A UFO. Their description was right on the mark. This was before the wide information resource on the subject. “OK” , I thought..I believe this. I had seen something above this same neighborhood not many days before. Even though we had many military heliocopters back and forth on the coast but a block away, I knew what I had seen hovering silently was not a heliocopter.

    My next encounter was even more bizzare. To young men came in. I was alone at the tall bakery counter. They were dressed like Morman missionarys with the neat suit, tie and holding the required Mormon bible. These young men were often seen on bikes moving from place to place on their required missionary errands. Since I had not seen them close up, I had no firm recognition of their faces. As they stood in front of the case, my head, my brain, began to pick up the words, ” [we are?]Bevus and Butt head”..two characters I really had little patience for– from an ‘all the rage’ cartoon show that cruelly mocked human behavior. There was a hard laughter along with the emplanted blood ran cold. Slowly I felt myself turn away from these two customers. I found myself facing the back wall and grabbing onto the shelf there, holding it as tightly as I could to prevent falling down. My legs were in parade rest position. My arms throbbed with the effort. I could not change positions. Out of the back room came the owners a complete fury..She began berating me for not taking care of the two customers. She was screaming at me..”What is the matter with you!!!” I could not move. She just went on and on..rushing around to fill the order..what ever it was..I did not know…the entire scene became a scramble to me. To this moment I cannot reconstruct it.

    It was sometime later, perhaps a week or so that again I was working at the bakery with the daughter-in-law. As I remember, we had patched up the fury from that day. I don’t remember how at the moment. I was cutting bread at the bread machine, that same place I had found myself frozen immobile during the “Morman” incident. The daughter-in-law was working at the large case that held cookies and such. In the door came a lady who instantly reminded me of the woman Lee had encountered on the bus. She was in a fury from the moment she entered. She began berating the daughter-in-law. Her voice was raised to a wind filled shreek. She told her what a bad person she was and went on from there. When this began, I had turned and was ‘at the ready’ to protect if the situation got out of hand. I opened my mouth to speak and was rendered silent. This encounter seemed to go on forever. The daughter-in-law was weeping helplessly. She was unable to speak either. As quickly as this began, it ended. The woman was gone..I was sure she had stormed out the door but quite honestly, I do not remember. I comforted my fellow worker the best I could but I too was astonished and wounded by the horrific scene. We were both shaking. We went our seperate ways, she to the back of the bakery and I to the bread machine.

    Some time went by. One day I had to go to the place where one can cash checks. We fondly called it the ‘checkcashingplace’ . When I got there, the line was longer than I had ever seen it. I took my place at the back and found myself standing for a long time because the line was moving very slowly. I was feeling somewhat impatient as I recall. It was an odd sort of impatience, and irritation not so much with the circumstances but with something else unseen. Every now and then, someone would turn around and say something to the person behind them but for the most part, there was an errie silence one seldom found in that Ocean Beach community. Suddenly a figure passed me very quickly…Too quickly. Before I could register the image I noticed that everyone around me was not only silent, they were frozen in place. I was not. I was completely aware of the event that unfolded as this dark form reached the cashers window…”It/she- began screaming..berrating the woman behind the protective glass..the screaming voice was exactly that of the woman in the bakery!! She went on and on. I was astonished. Time was frozen. The people were frozen. I was a witness to a voice with a body I could not see. As quickly as ‘the figure had entered, ‘it’ turned and whized past me…And here is the difficult part. ‘It’s’ legs were that of a hooved animal…or perhaps a large dog..I did not see hooves..or paws..but the shape of the upper thigh and the stance were not that of a human…At the same time, there was “that” woman on black…black straight hair and black eyes. I was chilled to the bone. As the figure disappeared, the people in the line became animated again. By the time I got to the window, I apologized for the scene, asking the woman behind the glass if she was ok. She looked at me as if I was odd. She clearly had no memory of the event. When I left, I crossed the street and picked up a small flower for her with a bright happy card and brought them back..’HAVE A NICE DAY!’ it said. The woman behind the glass was completely surprised and smiled for the first time since I had seen her when I walked in the door and took my place in line.

    The series of difficult events involving this black haired , black eyed woman seemed to stop as quickly as they began. There were, however, other events to follow, to numerous to discuss here. One of these events really pushed me over the edge..I wrote to the “INTRUDER FOUNDATION” the Bud Hopkins group and after not hearing from them for many months, one day I finally got a suggestion to contact a man who was in our area who was holding ‘encounter group sessions’. I gotta tell you…my unraveling was such that had I not gone there I would be a puddle on the floor. This encounter group pulled me out. Since then, everything is ET with me. I am watchful and mindful of the very difficult path these kinds of encounters can bring.

    I do not advise any one to wish for contact. I honestly do not believe we humans have the slightest clue what we will enounter. I am not so sure we are slaves so much as students whos internal soul is closely examined. In all of these events sighted above, there was no time to consider the philosophic prophets. There is an isolation of self and soul which takes place to the degree that all experience and belief systems become suspended. My experiences were physical and emotional. My hold on realiety data was strong enough to allow me to keep mental awareness at the physical data level. Those around me in that ‘ cashcheckingplace’ were however, in some kind of suspension sufficient to have allowed them to escape the event that took place right in front of them. This parallels many of the abduction testimonies I have read during which a whole room full of people do not have a memory of the abduction of one of their members, taken right in front of their eyes.

    I am very anxious to read Whitley Striebers new book, THE KEY. In this he moves forward in his annalysis of his own experiences with this phenomena. I am going to attempt to get the book from the library. It is offered for sale on his website, >unknowncountry< I think that is a dot com site but I am not sure. I get his news letter. I am sure if you google his name you will be able to varify the source. He has been an enormous strength for me to keep in touch with.

    Ok, that is all for today. I will revisit your reply tomorrow to see if I went in the right direction with this missive. At the moment I have 4 cats asking for something. I think they want me to go get something to snack that is all for now…Sincerly, Marina


  63. @marina ,
    molto interessati la tue esperienze , leggo ogni giorno le notizie si questo sito , come pure il proseguimento delle vostre conversazioni , devo comunque ricordare che i nostri 5 sensi sono assai limitati e la nostra psiche , a volte , interpreta diversamente i fatti ed elabora informazioni che non riusiamo a collegare con la realtà di tutti i giorni . Alcuni hanno avuto in dono anche un sesto senso aperto ma per ragioni genetiche non è ben sviluppato e mal funzionante , staremo a vedere se questo 2012 porterà novità anche in questa direzione . Ciao a tutti franco


  64. @ Marina
    Thanks for sharing this. What a scary experience. I had also once a very scary experience, but it happend in a lucid dream. i can only remember that i looked in seven stars and it feels like to look in something very evil and my body was also like frozen for like half an hour at this event. the strange part was that afterwards i had on both knees two thin 10 cm long scars with a distance of one and a half centimeter from each other which are still visible (its more than 20 years ago now). well thats now a long time ago and it never happend in this way again. i only can remember that afterwards i had two times the same frozen feeling, also when i woked up when that events occur i cannot move one millimeter, i tried with all my will and it need more than ten minutes that i can move even a finger. i never told anybody that story. Maybe now is the right time and this the right place. And i never did go to a doctor to check what happened with my knees. So maybe i am also a victim of a ET thing. Strange, i really nearly forgot this, but your story brings this now full back into my consisoness. Anyhow shit happens, maybe that is also the reason for a lot mindblowing inner events happend to me afterwards in my live. And maybe that is the reason i feel so good when i am in the christus modus (that happens often to me in the last years) . Whatever, only another strange story in a ocean of strange ET storys.
    But i think this is a good place to talk about it….hopefully.
    Bye Nobody


  65. 1/9/12/5:03pm/est-@NOBODY–Good afternoon sir–I see that there is also a reply post here from FRANKO29337-I will google that when my grandaughter comes home to walk me through the process..just to be on the safe side. At the moment, I will address “NOBODY” [in particuliar] >{I had to say that as it rolled out of my mind demanding attention}.If we have one thing to save us from falling victim to mental chaos, it is our sense of humor and our deep emotional connection to “ALL THAT IS” no matter what name we choose to put on that awareness. In every “anomolus” personal experience testimony I have read, a religious icon becomes part of the conversation at one level or the other. Here in the US these are dominantly Christian. Further, now that I think about it, I do not recall having read any abduction testimony from African Americans or Arab Americans…This is probably due to the vairous authors confining themselves to those groups they had access too. Bud Hopkins is the most prolific writer in this field. As memory serves me, he had his art gallery in New York city. He did one piece on an abduction witnessed as it was occuring by drivers on one of the many major highways surrounding the area of the event. He tracked the area of the individual who was abducted and discovered some startling things. Again, this was a Caucasian female. I managed to brief the book but life interrupted a full reading so I have no recall on the religious lifesaver the individual turned to. One interesting note however, was, one of the witnesses was the chairman of the UNITED NATIONS at the time. This presented some very difficult moments for Mr. Hopkins.

    I do recall one reference to an abductee witnessing a large group meeting of African American individuals. The memory of that information source is very distant at the moment..I have not looked at much written information on this issue of abduction for a number of years…One of the reasons had partly to do with the SAMENESS of it all…over and over again, abductees reported the same routine from beginning to end. While their emotional responses all bordered on pure terror if they were recounting their events with the assistance of hypnosis, those who were working from recollection with out hypnosis seemed almost dream like in their description…I learned very quickly that denial is the first line of self defense. “This is not happening.” or “That was not real.” or “I had a bad night last night..nightmares–followed closely with–I don’t remember.” These are not events that are easily shared..they are of the ultimate intiment nature because of the long, physical invasion each individual endures. For some there is a very surreal introduction to what they believe is the community life where ever they are taken. For others the strongest memory is of the lines and lines of ‘incubaters’ filled with what appear to be human infants in the early stages of development.

    I was interested to read of the lines on your knees which appeared to be surgical. I too discovered two lines on my knees after having been siting in a chair for several hours taping the Art Bell show. I knew they were not there when I sat down. We lived in a warm climate and wore shorts all the time. I thought I had fallen asleep…or perhaps just become so involved in the taping process I remembered nothing around me..The apartment was quiet, it was sometime between 10pm and 1pm–when I got up, I saw those lines on my knees and instantly recognized they were not from an imprint of cloth or anything…They were going in the wrong direction. Being an x-ballet dancer, legs are very important. As I walked, I tested my legs, flexing and bending and found no pulling or irritation from inflamation. The lines were pinkish but had no indentation as one would find in a surgery or cutting event. The lines remained for several days in an obvious way and then I gradually dismissed the whole thing. To this day, every now and again, I find myself looking for those lines in an attempt to pull something up from my memory. Your mentioning you experience was a trigger to recall for me.

    I cannot say how urgent I feel that anyone who has experienced “anomolus” events has to have a place to share them. One of my issues in this area is what was once called, “screen memory”…This was to say, that somehow a substitute memory is installed to over ride the brains ability to hold the actuality of any event or physical experience. Thus the ‘dreamlike’ quality many people describe. Needless to say, this causes a good deal of genuine confusion in a world which demands realiety data withPROOFPROOFPROOF. When I hear someone begin the recital that starts, “I had the strangest dreamlast night” , if I am not distracted or uninterrupted with personal issues, I will begin to ask non invasive questions..using humor as my tool if possible. I had the good fortune a number of years ago to read the GESTALT principles developed in a series of seminars in northern California in the 70s I believe. The leader of this effort and author of the 2 books I know about, completely slips my mind at the moment…I have not thought about him in a while..I will work on it–any way, the basic principle was, “The dream is you, you are the dream.” Thus, everything in the dream is you doing and being what ever is in the dream be it an inanimate object or a physical event or the other person or persons represented in the dream. So, in describing a dream, you begin by saying, [for example ] I am the book. My pages are being turned. and so forth. The self identity to the object, conversation and general transaction in the dream reinforce the identity to self.

    This same principle works when talking to someone who has had a dream-like event but with the modification allowing that dream to be an actual physical experience. Because the abduction motif is so invasive from beginning to end, the human mind refuses to allow the re-experience. I suspect this “screen memory” is uploaded to reinforce the natural desire to prevent the reliving of a very helpless and yes painful event. Surgerys, like the one you speak of are more than common, what ever their purpose, on can only guess. The medical profession is not able to make diagnosis on anything that is not within their realm of understanding. They are completely out of the loop of information required to understand the medical issues that arise as the result of ET activities. I have to laugh as I remember how undone a physician I went to became as the result of asking him an ET related question. He took blood samples immediatly in search of a malfunction of my thyroid gland medication. I asked him why and he said, “Well, your question indicates a psycotic fantasy which is common in people whos thyroid is misbehaving.” [that is a general replay of the response.] In short, I was “crazy” for asking. I don’t believe we have made much progress in this area. As a result, the Abductee is left without the ability to search for ET related solutions from the most important resevoir of information, the medical profession. For women, this is a real problem, I will not go into that here.

    So, we have no choice but to talk among ourselves. And yet, like you, we are all hidden in silence. This is a good forum for the very reason that we don’t know one another. We can speak with annonimity here. This is a place where only those who are avid ET ship watchers and other related subjects go. This is a base of understanding, even if there is often difficulty in reaching a consensus. I have absolutely no doubt that this ET influence has deeply affected many folk in their personal behavior not only because of the physical aspects of it but because of the obvious ability to create brain programing of certain behaviors with intent to reach certain goals which affect the wider scope of humans on the planet. This possibility lends a completely different recognition of world events and the human behavior that drives them. It is for that reason I have deep reservation about “disclosure” . I have spoken of this before. At the same time, without disclosure, we may well be allowing something, we as a population will regret. There are no real solid answers in this quandry. Because of my own curiosity, on the other hand, I hear myself saying, “Disclose away! Let’s go for it! What have we got to loose. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! ” That is what happens when you suddenly wake up one morning to find out you are now 75 years old…No matter how I count is still 75..Oh, well! Lets go for it!!!


  66. marina. very nice post, long but nice. you seem of quite a sweet spirit, and i embrace and appreciate it. So much of what you say i concur with, though there may be disagreement on some small points. In my experiences with drugs (pharmakeia, in the greek, translated sorcery, a warning to those who practice witchcraft, as i once did) and the occult, i too saw and contacted entities, most of a less than benign character. I also saw ufo sightings, some amazing and beyond explanation, at least to me at that time. I saw my first triangle ufo in the sixties, and it sure as hell weren’t no birds or flock of ducks. It flew low overhead, was silent, then elevated as it flew past me and disappeared very rapidly into the night sky. I often feel like something or someone wants me to do something more (won’t say important, plays to my ego), something significant in this field of studies, i just don’t know yet. I often hear people refer to their alien friends as “watchers”, a misnomer i believe. I believe most of us on this site are the actual watchers, who by God’s will or inborn sensitivities can sense, even know, that something (wicked?) this way comes. We read all the reports, news stories, testimonies, try to read out the trivial and misleading, and come to some sort of rational concrete understanding so as to inform others as accurately as possible what may be headed our way. True science is skepticism, the need to see a theory or model proved or disproved, while keeping in mind that seldom is all available evidence at hand with which to correlate and present a cogent case. Skepticism is not automatically disbelieving everything. It is the careful sifting to achieve what is pertinent and dependable, and supported by some other information source. As to coming disclosure, i fear(no scientific basis for this, just experiential) that this ‘disclosure” may not be all that truthful, may even be part of the overall deception. So i hope and pray that everyone has some sort of belief basis founded in reasonal and objective sifting of truth and facts. “They” may show up and say that they are our real creators and have come back to elevate us to the next step, or whatever. No matter how brightly they glow, no matter what powers they manifest, I will not accept this. It is exactly what i anticipate and plan on fighting. If they show up with a few good ideas, claim to be no better than us, and evidence humility and sacrificial spirits, I may be more receptive. But above all, I will scrutinize, and if needed, warn others not to be deceived. As stated in previous post, I expect great deception before true revelation, especially if “they” have been working with high govt. officials, or world leaders in secret. I expect no good to come of that at all. At least for us, except more deception and subjugation to the ptb. But i enjoy your post. you seem kind and considerate, and do not react, as many do, ballistically if someone disagrees with you. That speaks of a kind heart and patient spirit. I respect that very much. Best wishes and be safe


  67. My experiences past and present have changed my life. We are certainly not alone.
    One thing I will say is I fear man more than I do my visitors. The ones I have now anyway.

    Stay Safe


  68. CHUCK-3:58PM/EST->I am in full agreement with you on the disclosure issue. Quite honestly, real or false flag, we are sitting ducks with clipped wings. This technology discussed in the “Tall White Alien” piece is no longer Awesome–we have it. If you Read that piece, and I am sure you did, you will remember the discussion about the “telepathy “machine” [as I call it}. There was no explaination of this gizmo-But, as I listened to his description, I was hammered with an experience I had that still makes my blood run cold on occasion. Before I go on, I know my posts are long but, I am winging it here. This is an issue that requires a surgeons knife. I am being very careful with my language and I am attempting to convey my experiences in the hopes that others will do so as well. As has been said many times, we just do not know what we are dealing with. Part of that has to do with our inability to communicate our experiences to one another. This is the ultimate personal issue. Finding language to convey the experiences and my personal response to them, must be concise. In this, length is often required. This is not a subject that can be handled by a twitter conversation, at least, not at this time.

    So, that being said, let me tell you of a “telepathic” moment that still has my attention. The occasion was extreemly fraught with emotional angst. I was home. My husband was at work. I had the TV on CNN. The sound of droning voices is easier to clean house to than music or entertainment one has to keep track of. In this case, there was a breaking story about a communal situation in Texas. WACO Texas. The story had unfolded for days. There was a building of enormous tension. On this day, the law enforcement people were becoming hyper active. I could feel a major event about to happen. It is necessary for you to know that I was beyond anger and impatience with this entire situation. There were women and children in that house. It was impossible to know their circumstances. I felt a wave of impending desaster. Living in a one bed room apartment made it impossible to escape the scene.The CNN commentary became increasingly excited, it was as if they were calling a football game. I lingered in the bedroom. I was in an emotional uproar. I was talking back to the TV set in the living room–I did not have the courage to see. “THEY HAVE TAKEN A BATTERING RAM TO THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE! THEY ARE SHOOTING TEAR GAS!” I gathered my courage and walked into the living room to find myself looking at flames shooting out of the windows of the house. I was completely distraught, mentally kicking and verbally screaming–” There are children in there you idiots! What are you doing?! [I am censoring this, my language got pretty rough.] I fell silent as I stood there with my hand over my mouth in stunned shock. I could not take my eyes off the screen. It was at that moment I heard what I now understand was a digital sounding voice – in my head. Four words were spoken. “THE CHILDREN ARE SPOILED.” I came undone. “What do you mean the children are spoiled!? >no answerno answer–Again I fell mute as I watched the slaughter. I was pinned there, standing there, pinned. No other words were heard. I was a wreck and the story went on and on in front of me. For days the story went on. All the children were found dead along side their dead mothers. One man had escaped the flames by jumping out a window. Some had escaped by giving themselves up to the police. The man who was the focus of the story was found to have comitted suicide or perhaps the man who was dead beside him killed him and then comitted suicide himself. The question I had asked had been answered, “The children are spoiled” was the answer..To this day I replay that voice in my head. Was that ET? Was that human?

    Why did that voice speak to me? Was that voice also speaking to others? I will never know. As I see little blips of information pop up on my computer news feed about our new technologies, I see that we now do have the ability to transmit directly to a recieving mechanism in our head/our ears?/or something. Whether that existed then, I do not know.

    This is why I too am very cautious about disclosure. What is theirs, what is ours? We have documentation of the transfer of technology..We are now seeing such things as cloaking devices and sound devices. We are seeing more and more space widgets discussed on science and NASA sites. Rumors are rampid that we have UFO technology and have had ships out and about. My favorite story of this ilk is the one that claims there is a base on Mars to which Obama was taken at the age of 19 or so..There are claims of bases on the moon. I had a dream I was on that base on the moon long before I got wind of the rumor of its existance. I know someone who experienced a realiety shift as she was walking on the beach and found herself on a planet with 2 suns where she entered a sand structure that was guarded by what appeared to be an American Soldier–a clone perhaps, designed to adapt to that climate? When she returned to the beach she was but 5 feet away from where she remembered being…Completely disoriented, she came to my place and verbally ran and re-ran the experience in an attempt to prove it did not happen…she couldn’t.

    We are having these experiences independently of one another. To this day this friend expresses her gratitude that I took the time to listen to her struggle. If we do not learn to listen to one another we are not going to handle disclosure very well.

    This brings me to>JAY—What you have said Jay, “One thing I will say is I fear man more than I do my visitors.” is an echo of something said repeatedly in experiencer testimony..I hear it also from those I have had personal contact with through that group I spoke of a while ago and from others. I get it. I bet you have a dog – perhaps a cat? As individuals, we are becoming more and more insular. Pet adoptions are increasing. Given the amount of “anomolus” experiences I have had when out side the house, I find plenty to do to keep me in the house. My 4 cats are 4 of those reasons. A pleasure meeting you Jay. Hope you appear here again. sincerly, Marina
    With interruptions>7:55pm/est


  69. nice post marina. you know, when i first read your phrase”the children are spoiled”, the first thought that jumped out was “the children are dead”. “spoiled” can also be translated as “destroyed, decayed, no longer viable”. perhaps that was what was being communicated to you. And please, do not shorten your posts on my account. I was being somewhat facetious. You know, even the Bible talks about “dreams and visions” in the last days. I think those that are sensitive and observant (watchers, I call them) are very attuned to what is going on and what is about to happen. Their biggest challenge will be to hear “the still small voice” of God, and to discern between the real and the false, both visually and mentally, and verbally. The degree of deception about to come upon mankind will be unprecedented in scope and nature. Christ Himself said that if those days were not shortened, “the very elect would be deceived”. By all means, remain sensitive to what is happening. Voices of truth will be more necessary than ever. I will pray that what you see and hear will be from the One who is “the Truth, the Way, and the Life”, and that voices of deception and wickedness will find no place in you to dwell, that they will find you do not welcome them. I believe this of you. Wishing you safety and His love.


  70. Thank you Marina for the warm welcome.

    Most times I feel like I am living a double life. Only a few close family members know what is happening to me. They do believe as they too have seen a few things. I still can not tell them everything.

    I have strange unexplained happenings go on around me all the time.

    Today only a few hours ago….
    My daughter and I were in the car on our way to a friends farm to pick up a fleece. As we were coming onto the freeway we had to stop as traffic was rather hectic. I had a truck in front of me. The front of my car could easily fit under the back of it. I look in my review mirror a car is racing straight for us the driver looking only at the highway traffic and not what is on the road ahead of him. I keep watching the scene and say to my daughter duck down and hold on. As I know that this car will push us under the back end of the truck. I hold the steering wheel tightly and with all my might I think the word stop not taking my eyes away from the car that will hit us. I no longer see the front of the car, I close my eyes waiting for impact. A few seconds pass and I realize we are safe. I look in the review mirror and the driver has both hands up in the air dismayed. Not knowing what is happening. I see smoke and smell rubber burning. His front wheels are still turning but the vehicle is stationary about 1cm from the back of my car. Slowly the wheels stop spinning. Others on the highway have pulled over seeing what they thought was an accident. After assessing the situation one man came up to me and Said ‘ You have an Angel watching over you’ then goes off shaking his head. I hear those words a lot. I do hope that the man driving in the car that nearly hit me got home safely. He didn’t have very much tread left on his tiers. Must be a bit shaken up as well….Me I am thankful to live another day.

    I haven’t had a personal visit in awhile but they do stay in touch in other ways. No doubt they will check in soon.
    Some visions I have over and over again. Some have come to pass but I haven’t proof of that. Some are so beautiful that it gives courage me to go on. Mostly it has been a learning experience. They lead me to places I haven’t been before. My life is far from boring.

    Stay Safe


  71. 1/12/12/-8:18pm/est/usa>It was my intention to get back here right away to respond to both Chuck and Jay but the real world got in the way. So let me double up again and start with>>CHUCK>>>As I heard the words, “the children are spoiled.” I knew they were dead..I yelled out loud, “What do YOU mean the children are spoiled? –It was the language that prompted that response…Here is the wierd thing..The time–my sense of time–was completely thrown off. These word were spoken as the first fires were seen outside the windows on the 2nd floor. I felt as if I had missed something and yet, I had come in as the battering ram was deployed and there was a ‘tear gas” cannister shot into the upper floor. There was, as the event unfolded in front of me, no time for the women and children to have been killed by the event its self. I struggled with sequence. It was not until some days later that the public was told that the women and children were found in a ‘basement’ or ‘dug out area’ underneath the house. There was a description of the large group huddled together each woman with her own children held by that woman or neatly laid out next to her. At the time of that information my mental image was that the children had been given poison or something and then the women took some themselves. The number of individuals is not remembered at the moment. But, sequencial to the events outside, there was no time for that “suicide’ /murder process to have taken place. I was left with the sensation that this annilation had been done prior to the attack by ‘law enforcement’. The ‘crime scene’ was destroyed as quickly as possible, both burned and dismantled. It all seemed to be reported by media in a very methodical fashion. “The children are spoiled.” however, was so ET that I knew this was not a human source which had spoken to me. I am convinced that that voice represented an ET presence at the scene. There was no way a human would have known the circumstances in that below ground hide away at the time the words were spoken. As I watched my only source of information, the TV – CNN- there seemed a very intended silence on this subject even as the trial of the survivors was held..I had no digital resource at the time and the web was not then, anything as it is today. With the ‘crime scene’ gone, even those who went to that place to morn for family members lost and in protest of the unnecessary use of extreem force, recieved little to no coverage. To this day, I find the entire incident completely abnormal and dis-proportionat to the circumstances that we were told brought it into being. I will reserve my opinions of the word ‘evile” for another time.None the less, that word is entirelly appropriate as a description of that entire incident from beginning to end. As I discussed it with my husband we both came to the conclusion that the impact of the event was such we felt as if we were watching the breaking of a prophetic seal. But, please do not do a dance on that is hookie and would fall outside of the subject matter at hand. I sincerly thank you for your well wishes–I will remember them–

    JAY> This experience you just had, was amazing reading! What I am going to do, is write my response tomorrow. It is late and I have someone wanting to use the computer..First thing tomorrow, I will address this. I promise…As McArthur said when he left the Philipines, “I WILL BE BACK.” Tomorrow morning for sure…9:44pm-est-


  72. @Marina
    i miei complimenti Marina , hai veramente la vena giusta per raccontare questo tipo di esperienze , continua così… franco


  73. 1:51pm -est- 1/13/12 @JAY>well, the timing did not work out as planned but here I am–Your experience in the car the other day had a rather profound effect on my memory. When something like that happens, I always find myself looking for mechanism. While this may sound a bit off the road [pun intended] I have, since childhood, seen the word MAGIC as a definition of science without the restriction of trial tested proof which restricts any result outside of the box of “only that which we can see and already accept as proof”. Since the advent of the new technologies, this has been seen over and over again, expecially in the space sciences. Clustered within the ‘unacceptable/unprovable’ sciences is the word, telepathy. Yes, there has been piles of work done on ‘remote viewing’ and ‘out of body experiences’ and, in fact ‘telepathy’, that have given ample ‘proof’ in blind studies. Scientific main stream however is having issues with most of that. The public is never informed of these possibilities. Only recently have the walls begun to come down in relation to the many photos of things taken by NASA slipped out to the public without being air brushed or blocked..”for technical reasons”.

    Thus the word MAGIC simmers with midevil superstition…I often hear the WOOWOO word when the subject comes up. In this situation you describe, the amount of stress you were under in a very short period of time, clearly appears to have triggered a clairity of thinking. As the event continued to unfold to what was potentially a desasterous finality, you projected what I am going to call an ” astral projection, telepathic tsunami”. In my imagination, I see you holding that car back as the wheels spun their rubber off…Obviously, the presence of your daughter in the car was the trigger. Yes, “angel” intercession is no small matter here. “Or, call it what you will–It does not matter, you and your daughter are safe–Shaken I am sure–one does not recover from that kind of event easily.

    As I thought about your description, I felt myself living it. This pulled up an unexpected memory flood. At least 4 automobile related “shock and awe” incidents haunted me all day yesterday as I went though various chores and challenges. Each one of these appeared in my memory to be completely outside of my control and they happened completely out of the blue, giving me no time to anticipate. Perhaps with the exception of one which had some of the same earmarks as yours, with the exception of a couple of elements.

    This south eastern city is part of the Washington ‘bubble’ . These are very old cities which have circuliar road systems. As the city expanded they managed to put in straight line roads but they were not anticipating that which modern traffic has become. Thus, where there was room to open the usual two lane straight line roads, they put a center turning lane. Some areas however are narrow with no escape route and many stop lights. Thus is the scene of the roads one has to take no matter where they go. Off of these roads there are modern highways with the usual exchange ramps carved into the surrounding hilsides..In areas where development began later, there is traffic exchange moving both right and left with elaborate traffic light systems guiding the way.

    My youngest daughter is 46. She drives these roads daily as she goes downtown to her employment. She is very watchful and careful as she has been hit broadside by someone going through a stop light. One day, we were going somewhere, although at the moment I do not remember where. We were quiet, she was tense as the traffic began to increase and rush past on their way to appointments that they all appeared to be late for. To my left, I spotted a rather remarkable vehicle that caught my eye. It stood out with bright decorated designs, one of which I remember to be a peace sign in blue. The color red dominated my view of this vehicle which appeared to be a station wagon from the days of the 1960s-70s. It appeared to be traveling very carelessly and very fast.

    I was about to call her attention to it even though it was to her left and somewhat behind us. The speed of the vehicle was alarming. The next sequence of events happened so fast it is and has been, very hard to attempt a slow motion replay in my mind. Although it was a blurr, I can say, the vehicle swerved directly toward our left side–I could hear hard, humorless, abandoned laughter in my head. My left hand went up as a reflex action to brace myself. I said nothing, nor did I make any sound as my mind shut down and my heart raced in anticipation..My daughter seemed completely unaware. As I watched out of the left rear window, I could see her completely focused on the road in front of her. She was as if frozen in a way.

    The bright colored vehicle seemed to be making a right turn from the left lane. It jostled and bounced and kept coming. Time stopped. I felt an enormous pressure. I took a deep breath. I was sure that vehicle had passed right through us. I turned my head in search of it..It was no where to be seen! Maybe I simply misjudged its position because I was on the right side but no, I was sure I had not. That car went right through us, of this I am sure. I was on the edge of my seat, straining at the seat belt looking everywhere. Nothing. Closing my eyes, I tried to replay what had just happened and still hearing that laugher in my head, I began to chuckle myself.” HOLY SHIT!!! ”

    “WHAT!” My daughter said, as if suddenly being awaken. “Well, all I can say is, It is a damn good thing you are a good driver. Did you see that?”

    “See what?!” She was abrupt. I could see she was straining to deal with the driving challenge of the moment. “Oh, I guess you didn’t. That is a good thing.”

    “What are you talking about?” She did not turn her head.

    “Oh, nothing.” I replied and fell silent again. The rest of the drive was uneventful. I never mentioned the moment to her or anyone else.Every now and again when we are passing that same place however, the event rushes at my memory..I can still hear the laughter. It was, now that I revisit this, the same laughter I heard in the bakery all those years ago when the “Morman missionarys”, calling them selves, “Bevus and Butthead”, pinned me immobile, facing the wall.

    There are 4 other car related incidents which I will not detail here. The above is the most recent. the others were scattered over several decades. None the less, they are sharp memories which occasionally work their way to my attention. Certainly, while driving, things happen. As with your event however, there are somethings that happen that have no parallel in the humdrum, flat tire on the highway catogory. Those of us who have had “anomolus” experiences of the nature you have described here, never forget them. I am hopefull that the sharp edges of this memory you carry will soften with time. I am also curious to hear how your daughter handled this event. The childs mind is much more forgiving. They are however, highly telepathic and in that, recieve strong input from their parents. But, that is a whole other subject. On that note, I will leave you with healing thoughts. Sincerly, Marina


  74. Being so well known in my community and having so many people see this experience unfold. I have had some come into my work place just to see if I am alright. No one can work out how the car stopped with it’s wheels still spinning. It means a lot to me that people care. It’s these moments I hold dear to my heart.

