The Hollow Earth Theory


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Hollow Earth Hypothesis,Subterranean civilizations,agartha

Part 3: Hollow Earth – Is agartha a real city?

Part 4: Hollow Earth – Holes in the north and south poles

Part 5: A new age, Billy Meyer, Hollow Earth

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One concept, and potential bombshell of a game changer, has always stood out. It did so by stealth. Hollow Earth just pretended to be another loony idea that, you know, some people just seem to get a kick out of. Only after looking at it in detail and absorbing the available information did I realize how much it actually means. Would mean. Apparently, does mean. And it can only be true or false. There is no middle ground, only hollow ground or solid ground.

The range of the implications of the earth being hollow are important. Hugely, massively (pun) important. They go as far as explaining dozens of anomalies that surround us. All freaking kinds of parallel, alternative, weird and conspiratorial ideas. In a word: woowoo ideas. Ideas which are becoming mainstream, and not that it matters what a majority of any kind thinks or what opinions it holds. The masses are dark (doesn’t) matter in the larger scheme of things.

This first part about the Ultimate Woowoo intends to synthesize as much as possible what one has to look at and know about to get a basic idea. There is also an emphasis on visual evidence in this introduction to the Hollow Earth.

Below is a four-minute video with a collection of images-only (with music) related to Hollow Earth. You see so many strange images that you may want to stop the video repeatedly. But we will get to most of the weirdness further into this article anyway, in upcoming additional parts. Look at this video as a visual introduction to the Hollow Earth.



The Hollow Earth

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Total Lenght: 4 Minutes

I can tell you right away, this is going to be a little irritating. Why? Because while sifting through a lot of material, and trying to condense it into one conveniently-sized article, it became larger and larger. And the chances for a manageable, readable article became smaller and smaller.

They say something to the effect that the more far-out a claim, the more solid the evidence for it has to be. In one sentence: “Solid Evidence for the Hollow Earth, please!”

Below is a series of still images from the NASA video, which is the aurora australis of the south pole, overlaid on the ‘Blue Marble’ image of Earth. If you can zoom into your desktop, now would be a good moment to do it.

[Above: NASA IMAGE satellite, 2005: Aurora Australis, . From the NASA website: ‘The IMAGE observations of the aurora are overlaid onto NASA’s satellite-based Blue Marble image. Imager for Magnetopause-to- Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite launched in 2000.’] – download animation(5 MB, QuickTime)

The Ultimate Irritating Mystery — And (this takes the biscuit) It Is GrowingWith the Hollow Earth thing, there is just so much data in so many different disciplines that most people who get into this in a serious way either try to write a book about it, or actually get around to write and publish one. Several articles out there on the web touch on the main points, and they are all on the rather long side. You can fill a small library with books about the subject. So, take it from me: there is no short and conveniently catchy way to present the evidence for the Hollow Earth. Less so if you add the fact that the Earth is hollow and it is growing. That’s right. We have a hollow and expanding Earthunder our feet. Apparently. Yes, it is yet another deeply irritating mystery. Sorry for the cognitive dissonance, I am still tuning my wet piano.

Several authors have done a thorough job at combing through the evidence. Just as an example, one writer and researcher has a bibliography of some 50 arctic expedition books in his piece of 450 pages, and he gives these most diverse and astounding anomalies a cold and hard look. This author, Marshall B. Gardner, sent a copy of “A Journey to the Earth’s Interior, Or Have the Poles Really Been Discovered?” to the US government in 1920 and challenged them to refute it. The Feds haven’t gotten around to it yet, and it was a few decades ago. The bell rang a long time ago if you ask me.

One single article with most of the points that indicate that our earth is hollow … that sounds a lot easier than it is done. You end up writing a freaking book, or an endless piece of an article that you, the reader, might not have time for right now, while I don’t get paid for it right now, actually, ever.

The Ultimate Heresy

So here is the solution: we saddle the horse the wrong way. We just assume for ten minutes that the earth and all planets are obviously hollow in nature, and inhabited, at least in the case of Earth. We then deliver the evidence and documented observations as proof to those asking for this proof that the Earth is in fact a hollow sphere. And not a nice, solid, slightly flattened sphere around a progressively cooling liquid core. Or flat.

One more thing before we get into the subject for real. If it is true that the earth is a hollow sphere, and inhabited by beings who are by all accounts much superior to us, then it means that the implications are staggering. It is hard tothink of bigger implications than the Hollow Earth. It changes everything. It is the biggest and most direct game-changer I could find in the field of alternative science. It is like coming around a corner and there you see Bugs Bunny, Santa Claus and the Pink Panther playing poker. Looks like they did not tell you something important. Very irritating.

It would also mean that the Hollow Earth is the best-kept secret of all the many well-kept secrets that are kept somewhere. In the woowoo corner, for example. The totally bananas wing. Where they keep those flat-earthers.

So here we go, hurry up and wait and, eventually, there you are.

The ultimate woowoo idea, only a few centuries ago, was that the earth was a sphere. You know, a roundish thing, a big marble in space, made of mostly rock. It was, of course, a flat surface, as everybody could check out for himself, with the oceans around the land masses ending a seaman’s (already tough) life in a free-fall into the abyss.

It is said that those keeping the real shape of the world a secret did so because it was good for business, and it kept curiosity in check. Good for certain business, and a check on inconvenient curiosity. This way, insisting that the earth was flat, nobody knew where the highway was, and kept plodding along country dirt roads. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Ultimate Secret

This Hollow Earth thing is the best-kept secret of them all. If it is not true, it is not a secret. Aliens by the dozens who are milking us and mixing with us genetically is absolutely mainstream when compared to the Hollow Earth. But only the inclusion of not-yet-mainstream cosmology like the Quantum Vacuum, the Electric (nature of the) Universe, the fact that gravity is not at all explained, and a good dose of pattern recognition eases the way into the Hollow Earth “zone”.

Actually, if you stack the two against each other, which model explains the observations a lot better than the other, the clear winner is: Hollow Planets. Including our Earth. It will take some time to explain it all, which is why there is some space reserved for more parts of this article.

Fast forward to 2010, where the proverbial woo woo topic, one that causes your otherwise still somewhat presentable reputation to make a big sucking sound, is the Hollow Earth gig. It is definitely on top of the list. The concept that the earth is a shell, a couple of hundred miles thick, with two polar openings that connect inner and outer surfaces, an inner sun and … check this out … intelligent life. Really intelligent life, not like us pack-hunting, weapon- wielding primates with an inferiority complex, but really cool, intelligent life that, in a word, knows how to have a good party at the right times.

Yes, of course they live inside and know how to get out quickly, too. Through the polar openings, for example. Those got them going about these cool flying discs, and the rotating fields helped, too.

image 2

Jupiter is hollow with an interior Sun. Look at this brilliant light shining at the Pole.

Let this roll around in your walnut for a second. It used to be the most freaky concept around, and only seconds ago when measured in earthly civilization’s time. All sorts of immediately handy arguments were stoning you before you could even get halfway through the points you wanted to make, back then, about the Earth being round. You were actually burned at the stake, and it was not fun.

Switch back to the Hollow Earth of today. “Woowoo land” you say, “through and through, complete nonsense – impossible – we would know about it – give me a break – they can’t keep a secret like this – what about the satellite photos – what about gravity – what about that other thing – are you saying you are wasting your time with this?” … and so on.

Look at it as the best-kept secret ever – for now. Rumors and even evidence of it abound, but no official statements or photos are shown at school, university, or prime-time teevee. Actually, that is not true. See the case of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd (US Navy) and many other sober people further down the Hollow Earth path.

The Ultimate ‘Did You Know That … Never Mind’

Here is a list of the wide range of evidence which we will now present to the un- believing outer earth visitors who want to know why they have never heard about the Hollow Earth before, and feel that they have been somewhat left out.


  • All planets are spheres, not only the Earth: the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun itself
  • Standard planetary formation theories: how were they formed, what made them spin, and still does: completely woowoo
  • A massive planetary body with an incandescent and progressively cooling core would crack into pieces while cooling and shrinking
  • Gaseous planetary bodies like the sun and the large planets of our solar system can not generate a magnetic field; but they all have one
  • All the solar system’s outer planets emit more energy than they receive from the sun
  • A spinning planetary body in formation has zero gravity in its center, so mass does accumulate where gravitational and centrifugal forces are balanced within the area of the spinning matter, and that form would be a sphere with openings at the top and bottom, like a hurricane of matter in space – not as a solid body with a solid center (the center has zero gravity)
  • If planets were formed from cosmic dust which started to condense into a body like Earth, then the angular momentum would still continue to increase, which it doesn’t – the earth’s spin is steady, not slowing down or speeding up
  • Larger planets with more mass should spin more slowly than smaller planets with less mass – but they don’t: the largest, Jupiter, spins a lot faster (once every 10 hours) than Mercury, which is just a tiny fraction the size of Jupiter and needs 58 Earth days for one spin around its axis

General Observations

  • Both Earth and Moon ring hollow for hours after struck with meteorites, as measured by seismic stations on Earth and on the Moon* Earthquakes do not occur deeper than 450 miles, but down there, the supposedly molten magma would not create and release friction via earthquakes – a viscous or molten mass equalizes tension, it does not accumulate tension because it is flexible
  • Gravity experiments in mine shafts show that the balls pointing to the center of gravity point away from the center of the Earth, instead of towards it, as measured by the distance at the top and bottom of two lead balls hanging from very long wires into a mine shaft
  • … Odd …” would inspector Clouseau say