    My Daughter being at that lovely age of 17 has coped rather well. During the incident she never took her eyes away from me. She never turned her head to look behind us. She heard the squealing of the tires, could see smoke surrounding our car and smell rubber burning. Still she never took her eyes off me.
    She sat up once I let out a sigh of relief. Took my hand in hers and said ‘ love you Mum’.
    I have a very strong connection to my children, family members and friends. This connection is so much stronger since my visits.
    People take notice if I tell them for example not to take a certain road at a certain time or to avoid an area. They trust me enough to listen.
    Sometimes I let my guard down and speak before thinking. My employer walked past me and I knew she was looking for something. I turned to her and told her exactly where it was. Astounded she asked how the hell did you know that? Of course everyone turned to look at me. I don’t like that attention. Some start to think you are little weird. I don’t know how this works but it happens and it’s something I have to live with. I can’t change it.

    I have visions of future things yet to unfold but I hold back now as many seem to think I am one of those people that believes the world will end at the end of the year. This is not what I feel at all. Neither is it what I see. Sometimes I am given dates and told a few words like ‘ look up’. I did post one date which was 8th Nov last year. I did look up as a lot of others did as well. They too saw the activity high up in the night sky. They ask questions now. I tell them research it, you will eventually find some answers.

    Marina I feel that you have had many different experiences, some unexplained. You have felt great emotional pain that you carry with you close to your heart. It’s this emotional pain that makes you strong. Makes you a better person or should I say a more understanding human being. Life certainly is a learning experience.

    Stay safe


  75. Good morning Chuck…Your reply came up first thing after a forward discussing a carnivor insect and of all things Alice in Wonderland doing the catapiller scene from Walt Disneys version of the story. An odd combination over morning coffee to say the least. Your 17 yr old daughter mention, brought me to thinking about my 17yr old grand daughter who lives here with her mother. She is a very remarkable person. These children who are moving into a ‘lumpy’ future, have insight and worldly understanding which often leaps far beyond our understanding at the same age. In my grand daughters’ case, she has had a number of ‘anomolus’ experiences with enties in the guise or form of faries–My husband turned her on to the Doctor Who series some time around 2006 from which she gained a rather interesting understanding of physics, history and of course, time travel. At this point she is talking about going into the Air Force. She is a senior this year, facinated with the UFO phenomena and a bit of a psychic. Occasionally the two of us sit down to talk about anomolus events. My chosen task is to keep her aware of the disclosure project so she is prepared for the events which may come to pass as a result

    This my intention here as well. I am determined to take the ‘CRAZY’ out of this information. Your mention of your fellow workers response to your interaction with your supervisor, points up the reason why. There is a natural ‘sorting out’ process that goes on in the human brain, seperating those around them into categories of understanding. We all do it. If there is something we simply do not understand in another persons behavior, race or religion, like the tribal behaviors world wide, we shun them or set them up for ridicule. We see these kinds of behaviors in the media all the time. In children it comes to the surface as ‘bully’ behavior. In adults the extreem response is violence and on the other end of the spectrum, political or social isolation, often bringing ruin to that person selected as “different’ or “socially inept’. We have even gone so far as to using our political/governmental arenas as weapons against the latest behavior considered to be a ‘social threat’. My father got caught in this trap when the “Unamerican activities committie” swept into Hollywood, Ca. and attacked the movie and theater industry. Fear had swept the nation. ” Commie” became an undefinable word meaning “enemy of the state”. Just a public announcement of a call to this unescapable ‘docket’ brought an actor or writer or director to the ‘black ball’ catogory. Many never worked again in films. Many left the country. Many laid low and resurfaced as teachers. Some died. My father was one of those.

    The UFO subject brings with it a wide swath of people classified as “oddball”. Psychics are not the least of these. Even though more and more people are witnessing more and more ‘anomolus’ objects in the sky that are clearly functioning outside of known abilities of ships/planes we humans are using at present, it is a huge leap to the subject of ‘abductions’ and the paranormal behaviors which often develop in those who have experienced them. Psi ablities have been around through out history. At some moments they are revered, during others, those who display ‘insight’ are burned. Even to this day, the stigma of psi ability draws a line in the sand with a rather large sign reading, “be wary-caution is advised” . Believe it or not, even chiropractors have been classifed as belonging to that group on the ‘other’ side of that line…It is only in recent years they have been recognized as ‘coverable by medical insurance’. In many ways, we are still in the ages of ‘Ignorance” and “fear of the unknown’ better refered to as the ‘dark ages’.

    What brought me to the place where I decided to find a way to open up this door of UFO information to both my family and anyone else who would listen was an event which took place in 1980. My husband [Lee] and I, decided to return to upstate New York and out of the pressures of Phoenix Az. We were flat broke and in search of housing. We were offered a tiny cabin in dense woods seperated from the farms around us by miles of state lands. Our friends lived a long walk on the same property and we had friends over the hill, the husband of whom had ‘married’ us when they came to Phoenix to visit. We had 2 dogs and one siamese cat we had brought with us from phoenix. Our ferrit had escaped into the wilderness shortly after our arrival. Thus it was just us and a pot bellied stove to cook on. We had then, a reuniting with nature experience.

    There was no running water. We got our water from the well outside and it was in that well that we devised a food keeping place because it remained cool during the summer and not cold enough in the winter to freeze anything. In the small uninsulated wood cabin with a ladder to the loft, there was a counter with a sink with an outlet to the outside for water used to wash up. Above this there was a small window. One evening, As I was cleaning up I saw a very bright light in the window. I ‘believed’ I was looking at the moon and called Lee’s attention to it. It seemed to be right outside our window.

    What followed was a fast exit out the door to the porch. As I recall, the dogs came as well but quickly moved to some distance behind us. The porch had a single 2by6 railing barely supported by a brace in the middle. Lee, a 6” 2′ male, grabbed my arm and pulled me down where the two of us squatted in complete wonder as we watched this light brighten and then slowly recede. We did not speak and the dogs made not a sound. Then all we saw were trees. I have no words to describe this experience. We agreed later that we felt suspended some how. We were filled with humor as we began to recognize that we were believing ourselves concealed in our stooping manuver when there was nothing to conceal us except that small wooden railing prop. At the same time, the ‘moon’ image hung on, As we walked back into the house, silent and stunned, I have no memory of the dogs at all. The first words from Lee were simple and commanding. “Tell noone – ever.” I was pledged to silence yet in my thinking, I was compelled to find a solution to the mystery. The following day and for several days after that, I walked the path into the woods searching for a clue. It slowly dawned on me that it was impossible that I had seen the moon..The tree cover was extreemly dense on every side. There was only a small clearing in front of the cabin and the cabin was not high enough to give us a view of the sky at the narrow window I had been looking out of. I was left only with the continual question, “What the hell was that.?” The descriptive code, UFO never once came into my mind.

    I have no sequencial time memory of the event. We may have lost time but we had no clocks with which to measure that nor would we have thought about it. Abduction was an unknown to us then. It was not until about 3 years later that I went through some kind of an opening up of my memory during which I remembered a whole series of events that were most deffinatly “abduction” experiences which had taken place from early childhood. This is to this day, a tattered memory recognition..

    With the drums pounding on this “disclosure’ movement, I am sure there are many, many out there whos’ memories will suddenly begin to open up. Even if we have a “False Flag” , media created event, those who hold these contact experiences may well be triggered and as their memories disgorge, they are at extreem risk emotionally, physically and behaviorially. This is why I am skidish about this “disclosure” issue. It is for this reason I am here.There is no where for these people to go with their experiences. I was a lucky person for having found the Bud Hopkins group. I was experiencing an enormous emotional storm. I had neither drug nor drink motivations or desires to turn to. As I look at our present day evolution to recognition of Post Trauma Syndrome in our military returning home after experiencing HELL…I understand all to well that Abduction experiencers also have Post trauma symptoms. Because of the availability of alcohol, many become alcoholics. Drugs with the exception of Marijuanna are also used as an option to blind the minds eye to its memorys.

    Because of the wide web decemination of the discussion concerning disclosure, I am hoping more people will gravitate to sites like this for information. I know there are other sites out there but I have not done a search because of my heavy information load into other areas of inquiry. Since I am ‘retired’ my life is my cats, this computer and the challenge of keeping up with a world that appears to be chewing on its own foot. If just talking to someone who has shared ‘anomolus’ experiences is healing in any way, then those of us who have extended ourselves in this conversation may be some comfort. Just as I have noticed thru my Face Book page, the written entry of caring and sharing is often enough to bring some light to depression and the feeling of isolation. If there is one thing ET experiencers share, it is a feeling of isolation..As you said, “I feel I am leading 2 lives.” and “I do not talk about this.” [or something to that effect. So as Dante said in his novel, “The Count Of Monte Cristo” – I am the voice [words] on the other side of the wall.”

    Cudos to you and your daughter for extreem bravery in the face of danger. Yours Sincerly, Marina


  76. A few experiences events that happened.

    Mid October 2010.. I am driving to work, the sun is just coming up. I am just coming into town. I have a railway track on my left with a few trees on that side of the road. On my right are blocks of houses. Traffic lights are up ahead. I am watching for them to turn red. I see movement coming from the house side.
    I immediately slow down. Not believing my eyes. I see what looks like a ball of fog. Very thick fog but it’s moving with incredible speed, so fast in fact that it leaves a trail behind it. Nothing of this earth can move with such speed. I follow it with my eyes as it crosses the road in front of me, weaves it’s way through the trees and then as suddenly as it appears it has vanished. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like that. This is the reason I found this site.
    The week end coming I go to my Brothers farm to help with the livestock. My brother, my daughter and myself jump into the ute to feed the horses in the back paddock. My brother is driving I am sitting next to him in the middle and my daughter next to me. We recently had some rain but usually the area is quite dry. After a few minutes we pass through the last gate which is already open. We have to turn to the left to get to the horses. The driver side wheels suddenly hit a patch of mud and the ute starts to slide out of control. My brother tries to right it but to no avail. It’s going to tip over on the passenger side. I straight away moved forward as I grabbed my daughter to pull her behind me, just in time mind you. Lucky for us the window was down. As the ute when on it’s side my head went out the window and hit the hard ground. Amazingly enough the ute righted itself with all of us in it. We were all silent for a few seconds just sitting there. My brother asked if we were ok and then we all got out of the ute. I had a small cut on my head and my neck felt a little stiff other than that I felt fine. So we manage to start the ute and drive it back to the house. Those left at the house came running out to meet us as one of the children had seen what happened. A few hours later and all animals are fed I am on my way home. That’s when the pain started. I couldn’t turn my neck. I assumed it was just bruised.
    After a few days passed and my neck is no better I decided to go to the doctors. After about one minute of being there an ambulance had been called. I didn’t know what all the fuss was about I could walk. Neck was just a little stiff. I had even been at work! Anyway get to the hospital wearing a really hard plastic neck brace and flat on my back. They told me I had to get my clothes cut off and this was quite serious. They left the room to get some scissors. While they were gone I managed to wriggle out of my favorite top I was wearing. Hey it’s my favorite! I got into trouble for that but I just smiled at them. Kept saying it’s all a fuss over nothing.
    After that I had x rays done. They all looked so serious. They then told me I had to have an MRI. They found a hair line fracture and I had swelling on either side which is normal for this injury but they were worried as I had slightly torn the parts that hold your spinal fluid. I had pockets of spinal fluid on either side of my fracture. They wanted to keep me in but I wouldn’t have that. So they fitted me with a hard neck brace and I was told not to remove it at all. Not to work but to rest and not do too much. My family took me home. Few days later at work still wearing the neck brace life goes on as usual. Hated the damn thing. Couldn’t wait to get it off. That’s all I wanted. To get it off and be able to be a little more comfortable.
    That following weekend I had a visit. I had two visitors. I honestly think I wasn’t supposed to wake up but I did. Glad I did.
    I suddenly opened my eyes, I was in my room on my bed, at my feet was something standing. I closed my eyes thinking I was dreaming to open them again and see the same thing. I started to panic then realizing I couldn’t move except for my eyes. My visitor at the foot of my bed turned to it’s side as if talking to someone, turned my eyes as far as I could to my right and yes another one. By this time I thought I was going to die as panic was starting to overwhelm me. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, one to the other. It was like this for a few minutes as they both communicated to each other with out saying words. I knew they were communicating because of their head and arm movements. The panic inside started to subside but I sure was frightened. Still I couldn’t move. I tried to call out hoping someone would hear but I couldn’t get any sound out. The one at my feet was looking in the direction of the one on my right. I moved my eyes to look at my visitor. At this moment it bent over me to look me straight in my eyes. It is now only inches from my face. It’s right hand comes to my chest and pats it. I can feel this gentle movement and I calm down a little. As it’s face is in mine I hear the words ‘you are alright now. You are safe’. I close my eyes, for an instant wanting to move but not being able too. I open my eyes and they are still there. I kept thinking I am not safe until I am able to move. I closed my eyes yet again and with all my might I manage at last to call out. I open my eyes my visitors are gone and I can now move. I get up out of bed. I am shaking all over. I make a cup of coffee it’s just after 3 am in the morning. I’m a little shaken up but something is different. The strange thing is I have no pain in my neck only a a slight stiffness. I take my neck brace off.
    In the next few days I have a doctors appointment and another lot of x rays and MRI’s to have. I take my first lot of x rays and MRI’s pictures with me. (We get to keep them). Of course I had to put the damn uncomfortable neck brace back on just to go the doctors. I didn’t want another lecture even though I felt great. So go through the process of yet another x ray and MRI. The doctor puts the first lot up to look at them shakes his head and tells me I am extremely lucky to be able to walk. Asks me how the pain is or if I have any strange sensations in my arms or legs. I want so bad to tell him I feel great and that I can jump up and down and feel no pain at all. Instead I tell him I feel fine. Neck brace is hot an it annoys me to no end. Doctor notices that I keep pulling down on the front of it and he tells me to get used to it as I have to wear it for a few more months. I just sigh at him.
    The new lot of x rays and MRI comes finally. He puts them up and looks at them.. he just keeps looking at them… then looks back at the old ones … then to the new ones. he has a puzzled look on his face and yet still doesn’t say a word to me. He picks up the phone and is talking to someone down at the x ray department asking if he has the right x rays for me. He gets off the phone, looks at me and goes hmmmmmm. Comes over removes the neck brace and touches my neck moving it in different directions. All he said was this is remarkable. Hmmmmm I hear again. He sits down in his high and all mighty chair puts his glasses down on the desk, stares at me which makes me feel very uncomfortable and tells me I no longer need the neck brace. I can’t help it as I smile so broadly back at him. He goes on to say that I have healed in a rather fast unexplained manner something in which he himself can not explain.
    He becomes quite serious as he asks me what I have been doing. I don’t dare tell him of what I have experienced. I just said that instead of feeling sorry for myself I had a positive attitude and kept on the move. I didn’t stay in bed like they asked me too. He lets out another Hmmmm. After a few minutes watching him type words unseen to me on his computer he passes me all of my x Rays and MRI’s and says yet again I am very lucky and that I don’t need to come back and see him unless I start to feel any strange sensations.

    Stay safe


  77. 8:48pm/1/14/12-I have quickly briefed your post and I will get back to you tomorrow on calls…Till then..Just wanted to know–Marina


  78. @Marina
    Sorry for my late reply, but my computer was broke. Now it works again…very interessting that you also remember scars at the knees…i really dont know in my case where are they from, i only know for shure that they are not from any accindent i had in my life…and something in me dont wanna remember where are they from….maybe there is more truth than i wanna really know…anyhow, i will write the next days something more, now i am to tiered…had some heavy days behind me….so see you hopefully soon here again.


  79. 1/16/12-3:54pm/monday-Martin Luther King day–>JAY

    Yesterday, I spent the day doing some house work. I had to deal with my internal uneasiness concerning my long pieces written here and the fact that I might be taking space up for someone else to contribute. This morning as I was doing my email, I found a [new coment] flag on the “TRUTH–‘ SITE. The name was vaguely familiar..I clicked on [coment] and found myself scrolling up and up and up until I found the name–It was a response to someone way up there who I had not read in my tour through the line of writing which is reaching epic proportions. I am still puzzled–I forgot to check the date..I will have to do that…but –your surgery story hung around me JAY and despite the feeling of insecurity about my verbosity, I had to take this on.

    First of all, I really need to know what “ute” is…I am seeing a wagon in my head..some large wheeled covered wagon type vehicle. This has an engine clearly but considering the circumstances, it has to be able to carry hay and other farm materials. My husband was the 7th child of a farm family and told me many stories of these awkward vehicles falling victim to muddy fields and the like. In your situation, you describe the road as dry. You must have hit hard.

    When you spoke of your awaking to the sight of a figure standing at the end of the bed and then discovering yourself unable to move, I was reminded that this is a very common experience I have read in many testimonies. You were able to see two other figures as well..quite remarkable–I need to insert here I call the figures I saw, “my little grey guys”. Every one makes jokes about the green guys from Mars…No..mine appeared grey–despite this, I have two green cartoon alien heads I got from my local grocery store after the halloween candy they held had been sold. They sit in my front window with hats –one green, one a santa hat, both are wearing mod bright colored sunglasses–. They are a continual source of comments and humor…I must have told the story of their origin dozens of times. Once told, a certain calm appears and with frequent viewing, no mention is made of them at all. When I move them however, someone will ask where they went. They are seen and noticed but are so much a part of the house hold bookcases and such, they are taken for granted. I call this my personal “disclosure” trick. It works. When asked why I have them on prominent display, I simply explain that I saw a UFO once and became facinated with the subject.

    The truth is far more complicated. One day I was painting my kitchen. As I remember, the original color was green–yes, green –oh yuck! So, there I was up on a ladder in a far corner in the morning hours with my equipment on top of a small freezer.The last thing I remember is reaching up to the top corner that is surrounded by varnished natural wood, being very careful not to be careless. My next tactile memory is standing on the floor, completely disoriented hearing something outside. I dashed to the door and saw an object hovering over the apartment complex across the ally. I stood on the entry step, flabbergasted, confused and fasinated. As I looked across the street, the gal in the upstairs apartment had her head resting on her hand with her elbow propped up on the veranda railing. I will never forget her image as she was staring without movement directly across the street at the same object I was seeing. I looked back with a feeling of urgent examination. “What is a heliocopter doing hovering above that building.” It did and did not look like a heliocopter…I stepped off the landing stair to get a better look and then slowly turned around and walked back into the house. As I went, I noticed not one single car moving on the street next to us that was always with traffic as it was the major route to the shopping area and the pier which made Ocean Beach notable for having the longest pier in southern California.

    As I walked in the door, I glanced up at the clock above the water cooler/despenser. It was around 3pm. I was weak kneed with astonishment. I walked into the livingroom and sat in my chair. As I did so, I looked down at my leg. Since I used to sit cross legged all the time, my left leg was on top of my right as usual. I was stunned to see, just above the thin tissues at the ankle, a large hole. As I examined it, I could see all the layers of flesh had been taken right down to the muscle structure. I felt absolutely no pain. I simply sat there staring. There was no bleeding and yet the hole was the size of a quarter [U.S.A.]. The clock on the VCR read 3:45 0r so.

    My head was full of questions and images….”Let me see you–Oh please let me see you!” I could see a bright light–I could see a door or opening of some kind. I was surrounded with small figures but there was no detail. There were no faces. “PLEASE –LET ME SEE YOU.” But, the image stopped there and all I had was a hole in my leg. I checked my hands for paint. I don’t remember their being any there–there should have been. I looked again at my leg and without a long internal conversation, got up and got a home remedy then labeled “BAG BALM”..It is now labeled Veterinary Balm…As I applied the balm, to the far outer edges of the hole, there was an instant sizzle from the heat. Yet, I felt nothing. I got braver and covered the entire outer rim of the open wound..not a drop of blood. In this process, my head was filled with an image of the sun behind something I identified as the moon..It was a scrambled image that felt prophetic but really confusing. Now that I write this, I think I get it but that was about 25 years ago, maybe 30.

    Again, I looked at the clock, Lee was due to walk in the door any minute..and there he was. As he walked in he looked neither right nor left. He never acknowledged me as he usually did. It was as if he did not see me sitting right there in the chair closest to the door. He reached for his pens and small tools kept in his shirt pocket [he was in airconditioning] and put them away as he always did. He never looked over at me but went straight to his computer chair, sat down and began his mail run..No Hello..nothing. I was not there for him some how as I sat there staring at the sizzling opening in my leg. Some how I got his attention but he was mentally just not there. I pointed to the hole in my leg and he did not acknowledge that either..It was as if he was not there. He turned back to his computer. In the days following, he never asked me about the hole in my leg. It healed in about 3 days. I had a circle there for a few years. The other night, for some reason, I looked for the scar..there is none..well it has been a long time.

    Now here is the punch line. Months past, life was normal or as normal as the abduction scenerio allows it to be. Many events occured during that time. It is awash in my memory at the moment. It was winter. The house was warm. The light was on in the kitchen, the living room was dim. It was dark out. I suspect the TV was on. I looked over to the kitchen, probably considering turning off the light. As I stared absently, I noticed some marks on the wall right above the kitchen counter. I got up from my chair and walked in…There before me, as I stood stunned, were two hand prints just below the roof line! As I stared dumb founded, I realized they were too small to be my hand prints. There appeared to be 4 fingers and a thumb on both as if someone very short had put their hands on the wall while standing on the sink counter. I was not painting the sink counter area that day. I was on the other side of the room in the upper corner. These hand prints were unmasked by the moisture from cooking and our cigarette smoking I was sure. The kicker was, the walls around them looked clean..the hand prints were spotless. Fresh paint! Clear as a bell. I thought of painting over them but I have a feeling that would not have worked either. They remained just as they were when I discovered them to the day we moved. That was about 10 years later. I managed to learn how to ignore those hand print marks but honestly, they are still blazing in my mind. Some how, I must have gone through the celing–or who ever was esorting me went through the celing…There is no way to know.

    And here is an addendum to this story–a few days after this event, I was in town doing business at the check cashing store again when I happened to look down and notice that the girl standing in front of me had a large red hole in her leg. She was absolutely unaware of it from what I could see. Several years later when I was visiting my family on the east coast, I saw exactly the same mark on one of the gals in my family. She was oblivious of it and I said nothing. What was I going to say? I had done enough by bringing up the ET subject during that get together. It caused one hell of an upset I am still experiencing to some degree to this day. Yes, of course, this is where the conjecture really gets tangled..Testimony I have read and guesses which are made by researchers speak of genetic sampling and collection. Certainly the sample was large enough to be used for that purpose. So, let us go a little over the top here and talk about cloning…no not here or now but in our thinking.

    Every creature has a motive…In this case, we are dealing with entities who do not introduce themselves before they remove skin samples from our bodies. We think they may be the same beings who are flying odd looking ship like objects in our atmosphere and just about everywhere else, including into the sun. NASA has released photos of ships in all sorts of places..the rings of Saturn, the moon, the corona of the sun –you name it. Those of us who have had these time loosing experiences have not been allowed to see these ‘folks’ for the most part. Those that have are a privilaged few or just a tiny group who have been willing to speak out about their viewing. You Jay, are one of these few. This means you were left with that memory intact or some how you were determined enough not to allow the memory to escape. This challenges the “screen memory” theory. It does not challenge the removal of pain or the dislocation of time factors continually in play.

    The many photos that have been released in recent months, the latest a group of ‘alien’ bodies, may or may not be the truth or close to the truth. My memory is a soft one, blocked by light, silent except for my own voice, “Who are you? Let me see you!” Take care my friend, Sincerly, Marina8:46pm/est


  80. I have had many experiences prior to the one I have shared here. Most were just an extreme flash of light and then I felt like I had lost time. I don’t remember much else. The one how ever that I have shared here is different. I don’t remember being taken but I do remember being put back. After seeing my visitors face to face I searched high and low to see if anyone else had seen the same thing I did. Some pictures come close but it’s not the same. My visitors had some sort of protective energy surrounding them. It reminded me of the full moon on the ocean with the waves moving slowly. Quite beautiful.
    Even their eyes were covered with this energy but i could see the shape of everything. They had one less finger than humans. Very sleek in body mass and standing about 5ft tall. They are quite similar to the greys but their heads are no where as big. Everything is in proportion. They seemed to have no clothing and no genital recognition. Yes I took everything in. I remember everything. Even how surprised they were when I woke up. Their body movements and silent nods to each other.
    Since all this happened I have visions/dreams some over and over. Mostly of our world. Sometimes of scientific/mathematical equations and drawings. Sometimes I here words. At times I just know things and I don’t know how. It’s not all happy stuff that i see. A few times I have seen such horrific things that I actually do throw up. Sometimes the visions come to fast and I end up with severe headaches. Most times they make me exhausted. There is more but this is enough for now. The thing is all this is meant to be shared not just stay with me or the others that are going through this also.
    The visions most times don’t give me a lot to go on. I just see what happens, no dates or time frame. I have to take note if it’s night time and what stars I can see or if it’s daylight and where the sun is. I look at landscapes and if people are in it what they are wearing and what they look like. I also take note of houses and vehicles. My visions at times may only last a few seconds but I can remember every detail especially when they repeat. The hardest part of all this is what to do with the information once I have worked it out? I can’t post it or call up someone and say hey in 2 days your home and surrounding area is going to be part of a mudslide or an earthquake is going to happen in your area get to safety! Doesn’t work that way. Even I at times have doubts over what I see. But I can’t ignore it as some things have come to pass and people have died.

    Oh yes a Ute is a three seater (sometimes dual cab) vehicle with a tray on the back. Very handy farm vehicle.

    Stay Safe


  81. JAY!!! They took my Whitley!! I just saw it happen–It is 8:38am/est -Tuesday 1/17/12
    I am in complete shock here..I don’t have the ability to grieve..I have not yet processed the loss..I have had a few in my day but this one is–Well, I am dizzy with this..Let me explain–

    I had just brought up this blog site with intentions of working on something. As I was sitting here earlier, I was going through the morning news feed. A lttle of this, a little of that…I looked over at Whitley laying on the bed and found him up and animated as he has not been……for a long while. He was playing with some unseen thing..I saw him hopp cheerfully to the side of the bed as if he were chasing one of our other cats does with the lazer toy he got for xmas…and then Whitley hopped back and snugled down..or at least that is what I thought I saw. I turned with a warm spot in my thoughts because of his playfulness and went back to my usual effort at this hour. The next thing on my docket was coming here so I checked my mail and had a new comment from you so I went to the comment line.

    I have been up since 5am..this moment I turned from the computer to glance over a Whitley once again must have been 8:45. He was laying there, unmoving..I could see no breath. I got up and walked over to him. He was dead. Still warm.. I was stunned and it took me a few minutes to think that maybe I was seeing things. I felt his body – it was still warm. I pushed on his diaphram to try to get his heart working. I moved my hands frantically in search of breath.none came. His eyes were open, his tongue was at the front of his teeth..His body was warm and silky as I ran my hands across him over and over again searching for life..there was none. He was as if asleep, There was no sense of anguish or injury. He had not left the soft warm cover. He was dead..He was dead..he is dead still…I am not sure how to brace myself for his loss at the physical level. My W hitley is just not there.

    There is no time to, let me tell you the story…Whitley came to Lee and I in 1999–May I think. He was a tiny ball of fur brought into our apartment by my daughter who had found him on the shoulder of a young person sitting on the wall at the pier. She asked what ‘that ‘ was and they told her it was a kitten they had rescued in Texas and fed non-dairy creamer and cheetos all the way as they drove to San Diego. She saw that the kitten was weak from hunger and she told them she would take it and give it a good home. They agreed and she gentley put the kitten in her pocket and arrived at our doorstep about an hour later…she had a bus to wait for and a kid to pick up at school.

    When the kitten arrived in our living room, Lee was home with pnemonia and sitting in his chair facing the door. As Donna presented the kitten to us saying there was no way she was going to be able to bottle feed it, Lee took it in his huge warm hands and put it on his large chest. The kitten suddenly became animated and crawled straight up underneath Lees full white beard. There he stayed until Donna and I got back from the pet shop with a nursing bottle and some formula. From that day forward, Lee, for one year, got up every morning and fed the kitten. We decided to call him Whitley Strieber after the author who had written a book about his Et experiences while he was living in upstate New York. That man now has a website called “Unknown country” which is an extension of his work with Art Bell on the “Dream Land” radio show we listened to every sunday night.

    Whitley became my charge when Lee was at work. I carried him with me in a sling I made of soft cloth. I fed him and played with him on the bed. He was a wild guy..Unique in every way. He loved hiding under the covers. He played rough and his tiny claws often did damage. Lee allowed him to crawl up his back, as did I. Siamese cats are known for their climbing ability and their rough play. I saved his life once when he got a bone caught in his throat. it was close. He grew into a long, soft healthy guy who really liked being warm.

    Sometime before his arrival, I had a dream of walking in some place that was all tan with hall ways and doors. As I looked down, there was a siamese cat sitting proud and silent, staring at me. I remember saying, “What are you doing here?” Now, upon his death, I have my memories of him and all he represents and I am going to allow him to lay in place until such time as I can put him in a box and take his beautiful body to the vet to be cremated. In the meantime, I will look at him and occasionally go over and pet him. Some how, I know he is not gone..but rather free…He was 13 years old. His death was sleep after play…he lays there, gentle, and warm where his body touches the blanket. I am not ready to move him yet.
    I will get back with the rest of the story…Sincerly yours, Marina 9:41am -1/17/12


  82. Memories are precious hold them dear to your heart.

    Stay Safe


  83. We believe through our own individual experiences. We are all influenced by this. Those that haven’t had these kinds of experiences will find it hard to understand or to awaken to the possibility of certain subjects which include aliens, soul transfer and how massive the universe and beyond is.
    Many that have near death experiences often feel different after wards. Some only see a greyness, others light. Some see it as being in a dream state. Sometimes your hearing can be amplified to a degree that it causes pain. This usually passes with time. There are many things that can change after a near death experience. Just like alien contact, you are never the same after wards but that doesn’t mean you are insane and in need of a doctor or a priest.

    To have so many near death experiences makes myself ask a question or two……..What is the reasoning to this?
    For this to happen over and over are you walking a fine line between light and dark or is there something else behind it? So the truth is????

    Stay Safe


  84. In 1954apx-I was attending the first day of my high school biology class. After the appropriate introductions, the instructer asked us a series of questions to see how informed we were about the biological world. The first question was, “How many legs does a house fly have?” The kids around me appeared confused. I must admit, I too was confused. As I sat there puzzling over the last time I even noticed a house fly, I looked down, and there, walking proudly on my desk was – you got it – a house fly. Silently and carefully, I did not move but rather focused in on this creature I had not really noticed before, counting each leg – where it was and observing how it worked. On my paper I wrote the number 6. When I looked up, the other kids around me were still appearing to struggle with the question. I was chuckling to myself. The epthany[sp?] of that moment was, “It is all about observation!” In the years since, I have come to recognize the value of the expression, “What is — IS.” My advice to my children then became, “Look at it, annalyse it, understand it and then accept it with the reservation that you may need to go back to refresh your recognition.”

    I have been experiencing the loss of those close to me since the death of my mother when I was about age 4. I lost my fathers’ mother when I was about age 10. At age 13, my father died. As a teen I lost my mothers’ mother. As an adult I lost my uncle Al. In my late 20s I lost my mothers sister, aunt Sig.I had lived with Sig and Al after my fathers death. As an adult I lost my mothers brother, John and later his wife, Sally. Some years later I lost my 1st husband. Some years after that I lost my fathers sister Charlotte who come to live with my father and I after my mothers death. [There is a great story here but I will spare you.] In 2007 I lost my husband of 30 years. Last year I lost my 2nd husband. Through out those years, I have been seperated from or have lost to death, several dearly beloved members of the animal kingdom with whom I had deeply bonded emotionally. Two days ago I lost my Siamese friend who had been with me for 13 years.

    It can easily be recognized that I have issues concerning the process of death and dying experiences. This recent loss has magnified my focus on this subject at a number of levels. Until age 13, I had the ability to go to a number of churches of many denominations. I did this independently. There were a number in my area. I had friends who were Jewish, so I got to a Temple. I had friends who were Christian Scientists so I attended with them. I learned about the how and why of religion rather quickly. At the same time, I had what I call, my Easter experience. It was a highly charged, private. spiritual moment that swept over me when I was making a huge cross with paper mache’ from yellow and purple crape paper. Alone in my bedroom, I was over come with a recognition of something I have not yet been able to find words to describe. It was physical, emotional and intellectual. I have since heard tell of the GOD spot in the brain, well something triggered that God spot and I have been carrying that with me ever since.