Observations at the Earth’s poles: welcome to Mr. Woo’s pole anomalies

  • The temperature, as one gets past a certain latitude, increases as one approaches the poles, which is not supposed to happen; arctic (and in less cases, antarctic) explorers have reported in their ship’s logs to have taken off their climate gear (this was before Goretex)
  • Floating flora and fauna near the northern polar region’s ocean: seeds, flowers and trees are found at latitudes where none should be, and they are often very fresh, not decomposed from many months of floating in the ocean currents that might have brought them from far away
  • Spiders, bees, mosquitos, moths and flies were found once past the cold and icy region below the north pole; northern Greenland is the mosquito capital of the world
  • Many bird species in the northern hemisphere migrate north – before winter; birds in the southern hemisphere migrate south in their winter, too – if the poles are the coldest regions, it makes no sense, but flocks of millions of birds like the auk have been observed doing this, and they must have a very good reason
  • Presence of seal, auk, goose, seagull, duck, rabbit, wolf, fox, bear and other large animals at extreme northern latitudes (the exploration of Antarctica is much more scarce compared to Arctic explorers)
  • The origin of icebergs: around the north pole, they are made of frozen sweetwater – not frozen saltwater. There is little if any precipitation of rain or snow (sweetwater) in the polar regions. Saltwater freezes to sea ice at low enough temperatures. There is no supply of sweetwater to explain the existence of icebergs which are hundreds of feet high, up to hundreds of miles long and dozens of miles wide* Icebergs around the north pole are colored by red pollen of an unknown plant, as well as dust – a lot of it; including earth material on top of them
  • Massive wave-like or tidal movements in the arctic polar region have been witnessed by many explorers, waves which cracked and moved the ice floes around the explorer’s ships in a very, very major way that had their hair stand on end
  • Floating and deposited driftwood (including exotic species) is extremely abundant and sometimes stacked 15 feet/5m high along the coasts in the polar region of Spitzbergen and Greenland, up to 86 degrees latitude north
  • Mammoth, elephant, woolly rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion and hyena have been found in the ice from the north pole that is also deposited on the coasts of Siberia; entire forests of mammoth ivory have been found there
  • The stomach content of (un)frozen mammoth has been found to contain tropical (undigested) plants that do not occur anywhere in the northen polar region; supposedly, the last time the mammoths were clomping around was during the last Ice Age (not the Pixar animation films 1, 2 or 3), but many were found with their (un)frozen meat good enough to give it to the sled dogs in Siberia for dinner (or late lunch) [Note from the editor: If these mammoths came out of Inner Earth via the huge freshwater rivers that flow outwards and freeze as they pass the northern polar opening, then the theory of a massive crustal shift of the Earth which supposedly transported mammoths who had been peacefully chomping on tropical plants way up north, in two days, causing them to insta-freeze as a result of a polar reversal, has one argument less; see Charles Hapgood, Maurice Cotterell, Patrick Geryl, Clif High and others]

Instrument Anomalies at the Earth’s poles

  • Approaching the magnetic pole, the compass needle points down towards the dial – and passing the “horizon”, where the surface or Earth curves inward at the poles, like an apple into its center, only much more pronounced – the compass needle starts pointing up, behaving now like a vertical and not a horizontal instrument
  • The magnetic north pole is not a specific point, it is a large area around the geographic north or south poles, which do not exist as solid points on a surface, they are points in empty space; magnetic and geographic poles have a different axis, as you know; the compass stops working in a horizontal plane, and actually indicates the location of a magnetic “pole” over a vast area. You can circle the area around the geographic pole and always get a “north” readingwith the compass. In short, there is no specific point, but an area where magnetic “north” or “south” is shown with a compass

Hullo Earth FAQ: The Questions We Can’t Promise To Answer Right Now

Some speculative, fuzzy quantum unlogical and in no way binding answers to the Hollow Earth FAQ. Just to keep it fun on our way out.

Some speculative, fuzzy quantum unlogical and in no way binding answers to the Hollow Earth FAQ. Just to keep it fun on our way out.

  • What about gravity?
    Center of gravity is in the approximate center of the 800-mile thick eggshell of the Earth, and works inside and outside of the planetary shell; the center of gravity is not at, or towards, the center of the Earth
  • What about the inner sun?
    What about it?
  • What about the inner world?
    A huge topic, hang in there for a sneak peak, and prepare to fasten seat belts
  • What about the outer world and the inner world together? WTF?
  • Can one see the openings when getting closer by land or air?
    No, but strange phenomena occur, like ‘watery skies’, the reflections along the lip of the arctic hole where the ocean is reflected by the atmosphere. You would love to see it.
  • Why haven’t I heard about this before? I mean, seriously?
    Secrets are best hidden out in the open; the woowoo areas are best
  • I have most if not all the Hollow Earth classic books and websites. Have all these books about all these facts been suppressed, or banned, forgotten, ignored, ridiculed?
  • What about Admiral Byrd’s expeditions? Wasn’t he in the newspapers?
    Excellent question, he will be focused on. He was indeed on radio and in newspapers, and commanded among other expeditions “Operation High Jump” — a navy fleet that went after the disappeared German submarines and thousands of German people after world war #2 — it was to the south pole if I remember correctly
  • What is science saying about this?
    Corporate, private or state ‘science’ that gets loaded into textbooks for indoctrination can not deal with this for reasons that are obvious; this science has the role that the high priests used to have when the earth was flat [Editor’s note: and now ‘it is too late to loose the weight you used to need to throw around’ – Pink Floyd]
  • Why don’t I see this on NatGeo, History, Discovery, and other high- quality corporate brainwashing networks?
    I was hoping you would ask
  • Can we see the polar openings from space?
    Absolutely, depending on your exact location and the weather patterns, your security clearance and the effectiveness of the selective memory delete process after you have seen it, please look into this device now
  • Are satellite images of the polar regions censored?
    Of course not. Hey, pigs fly, buddy, some at least … they fly north before winter, these dumb animals

Epilog to the Hollow Earth Introlog

… And the earth used to be flat. Then, a solid ball, like a magma ball in space with a solid crust. When in fact it is a sphere which rings like a bell for weeks and months when struck by meteorites and earthquakes … speaking of which … time to end this introduction. Just in time. Rrrinnnggggggggggggg.


Hollow Earth, Documentary, Brooks Agnew

Official Documentary pre to the North Pole Inner Earth expedition featuring Agnew,Brooks PHD on the Hollow Earth theory.

3 videos

Total Lenght: 29 Minutes



Source: Viewzone *  AgartthaTV



Hollow Earth Theories always propose a central sun, aliens, and mythical subterranean cities and civilizations that some believe could link science and pseudoscience if physically discovered. Glaciers at both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are melting down at an accelerated rate, which will reveal the truth behind this mystery and its metaphoric connections to other creation myths in the story of humanity’s journey on plant Earth.

According to the Hollow Earth Hypothesis, planet Earth is either wholly hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. The hypothesis has long been contradicted by overwhelming observational evidence, as well as by the modern understanding of planet formation; the scientific community has dismissed the notion since at least the late 18th century.

The concept of a hollow Earth still recurs in folklore and as the premise for a sub-genre of adventure fiction. It also features in some present-day pseudoscientific and conspiracy theories.

Underground civilizations link with the ‘Hollow Earth Theory’. There are supposedly races that exist in subterranean cities beneath planet Earth. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. Some believe that UFOs are not from other planets, but are manufactured by strange beings in the interior of the Earth.


Early History

In ancient times, the idea of subterranean realms seemed arguable, and became intertwined with the concept of “places” such as the Greek Hades, the Nordic svartalfheim, the Christian Hell, and the Jewish Sheol (with details describing inner Earth in Kabalistic literature, such as the Zohar and Hesed L’Avraham).

Edmond Halley in 1692 put forth the idea of Earth consisting of a hollow shell about 800 km (500 miles) thick, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core, about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Atmospheres separate these shells, and each shell has its own magnetic poles. The spheres rotate at different speeds. Halley proposed this scheme in order to explain anomalous compass readings. He envisaged the atmosphere inside as luminous (and possibly inhabited) and speculated that escaping gas caused the Aurora Borealis.

De Camp and Ley have claimed (in their Lands Beyond) that Leonhard Euler also proposed a hollow-Earth idea, getting rid of multiple shells and postulating an interior sun 1000 km (600 miles) across to provide light to advanced inner-Earth civilization (but they provide no references). However in his Letters to a German princess Euler describes a thought experiment involving a patently solid Earth.

De Camp and Ley also claim that Sir John Leslie expanded on Euler’s idea, suggesting two central suns named Pluto and Proserpine (this was unrelated to the dwarf planet Pluto, which was discovered and named some time later). Leslie did propose a hollow Earth in his 1829 Elements of Natural Philosophy (pp. 449 453), but does not mention interior suns.

19th century

In 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. suggested that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell about 1300 km (800 miles) thick, with openings about 2300 km (1400 miles) across at both poles with 4 inner shells each open at the poles. Symmes became the most famous of the early Hollow Earth proponents. He proposed making an expedition to the North Pole hole, thanks to efforts of one of his followers, James McBride, but the new President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, halted the attempt.

Jeremiah Reynolds also delivered lectures on the “Hollow Earth” and argued for an expedition. Reynolds went on an expedition to Antarctica himself but missed joining the Great U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842, even though that venture was a result of his agitation.

Though Symmes himself never wrote a book about his ideas, several authors published works discussing his ideas. McBride wrote Symmes’ Theory of Concentric Spheres in 1826. It appears that Reynolds has an article that appeared as a separate booklet in 1827: Remarks of Symmes’ Theory Which Appeared in the American Quarterly Review.

In 1868, a professor W.F. Lyons published The Hollow Globe which put forth a Symmes-like Hollow Earth hypothesis, but didn’t mention Symmes. Symmes’s son Americus then published The Symmes’ Theory of Concentric Spheres to set the record straight.

Recent Theories

The Thule Society, which was well known by Adolf Hitler,reported much about Tibetan myths of openings into the Earth. There is even a theory that Hitler ordered a research journey for such an opening in Antarctica, based on a speech of Admiral Dönitz in front of a German submarine in 1944, when he claimed “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built an invisible fortification for the Führer, anywhere in the world.” During the Nuremberg Trials, Dönitz spoke of “an invisible fortification, in midst of the eternal ice.”

    As the story goes … Hitler and his followers wanted to create a race of super soldiers an Ayran race (like the Atlanteans) to rule the world. They came to this conclusion through the acceptance of many occult beliefs and practices, including the Hollow Earth Theory. There is a legend which says that Hitler and his chief advisers escaped the last days of the Third Reich by going through the opening at the South Pole (Antarctica) where they discovered an entrance to the Earth’s interior.According to the Hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada, they are still there. After the war, the organization claims, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the South Pole. This story gets more complicated with Nazi-designed UFOs, Nazi collaboration with the people who live in the center of the Earth, and the possible explanation for “Aryan-looking” UFO pilots.