    Well, ok then, What is THAT about? The questions came hard and fast. I began reading everything I could find. To this day, my bookcases are filled with that which I have read and that which I probably will not find time to read..I have them all..Christian, Hindu, Morman/Christian, Buddism, The Koran, The Bahi, and anything of a editorial nature pertaining to those books. The history of the middle east became a major subject for me as did Tibet. Again my book shelves are weighted with many volumes. Many of my books were given to my son. Most of those had to do with the history of the German WW2 holocaust as it affected people of all religious systems through out Europe, Russia and any where else the poison of racial imperialism and tyranny touched. Although I had brief brushes with Greek Mythology, my interests stayed focused on Isreal and the surrounding areas. I followed Christ consciousness through its early beginnings and then doubled back to look at the Essene writing when they came into view after the Dead Sea scroll discoveries. In all of this, I truely understand the obsessive-compulsive diatribes of those who have touched the high energy all of these histories generate.

    I am 74. I have dealt with many people. Some how I have been able, perhaps through teaching theater or perhaps because of my endowned ability to gently manipulate conversation or maybe even because of my investigation of astrology…I have managed to ask questions barely hinted at in all of religious belief systems…One of the major discussion that continually surfaced in my conversations had to do with death. When I was reading charts as a process in search of understanding the much sneered about method of astrology, the question would always come up, “Does it say when I am going to die?” I, of course had no inkling where to find any of those answers, so the conversations began to center on the path of living in search of the path of dying. From this came an endless stream of individuals talking about “I saw my dead mother standing at the foot of my bed last night. She died last year.”

    Now, I must admit, the many high intellectual philosophic discussions I had read gave me not a clue to any of these death questions,. Most of those centered on life behavior expectations. On the other hand, while in high school, I had come across a book dealing with the testimonies of some men who had been left for dead in a morgue some time during the American Civil war. These were startling experiences of the kind one knew for sure were not fantasies or tales designed to entertain. They were written long before the various “spiritualists” became all the rage in the late 18 hundreds. I believe the book was written by a physician but I will never know..I should have stolen that book when I had a chance..darn. Anyway, each of these testimonies described the individual coming awake to discover themselves in a dark room with dead bodies. They then describe the experience of finding themselves on the celing looking down. One man talked of finding himself able to go THROUGH the door and into the dim hallway. One man spoke of conversations heard between the living who had come into the room. At the moment, I do not know how many recitals were given. In each case, the individual was discovered to be alive and removed to a hospital area where they then lost touch with the out of body experience and passed out into what they described as a deep sleep. Some spoke of seeing lights around them during their accent. In each case, the individual said, “I guess it was not my time to go.”

    It is because of that reading that I became highly sensitive to the subject of after death experiences, out of body experiences and a myrid of issues revolving around the “It was not my time to go.” belief system.In my ongoing search for something a bit more solid, I have kept on looking. In all of this, the ET aspects of the death process comes into play. It is noted in a number of research papers. While we are dealing with the physical on planet relationship with ET things, I am convinced there is a strong connection between ET and after death transition. This takes the ET out of the killer mode or the soul sucking mode and puts the subject of the spiritual mode directly in the center of the table. All the terrestrial high blown philosophies cannot get their words around these things probably because death is the supreme mystery. No matter the biblical or other explainations, the actuality of “entity” release after death is beyond the imagianation of most. It is because of that etherial, unknowable proximity of after death that I feel extreemly priviledged to have heard the following testimony not more than 6 months ago.

    I will make the scene and circumstance as brief as possible. We, my daughter, grand daughter and myself, were told that my grandsons’ x-wifes’ brother had committed suicide. He was a national guard guy, young, very handsome with what appeared to me to be a sensitive and somewhat serene personality. I met him only once in a party setting filled with his 3 sisters and others with whom I had no chance to speak. I had heard that there was conflict between the sisters and brother. He, I was told, had gotten into drugs. I was also told that there had been a bit of a row about money. Because I have no contact with my grandson, I knew little. He had recently seperated from his wife. The funeral was held with full military honors. The whole family was there, including my daughter and grandaughter who went uninvited because they wanted to be with my great grand daughter who had been in our care for a while.

    When my grandaughter walked into the room where the family was gathered around the coffin, she told me she almost lost her breath. Everywhere in the room she could see “others”, “entities” clustered around the grieving family. The “others” glowed. Their energy did not allow for identity. Amid this ‘glowing” group, dispursed across the room, stood the brother. He was moving from person to person. My grand daughter could see him touching each, perhaps speaking but there was no audible indication. M3 said she was transfixed as she stood there. My great grandaughter [5yrs old] came flying out of the crowd, “Aunt Donna, Aunt Donna! She called excitedly. She wrapped her arms around my daughter and the two of them drifted away from the mourning group in light greeting chatter. M3 was watching the ‘departed’ brother moving toward her. She did not want him to touch her but she told me he did so. She felt him. As he moved on, she was filled with the need to escape the situation. Turning on her heel, she passed her mother telling her she would be in the car. There she sat..astonished, amazed, feeling very much alone with noone to talk to. When she got home, I thought she would burst. She went on and on. The next time we spoke on the experience, her memory added some detail but the story remained exactly the same. We have talked about the ET issue as it is related to the “Fairy people” she has seen and the “orbs” she has experienced. She is not afraid but I will say quite honestly, this experience changed her world view 360 degrees. It was in the conversation that I learned that she had seen the standing image of my dead husband as she stood with her mother next to his body laying on the floor before the paramedics arrived. She expressed to me at the time she felt he was finally free of his painful sickness and the weight he had gained from being almost immobile.

    At this point I must admit, I am sure we are dealing with a good deal more than what the physical eye can see. This recognition jumps us way out of the religiosity pond.Even the philosophic pond is no match for this. But, beyond all else, we are physical and we are human with complex biological systems run by a very complex brain matrix. In the effort to put together the seen with the unseen, we must champion all possibilities. That which is physical has its limitations, that which is not has its own perameters. As physical beings it is necessary to address them while at the same time recognizing that they are way out of our perview. Some things just need to be accepted with faith. As my father said to me, shortly after he died, while laying on the floor of the stage in the theater and I miles away asleep in my bed, “I am ok. You will be ok.” I trusted him then, I trust him still. [end-1/19/12–11:35am–est–USA]

    “I love you all, every one.” [quote–Tiny Tim from “The Christmas tale” by Charles Dickens –Safe we will be.


  85. @Marina
    Too bad that i do not live in america…otherwise i would like it very much to meet you in reality, think it would be fascinating to talk with you in person….now something about me, at the moment i am fighting against the evil government in my homecountry…they wanna knock me out but they failed again….i am destroying right now a multibillon business with slavery of humans…that is the reason the wanna knock me out. The funny thing in this story is that i use there own weapons against them…the laws. and now i have already won something at the court which will change maybe everything in my country..that is the reason i was not in a good mood the last days, because i needed any little piece of my energy to bring down the right words to my letters to the court and this is still goung on. So now you know a little bit more about me…i think that i am a peaceful revoluzzer because for me jesus was the greatest revoluzzer who ever lived on earth and i follow him as good as i can …because he said follow me and you will do greater things than i did. Well i was trying to find out if this really works….so now i can say it really works very well…wow. I dont know how many time i will have now here on earth after the things i had donenow to the dark ones…but now i feel after a very very long and painful time (more than 7 Years) again some deep inner peace and also a very deep happiness due to my little sucsess against the evil government. hey we are really much more powerful than we think about ourselves…so what will really happen if we all who are carrying the light of love in our hearts unite against the dark and evil forces which rules this world till now?
    with heartgreetings


  86. I have read many posts from different people on this site. I have found that those that post on a regular basis want to do good, want to help and find the truth. There are no doubt many more but they stay quiet, that’s ok.
    I see, feel and have experienced far too much to stay quiet, even though I have been threatened. I’m not out to hurt anyone or cause any pain onto another life. I share some of my experiences as deep down I know it is what I am supposed to do, also learn from them. Oh I have learnt so much!
    I don’t understand why some of us have unusual experiences or are chosen for them. We can ask why for the remaining time we have on this planet and still get no answer.
    Trust your instinct, have respect and learn how to help one another. There has to be more light in this world.

    Stay Safe


  87. This is the first place I came to this morning-7:47am-est/1/20/12> Well, no, I went to Face Book to check out responses to a couple of teeth rattling posts I made yesterday…So, here I find my two friends, Mr. Nobody and Mr. Jay – from parts unknown, doing and thinking much the same way I have been thinking for a while now. There is an old American saying, “Three is a crowd.” I would like to revise that somewhat and say, “Three is a beginning.” No, wait–let us make that four. This web site is and has been for me, a very major catalyst to stepping off the curb and taking the perilous journey across the street. My first adventure here was in the process of dealing with the night mare scenerio of the FEMA camps that have been chattered about endlessly on various news feeds I get. In my disbelieving soul, I absolutely refused to follow that information. I did not want to believe it. I still don’t but I am seeing now that something really huge is coming at us and thus was forced to squint my eyes as I knuckled down to track this story which has been relegated to the “conspiracy theory” catogory in major media, and thus giggled about behind lifted hands. As I have said many times before, ET is my facination. I decided to see if I could find a connection.

    For each one of us, there is a history of ” mind boggling” [See – Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy- by Douglas Adams] personal happenings of the most intimate nature. The revelations that have come of these events have opened up our ability to look at the world around us just as a small child suddenly discovers that which is outside of his/her crib. We are adults who have gone through our increasing maturity dealing with the challenges of living a life we find most comfortable. Humans nest just as do others in the animal kingdom. While some wander a bit, most, fervently seek the protection of home and family, no matter the internal challenges that endows. Our most fervent drive is safety and protection. We know in our hearts that we are vulnerable and search for the answers to that age old quest..”What happens when I die?” None the less, many of us, knowing the danger, venture out to take on a world of danger. Challenging the existing belief systems, born from motivations of greed, averice and fear of change, is clearly seen through out history to be a great physical danger to any individual who takes that effort upon themselves, no matter how small when compared to the larger picture.

    In recent years, it appears quite clear that the entire planet is in the throes of breaking away from zenaphobia and authoritarian repression. In each location where this confrontation has bubbled up,there are but a few who have dared to take on the issue at hand. In this we see everywhere, a massive response. A struggle with great shouting and stamping of feet. The nations in which this movement is growing are too numerous to count. It is easy for the minds eye to get lost in this stew bubbling on the stove of change. In our new ability to communicate via computers and wireless telephones with camera, we are finding ourselves sharing these conflicts on a daily basis. Slowly, but ever so slowly, the eyes of Earths human population are beginning to recognize how connected we are. We are not alone. Now, the isolated individual begins to gain courage from this sharing. When I look at what is being endured in places where these challenges are the most volitile, I am astounded with the courage and selfless sacrifice.

    What we forget: No, what I often forget, is that I too, isolated and penniless, have the ability to contribute to this push to adjust understanding that will shake off the ancient patterns of human behavior which hold the possiblity of enviornmental and political progress in a pattern of destructive and enslaving behaviors. I have words. I have concepts. I have belief. I have curiosity. I know things from a source I cannot name which compell me to speak out somewhere, some how. While ET is my over riding issue, I have come to find that ET is just the beginning.

    One of the ET signatures I have found everywhere has to do with what appear to be warnings. It appears that ET has a huge investment in the survival of the human species as well as all other species. That there are “good” ETs and “not so good ETs” appears evident. I am quite sure that balance has been struck as a methodology – something to compare with – a plan to up grade, using an ever present psycology of contrasts. I keep hearing “You choose.” “You create your own realiety.” hammering in the backgroud. To say the message is confusing is putting it mildly. To say there is a reward or punishment as a result of that “choosing” is also completely dependent on personal “creation”. For some reason at the moment I am hearing the words from a radio play [ I think]…”Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.”

    My “hyperdimensional” physics science guy ‘friend’ [ie the face on Mars] is continually advising those who ask questions of him about “disclosure””Follow the Dots.” –“Soon” he says. It was not until recently that I began to understand that I am one of the dots. Mr. Nobody, in his stated battle is a dot and Mr. Jay, in his enlightened effort to educate his fellows, is a dot. We are from widely seperated places, doing the work required to awaken and inform in lieu of some unknown wrapped around the only word we have handy to describe that unknown, DISCLOSURE. There are others in the present, there are others who will follow…Each leaves a legacy memorable to someone else or even perhaps a large group of someones. We will move on but the work will continue.

    Thus it is I find myself linking those two words which float into my consciousness during the day, ” Evolution and Disclosure”. In the age of movies and television, stories unfold with a beginning – a middle – an end. A small church I went to as a teen ager had a hymn we would sing every Sunday after the minister was finished with his teaching–The words that remain with me to this day, despite my loss of the title of the song we all sang in off key multi voice- were…”WORLD WITH OUT END” AMEN > I took that to be a contract between me and that energy we humans call GOD..

    So, to my fellow dots here Mr. Nobody and Mr. Jay – May you live long and well and my your sucesses prosper. Your courage and wisdom are inspiration for me…World with out end…Sincerly, Marina [10:10am/est/USA]


  88. My experiences have taught me to be more alert to my surroundings and that of the world. Most of what I see is on this wondrous planet. Some that I receive are quite educational.
    Over the last month certain types of trees in my area have just died completely. Now these trees are big and as far back as anyone can remember they have always been there. If I can’t find answers through my own research I ask some one specialized in the field about it. The next day my dear friend who is an environmental specialists comes in to say hello. We sit down and I ask why are these certain types of trees dying and so quickly? He’s astounded that I even asked the questions. He goes on to tell me that because weather conditions have changed it’s made it perfect for a European fungal disease to come out from sleep and kill the trees. Apparently this disease is air borne, can live in the soil and there is nothing we can do but cut down and burn the trees. We go on to talk of other changes like no bats this year, the amount of cloud cover, dry lightening, land movement and rain. We have had mini tornadoes which is something new in this area. Others that were around as we were talking are now asking questions. These questions lead to other subjects. I have noticed more and more people want to know what the objects they see high in the night sky are? Or why the sun comes up or down in different places. It’s good to see people are taking notice. It’s good to see that they are looking up and around them. More people are communicating, speaking to each other on these subjects instead of living in there own private bubbles.
    I have noticed a few regulars that post on different subjects no longer do. I used to like reading their posts. Especially Vara’s and waveforms. I don’t know what has happened to them but I wish them well and hope they come back soon.

    Stay Safe


  89. Thank you Jay for the kind words.
    Know we came to this time as much to learn as to share from our experience. It has been a treasure chest of insights, many things unanticipated…some more refreshing than others. I speak colectively in saying the greatest “unexpected suprize” was the sheer number of Adomite souls here now in this time…a population a full 20 fold what was anticipated. This has the potential to be an advantage.
    I had hoped for a bit more time here…time is a funny thing and always it seems not with out a twist. Soon now we return, each to our own time with treasures to share…sepperate and yet the same.
    I will repeat a thought in passing…set aside fear…fear is always of the unknown…how to set aside fear?…let the unknown become known…how?…the secret is this…every answer is already in you for the remembering…you have only to be willing to look with in. Somewhat lonely for awhile until you meet and come to know yourselfs…

    Journey Well,
    Marq de Kybalion


  90. So nice to hear from you waveform. You have been in my thoughts of late.
    I have been having a vision one that repeats again and again. This vision makes me think of you and a few others that are more educated in this field.

    The vision……….

    I am in space looking down on our planet. I can see the southern bottom part of the world more than the northern. I am instantly drawn to the antarctic. The southern lights are putting on a display. Greens, reds and yellows. There isn’t much in the way of cloud cover. It’s so beautiful it takes your breath away. I keep watching for what seems like a few minutes then I notice the lights expanding moving up towards south America. Not in a circle formation but rather like a snake slowly weaving it’s way up. The lights down south at the antarctic are becoming brighter more on the white side as the lights move up over the equator. I now see lightening amongst the lights as still it’s moving towards the north pole. Soon the southern lights will be connected to the northern part of the world. It’s the lightening that bothers me. It’s becoming more aggressive. Everything is clear apart from the lights dancing and the lightening. It is daylight on this part of the world. So much energy is being generated. I also see stars in the background and what looks like a faint dust cloud. Why or how I do not know or even if this is possible.
    Any input will be appreciated.

    As I have written before so much of what I see I don’t understand but I have an overwhelming urgency to pass it on to someone else that may make sense of it. The above vision is only one there is many more.

    Stay Safe


  91. Jay, this may be of interest to you. It is an exerpt from a rather long communication between wave/Mdk and a “Gwenn”, maybe someone onthis site? Parts kind of sound like your dream.
    Thursday, December 23, 2001 7:02 PM
    Message body

    Dear One,
    This. with some input from a series of regressions with the Christos group in the early 1970’s regarding initiates work titled “Atlantis”. I have taken liberty to interject references in parenthesis to modern parallels for the understanding of those not involved in this star system at the time of the incident.
    I ask that you be mindful we still search for the remaining three (likely down to two…the soul located in Taos has been identified but will likely not recover in time to be of assistance…we will discuss at a later time) of the original twelve geomancers involved in siva project. I have knowledge of seven others with us now here in process. You will become reacquainted with all within the week.

    The new development regarding the Deloris Cannon session is more than “interesting”. Why we have not pursued this line before is a mystery. I have highlighted the reference to ‘light beings”, otherwise notes are unchanged. Clearly the only substantial difference in the story is one of perspective. If there is one, and she is truly one of them as I suspect, there are others as well. In your contact with the others focus on this question as well as any other specifics that may open doors in this regard.

    Re: Atlantis…good progress. Reference to “gateway” is 1/3rd of the picture. I will fill in a few gaps. This that you have referred to as ancient knowledge,..forgotten for some time but not lost…from recovery period 11,618 BCE to 8,098 BCE is in fact the most recent of related periods…not the destination…just along the way…

    The “Great Pyramid”, a creation of the Atlans, is a newer version of what was the largest of five “Sivas” or “ionospheric solar tap energy receivers” servicing the one continent in much more ancient times. These were “harmonic” devices…on a rather large scale, built at the direction of the original visitors. 96% of the mass of the siva functioned simply as an insulator. Rooms and passages are harmonic resonators and control areas. Many smaller pyramids at each location were transmitters to broadcast collected power. To keep in perspective, understand this group of structures are third generation, and quite modern in the scheme of things. This is of particular significance as the described incident is in actuality a blend of memories of two very similar events separated by nearly 75,000 years…both of which ultimately involved nuclear exchange as well…an issue for another time. Be mindful the first event occurred long before the creation of the Atlans.

    At the time of the first accident rotational axis of earth was 38 degrees from current…magnetic poles as well. Look at a modern globe of earth and above and below the equator lie latitudes called “Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn”. Between these lines of latitude today exist 12 areas of “magnetic” anomaly…best known is “The Bermuda Triangle”. Magnetic energy does not flow around the planet pole to pole (conventional science)…more of a figure 8 thru the equator. We refer to this center area as the “Bloch wall” or “bow-tie”. It is a planetary safety zone so to speak as well as an easy area to naturally generate anti-gravity effects. In recent generations an old one incarnated in the form of Ed Leedskalnin and left many clues to this, though few considered him more than an odd curiosity. This said, understand the base nature of energies involved is not “magnetic” per say…or light, heat, nuclear, electrical, gravitational…these are all but manifestations of universal harmonics…no understanding will be reached without understanding this.

    An Iso-tap power flow in this safety area, if supercharged, say from solar flares or close proximity to the harmonic magneto-gravitational waves from the galactic center or proximity interdiminsionally, will quickly discharge and “throw a breaker”. Quite the light show, but the energy spike becomes self extinguishing. The closer to the poles however…the higher the energy available and…the greater the risk. As we discovered, 19.5 deg north / south of the equator is really the limit of the “safety zone”.
    Here was our dilemma at the time of the first incident. The one continent was entirely in what is now the northern hemisphere, an orientation that is now reversed. Less than 4% of the land mass in the safety zone. The first siva was located here. It became the primary power source for excavation and because of its location, anti-gravity,… and as such was the “machine” used to build other and larger megalithic structures. It never was very efficient as a power plant for the continent. Kind of like setting up your radio broadcast tower in Key West to broadcast to Alaska…but it was safe.
    The masters were actively involved on three planets, 3rd (earth),4th and 5th in this star system, colonizing Earth and Tyrohl and mining on both the moon and Mars. More power was needed. As a race, those we were in service to were at least as power hungry, greedy, and ruthless as people are today…… their sivas inched north, ultimately building with-in 15 degrees of the pole. We did build in safety measures…however inadequate. Their concern was with meeting a certain window of opportunity having to do with time cycles, not the safety of this planet or its life forms.
    Physical space travel happens three ways,… physically by ship and harmonically by gateway within the local system…the third having to do with a kind of inter-dimensional synchronous harmonic distortion of time. We were only involved in the second of these…and had tremendous energy requirements…
    A portal jump requires a lot of energy, and once it has begun there is no turning it off until the jump is complete…or you loose what and who ever forever. For a really big jump,… lots of energy,…energy we could only get from siva 1 near the pole. The greatest risk was of a solar flare during a jump, where we couldn’t stop the energy “avalanche” and because we were well beyond the “bow-tie”…no natural extinguisher.
    We had several close calls during the first 2,500 years or so of operation,..then disaster. An avalanche we couldn’t stop during a portal jump. We lost the 5th planet and vaporized much of the surface of the fourth. Everyone who could be evacuated from earth was, by ships, in the first 24 hours. The rest were all lost but for a few who survived underground, and even those who had managed to escape found themselves trapped so to speak in the space of the local system.
    The avalanche lasted for thirty three days with the energy of ten thousand bolts of lightning continuously striking the sivas non-stop and radiating in blue-white waves around the planet. The continent fractured under the stress and separated into the seven drifting continents today. Total loss of the planet was averted by dumb luck, or more to the point by “intervention” of several unknown entities observers referred to as “light beings”. **As of this writing, nothing is known of the nature or origin of these entities or how they were able to intervene.
    The continent fractured with such force the rotational axis shifted. Siva 1 was re-located to an area now in your country China within the safety zone and the avalanche was extinguished. Earth should have been another asteroid belt. More than a thousand generations past between the first incident and second incident involving the modern Giza pyramid. 775 years passed as radiation levels diminished to an acceptable level and the first survivor ship returned and life was re-introduced.

    The second avalanche event, pertinent to your studies of Atlantis occurred almost thirteen thousand years ago at the “new” site of siva 1/Giza… The event in this case was triggered by a nuclear device within the safety zone…an unplanned for contingency. The avalanche lasted seven days and for seven days there was nothing resembling night. Aural discharges seamed to emanate from the poles to every megalithic structure on earth. Lightning strikes so continuous not a moment of darkness entered between the flashes…and much as before, somehow terminated by the intervention of what for lack of a better descriptive we refer to as “light beings”. Also as before, some of us survived underground, others more elite escaped by ship. Two survivor “mother” ships eventually returned over the next 3,800 years. “Adamites” with a few genetic changes to allow for survival in the new biosphere had begun to re-establish.Returning Atlans did not fair well in the new biosphere but had limited options. We were again placed in servitude… but generally given wide berth experimentally. The Adamites were evolving as well,… something the masters haven’t done I suspect for a very long time… We of predominantly terrestrial DNA, catching up quickly…even the young ones now remembering …
    More than 5,000 years passed from the time of the second accident until the pyramids were discovered by the Egyptians and re-surfaced prior to the time of the building of tombs.
    “Gateway/ Portal sites”,…Stonehenge, Avery, Anchor Watt and other locations required harmonically tuned iso taps ( Im not going to copy the next ten os so pages, you got all th parts I think that kind of sound like your dream)


    • @Andre
      I would like to know how you came about this information as it all makes sense to me.
      I have taken the advice of
      Marq de Kybalion

      Stay Safe


  92. Thank you Andre. Everything helps.

    I have seen other things that seem to tie in with what you have posted…..

    All around the world on every continent there is what I describe as an obelisk. These obelisk are made of materials not naturally found on this world. They have carvings, writings that cover them from top to bottom. They are a very dark grey almost slate like metallic appearance. I have only seen a very small part of one. They are all hidden deep down, except one which partially protrudes from the earth. This one is in an area of bush land which is hardly accessible. The continent of Australia. The surrounding plant life is lush so must be close to a water source.
    Then I see an elderly gentleman, white hair wearing a white shirt. I know he has spent his life researching ancient artifacts through out the world. I see his heart is broken as he has lost his wife his soul mate. He has found the one in Australia. He has written about it and also taken many photo’s. He states that he has deciphered some of the meanings written on the side. The ancients used this for protection From the burning white light. It has all been hushed up.

    Stay Safe


    • Jay, …what to believe… I will share with you a glimpse of a rather strange story…believe what you will…
      I was born in the early 50’s into a family very involved in military intelligence/ national security/ Martin missiles/ Marietta Corp/ Raytheon/and what became NASA.
      By the age of five my daily life was largely in the hands of controllers involved in projects at four secure facilities in California and Nevada. I became host, kind of an “avatar” if you will, to five entities, three of whom you may have come to know here as Amadon, MdeKybalion, and Wave144… Over time I came to understand that all were in fact one entity with multiple form manifestations in different time periods…each uniquely different yet the same. It was explained to me by Amadon, clearly the most removed by time, that to come so far to “the future”, more than 230,000 years, it was necessary to enlist multiple manifestations…”like a stone skipping across the water from one bank to the other”… All have gone now rather abruptly and unexpectedly, returning I suppose each to their own time. I am left feeling an empty shell of the only “self” I have ever known. I am also left with several boxes of hand written documents, much of it undecipherable and encumbered with diagrams and non-disclosure agreements, and several electronic storage devices. I have begun to sort through a bit of it here and there but for the most part it has been an exercise in futility as much seems to be in language Google translate doesn’t recognize and or written with caricatures there are no keys for on my key board or in mathematical terms I am no longer able to comprehend. I’ve found the task quite depressing and couldn’t feel more alone if I had been left on the most remote deserted island…I would gladly have given up this shell and returned with any one of them. I want to believe there is some greater purpose for me here now, some task to complete going forward…all I have found is a world of strangers…even looking in the mirror, a stranger…
      If by chance I come across anything further in the next months that seems pertinent to your discussions here I will post. Best wishes to you all and good luck in your quests.


      • @ A… First of all you are not alone. I find your post comforting in a way. Sounds strange but I don’t mean it in a negative way. Negativity makes you stand still. Being positive moves you forward. I know you understand that.

        I have seen diagrams, writings that seem strange to me but I know that it is mathematical. Some of the diagrams I see are found here in our ancient history. Some in the pyramids, some from the Maya but most of it I have never seen before. It’s like a huge equation. I don’t keep a copy of it as I have an overwhelming feeling that it may fall into the wrong hands. Maybe I am being paranoid or being too careful.
        A mirror can be a useful tool.
        Feel your energy and use it for the light.

        Stay Safe


      • The time is approaching. Closer than most think. You will be whole again. Your mourning will be over.
        Although it can not be revealed at this time. I am stronger than most assume. So are you. I am only one you are many. The equation is nearly complete.
        The circle and square can dance together with a connection of energy. Lines of flowing light. Be ready.

        Stay safe


  93. This all wears me out. My hair is turning white rather quickly. So quickly that people are commenting on it. I needed a day of rest and they gave it to me yesterday. I asked only one thing and that was to show me a sign that I am doing the right thing in sharing this. I got my sign………

    It was roughly about 11.15 pm. I am not in my home but at a family members. I start to feel really hot as if I am going to burn up and then I hear a whisper saying ‘outside’. I go outside, sit on the front step enjoying the cool breeze. I look up and as I looked up a meteorite( I assume it was) burns up in our atmosphere. I just smile and say thank you. Others must have seen it too.

    Stay Safe


  94. I have come to feel at home on this site. This is the place I come to talk about ET’s or other worldly being. In the ordinary world, you say alien and people laugh or think of them as fiction. I dont understand it. Since before I can remember I felt out of place on this earth. When I was young I used to think and say this world is weird. We wake up everyday to go to work and spend all the money we have to live and most still be miserable. I thought this world is strange, and i dont know why but all I think about is being normal is everyone living together, working together, no money just a huge civilization, eating and working together without money. The way Indian tribes do. I dont know what broght on these thoughts, but they never went away. Then as I got a little older 13 a number started following me. ( now this is before I ever herd about the myans, or 2012, or anything apocalyptic). Everytime I would look at a clock it would show 2:12. I didnt think nothing of it at first, but as time went on it happened more and more, and it started eating at me for some reason. Then a few months after that when i started wondering what the number meant i realized this number was also my birthday Feb 12, 2/12. Any-who I always believed that there were people on other planets and other civilizations, but never thought much about those thought. But one day I moved into my own house with my child and boyfriend, I was a stay at home mom so while he was at work I would watch the baby and while he was asleap watch the history channel. I got into this show called Ancient Aliens and Nostradamus 2012. After hearing a little about what they said I had a revalation and it changed my life. This number 2012 had been following me for 10 years and I didnt understand why and finally I understood. I still dont understand my place in this universe and still like everyone elts have unanswered questions. But it changed my life watching these shows and understanding why maybe it was I felt so weird here. I know its 2012 and everyone is confused and i’m sure on this sit everyone(the believers) are wondering when everything and what will realy take place. Weather its humanity being destroyed or “them” coming back to help.
    I guess the whole point of all this is to ask everyones opinion about what they think will happen or if they believe the rapture will really happen and who will be saved. If you have some proof in your answers please add it, that always helps.
    I dont know why, but i’ve just always had this urge to go “home”, wherever that may be. I’m hoping thats not insanity but something real, concidering how changed my life has become since this whole 2012 number came into my life and got me curious enough to do research and start watching all these shows.
    Let me kno whatcha think about the question I asked.
    God bless everyone!


  95. 1/22/12-3:30pm/est>JAY>Clearly you are tired. It is time to take a break. I have been experiencing this same tired feeling. When I sat back a bit to let my mind relax a little, I realized I was taking life far too seriously. This is an adventure. It is filled with bumps and bruises. It is weighted with emotional losses. In my case, I am still here and with an exceptional few, all else has gone away-“I have out lived 3 husbands” I laugh..”Showed them, I did.” At the same time, the question echos with in, “WHY!?” This aging thing is painful physically. I don’t have the old strength of body and the energy to drive it. I have moments when I don’t remember, there are moments when I spell words backwards..I am fighting with my body and my brain to stay intact but it would be so comfortable to just not be here any more. I don’t feel as driven as you appear to feel. I have learned to just take the road that appears in front of me. When a book falls off the shelf, I read it. When a surprise comes at me, I take a deep breath and work to roll with it. In all of that, I still have grey hair.

    But of course, at my age, one expects grey hair. I alway considered it an honor. I see great respect there..respect for lessons learned. I do not know whether or not you are familiar with the J. R. TOLKIEN stories, “The Hobbit”, and the trilogy, The tales of the ring- In this the wizard – who not only suspects something, finds that he knows what that something is and he proceeds to lead a troop in the quest to resolve the problem at hand..a very large problem. These books have been compared to a prophetic recognition of the advent of World War 2, its’ challenge and its’ outcome. During part of this adventure, the wizard takes on a giant evil monster from the center of the earth. He disappears down a huge cravass into a fire pit. Those who he is leading are devestated but they know they must go on and on and on until the “problem” is solved. When the Wizard re-imerges, his hair as well as his whole countenance is WHITE. He had been called Gandolf the Grey. Now he becomes Gandolf the White.

    Thus I believe it is with all who take on enormous tasks. The color of our hair is the story of our travels and the wisdom accumulated though out the challenges. This is how I see you…Wear your color proudly my friend. You are one of a number of your kind working all over the Earth to find answers all are seeking but do not have the ability to pursue. Your white haired friend is that signal…I see him as a guardian of sorts..I see him as the white bearded man who stepped out of a portal into my living room…I was the only one who saw him and he is my eternal strength..the whisper in my ear.

    4:04pm/1/22/12–>Maria 6:02pm-est/1/22/2012/usa


  96. @ Marina thank you for your kind words. I have a giggle at times as some just want to reach out and touch my hair. Teenagers think it looks cool and ask me where I had my hair done! Since my visit by my two friends I can’t seem to cut it. It’s very long now full of waves and gets tangled around me in my sleep. I like my hair. I will wear it proudly. lol We are on a site talking about aliens and we are talking about my hair. That’s funny.
    I really am not one to be down in the dumps. I have a very wicked sense of humor and have a laugh everyday. Having an understanding nature I am loved by many and I love them all back. I never take anything for granted. Everyday is a blessing.

    People are now learning more about the old ways. Your instinct has been guiding you. Always listen to it. Your thoughts are telling you that life will go on. It always does. Yes things are changing at a slow pace but non the less it is changing. Take a step back and look at the world today and compare it to 100 years earlier. See the mistakes man has done. The damage to our planet. Notice how society and beliefs have changed. Our world can not go on the way it is. Life can not go on with out change. Don’t let your inner fear control you.
    I wake up every night at exactly 3.15am, have done for over a year now. Why I will work out one day. It will come to me eventually. I will find my answer.