In 2005, Steven Currey Expeditions planned an expedition to the North Pole region to explore for a possible opening into the inner Earth. Brooks A. Agnew took over as leader on Currey’s death in 2006, with the plan of taking 100 scientists and film makers to the supposed Arctic “opening” in 2009.

An early twentieth-century proponent of hollow Earth, William Reed, wrote Phantom of the Poles in 1906. He supported the idea of a hollow Earth, but without interior shells or inner sun.

Marshall Gardner wrote A Journey to the Earth’s Interior in 1913 and an expanded edition in 1920. He placed an interior sun in the hollow Earth. He even built a working model of the hollow Earth and patented it. Gardner made no mention of Reed, but did take Symmes to task for his ideas. In the same time Vladimir Obruchev wrote a fiction novel Plutonia, where the hollow Earth’s interior possessed one inner (central) sun and was inhabited by prehistoric species. The interior was connected with the surface by a hole in the Arctic.

Other writers have proposed that ascended masters of esoteric wisdom inhabit subterranean caverns or a hollow Earth. Antarctica, the North Pole, Tibet, Peru, and Mount Shasta in California, USA, have all had their advocates as the locations of entrances to a subterranean realm referred to as Agartha, with some even advancing the hypothesis that UFOs have their homeland in these places.

Raymond W. Bernard

In 1964, Raymond W. Bernard, an esotericist and leader of the Rosicrucians published The Hollow Earth – The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History Made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles – The True Origin of the Flying Saucers. Bernard tells stories about people who have entered the inner earth and what has happened to them. It mentions a photograph published in 1960 in the Globe and Mail in Toronto, Canada which shows a beautiful valley with lush hills. An aviator claimed that he had taken the picture while flying into the North Pole.

In his Letters from Nowhere, Bernard claims to have been in contact with great mystics in secret ashrams and with Grand Lamas in Tibet. He was, in short, another Gurdjieff. Dr. Bernard “died of pneumonia on September 10, 1965, while searching the tunnel openings to the interior of the Earth, in South America.”

Bernard seems to have accepted every legend ever associated with the hollow Earth idea, including the notions that the Eskimos originated within the Earth and an advanced civilization dwells within even now, revving up their UFOs for occasional forays into thin air. Bernard even accepts without question Shaver’s claim that he learned the secret of relativity before Einstein from the Hollow Earth people.

The Adventures of Admiral Byrd

Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929. he referred to Antarctica as “The Land of Everlasting Mystery”. In reference to the North Pole he wrote: “I’d like to see that land beyond the North Pole, it is the Center of the Great Unknown.”

      In his diary, Byrd allegedly tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving through the brush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degrees F.His airplane was greeted by flying machines of a type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing area where he was graciously greeted by emissaries from Agartha. After resting, he and his crew, were taken to meet the king and queen of Agartha. They told him that he had been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral and ethical character. They went on to say that they worried about the safety of planet due to he bombs and other testing done above the surface by governments. After the visit Byrd and his crew were guided back to the surface of the planet.

Byrd stated that the North and South Poles are only two of many openings into the center of the Earth. He also wrote about seeing a sun below the Earth.

Concave Hollow Earths

Humans live on the interior; with the universe in the center.

Instead of saying that humans live on the outside surface of a hollow planet, sometimes called a “convex” hollow-Earth hypothesis, some have claimed that our universe itself lies in the interior of a hollow world, calling this a “concave” hollow-Earth hypothesis. The surface of the Earth, according to such a view, might resemble the interior shell of a Dyson sphere. Generally, scientists have taken neither type of speculation seriously.

Cyrus Teed, an eccentric doctor from upstate New York, proposed such a concave hollow Earth in 1869, calling his scheme “Cellular Cosmogony”. Teed founded a cult called the Koreshan Unity based on this notion, which he called Koreshanity. The main colony survives as a preserved Florida state historic site, at Estero, but all of Teed’s followers have now died. Teed’s followers claimed to have experimentally verified the concavity of the Earth’s curvature, through surveys of the Florida coastline making use of “rectilineator” equipment.

Several twentieth-century German writers, including Peter Bender, Johannes Lang, Karl Neupert, and Fritz Braun, published works advocating the hollow Earth hypothesis, or Hohlweltlehre. It has even been reported, although apparently without historical documentation, that Adolf Hitler was influenced by concave hollow-Earth ideas and sent an expedition in an unsuccessful attempt to spy on the British fleet by aiming infrared cameras up into the sky (Wagner, 1999).

The Egyptian mathematician Mostafa Abdelkader authored several scholarly papers working out a detailed mapping of the concave Earth model. See M. Abdelkader, “A Geocosmos: Mapping Outer Space Into a Hollow Earth,” 6 Speculations in Science & Technology 81 89 (1983). Abstracts of two of Abdelkader’s papers also appeared in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, (Oct. 1981 and Feb. 1982).

In one chapter of his book On the Wild Side (1992), Martin Gardner discusses the hollow Earth model articulated by Abdelkader. According to Gardner, this hypothesis posits that light rays travel in circular paths, and slow as they approach the center of the spherical star-filled cavern. No energy can reach the center of the cavern, which corresponds to no point a finite distance away from Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology.

A drill, Gardner says, would lengthen as it traveled away from the cavern and eventually pass through the “point at infinity” corresponding to the center of the Earth in the widely accepted scientific cosmology. Supposedly no experiment can distinguish between the two cosmologies. Martin Gardner notes that “most mathematicians believe that an inside-out universe, with properly adjusted physical laws, is empirically irrefutable”. Gardner rejects the concave hollow Earth hypothesis on the basis of Occam’s Razor.

In a trivial sense, one can always define a coordinate transformation such that the interior of the Earth becomes “exterior” and the exterior becomes “interior”. Such transformations would require corresponding changes to the forms of physical laws; the consensus suggests that such theories tend towards sophism.



The best scientific argument against that of a hollow Earth (or in fact any hollow planet) is gravity. Massive objects tend to clump together gravitationally, creating non-hollow spherical objects we call stars and planets. The solid sphere is the best way in which to minimize the gravitational potential energy of a physical object; having hollowness is therefore unfavorable in the energetic sense. In addition, ordinary matter is not strong enough to support a hollow shape of planetary size against the force of gravity.

Someone on the inside of a hollow Earth would not experience an outward pull and could not stand on the inner surface; rather, the theory of gravity implies that a person on the inside would be nearly weightless. This was first shown by Newton, whose shell theorem mathematically predicts a gravitational force (from the shell) of zero everywhere inside a spherically symmetric hollow shell of matter, regardless of the shell’s thickness.

A tiny gravitational force would arise from the fact that the Earth does not have a perfectly symmetrical spherical shape, as well as forces from other bodies such as the Moon. The centrifugal force from the Earth’s rotation would pull a person (on the inner surface) outwards if the person was traveling at the same velocity as the Earth’s interior and was in contact with the ground on the interior, but even at the equator this is only 1/300 of ordinary Earth gravity.

The mass of the planet also indicates that the hollow Earth hypothesis is unfeasible. Should the Earth be largely hollow, its mass would be much lower and thus its gravity on the outer surface would be much lower than it currently is.

Seismic Information

Although not visually observable, the core of the Earth is observable via vibrations (primarily from earthquakes) passing from one side of the planet to the other. Using this method, geologists have been able to establish the structure of mantle, outer core, and inner core known today. A hollow earth would behave entirely differently in terms of seismic observations.

Visual Evidence

The deepest hole drilled to date is the SG-3 borehole which is 12.3 km (7.6 miles) deep, part of the Soviet Kola Superdeep Borehole project; thus, visual knowledge of the Earth’s structure extends that far.


The idea of a hollow Earth is a very common element of fiction, appearing as early as Ludvig Holberg’s 1741 novel Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum (Niels Klim’s Underground Travels), in which Nicolai Klim falls through a cave while spelunking and spends several years living on both a smaller globe within and the inside of the outer shell.

Other pre-20th century examples include Giacomo Casanova’s 1788 Icosaméron, a 5-volume, 1,800-page story of a brother and sister who fall into the Earth and discover the subterranean utopia of the Mégamicres, a race of multicolored, hermaphroditic dwarfs; Symzonia: A Voyage of Discovery by a “Captain Adam Seaborn” (1820) which reflected the ideas of John Cleves Symmes, Jr. and some have claimed Symmes as the real author; Edgar Allan Poe’s 1838 novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket; and George Sand’s 1884 novel Laura, Voyage dans le Cristal where unseen and giant crystals could be found in the interior of the Earth.

More recently, the idea has become a staple of science fiction, appearing in print, in film, on television, in comics, role-playing games, and in many animated works.

The idea as also used by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, in a series of novels beginning with “At the Earth’s Core” (1914). Using a mechanical drill, his heroes discover a prehistoric world 500 miles below the surface. Lit by an inner sun, this inner earth is called “Pellucidar” due to the constant light of the unsetting inner sun. There is also an inner moon which creates a “Land of the Dreadful Shadow” by blocking the light of the inner sun for a portion of Pellucidar. Burroughs also makes use of the idea of openings at the poles, and has zeppelins travel to the interior of the earth via these openings. There are seven novels in the “Pellucidar”series.

The Elder Race – The Shaver Mystery

One of the most controversial tales of inner-Earth-dwellers is the so-called Shaver Mystery. In 1945, Amazing Stories magazine, under the editorship of Ray Palmer, ran a story told by American writer and artist Richard Shaver, who claimed he had recently been the guest of what remained of an giant race called the Elder Race, or Titans, an underground civilization that lived in caverns under the earth.

Shaver contended that the Elder Superior Pre-historic Race came to this planet from another solar system in our prehistoric past. After a time of living on the surface, they realized our sun was causing them to age prematurely, so they escaped underground, building huge subterranean complexes in which to live. Eventually, they decided to seek a new home on a new planet, evacuating the Earth and leaving behind their underground cities – a honeycomb of caves in the Earth – populated by artificial beings: the evil Dero, detrimental robots and the good Tero, integrated robots. Shaver claimed to have met the Tero.