    Stay Safe


  97. @Marina
    Your words which you wrote to me are really like clear and healthy water for my dryed soul…lets see what for dreamplants will grow up now…;) Thank you very much marina for seeing the good aspects in everything…i lost this the last years a little bit to much due to see into to much edges/abysses, now you remember me to change this really increasing unhappiness inside me, because before i start watching into the edges/abysses i was laughing every day and now maybe once a week…so something there catched my laughing…now i know what i have to to next..i will go now deep inside me to get my laughing back……really beautiful that i have meet you here.. you are opening my eyes for new points of view…you did a very great job marina and so thank you very much again.
    Be all blessed


  98. I am bothered by a few things I have seen of late. Some I have seen progress over years around the world. It is a big issue. One full of pain, anguish, fear and frustration. People attach bombs to themselves or other objects waiting for the right moment to set it off. Some will not hesitate to kill another with different beliefs. Women, children and men are raped, degraded for having different beliefs. Wars are for ever fought over the difference of beliefs.
    I at times are so disgraced with the human world. The acts they inflict upon one another. Why inflict pain and death on those that don’t believe in the same things you do. I refuse to join any party that uses violence towards others. I will not believe in a book which condones these sort of acts.
    I write this as this coincides with something else I have seen. Man has made a terrible mistake. Man has played with genetics. Man has made a virus, a nasty one. From an act of pleasure a mistake is made and it is released into the public. Media broadcast an outbreak of a well known virus and that it has been contained.It isn’t a well known one. This one is extremely deadly. It is not contained. Certain groups of people see this as an act of there God and that they will be spared. They glory in it. Wanting the western world to perish. They dance around with big smiles, happy and sing songs to the heavens. They are thankful that so many are dying. Until it hits their shores. Some run and hide but the virus finds them. They soon beg those that can to help them saying ‘we have been deceived’. As I will not punish others for different beliefs. I myself would help them. After all the only difference between some of us is our belief.
    I would feel a lot better if this virus and the others are destroyed before anything like this ever happens.


  99. @Marina and Jay
    I think both of you read this book which i found accidently today, but it fits for my opinion very well to us all here who are interressted in the Alien Stuff. I am very impressed about this Book, as far as i looked into it, so here comes the Link for the Download of it:


  100. Heya i?m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to provide something again and help others like you aided me.


  101. @Mr. Nobody —
    Oh, Mr. Nobody!! Remember this! THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS! You must have been hearing me searching in my mind for a book I once had by Karla Turner–It might have been titled “TAKEN” but I am not sure.. I have been thinking about her work continously for days now. I ran into an article about her, written by her husband and then later that week, an article talking about all the titles she had written and how she suddenly died of a fast moving cancer that was undetectable–very suspicious…AND here you are giving me a link for “TAKEN”! I have been saying it for years, “TELEPATHY WORKS”. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sincerly, Marina


  102. @Jay-
    Your use of the word ” virus” jumped out at me in an echo of a discussion I was having regarding a series of very grisly murders that recently occured in the southwest of the USA. This virus of which you speak – Is it AIDS? – an immune deficiency virus which is believed to be engineered, although that is just a guess since no real evidence has appeared that can be called -“scientific” proof. It is a mutation of a virus carried without harm in certain monkeys. There was loud chatter when it was discovered, that it was genetically tampered with to attack sexually active males but it was soon discovered it affected females as well,,and their children. Is this the virus of which you speak? Now there are medicines which have been worked on for years to stem the destruction of this virus which once set loose in any sexually active population, kills after long, very difficult illness. Africa has the highest known number of these virus carriers but it has spread world wide and unfortunatly, it has been kept a secret in many places even though there are things available that can prologue life and make it easier. Much of the information given regarding this virus is based in high fear and filled with religious and social superstition. In the U.S., a major effort was made to give the real story with real solutions but from the time in the 1980s and up until just recently, much ignorance caused many problems for many people who had committed no sin other than having sex with their married partner or having come in contact with the body fluids of a carrier. Thus it is, the methods of preventing the spread of the desiese are openly spoken of in schools and in the media in the hope of restraining the spread.

    The word virus indicates an “inert infectious agent which invades the body of its host and like a shape shifter, changes itself and multiplys”–in this case, in humans. I found myself looking at certain kinds of violent behavior as being much the same as a virus, in that the humans who are invaded, do not recognize that they have been affected. Perhaps I could best call this, ” a behavior virus”. In my minds eye, I see this ” virus” affecting the brain in such a way that the individual no longer has the will to feel compassion or understanding that they are inflicting pain on another human being. Since we in the U.S. seldom get news information for or from other countries, unless it has to do with war and/or some circumstances surrounding world affairs, we do not know about the kinds of ” one on one” violence that take place in other countries.

    When the middle eastern difficulty began back in the 1980’s, Americans, for the first time learned of the “beheading” killings and the mandate to remove a hand when one is convicted of stealing. I am sure I speak for many when I say, we as a nation were stunned. We have our murders here and we have a death penalty in many states. While we have a very elaberate justice system, we also have great injustice in our penal system- but- we do not behead is highly frowned upon. The vast majority of our population seek only to live their lives securely, with employment and education for the children. Like most populations, we as individuals just want to be able to live our lives peacefully.

    In this last decade or so, it has been brought to our attention that there are groups of people refered to as “”drug cabals” . These people have been running wild in both south America and Mexico. The drug issue is enormous everywhere, in our country, the major importers are part of one or more of these cabals. They are increasingly reported on the news. Usually they shoot people..then – sometime after word got out in the media of the “beheadings” in the middle east, that behavior suddenly was discovered to be happening in the Mexico drug wars. Just this last week, 3 such killings appeared in the states–This is what I call a behaviorial virus. It manifests in response to the fear it generates. I call it “message killing”.

    I was born at the outbreak of world war 2. My life has been witness to continual war somewhere in the world. As I have aged, I have come to believe that much of those “wars” seem engineered to me. As I said to Mr. Nobody, “There are no accidents.” Governments all over the world are enormous. You and I are just folks who want to live in peace. We understand that most people on the planet feel the same. Yet somwhere on the planet, someone is either preparing for war or fighting a war or trying to get a war resolved. This includes small bands of tribal warriers destroying villeges in Africa, murderous drug cartels in Mexico and South America, religious zealots scorging their neighbors who do not worship the same religion in the same way they do, and on and on–it goes. States, Nations, villages,neighbors—killing some times in blind rage or with sadistic planning, some times in defense of nation, sometimes in an attempt to invade another nation, and yes, even those who blow themselves up for a few coins to feed the families they have left behind.

    Yet, it has become known, all who fall, will slip out of their bodies, their cause and tasks forgotten, except for a viral few, who will quickly return to reinfest, a new, unknowing, living victim with the ” desiese of carnage” to bring to those around them. Is this an ET thing? Could be…
    I hope that helps your struggle on this issue. Yours most sincerly, Marina 7:53pm/est/1/24/12–U.S.A.


  103. @ Marina

    The virus isn’t an aids one. What I see is more like a flu virus. Three days is all it takes. Some will be immune but most won’t be. It also affects other species.
    The visitors have nothing to do with it.
    Man has played too much with genetics.

    This is short and sweet as life calls but will be back as this issue is a big one.

    Thank you Nobody for the link.
    Welcome baby.

    Stay safe


  104. Marina who are the visitors you speak of?


  105. @Nobody.
    I have never read any book on abductees or aliens. Only on this site have I spoken of this. I have only read a few passages from Taken. It is already comfortably familiar to me. You have touched my heart with this small gesture. To me you are somebody! Thank you.

    Now to the vision of the virus.
    First of all I hope this never comes to pass.
    I see a secure facility in an area which is cold very cold. I know this by what the people are wearing, jackets, beanies, scarves ect. This place gives me the creeps. Inside a man and woman are arguing. I can’t hear what they are saying but the man is very upset. A few moments pass then two official people come into the room armed with guns to take the man away. His face shows me much sadness. I am then taken to another room.
    This one contains fridges with glass doors. Many different things are in them. Cylinder shaped canisters, small glass jars and row after row of glass discs. On the doors are square key pads. A figure walks past me wearing a full white hazmat suit. Covered from head to toe. This person uses the keypad to unlock the door with the glass discs. They reach into the fridge. Suddenly the person gives a slight jump as though reacting to a noise, they are startled. I can’t hear anything. They look up and around and as they do the sleeve of their suit which is gathered at the wrist slightly removes the top cover of one of the discs. When the person turns back to what ever they were doing nothing looks out of place as the top cover is now back on. The cover was off for only a split second. The suit is contaminated. I am then taken to a hall way.
    I see what looks like a laundry cart like the ones they have in hospitals. Inside this cart are white plastics bags which contain the used hazmat suits. They are disposed of after each use. I see a person wearing a hazmat suit but it’s different to the others. It has a separate head pieces, goggle and breathing mask. The figure is placing the bags containing the the suits into a a big metal container. One of the bags has a small split on the side. As the person grabs it they touch the suit with their gloves. The person sneezes into their face mask. Instinctively the person pulls on their mask. They are now contaminated. They finish the job not knowing that they have now a virus in the blood stream. This person doesn’t tell anyone that they sneezed and partially removed their mask. The people watching the security cameras haven’t noticed either. Of course they go through all the sterilization processes but the virus survives.
    I am then taken to what looks like living quarters. No suits and only a few people around. I then see a man and woman having sex. The man sneezes not having time to cover his face. They don’t tell anyone. They leave the facility happy to have time off work. They both go their separate ways to their different lives. The act of pleasure is only work related. I now see different cells coming together mutating, changing. I am shown the sick and dying.
    The symptoms are flu like, high temperatures, sweating, shaking, it’s painful. People cough up blood. They are bleeding from the inside. Horrible.
    Hope it never happens.

    Stay Safe


  106. @Marina and Jay
    Wow….thank you very very much for your loveful comments..good that i followed my heart, because there was another voice in me wich wanna tell me that it is not necessary to post this link….good that i ignored that voice….that is really amazing and i think also a very good proof to follow always the heart…;)
    Be all blessed


  107. I have been having problems getting back here. I have not even had a chance to download the Karla Turner gift…I do however, feel the need to address the question by Christina—“Who are the visitors you speak of?”

    I must, in all honesty tell you I have no idea who these–“experiences” —are brought to me by. I have not seen and mostly do not remember–that is the game . I have written above of the hands on the wall experience…That was the only proof I ever had and I had to leave it behind when I moved. I have, over the years experienced a series of bruises and other physical marks as well as encounters of the most “ANOMOLUS” KIND–. Events so far out of the norm there is no vocabulary adequate to describe them. There are some who have made excellent efforts to describe their personal experiences..the list is long. The Karla Turner reference made here by Mr. Nobody/Somebody is an excellent reference. Whitley Strieber is an experiencer of major proportions. He has a web site… – Linda Moulton Howe is a scientist who is one of the absolute BEST references to any anomolus event from Crop Circles to animal mutalations to UFO witnessing like the one I ran into on the COAST TO COAST newsletter I got today that has a link to her site I cannot at the moment remember the name of.

    All of these things give something to compare to…That is the major issue…there is nothing to compare to–I was very lucky that I had some exposure to some of these scientists and experiencers through the COAST TO COAST radio show when it first began to cover UFO subjects…Art Bell archives are available but there is a price to pay. In my personal life, experiences happened to both my husband and I. We lived alone and in a small space but at the same time, we were experiencing things so seperate from one another that it was seldom we were even aware that each of us were experiencing something unless we were able to break through in response to something we saw on one another..or witnessed together. I have explained some of that in my prior missives here.

    As I write this now, I have no WHO–My search has given me some very mixed results. I know there is some “thing” or “someone” but WHO is outside of my ability to honestly and scientifically describe “them”/”it”/–. Thus, my next question, and it is an important one, is, –why do you ask? Your question was so straight forward, I see something deep beneath that I suspect there is something you are looking for. Thus I would appreciate if you would expand your inquiry somewhat. My experience has shown me that the most important thing for anyone who suspects some kind of contact, is a great need to share their story. As this is done, there is an enormous pressure relief. The personal isolation of an experiencer is such, they become vulnerable to great misunderstanding. Crazy is a word often heard–“That is crazy!” or “You must be crazy.” Even the most estute and balanced of those I have read, went through this Crazy thing and because they had resources, they dashed off to the closest professional medical person they could find for long testing and such. The one major asset I had was KNOWING I am not crazy. I studied crazy and that is not me. Thus I became facinated with the search for evidence. I found lots. What I did not find was WHO.

    SO, GET BACK. OK? Yours most sincerly, Marina — 6:23pm/est/usa/ 1/27/12


  108. Through my experiences and contact I still don’t know who they are. So I call them the visitors or the watchers. The majority of the population has not had any sort of experience. So you have to understand that it’s beyond the belief of most to come to the conclusion that these beings do exist. Our history has shown us that these beings do exist. Our ancestors had contact. It’s carved on stone walls. Etched in the ground. Written on ancient scrolls. It’s even in the bible or any religious writings. The signs in the sky are here now. All you have to do is look up. A clear night pack some water, some food, get comfortable and just watch the night sky. It doesn’t matter where you are, where you live as long as you have a clear view you will see. Set up some sort of camera to record if you are unable to watch yourself.
    The last time I watched the night sky was November 8th 2011. Sure was busy that night. A lot of activity around the moon. They knew I was watching.
    I wasn’t afraid as I have no need to be afraid of my visitors. The ones I have contact with. I am how ever terrified of other kinds. They make your skin crawl. Like here on earth there is good and bad. Am thankful now I have my visitors as I no longer have those awful experiences. I feel protected.
    There is so much more to this. I have been shown so much that I have to be careful with what I share. I am already pushing the boundaries.
    Share what you feel you can.

    Stay Safe


  109. Normally i would never have come to this site , or believe what it was that we saw ,and still are . She came into our lives as fast as she left them , and she was not anything having to do with the supernatural or the afterlife as what we first thought she was . She talked like no one i had ever heard , and while she was here she did wonderful things for us and so it was me who first started to doubt her . A mistake i now live with ,asking questions i never should have asked and she had a hard time answering . We argued ,and she kept saying why cant i just accept her for what she is and what she has done for us . But i must have gotten her attention , she said she would be back, and told me that she wanted me to go with her, by force if that was what she had to do .
    She didn’t want to have to do it that way , but she would if i resisted . My wife ,my sisters ,and some friends all saw this happen , she was real and we cant get that out of our heads no matter how hard we try . How she would just appear out of nowhere , then vanish just as quickly leaving everyone looking at each other and afraid . Mass hypnosis ? Not so ,there is way to much evidence still around here that shows she was indeed real ,and she predicted a very bleak future for us here on the Earth , and everything that has been happening during the last two years . She said to me being the most critical ,that to believe in her was something i had better damn sure wanted ,because there was no going back. And what is unreal will then become the real, if i ever knowingly touched her. An act up until then she never would allow , until she cured me of something that has been painful , debilitating , caused from an accident years ago . Its gone now ,gone ,it hasn’t returned , and my God i am telling you here the truth i swear it . She told me where she was from ,who she was and how she knew everything about me down to the letter and all through my life . Removed the pain from my wife’s arthritis ,but she had to touch us to do that . Then said its done now and you have got to come with me , i made jokes like ,what are you going to do with us ,eat us ? She did not take kindly to remarks like that im telling you , and insisted on us saying yes to her demands . She looked at me and said ,i told you then that i will be back , this place will be a charred cinder soon. And i only came here to help, and this is how you repay my kindness ? And she was gone , we feel that she is still listening , but she only does things out of free will ,and she renounced evil every step of the way . In fact showed us what evil really is ,and who it is on this place now today. We go over her words every day bit by bit , still no pain , skin even looks better than it was before we met her . I have photos before and after of us , and a few recordings of her ,and i will go public with some of this because i screwed up big time . But the public was never what she dealt with kindly , she said that was not why she was there . Its a very long story and she put up with a lot of crap from us , and im telling you once she is gone she leaves a very big hole in your lives and a lot of remorse . James


  110. I have had a hard time getting onto this site for reasons unknown. James Thank you so much for sharing such a personal experience. Your courage is well noted. I do understand.
    I do understand that some on this site will manipulate. Be aware of that. You hold true to what you have experienced and don’t let others try to decipher it for you. Only you know the true meaning. Take note of it and for gods sake don’t be afraid for those that can see. They are the ones chosen for the interruption. The interruption is the change. Do what you have to do. Do what feels right for you.
    It’s not the past you have to worry about. It’s now. Here. You know what you have to do.

    I already know what’s in store for me. I have accepted it and am doing what I can to help others. Some say that an wakening is going to happen. Well Not for me. If you are lucky maybe. If only. Nothing is that simple. Imagine the whole globe reincarnating to another world. No not for me. Not what I am shown.
    So many lies going global. What to believe? I believe in my experiences and don’t expect others to do so. I believe in myself. Others opinions don’t matter. Look after those you love.

    Stay Safe


  111. I had an experience today that showed me how vulnerable I really am. I’ve been shown in my visions winds of high speed and what they can do. I have been shown how if in a position to do so protect myself. It’s all good to study and listen to advice on what to do in extreme storm circumstances but are you able to when you find yourself in a nasty situation? Today was a small test for me.

    The day is hot 35 degrees in the shade. Myself and some of my family members go off to have a BBQ and swim. I see some clouds forming in the northern direction. They are building up into storm clouds. I’m not really worried about it as it’s moving away from us. I do keep an eye on it though. A slight breeze is coming from the westerly direction. I don’t think anything of it. We are all having a fun time. Except for the bugs! The kids jump in the car practicing driving skills. I and another person are left to look after a 6 week old baby while the kids go off in the other car.
    The temperature drops suddenly I stand up and looked to the westerly direction. Oh my I should have seen this coming! I pushed the pram with the baby in it to my car, put the baby in the back seat, placed the pram in the back of my car, ran back to get what ever I could carry to put in the car. Then it hit. High winds would have to over 100 km’s. Here I am with a 6 week old baby in the car with me and a dust storm hits. I look over to where the other person was but they are no longer visible as the dust is so thick. My car is rocking and I am afraid it’s going to go over on it’s side. Branches are hitting my car. All I could think about was keeping this baby safe but I felt useless. The dust started to clear but the wind was still blowing. I am still sitting in my car when I see directly in front of me a tree falling just meters away. I see movement next to me and it’s the other person covered from head to toe with dirt and dust. They will have a few bruises but otherwise they are ok. I decide to move my car to a safer place away from the danger of falling trees. Then the rest of the family come down the road and have no clue as to what just happened. They notice something is up as they get out of the car. As they look around they are all in awe of the destruction. Even birds got caught up in it. Some lay dead on the ground. It all happened so fast. I felt vulnerable.
    The point is we can all prepare with supplies and such but when the time comes will any of us be prepared physically and mentally. Will we take notice of warnings that some of us get? I am shaken up over what happened today. I had a vision a physical one not long ago and I didn’t take note of it.
    Weather around the world is starting to become quite erratic. A new danger that effects us all.

    Stay Safe


  112. Oh, my goodness! @JAY->How about YOU stay safe! What I find most remarkable about your wind event is, the people driving to you did not experience it! I read an article recently talking about “straight line winds”..That is as straight line as they get. I have been hunting around for varification of probabilities having to do with weather and the relationship to the changes in our galaxy. I have encountered some amazing things. So yesterday, my daughter called me in to see a movie she has seen a few times–I don’t remember the name. Richard Greer was the male lead. It was the story of a galactic burst of some kind that is unseen/unnoticed–and how the guy finds a prophacy on it and how the kid is getting visitations from ET good guys and on and on. The special effects at the end were really spectacular as the solar wave burns its way across the planet and everything dies…and yes there is a somewhat half hearted happy ending as a new earth becomes the home to a couple of kids and their rabbits. I am guessing that the rabbits were symbolic for procreation…I walked away exhausted…The question I have been chasing the answer to is–is that possible?…I have seen the movie “2012” a number of times and the movie–“INDEPENDENCE DAY” more times than that. Each of these offerings are takes on the concept that it is over —all over..on 12/1/12.

    I don’t buy that…But you need to understand, as an American, I have been pelted by this kind of scenerio since I was a kid. The aliens are always really wierd and destructive, with the exception of “E. T. The Extraterrestrial”- the Stephen Spielburg offering…To this day I have a stuffed ET sitting on my shelf..As the ET research [ as in this article], unfolds, the subject matter in these films changes but as of yet, I have not seen prototypes of – say -” the tall whites” refered to here – or the “big nosed” Greys–the tales always have survivors but the challenges are right out of the grist mill with ET twists, “Aliens” would be a good example of that.

    One of the most prevailing tales people tell during abduction debriefing has to do with being made to sit and watch the civilization on Earth unravel one desaster at a time. Now, here is the hook I see on that one..Denial is the most prominant reaction the human brain goes to when faced with an unsolvable problem. The overt denial of ET as a real existance is, as I have mentioned before, always couched in dark humor or outright accusations of “crazy”. You have made mention of a number of “prophetic” dreams or visions – These kinds of events, when verbally disclosed, also get the denial response at some level. “Crazy” is the favorite flip off for that one as well.

    So, what does the human brain do when sitting in a chair in a space ship watching images fly by depicting the desaster of the moment? The first choice is, denial…In that denial there is alway a question, “HOW could that be.?” –and then the mind goes back to sleeep and when the person wakes up in the morning in their own bed, they remember “the dream” and again the denial principle snaps in and closes off the detail while leaving the uneasy memory of ->something ALL TIME IS NOW. Some folks are more able to retain the information they get during these episodes than others. I am quite sure it has to do with enviornmental things like social pressures and such. Professional ‘remote viewers’ have a bit of a snobby attitude about those who are not officially trained to do this but that aside, I am convinced that when a question is asked of the self, the inner self goes out to look for the answer. They used to call this psychic…I have abandoned that language years ago. I find it very confining and prejudicial. Once a concept is taken out of the superstition catogory and put in the science catogory, it is redeemed and more easily accepted, with footnotes of course…but it is no longer in the “witchypooh” slot and can thus be discussed over the kitchen table.

    Which brings me to the subject of FATE…I am not so sure on this one and I must be very honest, I am trying to put that puzzle together. ET subjects are filled with pits and you, I am keeping my eye on the clouds…It is gunna be OK..I know it is going to be OK. Sincerly, Marina-11:26am/est/2/5/12


  113. @Marina. It’s been such a pleasure talking to you. The “witchypooh” comment made me giggle. Makes me think of black and white striped socks!
    Back in the old days they would of burnt me at the stake. Times certainly have changed.

    The word Fate poses many questions for me. My past is full of odd experiences as far back as I can remember. As a child I always thought my life was normal. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized my life was a little different. The last few years things have become more intense and there has to be a reason for this.
    Is there a reason for everything and lessons to be learnt?

    Something from my past…..very real.

    Eight years ago I met a man. He got to know my family and visa versa. He has on his left upper arm a tattoo of a pyramid with an eye on top. I always thought it strange as I had never seen anything like it before. He spoke quietly but would always look you directly in the eyes. He wanted to know everything about me. My thoughts, feelings everything. Of course I wouldn’t share any of my experiences with him. I couldn’t or rather refused too. He became obsessed with wanting to know what was going on. After a year of knowing him he became pushy to the point of being a bully wanting information from me. Still I refused. I told him to stay out of my life. I didn’t want to have anything to do with him again.
    Three weeks went past and I heard nothing. Then one night I receive a message on my phone. He wishes me well as it’s my birthday. He goes on to say that my purpose is the light and that I will find answers from the light. That I will hold the hand of another and the power will come within.
    I have no idea what he means by this. I never responded. I didn’t hear from him again. I felt at the time an uneasiness. I didn’t sleep very well. I got up early the next morning to hang washing up. As I was doing so I felt an energy coming towards me. It was strong and made me turn around. I froze. Coming straight for me was an image of this man surrounded by green transparent energy. Ghost like. I closed my eyes as it passed through me. I never saw it again but I knew at that moment he was dead.
    Three days passed before anyone came knocking on my door to tell me he had passed away. Even though I already knew I didn’t want it confirmed. I was afraid to hear the truth. I was the last person he contacted before he went out to the shed and hung himself. He left notes for me all over his house. The police investigated and I was taken into the station a few times for questioning. They took my phone off me to photo copy his message.
    It was a hard time to go through but I am strong. He made the choice to take his own life.
    Seven years have passed and it’s that tattoo that I keep seeing. I fear it but am curious at the same time.

    Stay Safe


    • Jay, you said he had a “pyramid with an eye on top”. Did it look similar to the symbol on the back of the U.S. 1 dollar bill? Was the eye The Eye of Ra?


  114. Yep, I’ll put money on that one! The eye of Ra…I’d recognize it anywhere. I am really curious how that drawing looked but of course there is no way to do that here…but there is only one “eye of Ra” – You remember him, right? He is the Egyptian guy/God –“the all seing eye of GOD” – part of the Egyptian pantheon of mythological powers. As my grandaughter says, “He must be a pretty powerful dude cause everyone rips his symbol off. ” What would US paper money be without the eye in the pyramid. The story goes that it was imported by the Masonic order represented by a whole cadre’ of men who were responsible for putting together the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ben Franklin is my favorite of that group. Very ecclectic guy. The list is the American pantheon of nation builders who gave the British a real headache.

    I recently stumbled on a web page which gave a very gripping rendition of the history of the Masonic order. He tied them to the Knights Templar. Apparently the survivors of the Catholic church/Pope [in days of yore] attempt to wipe out the Templar, spread far and wide, taking with them the “secret” tradition of the Order and it mutated into the Masonic Order. As with all things of this nature, everything was kept secret. In order to join, there were a series of challenges and oaths pledging silence and vigilence. As with most “secret” groups, history garnished their memory with lots of “scary” stuff and some of the most memorable were tied to Occult behaviors which to this day have big “beware signs” hung on them.

    In this case, I suspect this guy was all tied up with “internal voices”. His tatto indicates a power fixation…This is not to say he was not what I call, “a watcher”—but at the same time, from todays point of view, it is clear he was a sexually driven, obsessive, compulsive disorder guy, who had fixated on you because he could not figure out what he was seeing in your “Aura”…watchers are big on the Aura thing. Most don’t even understand what their behavior is about and few know what they are seeing. Now, mind you, I am guessing big time here but I suspect this man hung himself in response to his feelings of guilt, or he was driven to it by his internal voices. This is the age of psychiatric recognition and I am going to go with sexual fixation. The notes to you, hung in his home are the big tipoff. This puts him in the “Sexual predator” catogory.

    Most “predators” find a way to get to know the family of the subject they have their eye on. They are a sneaky lot. They seem like “just plain folks” while at the same time they are manipulating everyone around them. There are certain aspects of the ET phenomena that give rise to my “feeling” that there is a connection between certain forms of what we call “mental illness” and ET meddling. My point of view is a bit complicated so I won’t go into it here, but this strikes me as that sort of meddling. The human brain is a facinating thing. The proof is in scientifically that human behavior can be influenced from the outside. There are many cases where an individual who has experienced this “inner voices” phenomena has committed suicide to stop the chatter. Your description of this man gives every indication of this. People like this, adopt the most powerful symbol they can find and believe in. If you do a quick read on the Masons and all the recent mystique tales that have flooded the web in response to the financial silliness going on, you might find it interesting. What is that old saying…”Power is only what you give your power to.” Or how about – “Power is what you believe it is.” ad;infinitum. In the meantime, do a quick tour of Egyptian history…Facinating stuff..So ET…My deep regards to you my friend and thank you for the compliment.

    Sincerly yours, Marina – 5:04pm/est – 1/6/12 – USA


  115. I have never seen U S money before but just then looked it up.
    The tattoo is quite similar. It is within a circle with out the writing. The pyramid sits on water and is surrounded by yellow light. The bricks leading up to the eye are pale blue. The eye is attached to the pyramid making it whole. The eye is white with a black pupil. All outlines are in black.

    I feel safer that he is no longer around.

    I can’t recall how many times I have been stopped by complete strangers saying they find me interesting. I feel at times that I am a magnet for people that can see others colors or palm readers ect. I can be in a crowded place and there is always someone staring at me. Makes me feel uncomfortable. I avoid those that stare. Hate it when people, complete strangers touch me saying things like your light is beautiful or I find you interesting can I read you? I always decline without being rude. This is a normal part of my life so I just deal with it and move on. Does this happen to any one else on a regular basis?
    My family make a joke of it saying ” the magnet is at it again” but they always look out for me no matter where I am. They come to my aid when it is needed. I am very lucky to have them.

    Now I have some research to do. The pyramids, obelisks, all sorts of things including atmospheric energy.

    Stay Safe


  116. @JAY > It is 8:05am here-2-7-12/usa–The sun dawned bright after a bright full moon last night. When I came to the computer this morning, as is my daily routine, I found an article on brain function explaining how the brain “rewires” itself after a stroke or in the wake of some dysfunction. As I did my feed the cats chores, I remembered an exercise I learned during my theater schooling years. In later years, I taught it to my students and then in some years after that I learned that this is a brain function that can be used as an emotional “cloaking” device when a person does not want the world to see some distress or thinking process taking place. I also encountered the process of “cloaking” in some esoteric and occult research I was doing for a theater production. It was years later I encountered “cloaking” in the ET realm. The question there was, is this technology or some higher mind function? Then, a couple of months ago I found an article from a technology group talking about a ‘cloaking’ device developed for the military. Humm–that fell right into my ET technology suspect file.

    So, this “cloaking” concept is not at all a new idea. It has been used by “occult” groups for centuries apparently. In the theater reference, this is much like putting on a costume that conceals the truth of the personality of the character. A villian, as an example, in order to hide his villiny, dresses and behaves in a way that is endearing to the characters around him while at the same time, doing bad deeds against them without their being able to recognize it. The man with the eye on his arm, did this in his endearing of your family while he had other focus on you.

    I have a relative who is a healer/empath. She is extreemly vulnerable to the world around her. In order to protect herself, she appears in public to be very much the opposite. While she is an outgoing, social person, in situations where she feels she might be taken advantage of, she appears shy and silent. In situations which demand she be forth coming and assertive, she fits the bill to a tee while at the same time, maintaining a protective distance with a pleasant smile and a concerned voice. Underneath this demeanor, she is tough as nails and ready to deal with any challenge. Just as a magician distracts the eye while performing a card trick or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the cloaking manuver can be used to distract a viewer from recognizing what ever energy you are wrapped in. This is not dishonesty, this is protection.

    In the ET function of cloaking, there is an energy field used for both entrance into the planetary enviornment and hidding the “entities” from the subject of their pursuit. Karla Turner, I believe, mentions this. The recall memories of abductees are filled with statements like, “It” appeared from thin air. In one mention two people were getting out of their car when the female noticed what she called a “heat wave” effect appearing on the lawn not far from their drive way. She became suspicious and then frightened when she saw a leg extend out of the ungelating ‘wave’ . Her mate did not see the leg but he did see the ‘heat wave’. She called in alarm and then escaped into the house as I remember. Another story was of a woman living alone. She was sleeping in her living room on the couch. As she opened her eyes, she saw, in the corner, a ‘heat wave’ from which 2 short ‘entities’ entered the room. Her memory stops after that. In the military application, this ‘technological’ system allows soldiers to remain unseen in an energy field of some kind. How is that for like and kind?

    Ghost watchers also report some kind of an energy field detected through electronics which records voices and in some cases, allows a visualization. The day my cat, Whitley, died, he walked over to the side of the bed, looking at something I could not see, and joyfully played with something at the side of the bed. Now since I have this dead husband I am sure is hanging around, I was instantly suspicious that he was playing with Whitley and I chuckled to myself. Turning back to my computer, I did see Whitley move away from the edge of the bed but without suspicion, went about my business. When I turned back in an unknown amout of time, not long, I found him laying dead.

    So, this is cloaking in its many forms. Within ourselves, within our brain, we have the ability to ‘become invisible’. I am not sure, quite honestly, how that works but I think it has to do with internal visualization. I suspect we can block the outside from seeing our energy through some kind of internal meditation. I understand the Tibetian Buddists do this very well. In that article I mentioned above, the Tibetian Buddists are mentioned in regard to the “rewiring” of brain function through meditation. So I know the ability to do this exists. So, while you are doing your tour through the history of the Egyptian world, and the “Knights Templar” world, take a side trip to Tibet and see what you can find in the meditation department that might be able to help you “mask” or “cloak” your energy field. While you seem very strong to me as we write back and forth, there is always a danger of external manipulation and even ‘entity insertion’–[that would be ‘possesion’ in other terms]..I have seen this in a number of forms.Many who have experienced it suffer terribly and find them selves put into the ‘mentally ill’ catogory..when–in fact that is not it at all. So cloaking is an important device to protect against ‘entity’ meddlers as well.