According to Shaver, the Dero, live there still, using the fantastic machines abandoned by the ancient races to torment those of us living on the surface. As one characteristic of this torment, Shaver described “voices” that purportedly came from no explainable source. Thousands of readers wrote to affirm that they, too, had heard the fiendish voices from inside the Earth.

Despite the enormous popularity of the “Shaver Mystery in Amazing Stories”, Palmer milked it for all it was worth, and more. The location of the entrance to this underground world was never divulged. Although few really believed the story, and many suspect that Shaver may actually have been psychotic, Shaver always averred that his story was true.


Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth’s core. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism.

Agartha is one of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers. Shamballa (also known as Shambalah or Shangri-La) is sometimes said to be its capital city. The mythical paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of the Living Gods and the Land of Wonders. Hindus have known it as Aryavartha (literally : The Land or Realm of The Aryans ; the Land of the Noble/Worthy Ones”) – the land from which the Vedas come; the Chinese as Hsi Tien, the Western Paradise of Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Mother of the West; the Russian Old Believers, a nineteenth-century Christian sect, knew it as Belovodye and the Kirghiz people as Janaidar. But throughout Asia it is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, meaning ‘the place of peace, of tranquillity.’

While once a popular concept, in the last century little serious attention has been paid to these conjectures (with the possibly apocryphal exception of Adolf Hitler), and the theory is not supported by modern science. The idea of subterranean worlds may have been inspired by ancient religious beliefs in Hades, Sheol, and Hell. Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski’s 1920 book Beasts, Men, and Gods also discusses Agartha. The myth of “Agartha” is also known as “Shambhala”, as it was known in India, the underworld realm peopled by initiates and lead by ‘the Masters”, Masters who are the Spiritual leaders of humanity.

Agartha is the great Asian University of the Initiates of the Greater Mysteries. Their ‘Mahatma’ (‘Great Soul’), Who is also known as ” The Lord of The World ” , plays the part of the supreme spiritual leader of humanity.

According to Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) of France, the secret world of “Agartha” and all of its wisdom and wealth “will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and Jesus, meaning ‘When the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy”. Saint-Yves gives a ‘lively’ description of “Agartha” in this book as if it were a place which really exists, situated in the Himalayas in Tibet. Saint-Yves’ version of the history of “Agartha” is based upon ‘ revealed’ information, meaning received by Saint-Yves himself through ‘attunement’. Saint-Yves d’Alveydre created the Archaeometre.

Shambhala concept figures prominently in Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Kalachakra teachings and revived in the West by Blavatsky and Theosophical Society. As with many concepts in Vajrayana Buddhism, the idea of Shambhala is said to have an ‘outer,’ ‘inner,’ and ‘secret’ meaning. The outer meaning understands Shambhala to exist as a physical place, although only individuals with the appropriate karma can reach it and experience it as such. There are various ideas about where this society is located, but it is often placed in central Asia, north of Tibet. The inner and secret meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents, and are generally passed on orally. Alice Bailey transformed it into a kind of extradimensional or spiritual reality. The Roerichs see its existence as both spiritual and physical.

The Hollow Earth or hollow planet theory is also supported by superconscious knowledge based channeled sources of universal nature like Seth channeled by Jane Roberts, Ramtha by J.Z. Knight and Datre by Aona.

Among the purported entrances to Agartha are:


An early source for the belief in underground civilizations is The Smoky God(1908) by Willis George Emerson (1856 – 1918), which claims to be the biography of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen. The book explains how Jansen’s sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth’s interior at the North Pole. For two years he lived with the inhabitants of an underground network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a “smoky” central sun. Their capital city was said to be the original Garden of Eden. While Emerson does not use the name Agartha, later works such as Agartha – Secrets of the Subterranean Cities have identified the civilization Jansen encountered with Agartha, and its citizens as Agarthan.

According to Secrets, Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network. While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth’s crust or discreetly within mountains. Cataclysms and wars taking place on the surface drove these people underground. These were said to include a lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the use of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the southwestern U.S. are said to be but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.

It is believed that the great kingdom of Lemuria which was located in the Gobi desert in Mongolia was destroyed by Atlantis in a great war that led to a cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis and Mu. Mu was a great city on the surface of what is now the Gobi desert. It had 2 satellite cities by the name of Agartha Alpha and Beta that survived the destruction.

The inhabitants of Agartha are said to have scientific knowledge and expertise far beyond that of the people who live on the surface of the planet, lost technology from the days of Atlantis.

The descendants of ancient Lemuria now live in peace in subterranean caverns. The leaders of these states (variously called Ascended Masters, Guardians of the Tradition, Psychoteleios or “the perfected ones”, the the Shining Ones, the Ancients, the Watchers, the Immortals, the Monitors, the Hidden Directorate, the Children of Seth, etc.) all follow what is known as the Ancient Path and do not interfere in the lives of humans that live above the surface. Nor is there any interaction between them.

There are no entrances to Agartha Alpha and Beta from any other part of the planet. The only entrances are in the Gobi desert itself and are secured by illusory technology that is beyond the comprehension of modern science.