    The most important thing I have run into in my investigation is the clear statement…”Do not allow mid-evil supperstition to enter into your investigation of ET. ” In the process of “Disclosure” of the ET phenomena, SCIENCE has grown by leaps and bounds, removing the frightened whispers that come of not KNOWING about how the “real world..the physical world” functions. “Knowing” has alway been hidden behind fear of the unseen. To the best of my understanding at the moment, the built in drive of humans to have power and control has been the greatest block to allowing the average person the aiblity to explore areas believed ‘unspeakable’. In the age of technology, that power and control bunch have met their match. Things once considered ‘mystical secrets’ no longer can be hidden behind ritual and closed societies. Thus I can talk to you here of, “cloaking” As the character “Dr. Spock” used to say in the movie and TV productions of STAR TREK, “Live long and prosper.” Sincerly, your friend, Marina -10:14am-est/2/7/12 USA


  117. My friends have shown me an exercise that opens my mind but also helps me to deal with things. Can be quite pleasant. That’s for another time.

    I tried to meditate but I think I may have done something wrong! I had the strangest thing happen to me. I felt like I was electrified. Every hair on my body was standing up except for on my head as my hair is too long and heavy. I got the giggles up and lost whatever it was I was trying to do. I will keep trying.

    I looked into that symbol and honestly I don’t like what it represents.

    The last few months I have been waiting to meet someone or someones. I don’t know who it is or what they are but I can feel them. I know I sound strange or even on the crazy department side of things but they are getting closer. I can’t see them. I do see a metal ball. It’s shiny and is a brown color. It has something to do with it/them. The ball has markings on it. It’s like a puzzle with engravings. When I see it the word key comes to mind. The closer I feel it the more tense I get.
    Sometimes I would like to be 100% knowing of what my future is but then sometimes I want it all to go away and leave me in peace. I am my own worst enemy at times. Must be positive.

    Stay Safe


  118. @A…

    Thank you.
    I am more determined now more so than ever to find some sort of sense to what I call “the wall of equation”.
    The time is now for me to start a journal. I will sketch what I see.
    There is a purpose.

    Stay Safe


  119. Andrew D. Basiago. I find him quite interesting. I always wonder how these educated people can come forth and speak these things with out being killed.
    We indeed live in interesting times.

    I have been urged to set up a camera to record the night sky in the south. There is something I have to show you.
    Just don’t know what camera to purchase that will pick up heat ect.

    Stay Safe


  120. @JAY->Your description of the pyramid on the arm of your bad guy has been on my mind. This is probably because I have been doing a bit of pyramid looking in relationship to the constellation Orian [sp] and mixing that with all of this chatter here in the states about the illumilate–the bunch of rich guys world wide who have a rather bad reputation which does not seem redeemable. In all of that the symbol you described began looking for the body surrounding it. So, I have a couple of questions..What nationality was this man? What was his natural language? American english? /British english?/ and so forth–I have found the english language has a rather interesting ability to mutate depending on where it is spoken. Anyway, I spoke to a tatto artist I know and he suggested this was not a military tatto symbol in the western world. He was rather interested because his work is based on symbols of mystic physics dealing with hyperdymentional symbols and such. He has seen a lot of “cultist” symbols and this one was not familiar to him.By our standards, this guy is a “nut case” plain and simple and should be dismissed accordingly…however, his choice of body painting is really a key to his motivation and psycological makeup. Yeah, yeah, I know..hes’ dead, who cares, but as I look at this new activity in the pyramids in recent days, your description kinda rang a bell…Just trying to put the dots together–Yours, Marina-12:48pm est/2/11/12


  121. @ Marina

    You are welcome to ask any questions you like. After my bad guy died I sketched that tattoo in color. I will find it and send it to admin if that’s ok by admin, so they can pass it on to you. I too went around local tattoo shops and they hadn’t seen anything like it. They wouldn’t say anymore.

    The bad Guy………

    White, English speaking. He looked like a skin head…. shaved head, actually no hair at all on him not even on his arms that I could see. He was like a child. He stood about 5’4. Not one ounce of body fat just sleek muscle. His father looked Italian or Greek. His mother English. He looked nothing like his family. I noticed his parents weren’t comfortable with him around. He had two pit bulls and controlled them very well. I know this as I was out walking, before I knew it him and his dogs were right in front of me. He stopped took the dogs off there lead but they stood right next to him not moving until he gave a command and they ran straight for me, growling and baring teeth. So scared of those dogs. He walked up casually as the dogs are circling me, he was smiling. He said ‘back’ and both dogs stood by his side. He laughed at me saying ‘ I won’t hurt you’. Talk about being intimidated!
    This to me tells me he is very controlling and most certainly a nut job. A dangerous one at that. I don’t know all that much about him. It seems that when I try to get information about him different ones say different things. It’s like he had multiple personalities. The whole thing is creepy.
    When he was a teenager he was diagnosed with blood cancer. His sister donated bone marrow and he survived it. Apparently he had a hard time recovering.

    Stay Safe


  122. Skin head sounds good..multi-personality for sure..I am going to go for possesed here…I have met his kind..pitbulls and all–CREEPY! When we lived on the beach in San Diego, [15yrs] I had an encounter, fortunatly, very brief but memorable. I was walking to the store. I noticed a guy I had seen before, much like the physical description you gave. He was in front of me and I had to slow my pace down because his big pit bull felt dangerous even though he was tightly at his side on a leash. I paused to give him some distance. As I did so, he paused and as he paused, his dog turned around and bared his teeth. The hair on the back of my neck bristled. I am very animal oriented, a seer if you will, I knew this dog was a killer to the bone and that was his message to me. The man pulled the leash in and marched forward without turning his head. I did not move. It was pure fear that kept me pinned. As I write it now, I can feel it.

    I do not know if I mentioned that moment to my husband. We both knew where that man lived. Everyday, Lee would walk by the house he and his dog lived in and since it was early, there was noone around. Lee walked his route to the bus stop at exactly the same time every day at the same pace. One morning, as he approached the house, he saw the dog on the porch, unleased–unchained…just there, alert. Lee also was an animal ‘seer’ having grown up on a dairy farm. At 6″4′ he walked like a stooped wizard, giving no indication of his size and strength. As he explained this event to me later, I must admit I was a bit stunned. He said he FELT the dog. He did not look up. He did not change his pace or brace himself. At the same time, he KNEW this dogs mind and as he approached the fenced off area in front of the house, the dog leapt off the porch, down the short front walk, over the fence and while airborne, onto Lees back. Lee was ready. He reached back and with his long arms, held the dog tightly by the neck, moving him just to the right position where he applied pressure and broke his neck. The dog died instantly. And all of this without missing a step forward. Once done in complete silence, he threw the dogs body to the small grassy patch by the curb and kept walking. As he spoke, his words were consice and measured. I asked him how he felt about that. His response was, “It was him or me. It was not going to be me.” When he walked home, noone was around that area. It was several days later I made the same walk and the house had been vacated. Since we new noone on that block, we never got any feed back. l like your man disappeared, so did ours.

    None the less, that confrontation I had was such, to this day, I remember that fear I felt as I heard the intent of that man and his dog. It is not until you mentioned your experience that I began to wonder…It seemed intentional some how. Even though our threat was far more distant than yours, there was something about it…something that felt almost designed. But, then, that is what fear does…it causes suspicion and creates images that may well be only fabrications that leave a risidual memory filled with wary tension. Lee and I never mentioned the incident again. But, that is just how we were, ETs and all. Thanks for the post. Sincerly, Marina, 4:28pm-est/2/11/12-usa


  123. Good for Lee!
    When I had the experience with the dogs I was more afraid of the handler.

    The pyramids are a significant part of our past, present and future. I am well aware of the activity. I would say you feel it too.
    There is a pyramid that has sunk, it’s filled mostly with water. It is guarded and the public may not enter. I feel that if you offered some money to the guard he would let you pass. The pyramid isn’t far from Giza. If anyone else knows about this pyramid let marina know it will help with her research.
    There is an alignment and it’s getting closer.

    Stay Safe


  124. At times I feel like I am being baited. Sure you can throw the hook but it’s my choice if I want to take the bait.

    I had one experience that was so intense that I took myself to the doctors to see if I had had a stroke or had anything wrong inside my head. They found nothing wrong. If they had of it would have made more sense.

    I had a struggle with some sort of energy. When it started I knew it was wrong. It felt wrong so I fought against it. The more I fought the more pain I felt. I could see it and it had a hold on me. I could even hear it pulsating, vibrating. Over and over again I kept thinking the words’ You are not taking me’. I don’t even know who I was talking too. My determination and strength won out in the end. The whole ordeal lasted only a minute. I don’t know why I said those words. After wards I felt like I had been electrified by a small charge, my body ached. I felt drained.
    This in itself makes one more curious to energy fields,beams ect.
    Life can be strange.

    Stay Safe


  125. Collynz Marketday

    I am really overwhelmed, ever since Philip Corso’s exposee i have followed alienUFO discursion but i must admit this one is a mind blower. well done.
    Port Harcourt


  126. @ Marina Pratt and Jay:

    I’ve been reading a lot of your comments and feel that we may have met ‘up there’. I’ve been an experiencer since 1974. I’m at the point now where I don’t care about being labeled “nutter, crazy, oddball…” due to all of my experiences. I met with Budd Hopkins, Oct 2001–he was very interested in my drawings and all the symbols. I regularly see a set of 3 greys and 1 reptilian. This reptilian is very protective of me–nothing sexual, more scientific. He even showed me how to use various tools that they do and fly their scout ships. My 3 greys have also shown me how to use medical equipment and fly their scout ships. The greys at one time told me: “You are the go-between those who have come and gone and us.” I have no idea what that means. I am a twin and none of this has happened to my twin. My late husband believed me even though he never saw or remembered an experience. My whole family was abducted–I remember but none of them do (late husband, first-born daughter, second-born daughter, my son was a baby at the time). My background is: military brat–father was 23 yrs Infantry. I was 6 yrs U.S. Army intelligence. Please read what I have listed at my website and it will help you to know where I’m coming from. Note: Not everything was placed on that website. I keep notebooks, CDs with my drawings of my experiences. For some reason they allow me to keep the drawings. My most recent experience being: 0400 28 Feb 2012–Columbus, GA–woke up abruptly and was wide awake and alert—suddenly focused on an Insectoid face—two huge bug-like eyes, two antenna, gold glow surrounding it, various colors of green on the body—the right side being darker than the left. The eyes were shiny green and multifaceted, the tips of the antenna glowed a bright yellow, the mouth area had darker green with red?

    NOTE: On my way to work, 0620, I was able to mentally turn on a street light that had been off. It was bright and stayed on. I’ve been able to turn that particular light off on several occasions after I’ve had a visit but this was the first time that I was ever able to turn one ON. Vibrational frequencies in the body are sometimes changed during visits, this can also enable the individual to turn on/off street lights, have computer problems—which I had CAC reader wouldn’t work when it had worked a minute ago, word program crashing for no reason…

    The impression I got was I caught him leaving. I have no memory recall as to what happened. The other strange thing was I was not afraid.

    The majority of my visits have been friendly–only remember 2 that were not.

    MEMorgan aka Alienfriend7


  127. LeviLovehammer

    well I just have to say I have this week come across (not by accident I dare say, yay for awakening!) Nassim Haramein’s awesome exploration into Truth and eventually I started on a roll of geeking/aweing/freaking out about my newfound conscious reality- but really, the story has never changed and that is so ultimately empowering and comforting.

    If you’ve read this whole thing than join me in thanking all the waking minds and loving spirits who have for all manner of mixed motivations and happy twists of fate pursued Truth in the arena of life on and off Earth “Urantia”?! and then actively engaged with their brothers and sisters in sharing.

    The light is the Great Designers (THE God) and it is infinite and harmonic and everything we are… don’t be trapped or limited or RUN out of your mind or worse yet someone else’s mind (self-limiting spirals of fear and negativity, all aliens are ‘evil’ or anything like that is silly! there is love pervading the universe…).

    Listen to your individual Truth/facet of the godhead/connection to the source and know that in all fractals of existence you are perfection and infinite in reflecting the ONELOVE/Holy Spirit/MotherFather…

    Life Love Reflection and Evolution are all well worth our ‘time’ and although I am humbled by how little I am conscious of I am a SUN god/Child of God/infinite being of love and light and so are you so let us dance on with keener senses, truer sense of self, higher awareness, and loving purpose because there is amazing potential in our harshly squeezed DNA and soul energy and I look forward to getting in touch with it more and more during this crucial transition…

    thanks all and see you on the path


  128. NASSIM HARANEIM ROCKS! This is the guy who gave me some of the geometry which helped me figure out how–That was when I got a handle on Why. His work with ancient artifacts has been very informative. The truth of the matter is, all a contactee wants are some boots on the ground answers. While the spiritual aspect of contact cannot be over looked, it is what I call, an arti-fact of the contact experience itself. What we end up with are la de dah, flowers in the air detachment when what we really need is realiety data.. What is real? The contact experience scrambles all the pre-programed realiety information into such a mush, without the hows and whys of the experience we begin to loose touch with our loved ones and our direction as we live these corporal lives.

    I have said before, I would not–do not–wish contact on anyone…the more I look at it and the effect it has on folks, the more concerned I become. I keep going over and over the information and I work here in conversation with folks who are really scrambling to paste together what used to be real and what is now presented as “not much you can do about this so don’t worry about it” while at the same time finding strange marks on their bodies or waking from prescient dreams of possible futures.

    Meeting here, in this forum, works to let off some of the pent up frustration and anxiety that comes of not having any realiety data to describe the possibilites of these lost time events and all the other jazz that takes place completely out of the blue. With people like Richard Hoagland and Nassim along with a host of others I have discovered a wide range of subject matter that fits right into this area called ET and other dimensional beings. The human factors in this search are often spine chilling. At the same time, as I did today, it is of ultimate importance to stay grounded in the real world. We need to cling to our ability to relate to one another while at the same time, share openly with information to back ourselves up. Physics works. La de dah does not.

    Ok…gotta go..Love ya all…marina-6:45pm-est/3/5/12-usa


  129. @->collynzmarketday->I have been trying to get back to you for a few days now and life drags me away. Today is another of the same kind. Dr. appointment…So, keep watching–I will get back..I am anxious to address your post but need a clear runway to do so. Hopefully tomorrow will improve. Until then..hang in there-and to quote one of my favorite folks here..stay safe..Marina 12:37pm-est-3/6/12-usa


  130. I wouldn’t wish contact on any one else either. It’s not something that can’t be openly spoken about. Although I have a close family they still find it hard to come to terms with what’s happening to me. Yes they listen to some of what I say and when those things come to pass it breaks your heart when at times they look at you as if you are a freak. They are just shocked but get over it. On rare occasions my daughter sees what I see. I see that as having a strong connection.
    Emotionally it’s hard. Physically draining. No matter where you go you carry these things with you. It’s your biggest secret. There is no outlet, none.
    No one can understand unless they too have had these sort of experiences. I research things I see to try and understand things more. Especially when it is about the atmosphere and things inbound. I’m shown things but not what they are called or how things work. I just see it. Example… I am shown scientific things yet I haven’t a scientific mind. Quite confusing. I see very destructive things but also things that give me hope. I get completely stressed when I see people die. My heart beats so fast it hurts.
    I too have been marked. It’s at the base of my skull. It feels hot at times but other than that it causes no pain. My daughter was the first to notice it. She took photo’s. It’s small round a little bigger than a pin prick but it never seems to heal. At the time the photo’s were taken I had four red marks that looked like clamp marks. My daughter of course freaked right out. This is the only mark I have. It doesn’t worry me or upset me. It’s there I can’t do a thing about it. Just deal with it.
    It would be nice to go through each day as a normal person. No dreams/visions. Only worry is work rest and play. Sounds like paradise.

    I had a strange day today.
    I was surround by millions of small baby spiders. They landed on my face, in my hair, everywhere. Carried by the breeze with the help of tiny webs. The erratic weather has caused this. People rushed indoors to get away from them. It was a site to behold. I am saddened by this.

    Stay Safe


  131. Oh, Jay! I read about the spider invasion there–I thought of you instantly. yuck!!! I have this thing about spiders..had it since I was a kid when the neighborhood kids, dumped a bunch of garden spiders into our mail box wall unit which was in my bedroom…It was California–we had a honey suckle hedge where the spiders lived..they were big..ugggg–It has taken years to get my biology mind in gear and become a bit less hysterical about these creatures –but when I saw that article about you guys…that old feeling came back…

    Now–on the neck thing..I also have a neck thing. It is now a small rise of tissue. When I first noticed it I was in college. I am now 75. There was no way to know when it arrived..all I knew was, as I was combing my hair one day I encountered it. Occasionally it itches–It is the two bumps in my left ear that are on and off itching and burning. These I noticed in about 1999–Recently, I noticed a lump in my right ear because it began the itching thing. Oh, goes on tra-la…I am still with friends.

    This morning, I woke up with a wet feeling..damp everywhere but the house temprature is around 69..My hair was damp. This is an often experienced phenomena…I did not connect it actually but at this point I am quite sure there is a contact involved. There is no medical reason for this, I have checked. Like you, these experiences are kept “behind the scenes”, so to speak. I have however spoken of them to a very few I trust out side of the immediate family. Over the years I have developed a philosophy about my own personal well being..I do not feel threatened at a life-death level. While these experiences have scrambled my realiety perceptions, once I got a handle on that, I began to weave it into my recognition of the world around me. While I have become perceptive of things like earth changes/earthquakes/animal behaviors/human psycology and other interests of that nature, I have used that as a tool to do “real time” investigation of the known sciences involved. Most folks just do not have time to look past their personal struggles with the drama of living to bother with a planetary recognition. This recent sun activity alarm has shaken a few into wakefulness it appears. I am watching through my tiny window called the computer.

    Your conscious sensitivity to the dangers of the world around you are probably heightened because you are in such an active earthquake area. When I lived in California, that was one of the issues a good many dealt with all the time. It was not that they were able to predict earthquakes, it was that they were more sensitive to the world around them. Thus the national joke about how California folks are LA-LA…”The yogart eaters.” was one description I commonly heard over the years. Peace-love & rock and roll…There is a heightened sense of spirituality there which for some reason is balanced off with a very tight hyper-critical political behavior. As someone once said to me, “Its a brain function thing.”

    The emotional storms that come in response to things to which you are most sensitive, may be a bit more controllable with a look – see into a couple of things that could give you a better understanding of the HOW rather than the WHY they happen. I highly recomend astrology. I buried myself in this information for a number of years. The most important thing I came up with was the understanding of my personal point of view. I did a few years of reading charts for others as well. What we discovered was the ability to handle many things emotionally which were very difficult to understand before the readings. I was not telling the future. Rather what I found was, I was seeing personal history. As I began to share that with the person I was doing the chart for, enormous peace began to take over where there was once only a feeling of sadness, despair or panic-ed helplessness. At the time, I did not have any idea that the ET element existed. One of the biggest discoveries we made had to do with dream awareness. As I talked to each person, the subject of dreams always came up. I had to scramble to get some scientific information on this subject since at the time there was not much available. This was in the late 1960s into the middle 1970s. Now there are enormous amounts of brain information being released on the computer web. Dreaming is a hot topic. The Et involvement in dreams is becoming more and more discussed although science is lagging way behind on this because they refuse to look at the possibilities. Dreams of predictions which come true were, back then, startling. Now we have many who have authored books on the subject and the development of “remote viewing” has gotten some major exposure. As it turns out–we all do a lot of “remote viewing” during our sleeping. That is an out of body ability to go to the place of our greatest fear or concern or even to a place we read about in the newpaper and “see” it. Because these “viewing” events are directed by subject and location, they register in the dream cycle as being with out a time frame. If you look at many of the psychics, you will see that they usually say, “I am not at all sure when this will happen.” Because we are trained to be conscious of time in our daily physical lives, this is a difficult concept to understand. The question always comes up–WHEN–??? At the same time, the question of WHERE is always getting in the way because the “dreamer/seer” is unable to identify anything outside of the event itself…no maps come with this recognition.

    That is why these “visionary” experiences are quite confusing. The human brain holds on to the images of the “seeing” and the emotional response to that seeing but without a time stamp or location indicator. A great deal of internal adjustment is required to be able to prevent ones self from being over whelmed by the emotional response to any “viewing” no matter whether it is judged by the self as good or horrific. Our personal judgement appears to remain intact and that is based on a life time of decision making about WHAT is good or bad. I came to this understanding as the result of a “dream” during which I was taught that there is in fact, neither good nor bad…THERE ONLY IS… and since we are just visiting this world in this temporary skin, we should be able to understand that death is a release from the experience in this time frame from which we will move on intact at the energy level we really are…Thus the statement of the Prophet Jesus Christ when he speaks of –In order to live, you only have to die…This is VERY hard to get the brain to accept.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have said, “I want my old life back!” It takes me a minute to understand that these experience HAVE BEEN going on my whole life…That does not make anything any easier. At the same time, I have my information search to keep me warm. Sounds odd–huh? When I came across the gig saw puzzle recognition, things did get a lot more interesting. Now my issue is to be able to live in the real time world without being distracted by “just one more piece of the puzzle”. This point of view seems to keep me steady in the water. This is not to say I do not have my days of enormous challenge. The world has always been a sea of challenges and instabilities but, I have to keep reminding myself of that. I am so glad you have the support of your daughter.

    Ok..I seem to have gone on too long again..You are on my mind..Or as they say in the world of experiencers, YOU ARE NOT ALONE–

    Sincerely,Marina – 9:11am-est/3/9/12-USA


  132. Had another shower of spiders today but not as bad as yesterday. I don’t know what happened last night but this morning everything was covered with red dust. This afternoon I heard a huge flock of birds making a racket. Went outside to see what was going on. They were flying all over the place as if they were trying to escape from something. It’s 8 pm here now, the night is noisy. The birds are in the trees and making sure we know they are there. Even the magpies are voicing there opinions. Horses and cows are heard also. It’s strange for this time of night. It’s usually very quiet here. The animals are unsettled. Maybe a storm is coming. I don’t want to go outside and see. I’m afraid.
    Since my last contact on the 29th feb at 2.37 am I have felt very uneasy.

    Stay Safe


  133. I just read your post–it is 5:40pm-est/3/10/12 here we are almost exactly a day apart–There was a 6.05 or above in the idonesia islands..a name I cannot now remember…I got that this morning so it would coincide with your hyper animal activity there–THE ANIMALS KNOW!! In addition there was the hit from that sun burst right about that time…I do not know the location you are in but I can see the area. I have some data on the recent earthquake activity which is claimed to be a response to the sun activity but I do not know how to get it to you..great satilite photos with earthquake outbreaks highlighted all over the globe. I will suggest you go to -><- Just type in Dutchsince and it should come up.

    The dust event is interesting…red dust? HUMMM–Volcanic perhaps? Any Volcanos in your area? How about deserts and wind storm/dust storm events? It seems the spider out break was a fore warning. They were deffinatly trying to escape something. Is there any information on where these spiders habitate? The press release spoke of small black spiders. I will check with my biology cousin who teaches in Arizona..maybe she can lead me to a site to use in identifying what these creatures are and where they come from.

    The animal confusion is difficult to deal with…they pick up sounds we cannot hear. During the tsunami in Indonesia it was said that the animals made a break for it and headed directly to high ground. The behavior you describe indicates that the animals you speak of were penned in–I read a story today about two dogs who were caught in the Japanese was injured. The other stood by him until help came..they were both rescued. I am guessing that they had gotten to higher ground sufficient to prevent drowning although the photograph indicated they were both drenched. With the birds, dollars to donuts their built in sonar was disrupted..Magpies and crows are very well organized and spacific in their flight patterns. They navigate as do pigions with a built in magnetic field[i think-i will ask] detection system…I am guessing big time but I suspect their system was over loaded.

    It is possible you were warned of something during your last contact–What you need is information so you can get past the emotional response and anticipation of an unknown. In the meantime, I will email my cousin and see what I can find. It would help to know where you are but I don't want to pry. I going with an Australia guess based on the spider news report–New Zealand would be close as I remember the report to say. I will go for that and maybe I can identify those spiders…something is better than nothing..In the meantime…as my daughter would say–BREATH!! BREATH DEEP! Mentally pull the fear pain outside of your self and replace it with calm reflection. I have found contact experience brings with it that fear pain in a big way..I use this to get past that the best I can so I can function. It feel completely inadequate to say, STAY SAFE —BUT I am going to say it anyway–STAY SAFE. I am praying for protection and peace for you and your family. SINCERELY, Marina -6:08pm-est/3/10/12-USA

    Oh, and before I go, one thing I have learned about contact stuff is, most of the time, the animals go very quiet just before, during and after an event. In addition, if you have cats, you will notice they turn their backs to you or to other creatures they do not want to deal with…I began to see this when I was feeding the neighborhood cats in up state NY. As they were eating, a skunk walked up the steps..They all saw her and in one motion, froze in position after turning their backs. She managed to eat out of every bowl even when a cat was close by. She was beautiful by the way..Probably well fed..She stopped by now and again after that. We had to check the porch just so we did not alarm her when we walked outside. Do you have skunks there? How about possums? I will do a search – but I would love it if you would tell me. Please keep in touch–I will be watching for your posts…Marina


  134. There is two types of spiders. Don’t know where they come from. Have never seen this before. The black ones have a body like a red back spider. The other is brown and chunky like a rock spider. Really have no idea as to what types of spiders they are.
    I did some research on the dust. It turns out it’s not dust at all but tree fern spores. The tree ferns aren’t doing very well in this area. Neither are some of the trees. Most of the cypress are dead now.
    The birds are still noisy but they are not flying, just staying in the trees.
    Today the sky is busy with light aircraft flying over. Flying very low at that. Don’t usually see them unless a fire breaks out. No fires today.
    We rarely have tremors here. If we do they are so slight we don’t feel them.
    I was informed just over a week ago not to eat any fish caught in the area (ocean). The fish are diseased. My source of information comes from a fisherman. He makes a living from it. He tells me it’s like the fish have had drops of acid on them. Is this happening in other places around the world too?
    I am 300kms east of Melbourne.

    Stay Safe


  135. Jay, What I can tell you is they are/were all one, each from a different time. Amadon was the first and from a time I would only guess to be three cycles ago, likely 79,000 yrs. As I understand it, It was Amadon innitiated the journey forward to this time in “jumps” incorporating a total of five conscious manifestations of one entity (his) to accomplish this.
    Many volumes of writings have been left behind authored by all, so much of which is undecipherable or often technically difficult to follow. Hard discs were left as well and all have crashed…possibally this was by intent…I am attempting to have data restored…the extent of it is more than a bit overwhelming and as each day passes the urgency is less and at times it seems as if it were all but a dream…


  136. Of course it’s all overwhelming. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you turn your back on it and give up. Take the weight off your shoulders and breathe. I too have been overloaded at times. I am too much of a positive. I like it when people smile.
    Anyhow I want to share with you something I have seen. I won’t deny it, I don’t understand it. Maybe it has something to do with you.

    I don’t know where I am but I see others, human like.
    I’m in a large room and in the center is a dome made out of some type of metal, dark metal, grey like and shiny. It’s about 6 meters wide. It has a cap on top of it which fits perfectly on top fitting in with the dome shape. There’s a platform that encircles it but doesn’t touch it. I can’t see the bottom so don’t know if it’s completely round. From the top of the cap are a number of pipes going upwards. They are flexible and I don’t know what they are made of. Each pipe is joined to the sides of the dome. Spaced out around it. Sort of like fingers grasping it.
    I am then shown what I would call blueprints of the interior. On the inner walls is like metal has been melted. Blobs all over and each blob is connected by a thin line of the same metal. In the middle of the dome are thick rings. Made up of what looks like copper. In the middle of the rings stands some sort of rock, like crystal but not clear. It has this copper type of metal holding it in place.
    I am then shown a top view of it. Cap off. I am watching it work. How it works, I haven’t a clue. I see between the rings and the outer casing a mist developing. The rock seems to glow a little as if power is running through it. The mist looks more like thick cloud and is starting to rotate anti clock wise.
    The thick cloud darkens and I see small bright sparks coming from it. It spins a little faster and the sparks are now hitting the inside casing and the rings. The melted bits of metal are absorbing the sparks. It’s like watching a mini atmosphere inside a dome like structure. Very strange to see. I am also shown symbols I can’t understand.

    Do you recall anything like this?

    Stay Safe


  137. @Jay–Sorry it took so long to get back here—life does go on—anyway, I came across an article giving the name of that spider you describe as brown and chunky–a Wolf Spider. The article was in reference to the spider event you experienced there…I have had experience with Wolf spiders in Phoenix az. One moved into our livingroom closet…HE WAS ENORMOUS! When we saw him, we closed the door and seldom went in there again. He had apparently come from the large tree in the front yard and needed to get out of the sun–just a guess..The article went on to say that it is indicated that the epic evacuation this spider invasion was about, reversed itself and went back for the most part from where they came. The study said there are “home turf” guys who would rather be where they began but have no hesitation to leave when threatened. They also indicated the evacuation was due to flooding.

    So, my question to you is, was there flooding in the area? No matter the distance it might have been…and;–>Have the “kids” left? Also, I am wondering if the Wolf Spider grows to the same size there as the one I experienced. It was easily the size of my hand with my fingers out spread, maybe bigger–but don’t ya know, I did not get close enough to investigate..I understand they jump…No thanks.

    While I am here, I thought I would ask if you are getting earthquake warnings there? They had a 7.8 in Mexico yesterday–close to Mexico city and predictions are running hot that we are due on the West Coast from California to Washington State. In addition we have a fault line in the center of the country called the New Madrid fault which is behaving badly. They are talking from March 22–which is today your time–it is the 21st here. The hystericas are screaming on the web..but since this country is very ego centric and self involved, there is little available regarding the rest of the planet – mostly because, according to our media, it does not exist. Ok the cat-Missy Rue’ is yelling at me to lay down–Sincerely yours, Marina-3/21/12-12:48pm-est-USA


  138. We have wolf spiders here and yes they are enormous. I had the privilege of having a chunky heavy one walk up my arm. We eye balled each other for a couple of seconds then I flicked him off. You could hear the thud as he hit the floor. Yes that spider and I shared a moment. Spiders, creepy crawlies and snakes don’t bother me.
    The closest floods are about 500 km away. Our weather has been more on the tropical side. Storms roll in, a burst of rain, gets sticky hot again then suddenly cools. One day it’s 37 degrees the next it is 20 or under. Just sudden temperature drops.
    The moon yesterday was just a slither but the color of it was blood orange. It was just above where the sun rises very low in the sky. The sunrise was spectacular. People were just watching it in awe. We have never seen so many colors all at once. For the people around here to stop and take notice of something like that it has to be impressive.
    Late this afternoon the temperature dropped yet again. Clouds coming from the east roll over. Then out of nowhere wind going north cut a path through the clouds. Must be a strong wind as the lines are so straight. It doesn’t look natural.
    They are just starting to introduce the public of what to do in case of an earthquake ect. People here have no clue because we have never had to deal with it before. Most quakes happen on the edge of our plate. It’s so far away we don’t feel it.
    As for the New Madrid fault. I have been keeping an eye on it. Something I was shown pointed me to this direction. I was shown that when the plumes stop erupting around the Florida area it is a time for concern as pressure is being relocated towards the New Madrid area. Then a big one will hit. I am also concerned about pools of oil deep underground becoming ignited in your country and around the world.
    Now I must go get ready. My power will be off tomorrow. Storms are coming.

    Stay Safe


  139. Nice site


  140. So many strange things have been happening since my last visit. I’m really starting to get paranoid. Maybe I’m just over reacting.
    First thing my computer gets taken over. I have no control of my mouse. It’s like someone else is using my PC. The sites I am on shut down. My personal files are opened up one after another. I have no control of my PC. Freaks me out. This has happened twice. I have scanned for a virus and came up with nothing. I have even contacted my security provider and they came up with nothing.
    Then I have tried to post things on this website. Most goes through but if I try and post something like an equation that I see over and over it seems to be taken away. My screen goes all jittery like an electrical interference and my post is gone.
    I have only three roads I can take to get into town for work. I usually take the shortest route. No one is about as it’s too early for most. I have noticed a white van motor still going parked on the side of the road in the middle of no where just parked there. I drive past and as i do it pulls onto the road behind me. The next morning the same thing happens. Ok tomorrow I will take a different route into work. I didn’t see it. I’m just over reacting.
    A few hours later a work college asks ‘ what’s with the van parked out the front?’. Didn’t want to have a look but couldn’t help myself. Yes sure enough the white van again. After work I looked over the security footage for that time. I wanted at least a number plate. I couldn’t make it out. There’s no writing or anything on the side. The windows are darkened. Two men entered the vehicle. Zoomed in on them but the footage is too blurry. I couldn’t recognize them again. The security officer asked why all the interest. Told him I had seen this van quite a bit. He checked for deliveries around that time and there wasn’t any.
    The next morning I take the shortest route again. Sure enough the vans there again. I can never make out the plate number. I don’t want to stop.
    This happens every morning until one morning I’m driving and I hear the words ‘slow down’ so I slow down. About 30 seconds pass and then I hear the words’ Faster’, I put my foot down on the accelerator, I’m doing about 110 km and my speed is still climbing. I see a beam of light coming from my left. It seems to just have missed me. I say the words ‘Ha you missed!’ before I realize what just happened. What just happened? Why would I say those words?
    There are no houses where the beam came from. The area is pine plantations. From the top of the hill to where I was on the road the pines had been cut down. That morning I didn’t see the van. I have seen it everyday since.
    Prior to this van turning up my home has been broken into twice. Even my car. Nothing is taken. Only damage was to my camera’s and video recorder.
    I haven’t been arrested or anything. If I was of any importance wouldn’t they make up some lamo excuse to arrest me or take me away.
    Honestly I am of no importance so maybe I am just over reacting.

    Stay Safe


  141. No, you are not over reacting Jay–> someone is messing with you–The important thing is to remain as logical as you can. When you feel the ‘panic attack’ stand firm, let it pass. It might be this site. I have not had a problem but, I do not go out. It could be an ET thing. The light is an indicator. Now, a couple of things might have happened there…you were being protected is my first choice. On the other hand, — well, I think doing a little thinking about your national law enforcement design–what they do–what they drive — what the government structure is — how close you might be to a military installation—I don’t know. ET related just yells at me–not being able to make an identity is the first clue–The thing with me was face to face. I never saw a vehicle and although we saw many unmarked -white vans- we were in a busy beach area with a lot of druggies and stuff..Now that I think about it, I saw a couple today–sorry, yesterday–They went right past me as I was walking up the road to pick up some cat food. I too am nobody so even though I had an instant recognition, I dismissed it. This is a quasi-farm area with residential development up the road. I know nothing of my neighbors.

    So, drive a different car maybe?..I am suspicious of the camera damage–I am thinking ET data repression. Ets would not have to damage your equipment, a little electro-magnetic erasing would do it. There is deffinatly someone messing with your computer though. They can do that from the server and there is a huge monitoring station right in the center of the continent..I found it the other day. Lots of US stuff going on there. I am sure they are monitoring this site and any thing of like and kind. This stuff is so damn complex and I have been very careful. My inability to share some information has been very frustrating. So, look–do us a favor–would ya? Say hello to us every day–I am here–they were or were not there-the weather is fine…Say anything..just so we know you are ok…If I miss a day, Vara most likely will pick something up. Oh, if only I had a magic wand…

    We care–YOU STAY SAFE. With love, Marina -9:06pm-est – 3/31/12–usa


  142. Jay. If you ARE onto some thing, its secrecy and keeping it to yer self that will get you dissapeared.
    If you are onto any thing at all, tell as Many people as you can. make as Many copies as you can and hand them out. Talk, post, print it All. keep nothing to your self.
    If you have already spread it then you are no longer a target. they Target you you to Prevent you spreading it. After wards is merely spilt milk.
    So, what is it you think you might have or be onto that they Dont want you on?
    Speak up.


  143. This is an excellent condensed into one place, topic. Btw.


  144. In my own way I have been making more people aware of the changes in our planet. Some one will bring up rain and I will slide it into conversation about certain countries being flooded ect. I tell them to Google it. If it’s not in the news no one knows about it. Everyday now I have people coming into work asking if these things are really happening. I suppose in this way I am stiring up the community. I have never come out and told any about my visits or the things I see. This only happens here.
    Where I am if I go on the street and talk to people or hand out flyers I will get arrested. I have seen it happen many times. They arrest you on the grounds that you need a permit. You will never get a permit. There is no freedom of speech here. I have seen an elderly woman reading from the bible to passers by taken away by the authorities.
    As for the vehicle it’s still about. I have an air-force base about an hours drive away. As far as I know they drive army green colored vehicles. Apparently the base will or is reduced by half. They are relocating to the Top end. There is only the army reserves and they drive either grey or army green colored vehicles. We haven’t seen any army personnel for quite some time. I know of a few people that have left the army but are now being called back into service.
    Things have started to happen since I tried to post an equation I see over and over. I don’t understand it and it’s hard to explain as most of it isn’t on my keyboard. Some symbols are very similar to some ancient hieroglyphs I have seen. The symbols I feel represent numbers. Some individual some not. I see two equations. One goes with the sphere with the crystal type rock inside and the other stands alone. I never see them together. Sometimes I feel like I am loosing my mind. All this could mean nothing.
    I have seen government meetings, meteor showers in the northern hemisphere, cracks opening up in the ground, volcanic eruptions, electrical fields, flooding, people suffocating from the air we breathe, disease, a shadow passing the earth, fire, two moons, people being gunned down, things in the past, the list goes on but what I see doesn’t give any information on time or place. I don’t get a lot to go on. I could go into more detail but I’d be here all night. The only date I was told was Nov 8th 2011 and that I had to look up. I did and saw a lot of activity as others did as well.
    I know this sounds weird but I can feel someone trying to contact me but I can’t hear you.
    Don’t worry too much I always end up ok. Remember the car incident, the storm, the tree falling ect, I always seem to out of harms way. Sometimes just by an inch.

    Stay safe


    • Jay.
      Go ahead and take all day to publish your visions or dreams or what not. Im certainly willing to take a look.
      And I would Definitely appreciate if you would write out this equation you speak of in large clearly definable black characters, take a pic of it and post it for us. no matter how many pages. Please take the time.
      ~ V.


  145. GOOD MORNING JAY! It is 7:08est – Monday am-4/2/12 and I am in the usa looking out at the sun as the trees gently sway in a breeze that will become wind later in the day. The streets are quiet this morning. Spring break for the school kids has begun. I just fed the cats and the rabbit is munching on celery. This morning I woke up with art on my mind…I suspect that is the part that is missing from this link.

    Art is a tool that we humans use to express the things that are taking place on the right side of our brain. I may have mentioned that my grandfather was an artist who did a whole lot of portraits of the rich and famous. This has been an asset for me because when I look at something, I have somehow, through my exposure to him, been able to pick up encoded imagry. I did not even know this until I was cleaning one of his pictures one day only to find myself completely surprised to find a message buried in a sand image. Very clever. He was trained in Munich at the world class art institute there. It was ww1 and he was an American with his wife and kids, caught in the jaws of the problem until he managed to escape through Switzerland some time after being declared an enemy alien when the US entered the battle. In this, he had to use that coding talent in letters and images. I honestly had no idea about all of this until I inherited his work when his daughter died in 1999–but oh how it works.

    So, at this point, your camera is broken–yes? Any chance you can borrow one? Ok, so lets say you manage to get a camera. Now, how about a pencil and paper moment…Find some time alone and allow your brain to let go of the stresses of this last series of events – let them fade—breathing works. Start with the pencil, making images…anything will do. I do geometric figures – lines connected – boxes – single words – my favorite word during study hall in highschool was WHY? – I would slowly tinker with that, sketching more and more elaborate distortions of the letters, adding boxes and grid lines and so forth. I realized the other day that there was a message there..I ran into a couple of things I had sketched while living in an isolated log cabin and discovered the strangest things–they were just sketches and doodling at the time..I was fiddling around with geometry – boxes – triangles and the like. I never considered myself an artist but some how I managed to pull imagry from my right brain into my left brain where they were translated. 30 years later..OH, MY!

    Now the problem I see because I am not very well versed in the technology of the computer…is how to send us any image you might find fits what your brain is trying to tell you. The abstract is on the right side – the data translation is on the left. It is a matter of getting a balance between the two. This little episode you just experienced, a trauma which forces the brain to disconnect that internal conversation – may be designed as a destraction. The little exercise I describe above is a way of re-establishing that balance. Cell phones also have cameras…

    Now, as per Varas advice–yes-yes and then yes–but in this case, Getting your images into a safe place becomes important. Face book is a conduit. While it is monitored, it accepts photos…More over, you need friendly eyes to see and fiddle with possible translations. If you have letters or numbers..that is easy as sequencial recognition..if you have images that are not in the lexicon these can be translated into a form of with in pictures. I have an artist on my page who is doing portraits of faces he encounters..he tells me he has no idea who they are. When I first looked at them, I was instantly struck by his use of dripping paint which indicated a fluid dripping from the image..I was reminded sharply of the abduction phenomena where people are covered in some kind of protective substance which allows them transport without damage..long story..but there it was. He is seeing faces he has not met, dripping with a thick fluid, usually translated as blue but not always. When I carefully asked him about his images he said, “I don’t know, I just paint. I have to paint what my mind sees.” Now, this guy is a naturalist. Yet he never does images of the world he loves to take pictures of. By the way, his work is all the rage–he does exhibits and sells to a growing fan club. While not modern art abstractions or serene images by any account, the adoring public is attracted to the obvious difficulty in the emotions expressed. I have not told him what I am seeing..He would simply dismiss me.

    Do you get where I am going here..? So, lets get these images out here. Numbers – letters – unknown images – we can unscramble them later. It does not matter if they make sense on first look. Check here with administration to see if you can get the photo imagry on this comment line. What ever you do, find a support system there. Oh, and while I am thinking about it..Is there any way you can contact a member of a local indiginous tribe who might be able to lead you to a shaman? They get the image thing really well…On that note..breath some drawing, have a party with friends, search for me on face book and I will share a digital beer – even though I don’t drink…Sincerely, Marina 8:10am-est


  146. I have a lot of work to do. I will find a way. Just like the kids did when they found a new home.
    Stay Safe


  147. Ive got to be honest they have had my mind mis-guided and imprisoned far too long. I am 27 and have only discovered part of the truth in the last week. I am completely focused on research and exposure to the truth. Its eating my life. how can WE over power the power and get to the truth?


    • Bill.
      Patients, with your self, and with others.
      Self educate and learn, and ease others into what you have found. Gently.
      Dont expect them to accept what you are attempting to make them aware of with out a struggle.
      But plant the seeds, and slowly they will grow. Plant Many. Plant often.


      • I am 57 and am totally consumed with finding the answers….
        I am rh neg……….ho about the rest of u truth seekers?


  148. @BILL->Coming forward is the hardest part–At least you had somewhere to come to…If you have read this entire comment line, you can see I have been very long and sometime ponderous. In all of that, I have said, “I would not wish this recognition of external meddling on anyone.” THIS IS HARD. Great caution is required. ASSUME NOTHING!!

    One of my major clues was based in the physical. I knew something “anomolus” was going on because of marks on my body and observations of materials and imprints in my physical enviornment. Because I am primairly a home body..sheltering myself–living a life of organized routine–I was able to notate variations in that enviornment. This was true of my husband as well. We both had many “OH, SHIT!” moments. One of those was the discovery that we could be in the same small space at the same time and not know that one of us was having “an experience” . Like the day Lee looked in the bathroom mirror to discover a very red sunburn pattern of what appeared to be a halter strap design imprinted on his body. He had not left the house, nor had I and that imprint had not been there the day before. He was a very big man. The imprint indicated straps across his chest, shoulders and back. The straps were apx. 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches wide. I drew a picture of the imprint..I have it somewhere. We did not have a camera..Cell phones were not around then. It was in the late 1980s.

    Thus it is, I recommend that you use a cell phone camera when ever you see any bruises or other types of ‘anomolus’ imprints on your body. Check the mirror when you shower. Make sure to establish a routine of checking for these physical marks. Don’t freak. These are clues. You are going to be just fine. I am 75 and in spectaculiar health with only a few glitches.

    Check your windows –both in your home and in your car. If you find splotches of discolored and dried fluid like substances which look all the world like bird droppings or crystalized honey in the yellow to dark yellow coloration, make a note of them. In recent years, I have also see splotches in the blue field.Mostly however..either we have some umungus birds flying about or — I have found what appear to be single – very wide and long “bird droppings” on both the car windows and on our house windows…Only one mind you. One–a single–large white to grey material, right in the middle of a window..interesting.

    Now, your comment was, “had my mind”–I would like to know in what way you have experienced this. Is this based on hearing-noises-voices-or – thinking – dreaming..I am going to guess here that you have not, until recently, been introduced into the concept of “telepathy”. Many” experiencers” have very disconcerting “missing time” moments…I have had a number of them. This is the part where you are doing something and then you find yourself doing something else with no connective memory of how that change occured. I have had more than one of these. One that comes to mind is the day I was sitting on the bedroom floor, digging around for a suitcase to pack for my trip to go visit my daughter. It was around noon. My next memory was a shock. I was still sitting in the same place, looking down at the empty suitcase I did not remember finding, while at the same time over come with a feeling of panic about the pork chop dinner I was planning to cook for Lee..I do not remember how I discovered what time it was but I think I went into the kitchen, stared up at the clock and was astonished to see that it was 3pm..Lee was due home at 4. HOLY SHIT!

    According to the research done by Bud Hopkins [rip] , Missing time–is a big tip off. He wrote a book about it..I recommend it very highly. He wrote a series of books on the subject as did several people in various academic positions who had been dragged, kicking and screaming into this astonishing area of human experience. I would also recommend, Linda Moulton Howe. She has a web site filled with well documented and related material covering the entire ET scope–crop circles-animal mutilations-abduction-fractal time- and on and on. The radio show, Coast to Coast also deals with these issues but not every show. They do a lot of ancient alien reasearcher interviews – NASA chatter – HAARP and on- including fortune tellers- witches..Oh, I love it.

    There is no doubt this stuff knocks you over–As VARA so wisely said…one step at a time..slow..thoughtful and cautious –Do not be offended by the nay sayers…The first line of defense from the unknown is denial..and mockery. As a male, this mockery is often brutal. Work on your self esteem. Never believe the CRAZY WORD. It is OK for the disbelievers to not get could they? That is the thing here..WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW and then we find out that we really did not know anything at all…It is not their fault and it is best to withhold self defense and argument. Talking here is reasonably safe. While there might be a diatribe or so on religious issues and such, for the most part, it appears that the folks who come here are very real. The most important thing is..DON’T LOOSE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. Some of the chuckles I have encountered here on Behind the Scenes have snapped me out of the purple funk I sometimes fall into. And- oh, while I am thinking about it..even if you don’t drink or smoke–take vitamin B12-vitamin C-and Vitamin D. This will help the panic attacks–they are a natural response to the sudden introduction to this world of “anomolus” awareness.

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU–keep in touch – There are plenty of folks here who are willing to talk your ear off–It helps break up the obsessive compulsive drive a bit. Namesta–and Sincerely, Marina4/5/12–Thursday – 9:46am-est -USA


  149. Sometimes in life we don’t have control over what happens. It’s normal human behavior to panic, have doubts.
    I myself have lost 2 days of memory. This wasn’t caused from my experiences but from medical neglect. I’m not aware of loosing much time when I have an experience.
    I feel changes around me. They can make my stomach turn, cause dizziness and headaches. It’s always worse when the earth as a whole has had an extra vibration, shake or what ever you want to call it. Some things can’t be explained but you just have to accept it.
    Those up there have been around for a very long time. Those unfriendly are gone.
    Most things happen for a reason. My own experiences bought me to this site. It’s the only place I can express or share aspects of my life otherwise shut off from the rest of the world. It’s like taking a load off my shoulders even if problems aren’t solved it is shared. Makes a big difference.
    If I had to make a choice to pick people from this site to come together to try and work things out it would be……….

    Mr Nobody… for his heart and effort. Even though he doesn’t share everything he feels it. His caution is well noted and a good thing.
    Luke…..A problem solver. Young and full of new ideas. He will ponder things to understand them. He is also a protector. His heart is in a good place.
    Varakienen…………Always searching collecting data. The knowledge vara holds is vast. Always open for new things. Emotional at times but that emotion is needed, such a good thing. Not scared to stand up and express what they truly believe in. You have an honesty about you. A good choice for me.
    Marina………Who couldn’t love this soul. Always helping others. You are who you are through your experiences. You will research something to understand it. You will say if you need help. You are a comfort to so many. You also have a vast knowledge and the heart to go with it. A sharp mind. It’s an honor.
    There is also another…… You know who you are. You stay in the shadows but are always here. You feel like you are asleep. You will awaken. The knowledge you have will be of great importance.
    It seems strange to post such things but you have to understand my friends know everything about me so they also know about you. Nothing to fear.

    Stay Safe


  150. The link below provides some information on what’s happening to our world. At times even food contamination. Gives a quick guide to what’s happening around the world.

    Stay Safe


  151. Just passing this along. Because its Important!

    Dear friends,

    Right now, over 100 Members of the US Congress are trying to sneak through a bill that would let them spy on every Internet user without a warrant. CISPA is their third attempt to rebrand their attack on global Internet freedom. Our massive outcry helped beat SOPA and PIPA, let’s save the Internet again:

    Sign the petition
    Right now, the US Congress is sneaking in a new law that gives them big brother spy powers over the entire web — and they’re hoping the world won’t notice. We helped stop their Net attack last time, let’s do it again.

    Over 100 Members of Congress are backing a bill (CISPA) that would give private companies and the US government the right to spy on any of us at any time for as long as they want without a warrant. This is the third time the US Congress has tried to attack our Internet freedom. But we helped beat SOPA, and PIPA — and now we can beat this new Big Brother law.

    Our global outcry has played a leading role in protecting the Internet from governments eager to monitor and control what we do online. Let’s stand together once again — and beat this law for good. Sign the petition then forward to everyone who uses the Internet:

    Under the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), if a cyber threat is even suspected, companies we use to access the Internet will have the right to collect information on our activities, share that with the government, refuse to notify us that we are being watched and then use a blanket immunity clause to protect themselves from being sued for violation of privacy or any other illegal action. It’s a crazy destruction of the privacy we all rely on in our everyday emails, Skype chats, web searches and more.

    But we know that the US Congress is afraid of the world’s response. This is the third time they have tried to rebrand their attempt to attack our Internet freedom and push it through under the radar, each time changing the law’s name and hoping citizens would be asleep at the wheel. Already, Internet rights groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation have condemned the bill for its interference with basic privacy rights — now it’s time for us to speak out.

    Sign the petition to Congress opposing CISPA. When we reach 250,000 signers our call will be delivered to each of the 100 US Representatives backing the bill:

    Internet freedom faces threats everyday from governments around the world — but the US is best placed to attack the rights of Internet users because so much of the Net’s infrastructure is located there. Our movement has, time and time again, proven that global public opinion can help beat back US threats to our Net. Let’s do it again.

    With hope,

    Emma, Rewan, Ricken, Antonia, Lisa, Morgan, Mia, Pascal and the entire Avaaz team

    More information

    Move over SOPA & PIPA: Here comes CISPA — Internet censorship (Digital Journal)

    CISPA: Congressional plan to censor Internet concerns critics (Examiner)

    Good freedom, bad freedom: Irony of cybersecurity (RT)

    Internet SOPA/PIPA Revolt: Don’t Declare Victory Yet (Wired)

    H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011


  152. @JAY- THAT IS GOLDEN!! That link is golden!! How can I thank you…? How about a recipie[its late-sp] for southwestern green chili burroitos? YUM! Just let me know…Love this link! Marina – 4/5/12-10:21pm-est – USA


  153. I just hope you and Vara can make some sort of sense of what I will be sending your way. If it does mean something it is meant to be shared.

    Stay Safe


  154. @VARA-I signed the Avaaz petition yesterday…I get their posts. I will go through the rest of your links later..THANKS A BATCH! Marina 8:31am/est-4/6/12-USA


  155. In response to enderin:

    I’m also 57, still looking for answers but am RH positive.


  156. Fear of Aliens

    I am open to meeting new people, Seeing new places and things. How ever I have nightmares about meeting aliens I fear them I hate to say it but I do fear them. I mean sure they could, can, or may come in peace but I have never seen a real alien before but the pictures of what we think they look like or what people clam they look like scare me like they are monsters. I wish I could get over my fear but the only way to do that be I meet an alien in person but. There is only a few ways to do that one being abducted which makes me scared most of all cause they just come in and grab you fly off in space some place and study you I mean I never have met them before I don’t know there intentions I mean they could just want to ask me questions or they may want to cut me open and see my insides but what if they mess up and kill me or what if they kill and were not trying to prevent killing me while looking at my insides. I am open to the thought of other life out there and it being just as smart as we are if not smarter but I fear aliens not for the fact I think they could invade earth its just the look of them that makes me shack. I am sorry if anybody finds this offensive but this is the truth for me.


  157. @Jay
    Thank you very much for your “making me feel good inside” words about me in your post from the 6.April that i read already now Jay….and your thinking about me is not so wrong..;).. At the moment so many things happen inside myself and around me…i think i am in a immense inner transformation process at the moment…sorry that i can not describe it more exactly. maybe you will like this link, there is a nice pdf-file downloadble called the book of aquarius:
    if you scroll down there is another interessting PDF file….
    Hope you will like them, especally the first one.


  158. This has been a very odd few days…I have wanted to get back to Jay and to address “FEAR OF ALIENS” but life is getting the way–Before I go however–Mr. Nobody–YES…. great link…I am going to play with that for a very long time…blessings to you – I will be back–Sincerely, Marina-6:26pm-est/4/11/12 USA


  159. @ Mr Nobody. Thank you for the links. I like them very much.
    My thoughts of you are pure and positive. Embrace it.

    @Fear of Aliens…
    Your reaction is quite normal. The majority of the public feel this way. There is so much negative information out there about aliens. I remember a time when I too felt the same way.
    I have a connection with one particular being. I wasn’t meant to have this but my inner spirit is too strong and I awoke before I was supposed too. I had a moment of complete panic as I knew my life was in the hands of these visitors. I was terrified. I truly believed that this was the end for me. Only at this moment did I realize how much I wanted to live. When I saw one of them come closer I thought… this is it. It put it’s hand on my chest and moved it over to where my heart is. I was so close to having a heart attack! It patted my heart in such a gentle way. I could feel it. It lent in closer so it’s face was about an inch from mine looking straight into my eyes, I can feel it’s hand on my chest. It was trying to calm me down. I heard the words.. It’s Ok…… like a whisper inside my head. The other one never came any closer. It was just intently watching. They could have quite easily killed me but they didn’t.
    Now the connection is always there. I feel this being as it also feels me. I know it’s hard to comprehend if you haven’t experienced it.
    Fearing something is basically believing in it.

    Stay Safe


  160. Don’t know about others but my body is in turmoil right now. I always feel like this when things happen to our planet.
    I have posted before that I believe things will start to happen in the last week of April maybe first week of May. I feel it happening earlier.
    Please watch earth movements, magnetosphere changes and the cloud cover in your area. Be alert.

    I want nothing more than you all to…………

    Stay Safe


  161. @JAY-Yeah- me too–I thought I just had a cold or something but a lot of weakness and body pain–When I looked at the sismic reports world wide yesterday I was “rather” astonished…I hear there was a shake in your area–Things are usually active after a full moon but this was about a roller coaster ride. I saw a projection chart yesterday that indicates your “earlier” feeling is right on. This chart also indicates a hightened human activity of an” unusual” nature. I suspect lots of political changes. I am on Syria watch. N. Korea had an interesting loss yesterday–rocket fell apart midair..I love it when that happens..I guess it is Saturday where you are–Just sit back and relax. Keep on keeping on–Today, that is what I am going to do. We are very dry here..I am storing water. Much thinking in your direction..Nameste – Marina-4/13/12-7:23am – eastern Daylight time-USA–


  162. @Jay and Marina
    If your bodys dont feel good you can make a halitsaltsole (there are a lot of infos in the net how to make it and how to use it), look for clean water (natural sourcewater is the best, otherwise buy only clean water in glassbottles)…works really great and take also every day a spoonful of linnenoil from the goldlinnen and a spoonful of the hempoil without THC and a spoonful of a very good oliveoil. I do that since two month every day and this works great and helps a lot in this special times…;)

    Something else..i do not know if this is a ufo close to the sun but this two pics from soho c2 from today are in my opinion very interessting:
    Here you can see betwenn the 3 and 4 o clock position 2 cm right side from the sundisk maybe a ufo:

    and at the next pic it is maybe pixtelt by a cube so must changed position very fast:

    Maybe iz is nothing or is it more….what do you think?
    Be all blessed


  163. @nobody–I have to dash but-You know, when I checked both pictures I realized that, even though the first shot could easily be dismissed as “just another dot” , the 2nd shot gives it away as something someone did not want us to see, because, that is a “hide something” pixel square for sure. I am guessing that after the big “WHAT IS THAT?” outcry over the object which appeared to be tethered to the sun by a tornadic appearing event, someone is going over their picture releases very carefully.

    I thank you for the advice on the lininoil and hempoil. When I checked at the only herb store close by, they told me they do not carry lininoil and she would get back to me when she talks to her distributer. I will also look it up in my husbands herb books–he was an herbologist…on the hemp-oil. Well, the gal giggled on that one..I knew she would. I live in the state of Maryland. They have legalized medical Marajuanna [sp] here but at this point I have no idea where there is an outlet. Washington DC has also done that but that is way far a way and me without a car. Here is the deal, Americans have been so brain washed on the marijuanna issue that even though well over 2/3rds of the population smoke it recreationally, when they see a fabric product made out of the hemp plant, they are astonished. They do not have any idea what hemp really is because all they ever see are the buds with the THC content.

    This has come about because — unbelievable – because, way back in the 1920s or 30s, a back woods preacher got huge media[newspapers] coverage for preaching about the SINS of MAN and how the path to hell was paved by the hemp plant. Now keep in mind, Texas has a legacy of bringing forth a lot of very odd ducks, most recently, George Bush. Having driven through Texas, I can tell you, there is a vibration there that pins one to the seat of the car. Anyway, the long term effect this ignorant preacher had was the complete destruction of the hemp industry and all that came of it – including hemp oil. You can buy a bag of “weed” [the street name for pot} for 20 to 50 dollars, but you cannot buy hempoil with or without the THC because of the insane laws that have been created over the years based on the complete insanity this man created. Dead as this guy is, his legacy goes on.

    Oh, I could do volumes on this subject. The battle is never ending. Just yesterday I heard a press release having to do with the South American leaders conference being held soon. One of their most difficult issues is the subject of Mariuanna. The drug wars that are taking place through out north and south America are nothing less than astonishing. I knew Europe is experiencing much the same these days. So one of the high ranking someones is going to put the POT issue on the table in a effort to find a different approach. I am praying that he finds some success, no matter how small. This drug war issue is absolutely crazy and it has brought out the worst of the worst in the world of illegal enterprises. It nearly destroyed Columbia and is tearing Mexico apart. American jails are filled to the brim with folks who did nothing more than smoke a joint or grow a plant. Like I said…insane.

    Ok, I gotta go…I will get back to the anti-dote issue later…Nameste’, Marina – 4:19pm-edt-4/13/12 – USA


  164. I have been directed to watch in the direction of the south pole. Each moment I step outside I look towards that area. I have seen amazing cloud formations and of late at sunrise and sunset you can see planets shining so brightly. You will also notice a dusting high up in the atmosphere. At sunrise and sunset you can see it better.
    Web cam at the one of the stations at the south pole.
    Keep an eye on this cam. You never know what you may see or when this station and others will go off line. If you see something take a screen shot of it.

    Stay Safe


  165. I printed this on a different topic recently.
    I was having a Hell of a time getting it out, or even focusing enough to type it. Once I was done how ever, it all cleared up.
    Im not going to speculate on what it was that was occurring, but I think my thought process of the moment was important enough for me to re-post it here.
    Say what you will.
    Mark makes a reasonable point. An Hostile Alien Presence would take over via manipulating social mental consciousness Globally. It would have The greatest impact and control in countries and societies which had as well the most pull. Money, influence, materials, and abilities to communicate through media or religious control. It is fast dawning on me that we have already been conquered. Cages arent necessary to create a prison. Like in the movie the Truman show, one does not need bars to inhibit a prisoner so long as one can keep the prisoners true reality a secret from the prisoner. I believe that religion, media (in ALL forms) and Money have been the absolute keys to keeping us under control, believing in the stories and histories fed usd from birth, (Wow, myn mind is fuzzing up and I cant seem to concntrate on my next senentence wit meaning here, like forgettning the name name of some one youve nown all yer life but its on the typ of your tongue and you cannt seem to foccus on or speak iyt. Nice Touche. Lets see if I can Force it throuh.) …………….. Now, do I chalk that up to me being off meds for a couple weeks, or more paranoid in notion, being surveyed and hit with some thing that scrambles the brain? Ive stepped away for a few mins and meditated tho. OK, where was I? I think we are under the perpetual influence of some thing that has won some sort of territorial war over this region , earth? sol? quadrant? dimensional vibration?…Long ago. That even tho it technically has ownership over us, to an extent, and this world, it still has rules to follow lest the other races watching step in. It has rights over us as a race so long as we do Not qualify for external help. this is REALLY hard for me to explain this odd revelation im having. If we Wake up to our prison, if we are aware that we have certain rights and Ask for them to be observed…. no, thats not quite right…hmm… If we wake up as a species. If we reach a point in some sort of evolutionary state. We may no longer qualify as play things and farm animals. So Long as we have been Accepting our fate here as it is fed to us while we remain blissfully unaware that there is …More? Then We are making the choice to continue in this imprisoned state. But should we wake up… should we no longer accept what we are being force fed, should we as a species en mass reject this reality fed us, this lie of money, religion, politics, education system, monetary influence, and so forth. (No Chuck, Im NOT going to debate you on religion being a part of the long term control mechanism at this juncture.) Should we make a choice to oppose it, showing our decision based on free will… THEN others can step in and help us. Call them Angels, annunaki, Pleaidians, or what have you. But they have been bound by rules them selves governing free will of sentient and aware species. This has prevented them from direct intervention. There, I got Most of that out, and it was a wierd struggle. Dont believe what you read here, or any where. just ASK questions youve Never let your self ask before. find the parameters of the box, and Think out side it for a brief moment drawing on almost Nothing you think you already know, believe or understand. and you will be taking a bigger step than you ever have before. a bigger step than certain forces and influences want you taking, or spreading to others. Phew. I feel like ive been in a fight. My mind is mush and my body is suddenly exhasted. so wierd. Lets see if this makes it to print.
    ~ VARAKIENEN. Second try. Nice touch, but I copied it and pasted to my own files first before my Brand new computer froze up while hitting the post comment button. Curious.


  166. @Marina
    I live in Europe…Hempoil made of hempsorts without THC is legal here but very expensive…250 ml around 12 Euro..well interssting is that the first car made from henry Ford was made of hempplastic. But Mr. Dupont who had big forrests did intiate a campain to ruin one of the best plants in the world for a lot of issues…hemp paper, hempclothes, hempplastic and so on. I read some weeks ago about the healpoteantial of hempoil with THC in some sorts of cancer. I can write hours about this magic and wonderful plant. About the Linseedoil i will say buy only the natural one cold pressed, here are some wikilinks:
    Well and here i have a link which you will maybe find very interessting like me, i get thisone from a friend some days ago..not shure if everything there is serious, but its worth a read for shure.
    Cool Link, i was looking for something like that webcam and did not found something good…so thank you very much Jay!
    Be all blessed
    PS: About the “little” ufo close to the sun…i was thinking that the dot changed position so they pixtelt it, otherwise if the dot look similar they will have a problem to explain it…;)


  167. @jay
    Here is a pic of this station i dont understand…:
    Here everything looks normal, one moon:

    but what happens here one hour later, two moons?..think there is no reflection in the game:

    Pls look as soon as possible and save this pics, otherwise i think they will get lost.


  168. @HEY VARA! YOU NAILED IT! Nice going—you even managed to get past the external interferance in the posting process! I have been having a heck of a time with that…Everytime I mention Lees name–bingo! the machine freezes up. I am very sure that there is outside interferance from unseen forces. I just had a thought that perhaps your dosing down from the meds is allowing communication – this is a message for sure. I am going to go back and reread now…I have to look up a link to give you – Till then, Marina—9:19am-edt – 4/14/12-USA


  169. @ Mr Nobody
    Save all things that are hard to explain. On the 9/4 there was something caught on camera that at first looked like the moon. Reflection of light made it look closer than it actually was. I save things all the time but now it is common to have them suddenly missing. I have 2 computers and even my second one now has stuff that has been removed. For the last 15months I have had someone I trust take photo’s of the sun everyday at various times. They used a red filter.
    15 months of work has gone now. My back ups gone.
    Yesterday my computer was possessed yet again. I have to find another way to send information. We are certainly not alone.
    Thank you for the pics. Keep watching my friend.

    @ Varakienen
    I agree with what you have stated. I am proud of you. You have shown courage.
    Yesterday was a bizarre day for me. Not only was my pc taken over yet again but I had calls from people not asking but telling me that they want to stay with me for awhile towards the end the of the year. These people don’t know of my visions/dreams or about my contact for that matter. Through conversation of natural disasters, earthquakes ect they have come to there own conclusion. They are becoming more aware. Why? Because of people like you. Well done.

    I will try to explain another form of meditation that was passed down to me by some special friends. Works well for me so hope it does the same for you.
    Before I go into detail I want to tell you that if you master this you will feel the power of your own energy. You will feel sensations that you have never felt before. You never know who you may connect too. If it becomes too much to handle just stop.

    Make sure you are comfortable and won’t be interrupted. Do not cross your legs or arms.( I sit in a chair with arm rests)
    Close your eyes, relax. Think of the area inside your head where some say the third eye is. Pin point that area of the brain. Concentrate on it until you feel a pressure forming. (can take some time to achieve). If you feel pain at this stage stop and don’t go any further. This wasn’t meant for you.
    Once pressure is felt here with your mind start to gently rotate it forward like a rolling ball. Once you feel comfortable with that feel the energy that is in your arms and chest. Concentrate on it. Now pull that energy from with in into the rolling ball with each breath you take. It’s like waves flowing up your body. You may feel a little light headed if it’s working. Keep doing this until you feel you are ready to go on.
    Now slowly move your toes. You should feel the pressure move slightly each time you move your toes. That’s good.
    With all your strength pull your inner energy from the tips of your toes all the way up into to the rotating ball. Don’t freak if your legs and arms go stiff just concentrate on the rotating ball, feel the energy, the sensations, flow with it. It can feel orgasmic. A natural high. At times I have enjoyed it a little too much ;) It happens.
    You may very well find answers with in your self. Or find a connection that you thought never existed.

    Stay Safe


  170. @Jay
    Well this is really disturbing stuff…i save interessting stuff always extern…watch this series from today…if you watch the sun daily than you will see that there is something extraordinary going on…did you think the same?

    What means the fire at the bottom…big cme or somethinfelse…and about the planet what is the shimmerchanging around it? Many Questions….;)
    Hope you can watch it soon, dont know how long the links are available…


  171. Thank you Mr Nobody. A big cme has been ejected. Apparently Mars may be affected by this. It’s important to watch the planets in our solar system also.
    A lot of debris will be coming our way. Jupiter will no doubt take the hardest punch. Now for the shimmering, others are better educated to explain that one.
    I have seen a large shadow pass over the earth. I am not shown what it looks like. I just see the shadow and it moves from east to west. I am told to take shelter and face west when the winds come.
    I have also seen colorful lights with lightening move from the south like a snake up to the north . The amount of lightening frightens me. Something is causing our atmosphere to do this. It’s beautiful to see.
    If what I see is true then we have two problems. Something inbound from the suns direction but also something coming up from the dark side. It’s like our planet is caught for a short while in between. I must stress that going by what I see nothing hits our planet. It’s a flyby.
    I hope everyday that this doesn’t happen.
    Our world is falling apart we have to ask ourselves why?

    Stay Safe


  172. @Jayove
    The extrahuge cme was from 17.45 o clock, when i am informed right…the pics from my post above are made before that event, so for my opinion it is something different. …..about the shadow…very interessting….do you have more infos about that?
    And about the sun…i speculate some things about the sun i cannot write here…because i cannot verify that wz hard facts what i think about, whats going on…and i am not one who want to create a speculative conspiracy theory…when i have hard facts i will share them first here wz you all. but one little point in the direction what i think you can find in a little old little book written by miguel serrano in spanish, called La flor inexistente, a southamerican legend….maybe you can find a english copy…more i cannot say at the moment.
    PS: but whatwver will go on, nothing to fear..we all are souls wz bodys and not bodys wz souls…;)


  173. @JAY- Did I see you say you backed up on discs? Ever since I read your :”disappeared” post, I have been trying to think of a way to prevent that. I think a little experimentation might help. Finding out who the element is involved with the events is the first approach. Human or other is the question. Given all those white vans in your neighborhood, I am going to go with human..Any thing other than that would be a tough nut to crack. Humans however, always are drawn into a shell game..During the 1930s in the financial depression that forced men to hit the street selling pencils in New York City, the Irish community hit the street with 3 walnut shells and one small coin or ball or what ever would fit underneath a shell. With a slight of hand and their natural banter, they set up a small table and drew folks in for a price–you win, you play for free–you loose and you pay me–Many a family had dinner on the good nights. So, I am thinking, if you are able to use discs…Are you following me here? Now you see it, now you don’t. Its off the wall but it might be fun trying…a lure is required. As to the others–they would have no reason because they can read your mind…know what I mean?

    In my case, I just think Lee does not like it when I talk about him…Sincerely, Marina – 4:25pm edt-4/17/12


  174. As I was cleaning up my email this afternoon, I came across an article dealing with “men in black” . I must say quite honestly, it creeped me out. My experience with two guys who came into the bakery I worked at was apprently so impressed in my consciousness that it flooded back with all the accompanying emotions. I did not go back here to see if I had written about it. I call it the Beves and Butthead incident. The two men were dressed like young Morman missionaries. These young men were always about on their peddle bikes with back packs, shirt and tie, tidy and always polite. I was surprised to see them in the bakery. They had never come in before. It is only in retrospect that I realized they were shorter than the counter. As they walked in I was overwhelmed with a harsh, cruel laughter and words along the lines of, “we are Beves and Butthead.” I detest that cartoon that had been playing on MTV for a while. Just recently, our roommate was playing one of their DVDs and laughing hysterically–just mention of the title brought a knot to my stomach…my head spun..I had to leave the room. I was forcing back the memory of my encounter, of this I am quite sure.

    For those who have not read my description-they used some “power” either telepathic or technological – I absolutely do not know – to turn me around against my will and force me to the counter behind me where I found myself holding on to the counter with a force that was not within my range of strength- It is a good thing because, I could feel my knees buckling from the pressure. They had my mind and I knew it. I have no idea why – I allowed the circumstance mostly because I had no choice but also because it was clearly the safest thing to do. The pressure and the probing were terrible. By the time they left I was jelly.

    So, when I read the title of this article, I did not really think about the bakery incident. I thought of the movie, “men in black”. As I read the article however, I was overwhelmed once again with the experience..”total recall”…very uncomfortable, chilling in fact. The human brain has the ability to compartementalize trauma, wall it off in order to protect. This experience however appears to be right on the surface. There does not appear to be a way to resolve this so I have to live with it. Allowing recognition and annalysis of the incident is helpful and knowing that it is an artifact of the “contact” experiences I was having over that period of time takes it out of the “crazy” motif or the “superstition” area. This was not a God thing or a cult thing, this was a “this is happening and you cannot stop it from happening” thing.

    I write about it here because it is important for others to know this sort of event ‘happens’ – Because there is no logic in any of that, it becomes mind saving to be able to remember that someone else has had an experience like this. Nameste – Marina – 7:11pm – edt – 4/19/12 USA


  175. @Marina
    Hi Marina here is maybe something to read for you about the MIB:
    Hi Jay here is the actual pic from the sun stereo beind h1…strange:



  176. Things have been strange lately.
    Today I finally had time to have a quick break. Went outside to sit on a chair. A few seconds passed and then I feel something run so quickly up arm into my hair. I freaked out, yelling to whom ever around to get it out. Get it out of my hair over and over again. Some one came to my rescue and when they showed me that it was only a tiny little spider I started to calm down. They laughed at me and I felt really silly. At times I don’t understand myself. I have contact from something not of this world, I have seen craft , I receive visions of things terrible, positive and from the past. Something of the human kind is messing with me. None of that scares me but here I am freaked out by a spider. All I can do is shake my head and giggle at myself.

    Some of the strange things happening are a government run agency phoning some my family members asking questions about me. They were told beat it.
    I now have a night patrol that goes past every few hours. They are on 4 wheeler motorbikes. Others have noticed this activity also.
    Three towers have been erected, when you connect them on a map I live in the middle of it. At times the lights on top of the towers glow orange. That’s creepy.
    Two days ago I had a TV camera shoved in my face wanting to know why I have the views I do about the government and world issues. I politely got out of that on.
    People are feeling the effects of change. It’s not so bad today but it’s the calm before the storm.
    I am no longer waking at 3.15 am.
    I had an experience today. All I can say is that something is revealed only when I am in need. Today was different.
    Has any one noticed a heat, energy spike or any thing else out of the ordinary in my area? Any rings seen on radar maps? I know it strange to ask but at the moment I am having trouble accessing those sites.

    @ Mr Nobody. You are on to something. See if you can find anything on the 18th April on the sun in the California area. Time I think is between 1 and 3 pm. Pictures everything you can get your hands on. Watch and look at it all. That was all I could get. Hopefully you may find some more facts. I trust in you.

    @ Marina.
    I hope one day this all makes sense. Astounding things are happening. You are in my thoughts and that thought is a connection.
    I have in my yard someone laid to rest. The ashes. I have never met him in person. He was here before I moved here. What I find sad is I knew he was here before his own son did. Some peoples lives are closed off from one another.
    I like the way you express yourself.

    Stay Safe


  177. @ Mr Nobody

    From Goddard space weather 18th and 19th cme animation

    Will be some nice auroras to be seen.

    Stay Safe


  178. @Jay
    Thank you Jay for the link…about the fireball looking thing in the h1 pics…when i remeber well it could be the milkyway…but i can also be wrong.
    Well and i have a link for you where you can connect dots about things behind the curtain..i post this link also in another thread here but hope its okay to post it here also, because it is one of the best sites in the web about how companies and more are connected behind the curtains:
    and a nice find at beforeits new site:


  179. This link below might help those that want to understand more about magnetic fields and how they can be interupted/moved or weakened and possible sounds made.

    Thank you Mr Nobody for all the links. Most appreciated. It comes to no surprise that the dots do join.
    I have more pressing matters at the moment so haven’t had time to look up what the sun is doing.

    The turmoil is happening again.

    Stay Safe


  180. I have just been informed that pine gap is activated. One of many. I don’t know what that means. I don’t like it.

    Stay Safe


  181. maybe if you could tell us what pine gap IS?


    • i need to be more clear.
      What it IS to YOU? what its importance is? why you bring this Australian military base Up to begin with?


  182. @vara->Pine gap is believed to be a HAARP installation–Another comment I found on it was that it was the area 51 of Australia. It is an enormous base, filed with Americans and one read said it had enough computer monitors to fill a tanker. There is another equivilent base in New Zealand—Americans are ‘HUNKERING’ DOWN in is the far east which appears to be the concern. With N. Korea playing with missles again and Pakistan rumbling about missles and India with an enormous standing army, we are pulling back to friendly territory where we have a stragic view of the situation. The US is pulling out of Europe as best they can.

    In the last couple of weeks I have been noting increasing releases of UFO footage from that part of the world. There have also been increasing reports of the BOOM event and the concern of course has to do with the high number of earthquakes that take place along the eastern side of that moving plate under new zealand – There have also been some beaching events of the high sea mamals. Clearly Jay has had a series of “anomolus” events in his life. His concern is very real and expected. The question I think has to do with the American involvement in this Pine Gap installation. This is not an “Australian” project. It is brought to Australia by NATO and the western powers. Some monitoring is absolutely necessary because the middle, central and far east are a tinderbox at the moment and will continue to be so for a long time. Enormous danger exists for Europe.

    @->nobody – I thank you for the men in black link. That was exactly the same video I saw but at a different link. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but this house has been forcing me away from the computer for my conversation here. In this, I need to report that I had a 3 knock experience a few days ago…

    3 knock history->This is a phenomena which has been reported frequently in the “contactee” reports..Many do not report it until it comes up in coversation or reports. It is a startling event leaving the experiencer with a sense of disconnection to realiety. Here then is the witnessed event I just had.

    I was sitting with my roomate who was chattering away about a new relationship. When she sits here I let her go on and on because of the enormous stress she experiences at work. Between you and I, I suspect she is having visits–there have been some physical symptoms but I do not bring it up. So, here we are, alone in the house. The outside road was silent. It was after 8pm. She was exhausted and blathering away her residual tension so she could sleep. My light on my desk was on, the light in the hallway was not on. The cats were sleeping and the rabbit was off doing his thing. Suddenly, 3 three strong knocks in metered sequence pounded on the wall behind the computer. That is the outside wall which faces the street and it is seperated from the lawn by wide heavy leaved bushes. In order to reach the wall one would have to be very tall. My daughter and grandaughter were visiting elsewhere and were staying the night. Thus the car was not in the driveway.

    When the knocks happened, “S” immediatly said..’someone is knocking on the wall. Unknown to her, my stomach was in my throat. I recoginized the
    -1-2-3 sequence immediatly. ” I felt as if I had recieved a message and was struck dumb in an attempt to decipher it. “S” felt as if there was someone out side. At this insistance, I got up, checked my bedroom window on the same wall–nothing..Then I went into the hallway where the door was unlocked and the two windows were open. I stepped close to the glass windows in the door, scanning in search of movement that would occur had this been a teenager playing a prank or ‘whatever’. Locking the door quietly, I then moved to the windows and while still scanning, shut them both. They are screened and solid making it impossible for an intruder to get in without a terrible effort. The windows are very difficult to lock so I did not attempt that. Then, changing my mind, I unlocked the inside door, opened the glass storm door and scanned the lawn for footprints. All was as it should be. In my heart I knew what I was dealing with so I stepped inside, securing both the outside and inside door. Walkin back into my room, I saw the cats still unmoved and no sign of the rabbit. I knew–I took my chair, reassuring “S”. “Hummm, nope, nothing out there.” I explained that I had shut the windows and locked the door..she accepted that pragmatically and went back to her chatter. I knew—

    In 1990 something, we had experienced this same thing a number of times. It was like an announcement we were not consciously able to translate but instinctivly knew. We had grown accustomed to odd events of this nature. One night a light scanned the living room without creating shadows. I was sitting in my chair watching TV – Lee was in his. He appeared to be entranced. He was silent. I was electric. At the same time, I never moved on my impulse to reach out and touch the light. I just watched. I never spoke to Lee about the light. He never spoke of the light. It came at an angle through the curtains without a glow. It had defined and spacific dimensions. It appeared to be a “soft solid”. As I recall, some years later, I asked Lee if he remembered the light. He did not. We were sitting about 1 & 1/2 foot from one another.

    Then there was the voice calling my name. I was sitting at the computer. In our small – 1 bedroom apartment, the voice seemed to come from the bedroom. My first response was to think that it was my landlady..but the windows were closed. None the less, I went into the bedroom to see if she was standing at the window calling me. “How odd.” I thought. The voice called 3 times…It spoke nothing but my name. “Marina” – “Marina” – “Marina”. Then, nothing more..

    Nameste, Marina – 9:57am-edt/4/23/12USA


    • Marina.
      I know every thing there is to know about the Australian pine gap military installation.
      What I Dont understand, and ive tried to make this clear, is Jays statement in concert or conjunction with it, concerning pine gap.
      Please let JAY answer the question .


  183. @vara->WHOOPS! Oh, not a problem…nameste-Marina-4:15pm-edt/4/23/12-USA


  184. @Varakienen
    Whats up with you…are you angry`about something?
    And are you really shure that you know everything about pinegap (sounds a littlebit arrogant in my ears)? Do you know for example really this PDF-File:
    And than you must also know for shure that there are more places like pine gap which are unknown to the public…;)
    Jay say it for my opinion in his own right words what he means and i think i understand what he means…its a very evil place fore shure where you never want to be inside. And now you can wait for his own words, i dont have to say anymore anyway about this subject.
    PS: Some good read about somethimg differentt, not really new but very interessting:


    • yes. apologies, I was having a bad morning.
      And, what I should have said was, “I know as much as any one I have ever heard of or personally talked to about Pine gap”.
      Not, that I know every thing there is to know. There is Always more, and new materials to know.
      PS: I always sound arrogant in text. But in real life, face to face,… not so much.
      This wont be changing. I simply have no text based social skills.


  185. @ Varakienen
    You don’t have to explain yourself. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. You have all the rights to ask what ever you want. I can’t guarantee that you will be satisfied with my answers especially where it comes from.
    I don’t know much about this place or the others like it. Most people here don’t even know that it exists. I posted it because some here have more knowledge about these things than I do. At times I need to know if what is happening to me is real or not. If it so happens that these bases are activated in any way then I know that what is happening to me is real.

    Now I got this information from what some call a vision.
    What I saw was what looked like the middle part of a satellite dish. the pointy bit. It was white and opened up to show three prongs. It opened up like a flower does but only half way. In the middle of this is a metal cone shape but blunt on the end. I hear what sounds like a jumbo jet engine but no where as loud. The noise comes from a distance. I hear the words pine gap and the others are now activated. Then I see something coming from the middle part of this. The only way I can describe is it looks like the heat coming from the road on a hot day. You can see through it. I follow it’s path, it leads straight up into the sky. The sound is intensifying. I feel like my eardrums are going to burst. It hurts. It’s high in the atmosphere but now there are rings moving outwards like waves. These clear like heat waves are getting bigger as they move away. I don’t understand. I am then moved suddenly so fast backwards. It’s like I am in a tunnel moving at high speed with images flashing on either side. I am moving too fast to know what these images are. I feel like I am going to vomit and my ears are still hurting. Then I hear … they will hurt your world. Then it’s over. I vomit and it takes about 10 minutes for the ringing in my ears to stop. Then I posted what I first heard here.
    Varakienen you are still a good choice for me.

    I am quite frightened by this. I need to know if I should be.

    Stay safe


    • It kind of depends.
      I dont think you need be frightened of any entities which may be providing you with these experiences.
      And I dont Necessarily think you need be personally afraid of these devices which exist not only at pine gap, but which are strategically placed around the globe and can be activated simultaneously to maximum effect. Although, clearly such devices can be used to cause great harm to people, planet or visitors.
      Now, You would be Given these images and scenario’s for a reason. And in MY opinion that reason would be to spread the word.
      It is how ever the spreading of the word which can put you in the most danger of all.
      If that word is accurate and you are sharing details which certain hidden bodies simply do not want shared, and they become aware of your whistle blowing, then Yes, you most definitely have reason to be afraid.
      The only way to defend ones self against this has proven to take the Loud road.
      Tell Every one. Every one. Let people Know you have No intentions of committing suicide, or taking off and disappearing.
      tell them what you have seen and stay in constant contact with lots and lots of people.
      The more you are seen by others the more difficult it becomes for any one to strike at you.
      or, you can shut up, and never share what you are being made aware of. Never apear on the Illuminati military shadow gov radar.
      This of course means that you do not accept the responsibility given you through dreams, and that some one else will be found to take the dangers on in stead.
      I wish it were Me to be honest, as I have a nature that is Very loud and Never backs down from a fight. (which I am sure will eventually be the death of me in some way or another any how, lol )
      Now let me tell you though. It has been my finding that any one whom is put in such a position is also given some modicum of surveillance and protection from the same forces which are providing you the information’s. In these cases, Listen to the little voices. watch for little signs and omens, have escape plans ready no matter where you are at any time of the day. keep yer back to walls, always know where the exits are etc.
      They may not directly interfere to save you, but they may provide a very quick warning to run, leave turn left, duck, what ever.
      Some will think you are crazy. hahaha who cares what opinions the Uninformed have. when they finally catch up in knowlege and awareness the time for its use may have passed.
      Listen. do what YOU feel you need to DO. Dont worry bout any one elses opinion of the situation. Listen to your inner voice.
      If yer just crazy, then it doesnt matter any way. But if your not….?
      Be well Jay.
      ~ VARAKIENEN. ( Wanna be whistle blower warrior )


  186. Thank you Varakienen.
    I live in a dangerous world already. I feel I have some sort of protection. I don’t take that for granted. I do listen to the voices and they have gotten me out of some really bad situations. So I will always listen.
    As far back as I remember I have had strange things happen. They were few and far between unlike now which is full on. I don’t just see and hear things I feel it too. The ones that only feel it I call Sensitives. These people don’t know how important they are.
    I will do the meditation that my friends showed me to see if I can slow down the images I saw in the tunnel. I can do that sometimes. I also need to see and write down the last part of the equation. Have much work to do.
    I confided in someone one day and they turned around and said I was puppet. They looked at me with such disgust. It made me feel dirty.
    There’s a reason why things happen. My visions bought me to this site. I am shown things I don’t understand but I don’t think I was meant to. Scientific mumbo jumbo just doesn’t dance with me. In so saying that I feel strongly that some things are meant to be passed on but not just to anyone. I can’t do this alone, I’m not meant to.
    Half the things I am shown are a learning experience. Survival. Seeing these things tells me that like many others that think they will be rescued on a personal level by aliens is just not going to happen. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t helping in other ways. We have to be able to help ourselves. Help each other.
    Try and be more self sufficient. Make your own clothing, breads, cheese, wine, spirits and jams. Grow vegetables and herbs in pots that are easily moved.
    I use recycled everything for all my vegetables and herbs. Any one can do these things. Spirits can also be used for fuel for lantens ect. Have chickens for eggs.

    Stay Safe


  187. Varakienen wish it was you instead of me.

    Stay safe


  188. @->Jay-“Clouds behind the Sun. “->Some where in the earlier posts I made, I described the day I lost 3 or more hours and when I came back, I had a hole in my leg. This is called a “scoop mark” in the contactee lexicon. I remember writing that I had been painting the kitchen. It was yellow and I was covering it with white to bring some light reflection. It was acrylic “semi-gloss paint” . I was on a ladder in the corner, up around the top edges at my last memory. When I ‘returned’ I was standing in front of the sink, facing the back door. The kitchen is a small space. Over the sink are two large windows. I heard the sound of a heliocopter and looked out the window on the patio side to find myself seeing an odd heliocopter hovering over the apartment complex across the ally. Through the window facing the street, I saw a girl on the balcony with her head propped up by her arm/hand, staring at the same location the heliocopter was hovering.

    I went outside. I returned inside and walked into the living room. I sat down, dazed and confused. As I did so, I looked at my left[?] leg and saw a large wound the size of an over sized [american] quarter. OK, that is a replay of my previous description. What I neglected to mention were the white paint brush marks to either side of the hole in my leg. It appeared that some one had pulled the brush, a 1 inch, flat bristle brush for edging, one stroke to the left and one to the right, giving the impression of clouds or perhaps wings with the large red circuliar wound in the center. In my head, I kept hearing the ‘thoughts’ “CLOUDS BEHIND THE SUN. Remember-CLOUDS BEHIND THE SUN!”

    Those words ‘felt’ as if it were part of my internal chatter..but there was nothing else – and then- I silently went through the recognition of the wound itself. How it looked , how it felt, where it was, what it was. Through out, I ‘re-thought’ the echo…”clouds behind the sun” as I looked at the white paint. In this, I wrestled with where I had been at last memory..on a ladder – high up. To get there I had to boost myself using the small freezer case as a balance. I was reaching with a dancers sense of position and safety. The brush was in my right hand. My lower body was no where near wet paint. I had been painting high, detailing places I had missed the day before. All the paint around me was dry.

    Yet, when I found myself standing in front of the sink, I had no paint brush in my hand. I had no paint on my hands. In my return to conscious awareness, I was slumped over, seeing the area of the sink counter. As I straightened up, my spine seemed to click into place. I stretched myself, as dancers are in the habit of doing and in that saw the paint can with the brush laid neatly up on the open top. It was sitting on the edge of the farther side of the freezer on which I was propped on the other side. In this moment, all these years later, I remember that I’d had the can and brush close to the area I was working…on the lay out shelf at the top of the ladder.

    Some time in the last three days, I ran into an article-video-done by a guy who had done some research on an icon seen through out history, written on various walls by various cultures. He was moving very fast and the video, although informative, was certainly more of a “see-see-I told you I was right” effort than slick, metered and designed to inform. In all of that, ‘this circle with wings’ icon shouted at me.

    You have been very much on my mind. You confusion about your “messages” feels so much like that which I experienced during those years of the late 80s into the 90s, I have been struggling with a way to address the emotional fall out. When I saw that Icon- [a RED circle with wings] – as I listened to this young man [he said he was 23-it was done in 3/12-] I was stunned. CLOUDS BEHIND THE SUN.

    He then went through the Nibiru explaination..He was indicating the same hyper-excitement I recognized so well from my own personal encounters. He went on to say that he had abandoned his friends and family and moved into an isolated location because he felt compelled to get his message out to as many people as possible without the mockery of others who he described “unable to understand” and “unwilling to listen”. He had moved his cursor across his enormous data collection with fervent urgency..”See, See, I told you!” He would say over and over. If I recall properly, he went on to explain he did not drink nor did he do drugs. In his self explaining and acute determination to make his point, he aroused my memory, my recognition of a number of ‘internal recognitions’ hidden for all of the years behind my personal silence.

    I was very lucky. I found a place where I was able to be hypnotized. As the result of that hypnosis, I managed to grow calm once again. It had been very difficult–increasingly difficult – to deal with continual surprises. During one of our group gatherings, a new man came in. He was highly agitated. He sat next to me. As various members of the group reinterated their surface memories, the whining seemed to be irritating this man more and more. He began whispering to me. Had we not been in that circle of ears and eyes, I might have been able to calm him. Finally he said, “I can’t handle this! If I want to study Sirus..I will do it on my own!” and he stormed out of the room. The subject of Sirus had not come up during the drone of self examination. To a person, each was stuggling with the ‘crazy’ label. It bled out through each diatribe. My position was then and is to this typing moment..”NO! You are not crazy…!” I suspected it was easier to believe ‘crazy’ than to see orbs flying about the bedroom in the middle of the night. For this man, it was more than he could take..HE KNEW HE WAS NOT CRAZY. and in my small whisperings to him, I assured him he was absolutely correct. I can see the mans’ face but I don’t think I ever knew his name…When he left, I felt so alone. I suspect he was rather special.

    Perhaps it was the aloneness of that young man I listened to on that video which triggered my recognition of some of the things that I experienced during those years of continual life interuption. As I picked though some of that, I was looking for a way in which I could write to you with reassurance enough that you would be able to find center again. One thing I do see is a lack of ability to get some of the information that both Vara and I and a number of others are able to access on a daily basis. One of the artifacts of this “life interruption” syndrome is an obsessive, compulsive search for something, anything to make sense of what ever it is we know but do not know from whence the knowledge came.

    I got wind of the Pine Gap project just this last few weeks. This came together with the spotting of a satilite dish that suddenly appeared in Phoenix by another of your ilk. As he was driving to work he saw it and has been watching it. We are very HARRP sensitive here. I need to tell you, the dish is exactly like the one you described! It was, at last viewing..a few days ago, pointing up. Because he is moving in traffic, it is impossible for him to get the perameters. I am guessing that it is some kind of relay of the heavy HAARP energy that has been seen in the southwest. As was said to you..”this is not good for the planet.” The HARRP project is insane. Those who have investigated it are stunned by the multi-effects it has on the enviornment and the human population. The Halderian [sp] collider is insane. [Europe] . It is suspected there are a couple of others. Now Australia and New Zealand have been established as a HAARP link.

    All the scuttle butt I have gotten indicates this LEAP into these technologies is alien fed. This puts us in a terrible position. I call it the ‘bad alien’ rap. Remaining concealed is the best we can do. At the same time, as this young man said, “I am doing this because I believe the world needs to know.” I believe he also said, ” I have to do this”. He is alone out there, where ever he is. I am not alone–I have cats and a family with whom I can occasionally share information. There are other things I should be doing but—

    So much I have learned is depressing. I knew the world had changed 20 years ago or more. I knew my contact experiences had shredded anything I felt was normal. I had chosen a cloistered life just to keep some control over the ‘surprises’. In my ability to stay out of view, I am protected, I feel a sense of stability. We cannot change anything. I am not sure that knowing is any great benifit. At the same time, I remember very clearly the words, “You are chosen.” Chosen for what? That is the question. I suppose one has no choice but to wait and see. In the meantime, we have to be aware of the strong influences around us. We have to know about the mind bending effects of the ‘toys’ that are being played with. We have to know that the planet is changing as the result of galactic energies. We have to know that there are games of power among humans over which we have no control and must avoid getting involved with even through they cause us great anger and frustration. We have a reason for being here. It is as if we have chosen to be here. That is what my thoughts are saying. My memories go way back to child hood now. It is spotty but it is there. And Jay, they parallel yours to a tee..I was astonished when I read some of your descriptions.

    So, really, we are not alone. We have each other and we have our families and our world close by. We share a different time and place but for some reason, we share similiar experiences. I think that counts for something, even though, I have not a clue what that something could be.

    On that note–Nameste, Marina – 7:35pm-edt/4/25/12-USA


  189. @Varakienen
    Thanks for your honest words…i believe that you are a cool person with a good heart and we all have sometimes bad days…but that shows us all something very important…and maybe the main problem we all have to solve…i will say it in one word…communication. “They” have destroyed the best wy of communication between us all along time ago, the telepathic way, which is for shure the best form to communicate, because you can send pictures, emotions and so on…today the most of us have only words, and nearly everybody understand them in a different way…but i feel there is a change in the air…hopefully i feel right…;)


  190. PS: I think i have a good idea for better communication that i want to share now with you..2 technics to become back your telephatic abilities:
    1. Maybe you know the old game supermastermind for 2 persons…you have to stick pins in different colours and your gamepartner has to find out which colours you use and at what place you put it..well ask your gamepartner that he or she has to concentrate and imagine the colours and at what place they are….you will be shocked in a positive way how good this works if the vibrations between the gameplayers are good…its a great training to open the door to your telepathic abilitys…the people which with i played this where really shocked…afer a little bit of training with each of them i get in the first line i all correct colours and in the secomd line i had put them in the right place. its also good to find out how good the connection is between you and your gamepartner.
    2. Here is a link to another very good technic to become back psychic abilitys, it really works well after a while:
    So i wish you all who will try this ideas much fun and pls dont give up if it dont works well in the beginning….good things need always a little bit time and work…but then it works really good..;)


  191. I was counting for people online rough telapathy, i wanted minimum 50 of them to be online right now. And yes there are 50+ right now!


  192. This discussion on telepathy brings me to an interesting comment made by the man in the article about the ‘tall white aliens’. I have not gone back to review it but if I remember correctly he said that these ‘folks’ did not have a telepathic ability but rather used technology to transfer silently what they wanted to communicate. As I read the above posts, I was struck with the realization that, having to use technology to silently communicate would put these entities in the catogory of , androids. The organic brain is a very complex and amazing thing. While most humans are not aware that they have a brain both in their heads and in their heart organ, they function none the less. We do not need the be fully conscious to have our bodies work. We humans are a complex sensory organ in which all systems, touch, smell, sight, sound and emotion intercommunicate. Most do not know that the visual images that come to us, come upside down and our brain translates that visual information into its proper form. More than that, we do not have to “think” to “think”. An Android is mechanically programed within what ever system it is given. The human, while also programed by enviornment and emotional reaction to experience, is capable of recognizing the unknown, outside of that program. An adroid cannot do that.

    More over, I am convinced that humans automatically express themselves through “telepathy”. I have found thru close contact with my various non-human – ‘other animal’ associations, that silent image transfer of information is the norm. I believe this is also true of the human animal as well. The animal kingdom in all enviornments from sea to land,is a splendid creation. In our relationships with our fellow animals, we learn this silent language.

    Now, one could say there are many who do not “get it”. I have personally met some and I certainly have encountered very frequent exposure on the net with humans who I often wonder might not have any brain function at all even though they appear to be able to type on a computer keyboard. When I first allowed myself to admit to that hyper-critism in my thinking, I chastised myself for “being something of an elitist”, as my grandfather used to say. Then, as I analysed more closely, I began to hear a voice inside say, “they are programed”. That was when the full impact of the ET influence on humanity hit me.

    There is no question that the human animal is cruel to his fellow humans and all creatures, be they fish or fowl. It is almost as if we are seeded with the inability to hear the suffering of those we torment. It is as if some how, some of us are ‘programed’ for this purpose. Certainly, health,education and enviornment are causal, but there are some who exceed these elements with such focus as to be unable to recognize what they are doing. This
    dis-association from ones own behavior is so complete, there is often a total loss of memory of the act or behavior. It is often as if an individual is ‘compelled’ to do something completely outside of their normal behavior or belief system.

    I must admit, I am seeing something here I do not know how to express. My flaw is a hovering imagry, that does not resemble a dream but rather a memory of something I saw happening. I have a good imagination but this far exceeds anything I could imagian. On that note, since I have had this writing on my screen for about 4 hours because of interruptions, I will leave it there…Just had to say something, be it ever so abstract.
    Nameste, Marina 9:58pm-edt /4/27/12 USA


  193. I have had so many events happen in my life recently. I look back and it all seems so unreal. It’s like an emotional roller coaster that never ends.
    A few weeks ago I had a vision of myself driving along the road I take to work. It’s early, thick with fog. The sun is just coming up. Out of no where meteorites come down. They are only small but the impact does so much damage. One just misses my car as I slam the brakes on I over steer it and crash into the side of the embankment. I get out of the car and it’s such an eerie scene. The noise of hearing them come down and the fog obstructing my view. I hear the cows are frightened. I just stand there facing in the direction of my home. The meteorites fall all around me, it’s like a war zone. Just as quick as it started it ends. I have seen this vision a number of times everyday since. Every time I see this I am left with the feeling of being helpless.
    This morning I was driving on this road. The further I drove the thicker the fog became. At times I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. I was beginning to feel a deep fear inside. I slowed to just about a stop. I wound down the window and I smelt smoke. Bush fire smoke. Didn’t hear anything so just kept driving slowly along this road. It finally all cleared and I could breath a sigh of relief. I found out later that they were back burning. The wind had shifted and all the smoke came my way.

    On a different note on the 21st April I tried something just to see if I could. It was around 11.25 am my time. I meditated and once I had control of my energy I tried to contact some one here on this site. I called them three times. I failed to contact. I did how ever see a small wooden white house that needs a paint. It’s like a cottage. On the front lawn close to the road is a stunted tree that is all twisted. The back yard is full of trees. Under the front windows are small bushes with pink flowers. There’s a concrete path that leads to the front entrance, it’s all cracked.
    I am trying to find a way that others can see what I see. Share it.
    I don’t feel good right now so will try again another time.

    Stay Safe


  194. @->Jay – re:Vara-“Ill bet thats a Marina type house” [love that by the way] – That is close-The house is white..It has metal white siding. It is however, not small. In this regard, if indeed you did lock on to my house, it would depend on the distance from which you were seeing. On Google, the house looks small. The google picture is old and the area around us now is more populated than when that google pix was taken. If it was my house, there are many trees in the area but out in the back area it is open, as is the front. There is one tree in the back yard that grows straight with one trunk, but if viewed from above it would appear knarled/twisted..and most probably smaller if the time line was some where around the 1950s.

    The original house was built in the 1950s or there about. It was expanded with a closed in garage in addition to an odd hallway arrangement which leads into a larger room which apparently had a pot bellied stove for the chimney that is still there.There is a hole where the stove pipe should go. I had to block it up because we kept getting small birds who realized they had made a wrong turn when they saw the 4 cats looking at them like lunch. We managed to save them by the way. It happened three times before I found a proper way to block the entrance.

    There may well have been a cement walk way leading to the front door. I live in what used to be the ‘livingroom’ or ‘front room’ of the original house. Thus there is a front entry door with a wide cement front step. It is entirely possible there was a walk way where there now is thick grass. To the side of that lawn there is a holly tree which my land lord..[censored] insists on cutting back..This was in its full growth with the original owners. I am quite sure it was a knarled and tall growth. My grandaughter and I intentionally allowed it to grow and it was splendid..No longer unfortunatly. Along front of the house there are indeed thick bushes which are cut back just below the window sill. They are thick in growth with shiny brittle leaves. The front walk now leads from a wide asphalt driveway [not in the google pix] to the front door. At present, there are three blue rugs on it to collect the never ending seed pods from the maple trees growing along the property line to the next house. Under that rug protection is a curved, grey, badly laid, cement path, shaped like a small J with the curve meeting the front door. Next to this are two spiky long leaf plants which are common in the south west as well. While we get rain and snow here, these plants do not require much water. They may be in the palm family. I do not know there name.

    Most interesting to me was the sighting of the pink flowered bush. We have one such along the back side of the house outside of the original section. That is a bedroom. On that side of the house there is a tall wooden fence now. I did not see that in the google pix. The original house did have white paint on it and I am not sure if it was wood..I will check.

    The problem with remote viewing is the time line issue. I am not sure if I remember correctly but I believe there are coordinace [sp] which are able to be set up to increase the accuracy in time and space. I will have to go back to the remote viewing segment on this site…I did not listen very well on my first viewing because of my bias in regard to Cortney Brown. There are also a few web sites out there that give information. That search is on my list. So what we have here is a hit-hit-maybe a miss- situation and if it were indeed me you had focused on, you were darn close.

    Now, as to the comet issue….My instinct is shouting–RUN – RUN – RUN! TAKE YOUR FAMILY AND RUN LIKE NOW…There are a lot of IFs in all of that. I, however, have no doubt that we are going to get astroid hits..My son, well versed in these things, saw one as he was driving home from work one night. There was no noise that he discribed, just a bright white light streaking down in a pattern that indicated it was falling out of orbit. There is also a video tape of a reporter standing in LA with her microphone while behind her..unknown to her..was a bright white explosion with no sound. It remains a mystery..Others have been sited. I got a missive from a friend this morning about more birds falling from the sky and dolphins beached along the fire line plate boundry next to I do my daily earthquake run, I see the fire line in Indonesia and New zealand lit up far greater than I have ever seen it.

    While I am thinking about it..I found a site on Et stuff I thought I would investigate. On it is an Australian guy who has had the same dream matrix as yourself along with overt abduction events. He explained to me how hard it is to live in a community which has had little to no exposure to these events. His remarks paralleled yours at the level of mockery he has endured. He is very outspoken. He has made a utube video of his experiences which are conscious memories of his abductions and those of his children. I have not told him of pine gap or anything else. He seems very caught up in his long term abductions and does not appear to have access to the vast amount of information available and necessary when dealing with the ET issue. I gather from his writing that the Australian entertainment media and such is not nearly as forth coming as ours here. We have all kinds of movies on this subject. We have radio shows and web sites. We have a strong ‘disclosure’ movement that is pushing very hard. The US population is well into 2/3rds agreement on the existance of ET. This man has not heard of Whitley Strieber…I thought everyone knew about Whitley. That is how we are here. We don’t really understand as a population the lack of information access so many nations in the world have. This really put my world view into perspective.

    OK – Because I have been enormously distracted by my ‘inhouse’ dramas here–I feel like I am wandering..Lots of pressure. Nameste’ Marina
    11:25am edt – 5/1/12 – USA


  195. There’s been quite a few tremors here also. The kookaburra fault line is becoming more active. Hardly ever do they put this movement on the world quake map. I live quite a distance from here but we still feel it.
    I will be relocating soon.
    Tonight there is a lot of activity in the sky. I don’t have any doubts some will put up videos. It’s a bit cloudy so hopefully someone gets some good footage. There’s a few satellites as well. I find the moon when you are able to see it interesting.
    I swear yesterday about an hour and a half before the sun went down I saw what looked like two suns. Well one big one but another something a lot smaller shining bright as the sun in the 6.30 position. Could it have been a planet that looked closer because of reflected light? Maybe someone here may have the answer to that one.

    So much has been happening in my life.
    I have to let you know that I met the men in the white van. The whole thing seems laughable but at the same time I have to be cautious.
    I felt them before I saw them. My guard instantly went up. I was in a situation where I couldn’t avoid them so I turned around and faced them head on.
    As soon as they came through the door they zoned straight onto me. Short hair, shaven, the walk of trained men. You can’t miss it. Both wearing black pants and zipper front tops. Smells of government. I’m just looking at them waiting for something to happen, who knows what and they start to chit chat to me about weather and the area. I couldn’t believe it. Idle chit chat. What the hell. I could already see through them. I nearly laughed in their faces. Then one said have you seen anything unusual lately. The younger of the two tried to read me at that moment. Nice try at distraction. Have to do better than that. I felt no fear. I turned the tables first on the older one. Basically said that he was the others boss and needs to keep his bitch on a leash. More was said until I realized both his hands were holding his head , he was sweating I felt like I was hurting him. The younger asked me to go with them. Not a chance. I didn’t have to say any words out loud to this one. I could feel his energy trying to draw on mine. He was seeking. He got nothing. The older one told his pet to let go and they went on their way after telling me that they will be back. I’m glad I wasn’t alone when this happened. I get asked questions from those I work with. No one can work out what it was all about. I just say that they are weirdo’s and don’t worry about it. I look at it this way. I am still here. If I was a threat of any kind I would not be here now. The peeping toms can watch me all they like. They will no doubt read this too! I have no fear of them at all.

    I managed to slow a few bits and pieces down that I saw in the tunnel.
    I see people that look Tibetan. Beautiful people. There’s a river that runs between rugged cliffs. The rock is reddish brown. More on the dark brown side.
    There’s snow and ice but most of it has melted. Next to the river I see a child distraught a small child maybe 2 yrs old. The child is in a harness that is worn on the back of an adult. Who ever was carrying this child is now dead and laying face down in the snow and rock. Up further some of the cliff face has collapsed into the river. Earthquake maybe. Up higher still is a town or village. It has a school. I see children with a maroon school top and blue pants. It has an emblem on the top but I can’t make it out. I notice the wispy clouds are moving strangely. It’s like they are dancing back and forth. Some of the people are standing watching. I see someone that doesn’t look like the others. A westerner. There’s a blue tarp erected next to him with a bright yellow and orange piece of material hanging down the side. He’s watching the sky also. He seems so out of place here.
    That’s all I have for now.

    Stay Safe


  196. Meant Korumburra not kookaburra!

    Yes I tried to contact Marina only because I feel we have a few things in common. It’s hard to contact any one from here as all I have to go by is that persons posts. I don’t know where they live or what they look like or even if that person goes by their true name. Some form of personality is picked up in each and every ones post. I can only go by that. The idea was if I could do this with Marina then I could do it with another on this site and that person maybe could make more sense out of things. Blow the whistle!

    Although I still see things I know I won’t have a personal visit for awhile. Things have changed, it’s hard to explain.
    I wait everyday for disclosure. Selfish for me to say but it would make my life easier. Since things have changed my children are now having strange dreams. It can’t be a coincidence. I don’t tell them what I see or about most of my experiences. I’ve tried to keep them out of this although my daughter has shared some things. They always call me when they are upset or worried. Most of them have left home and live hours away and yet they are all having these dreams. None of them have the same dream but each of them have seen what I have seen. I’m finding it hard to cope with. I hear how upset they are and it breaks my heart. Today one of them came to work and broke down in tears. They saw a flood and many people die. Why is this happening now? I don’t know what to do. Wish I could close my eyes and it would all go away but it won’t.

    I think I need to write down and draw everything and send it to someone. I’m just having trouble sending stuff on the net. This is why I tried to contact Marina.

    Stay Safe


  197. marina pratt

    @->JAY–YOU DID CONTACT ME! I have been waiting for your post. THIS IS VERY DIFFICULT- for exactly the reasons you stated. I knew your children were having some kind of experience as well. I am thrilled that you mentioned this in your post. Some how we have to be able to communicate with one another outside of the computer. That is the only way to insure there will be no human meddling. At the same time, I found a man in Australia who is an experiencer..I have been talking to him to see if he was ‘real’ –and he is–an interesting history- He hooked me up with his mothers facebook in ‘Two Rocks- Western Australia- He tells me she is 80 yrs old..He will be contacting me on this after he oks it with his mom. I wanted to see if I could get closer to you with a contact there–Let us see if we can unravel this..

    Now, Vara knows how to contact the administrator of this site-I will contact him and hopefully he will have seen your post and we can hook up somehow. There is always an option!

    Yes, something has changed–I have had the ‘sensation’ of contact but as with all else it is filled with blanks and I am left with only a vague recognition. This has been ongoing. I am not seeing what you are witnessing in your dreams but I have been on the hunt for this planet x scenerio and I am running into a pile of believable stuff. I am extreemly cautious however..My base operating mode is..ASSUME NOTHING!

    I am going to make a suggestion here. It is based on my own attempt to get my children in the loop. I knew it was a risk I had to take. I did this about 17 years ago and the results have been interesting. I was full aware that if one member of a family or group is contacted, the others have contact as well even if they are walled off and have zero memory. One member of my extended family group is a denier skeptic. Not his fault – if there is fault to be found in any of this. Frankly, I don’t think there is.

    At any rate, if you have communication established with one of your children, expand that very carefully. If your children are having similiar ‘dream’ experiences, play the game, ‘my dream is better than yours.’ This is how the indian-[indiginous people of America]-people do their verbal history in order to pass it on through the generations. This system can be found through out history in all peoples in one form or the other. That is the ‘ace’ in this game of passing on knowledge within family groups. the native American tribes in this country have been marginalized to such and extent, the UN recently issued a report on the subject. A couple of tribal councils have issued a number of reports on “the end of the 3rd time and the beginning of the 4th time.” All of that has to do with the changes we are experiencing and will find increasing. They call it ‘dream time’.

    If your daughter is being more open with you, have her begin a dream diary if possible. Noting, first thing in the morning, in a few words, aproximately what she witnessed the night before.. This takes a huge amount of stubborn determination..I personally failed after a number of tries a number of years ago but I think that was because I tend to need someone to write to..The important thing, if possible and if she is talking to her siblings and you, is to mutually reassure one another with this ‘dream’ game. Dreams are more acceptable to the outside world should there be any interferance. Putting something in ‘story’ form is a way of coding it. I learned this from a professor friend of mine. While at first I argued with him on that because I am one of these stubborn – “tellitlikeitis’ people, I began to recognize that claiming something is different than PROVING something. This is a situation where there is no proof. Great imagination on the other hand is an acceptable platform. Use that as your line of communication.

    This is an old American ‘trick’. During the revolutionary war here–1770s – with you know who – In order to communicate, the women hung large quilts on their back yard wash line. On these quilts was secret information about militia movements, and other intelligence they did not want the ‘you know who’ to see. The British did not get it. The plans went on and on and although it was a struggle enormous..the community was able to develop defensive communication. The ‘dreamtime’ system is the same thing. Of corse, one never knows who the good guys are or the bad guys for that matter. If kept within the family, there is a much higher chance of avoiding many difficulties.

    So, if we can develop a contact with each other through the regular mail, this would be a good thing. Ah, I just thought of something. I was in a movie as a kid…The name of the movie was “None But The Lonely Heart” – There you can see me as an 8 yr old child and my father as well. If you can find this movie with Cary Grant/Ethel Baremore[sp]/ Berry Fitsgerald/Roman Bohnen/Marina Bohnen – which takes place in England shortly after the war I believe..very bleak sets…Black and white…I am the little kid who says..”For Keets Please”That will give you a physical image to hook into. My father played the store owner..both are small roles..depending on what the cut is on the copy you get. Not a bad movie by the way.

    Also, if someone is hooked up with Face Book, they can scan for me as Marina Pratt..Let me know ahead of time and I will be ready to accept the request. alot can be done on Face Book. I use my book as an outlet for personal contact with people I don’t see and I post articles there on many issues related to our various subject matter here..but I am careful since many of my folks don’t have a clue…This is a learning/teaching experience. I am pushing for disclosure but in a rather back door way. Disclosure is VERY COMPLICATED!

    The bottom line, is communication within your family. In the social climate that both you and my Aussie contact have described, it is obvious caution is required. Ok–I need to get this off to you..remember–look for the movie–Add 69 years and you have a kid in an old womans body..thin-but the eyes are the same..And I suspect dad might help you out a little–look for Roman Bohnen on Wikipedia–I am your friend-Nameste’ Marina-9:55am-edt-5/7/12 USA


  198. @EYEINTHE SKY—DITTO THAT! As part of the scenery–“what van is that?” I thought I had a clean shot of that tree!”


  199. i love this site. it is more than informative, it is proof. i already KNOW. i have known my whole life…i have seen proof several times,(with my own two eyes) and there is nobody that can convince me that we are not being visited regularly. thank you, i love reading as much info as i can find on aliens and visitations…in fact, i am compelled to. especially lately, it seems to constantly be on my mind.


    Help make this Viral as fast as possible.
    (It doesnt matter if this one is fake or not, it matters that we are doing our part in spreading the fact that it EXISTS.)

    ~ VARAKIENEN !!!


  201. marina pratt

    @->RON ->ADMINISTRATION-> I am requesting that you give JAY my email address–You have my full permission to do so. Oh, I hope I am doing this right–If not, email me and I will correct any error. Thank you so very much, Sincerely and Nameste, Marina-6:48pm-5/8/12-USA


  202. marina pratt

    ->@S-> YEAH, ME ALSO..SO ODD…I am going to check it off to the sun..But none the less, SO ODD. MARINA–


  203. marina pratt

    @-VARA-Yep–it is going so quick, I lost 2 days…missed my daughters birthday. oh dear…marina


  204. @ Marina thank you.
    I have tried many times to respond the last few days. There’s been a bit of interference.

    I have been shown more on the activation issue. A frequency of some type is being broadcast from these bases. It’s world wide but in the southern hemisphere it is stronger. Anyone with the know how and the right equipment should be able to find it. Then you have to ask why is man doing this. I will leave that for each of you work out.

    I have seen …
    The Indian ocean sea floor has cracks forming. These cracks are moving towards Indonesia. They are small but the danger is it makes the sea floor weaker. Evidence of this should be seen on the west side of Indonesia and Australia. To me it looks as if the earth may be expanding if that’s possible.

    I have also seen a meeting which takes place out in the Pacific. Suits from all over the world attend. I do see some faces but don’t recognize them. These people must be important. Seeing this makes me feel uneasy.

    Learn about the clouds and all the different layers of our atmosphere. As more sites are shut off from the public knowing about these things may give you an early warning of what may come. Learn to read your skies.

    Disclosure if very difficult indeed. I like others here want it to happen. We wait for it.

    Stay Safe


    • RestlessRaven

      So, Ijust was forced into finding this out.. a long story indeed. As for now, I have people following me whenever I go anywhere at any hour, not aggressive or scary, it was for a time, now they lurk and watch. Point being, the frequency is one of mind control, on the most subtle levels, the same vibration that yourbrain manifests, so your body/mind cant tell the difference, most, cant.. The FCC just gave the green light to the “White Noise” Background Frequencies to start carrying high speed net and a whole host of “other” radio frequencies. Although the main Source of the generation is the Smart Meters and crazy ass antennae that are all hidden in plain sight , usually with an owl (fake one) at the tops, but jesus, isnt that convenient, fuel for the conspiracy filled mind. Think about this, just entertain it for a moment… Extra Dimensional entities are courted by are Military and wow them with theyre technology and promises, in exchange they get a human body/host, by choice or not in some cases I’m assuming. Fast forward, 15 to 20 years.. they have become a queit force here on thingsearth and indeed are calling the shots from very high levels, with a “hive/colony mind thing going for them, so things most never needs to be discussed openly. The ultimate plan is intrinsically understood. They are Running Pacific Gas and Electric, who are the BIGGEST financial contributor to the “cloud seeding”/weather mod. companies, and pge has completed the Smart Grid, just recently. I have seen them… the Greys, and they have seen me. They look human, but usually look far too old for the age of the person, and have white/grey hair, even the younger bodies they enter seem to age very rapidly, and they also have a smoked look, I dont know how else to describe it… Like smoked bacon. oh and always have glasses on unless its dark out. I know they have and underground base or bases that stretches from Ukiah Ca., to almost oregon, and they are mining the shit out of the earth for minerals and who knows what, that is partially responsible for why all the giant sink holes keep appearing. They are generating the disaters yalll, and hope to get the human population down to a more manageble level… enslavable level. I just figured this and a whole lot more out in the last 6 months, its cost me everything I had, my home, my friends, my respect in the community i spent 13 years cultivating… I have tons of proof, and photos, and video… I’m not sure what to do next. We still can get the word out and change the outcome, but trying convince anyone of this… is a bad idea, say good bye to most of the people u thought were your friends and open minded! But here I am.. ,unfortunately, I will be vindicated one day, but it will be bittersweet. They are the illuminati, and a few humans are on board, but the majority are hybrids, or full scale ILLEGAL ALIENS!! haha, at least I still have my humor.


      • RestlessRaven

        If you all really want The Truth Behind The Scenes…. its going to make you uncomfortable and is generally a very unpleasant feeling, sorta like getting slapped in the face.


  205. @->Jay->Let me start from the bottom of your missive and work up. Disclosure is happening. I am seeing it more and more. There are a number of factors I see that are feeding into this—We have an enormous disclosure movement going on here in the US. As I go back in the history of this from the late 1980s, I see that there are a number of doors that have been discovered that are available to walk through. It was understood early on that ET was not going to walk up to the front door of the White House and make an announcement…Then it was discovered thats since we are a nation of WE THE PEOPLE – Disclosure was dependent on our ability as a population to GET IT. The computer did the trick. While there have been movies for a long time, the communication between the population itself was the road to acceptance. Still and all, there are many who have no contact of information in this area. On the other hand, our children who are now going into their teens and up—KNOW!!! So what has developed is a feed back loop.

    The other area is the work that has been done on erroding the need for the common population to be dependant on ‘THE GOVERNMENT’ to provide answers. With the availability of technology to the roaring crowd, many have taken that into the skies and fields and storage facilities where documents are kept and accrued a massive resource that I am finding more and more available on the web. Everyone wants to point a finger at some bad guy so now they are slowly erroding the ability of KEEPING SECRETS crowd from being so tight fisted. Part of that was the reluctant recognition by the secret keepers that the information they were guarding was already out here…They have slowly, as a result, loosed their grip. Sometimes it comes out a bit upside down and backwards like a release I saw the other day but it is coming and with any denial or twist, it is an admittance that SOMETHING IS GOING ON. The disclosure folks love it when that happens.

    So in the last few days I have seen a statement by susie someone saying, “oh, don’t you worry a bit about the “chem trails” they won’t hurt you. We are protectng you from the sun” or words to that effect. She was official and she was on the major media. A denial along with a vindication..a mixed bag to be sure-but there it was. Then I saw a couple of major movie guys who did a series of BIG films like ‘SPIDER MAN” and the like, talking about the release of information of a disclosure nature in their format. The prefaced it in such a way as to warn those who have nothing to compare disclosure to, that they may be a bit stunned by the information but, ‘OH WELL.” I love it when that happens. There are dozens of other examples…it is like a slow leak in a tire. If it is not patchable, the tire goes flat…so far, this hole is getting bigger…I think we will see something in the not to distant future. I am holding on to my chair because quite frankly, this makes earthquakes a walk in the park…

    On the INDIAN OCEAN->Years ago, Zacihria Stichen [sp] proposed a theory that some major event occured in the development of our solar system during which a planetary body side swiped our planet taking a huge chunk out where the PACIFIC OCEAN we know and love now resides. This made complete sense since various readings had been taken by the US, tracking the debth of that ocean. They discovered to their amazement that indeed it looked as if a huge chunk of the planet had been set free. That is #1.

    #2-the yoke like formation of the volcanic fire line from our west coast – up thru the Alutian [sp] Islands and down the far eastern land mass through the Indonesian ocean..has appeared in this last few years to be heating up considerably. When I saw those Dolphins that had beached, I recognized the signs of major burns on their bodies. The official statement was, oh, it is some kind of virus…Right! NO! The reasons are numerous but I believe we are having a major heating event on the sea floor which has given the water temprature a fast rise into areas never measured before. This coupled with some ‘science guys’ talking about how the planet is expanding – which may explain why the poles are shifting at such a fast rate..tells the edges of the story. Notice that Peru is having major high number earthquakes – this means it is an ocean wide phenomena.

    & #3-> NASA has slowly hinted that there is this extra-body making a pass through our solar system. The pressure of the gravitational field and electromatic attraction would be more than sufficient to bring an expansion to the magnetic field of our planet. I don’t have the language to describe the process, but I can see it in my mind. We are being pulled at–the molecular field is expanding at every level..Thus the expansion. How is that for DUAH describing?

    #4-ELF waves – LOW frequency wave lengths are part of the HAARP mission. GOD knows what else they have come up with in the process of fiddling around with the ionisphere. I am going to point to HAARP because they are the largest possible source in what ever new adaptation of their ‘science’ they have come up with. When my friend discovered a large SAT unit along the side of the highway he took to work, he began to watch it and noted that it was changing positions and its directional mechinism was also changing. My suspicion is that this is part of this WAVE business. I must be sure to say here that I have always considered the fine points of this kind of ‘science’ – a GUY THING. While I have an apptitude at an image and hypothsis level, I have little else…So you guys are stuck with doing the math. Ha–ha–

    Now on the suits…I have been tracking a few things having to do with international get togethers. I have this suspicion about the Russia/china link and just recently got a thing on NATO which indicates some kind of a waiting game. In this case one has to follow the suits press releases and or track their silence. It is interesting what comes of that.. Ok, life calls and I have gone on and on here…Nameste’ Marina-10:46am edt-5/10/12 – USA


  206. There is much work to do.

    @RestlessRaven There is more than one species. Why don’t you ask admin if you can send them what you have. You never know they may post it for you so we can all read it. I am still here and so are you. Let them watch you and don’t be afraid. I know how it feels to constantly be alert to your surroundings and what’s behind you. Must always keep an eye on the sky.

    Have to go now get ready in case it snows here tomorrow. Getting cold during the night and the sun has a extra bite during the day of late.

    Stay Safe


  207. Oh Thanks Marina! For everything.

    Stay Safe


  208. RestlessRaven

    Jay, thanks for letting me know that its not just me.. Because thats where I was going in my thinking. This has been intense and taxing on me like nothing ive known. I wasnhoping that you feel comfortable letting me email u personally first and bounce some of this shit off you first, and go from their. This is not an easy thing to just “let out”. I need to consolidate and get a more manegable bundle, if you will of info so it can be done correct. This is truly inviting my own demise , i feel, but if i do this I should do it right, not all wreckless. I dont know how to give u my email without posting it here, i will start a new acct first and go that route maybe. thanks again.


  209. Inreresting couple of weeks…re-visited and left again in this time…but not with outsome understanding…anchoring this “now” for travelors who are also “me” of other times…amadon, mdk, wave…know this, only your perception is limited to this life experience…awakening is to go beyond…so many questions and mysteries, so much speculation…you would have “disclosure”?…what proof would you accept and what would you do differently if you recieved what you ask for? All archiological/scientific/religious evidence as far back as it goes is a record of visitation and reincarnatioin,,,we are they…always have been and always will be…Do you seek truth or just a place to post bull shit?…if truth, spend a day or week…what ever it takes, to look with-in your self and remember who and what you are beyond this curent physical manifestation and your “disclosure/alien/ancient mysteries” questions will be replaced by “how to complete what I came here for”…not untill then does the work begin…or, you can just keep posting bull shit…we are they…does anyone here get it???? For what ever reason, there are a few who interact here on this site when in this time, so, I check in time to time to monitor activity and wade through the ego driven morass as well as corispondence from some seeking truth, in search of their presence… to the first, remember, what you seek is within you, REMEMBER, …to the latter, you reek of excrament and sleep thru safe, namaste, ouu lala…


    • Haha. Thanx A.
      Yes, we get it.
      Souls are conscious energy which exist on separate vibrational planes and frequencies.
      They incarnate to the physical realm like putting on clothing. Incarnation is Not exclusive to earth alone. Souls can incarnate to other worlds and other races as well. (I’m sure they can even incarnate into plants and animals for what ever experience they seek)
      Souls of other races and souls of earth are not necessarily racially distinct in and of them selves, in fact it is unlikely.
      Differentiation of souls is not so much a species based thing as it is a totality of experiences and paths taken on the journey kind of thing.
      Souls travel and incarnate in groups. Groups travel in larger groups of groups which interact with other larger groups. etc etc.
      Incarnating to a physical form on earth is a more unique experience than most other incarnations.
      Earth incarnations are hampered by a DNA lock which causes a lack of connection to the soul which fosters a loss of cosmic memory.
      IE: We do not remember who we are as souls, why we have come here, our cosmic origins, purpose, etc etc.
      This memory disconnection is Not prevalent to all extra terrestrial species incarnations.
      Yes. They are We, We are They.
      Yes, there is a purpose and agenda to incarnate here at this time. All things lend to the eventual Awakening or quickening of this physical species.
      The DNA locks will diminish or be removed.
      … Still think we dont Get it, A?
      ( Knowing it and Knowing it are two different things )
      Living it and Understanding it . . . .


      • …refreashing…I take little issue with your post with the possible exception of “still think we don’t get it”… clearly you do, tho I’m not sure how many others you speak for…. Knowing and having the information are apples to oranges. There is no information “out here” that will change this or ever ballance the scales. More often an impediment than a key.
        The biological implants you reference restricting memory are both a prison and a developmential necessity depending on__________… much like the shell of an egg…no bird has ever taken wing that wasn’t once imprisioned by it, broken thru it , and left it behind…
        My comments were harsh and reflective of some frustration at not finding further posts I was seeking/ anticipating/ hopeing for…timing is everything…eions pass in the twinkling of an eye while moments linger seemingly for an eternity…I’m reminded of a teaching…”wake not the sleeping…they need their rest”… I bridge time that others may travel…my task in form…knowing yet at times fruaturated by it…forgive my harsness…journey well…


      • varakienen



  210. Welcome back A.
    Stay in the light not the shadows. Help the people if you can. Find a way.

    Stay Safe


  211. A.
    Please feel free to expound in detail, but in layman’s terms, upon that which I mentioned.


  212. GOOD MORNING -5/12/12-7:57AM EDT-USA-

    I woke up today, turned on my computer, found my favorite people and there was the latest post – SHIPS AROUND THE SUN…As my grandaughter would say–“WOW! MAN! LIKE REALLY–WOW! – and then the questions flooded in–So, I came here to discover “A” dancing on the head of a pin and I remembered when. That was an” OK!” moment for me. In all honesty “A” – I want to reach out and help you pull on the break lever. As I have said many times I suspect, “This recognition is the hardest thing any human being can experience.” This is the one reservation I have about disclosure. There is no instruction manual for this experience and the resulting storm that takes over mind, body and soul.

    I could give you huge waves of advice..I won’t. At the same time, knowing that you are a flag flying out there in a hurricane gives me the need to say, you will be of use to noone one until you find balance with in. You have stated your losses..That alone is a major trauma to the brain. You are a biological organism with all functions connected with intricate wiring. The human brain goes into over load and without applying the breaking device, the emotional matrix begins to implode and explode, all at the same time…I call this the ET effect. Just as a computer and other electronic widgits are effected my sun flares, so is the human brain. Thus you have a massive effect to deal with. Your writing is poetic…start a journal…If you can manage it..write with pen and paper…hard..oh, so hard..I am a try/fail in this area–time seems to more very fast and interruptions never cease. My reason for this suggestion has to do with slowing down the brain response — the disciplin it takes to do the hand writing thing will filter through your entire response mechinism. I was reminded of this when I listend to David Wilcox last night..It was a COAST TO COAST 2 hr interview I got from the 2012 site. He had to force himself to do this…Slowly he managed to organize his right and left brain lobes and it shows in his ability to hold on to data and rework it in an understandable verbal language. We cannot help one another without a communication that interlinks rather than shouts.

    As I stared at those objects around that sun this morning, I wanted to shout…the cats were not interested however…I did get their attemtion when I walked into the kitchen however. They worship my ability to open a can. They know the magic of the spoon that dishes out the food. They tell me when they need me by standing in front of the computer or laying on my hands so I cannot type. They KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW…and it works for them within their ability to express the knowing. In the same fashion, I KNOW WHAT I KNOW –and I am still working on a way to communicate this knowledge to those I KNOW also KNOW but do not have the ability to access the information..If you have ever talked to a teenager, think back on the response…NO BLAME.

    So, yes, many GET IT–Most do not have the ability to communicate that -GETTING IT—With your writing, once in control, may well be yet another link to this enormous effort to communicate this information without being called CRAZY…Ps. don’t do meds if you can avoid it..they are poison.

    On that note, I am going to walk down to the ‘drug’ store and pick up a pack of cigarettes–my present drug of choice…Nameste’-Marina-9:14am