The Tibetans refer to the cities of Agartha as Shambala and have believed for centuries in their existence as reservoirs of ancient knowledge and advanced technology.


In Tibet, there is a major mystical shrine also called ‘Patala,’ which is said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond. The Nagas also have an affinity with water, and the entrances to their underground palaces are often said to be hidden at the bottom of wells, deep lakes and rivers.”


The Old Ones – In an article entitled “The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality” for Atlantis Rising, Brad Steiger writes of the legends of “the Old Ones,” an ancient race that populated the surface world millions of years ago and then moved underground. “The Old Ones, an immensely intelligent and scientifically advanced race,” Steiger writes, “have chosen to structure their own environment under the surface of the planet and manufacture all their necessities.”

“The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years. The Old Ones generally remain aloof from the surface peoples, but from time to time, they have been known to offer constructive criticism; and it has been said, they often kidnap human children to tutor and rear as their own.”

Buddhist Theory

It is believed to be a race of supermen and superwomen who occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of the human race. It is also believed that this subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and many cities, its capital being Shambala.

Ancient philosophy states that Agartha was first colonized thousands of years ago when a holy man lead a tribe to the underground. The people have scientific knowledge and expertice far beyond that of the people who live on the surface of the planet.


The Ramayana one of the most famous texts of India, tells the story of the great avatar, Rama. It describes Rama as “an emissary from Agartha” who arrived on a Vimana.

In India there is an ancient belief, still held by some, in a subterranean race of serpent people who dwell in the cities Patala and Bhogavati. According to the legend, they wage war on the kingdom of Agharta. “The Nagas,” according to “The Deep Dwellers,” “are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with and even to eat.”

The Entrances. While the entrance to Bhogavati is somewhere in the Himalayas, believers assert that Patala can be entered through the Well of Sheshna in Benares, India. Says William Michael Mott in “The Deep Dwellers”: “According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, as stated in his book Venomous Reptiles, this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door which is covered in bas-relief cobras.


Quetzalcoatl is a Mesoamerican God linked with 2012 and the Mayan Calendar Prophecy. Legend has it he disappeared on a UFO for 8 days. He visited the inner worlds beneath the sea, returning to create man, leaving messages in the geometry of his design to be found at the end of time. (Lots of metaphors here)

Some believe the Gray Aliensare part of Hollow Earth Theory.

Pseudoscience – Remote Viewing

Do you believe in mythical civilizations below the earth? Did you ever remote view there? I explored several times, and though I found entities and consciously interacted with some, kind of like the film Avatar, I realized that like the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and other mythical civilizations, they are part of other grid programs running parallel to our own.

Who or what is beneath the physical earth, if anything? I personally don’t believe anything is there in our reality, but it makes good copy as the Arctic and Antarctica melt down at an alarming rate. Anything that human consciousness can conceive/perceive, is out there somewhere. You can experience it all once you learn to grid travel or remote view, placing your consciousness beyond this part of the program.

2010 … Everything in the program is closing along with our reality here, and as this happens, souls experiencing in alternative grid realities are merging their souls aspects back into one … with messages about closure whether they are understand them or not. Dreams, memories, meditations, imagery … bleed through from one grid to another often confusing the observer. This will accelerate therefore allow your theories and conclusions to have room for change as new information reveals itself.


The Hollow Earth

2 videos

Total Lenght: 21 Minutes


Source: Christallinks *   AgartthaTV




Many psychics and mediums over the years claim to have channeled information from hollow Earth dwellers.

Many cultures around the world have myths and legends based on the idea that the Earth is hollow. From the ancient Greeks believing in the Underworld and some cultures even believing that hell itself really is a fiery place beneath the Earth’s surface.

o modern beliefs that great kingdoms exist down below, there has always been speculation about hollow Earth theories. supposedly, there are subterranean cities beneath the Earth’s surface, wherein many strange races of people live.  Some, of course, believe that UFO’s come from these cities, where they were built by engineers with advanced technology.

Agartha is believed by some to be the name of an underground city.  Many of the inhabitants are descended from humans who once lived on the Earth’s surface.  According to legend, ancient Atlanteans and Lemurians fled underground during times of war and built great cities.  Today, their descendants still exist underground.  Some even say that another legendary city, Shamballa, is the capital city of Agartha.

How did the ancients manage to make it underground?  And how do the UFO’s find their way out?  Some legends suggest that there are entrances all around the Earth.  These places are all famous landmarks or monuments: Kentucky Mommoth Cave in KY, Himalayan Mountains in Tibet (which is also allegedly the location of the long lost Shamballa), Pyramid of Giza in Egypt,
North Pole, South Pole, King Solomon’s Mines, Rama in India, and many other places.

Speaking of India, there are still some people who believe in a subterranean race of snake-like people who dwell in other underground cities, and who often wage war on Agartha. These snake-like beings, who are known as “Nagas”, supposedly despise humans a great deal and kidnap, torture, and eat us.

Many psychics and mediums over the years claim to have channeled information from hollow Earth dwellers.  Conspiracy theorists believe that even politicians are well aware of these underground cities.  It’s even been rumored that Hitler once planned on sending researchers to Antarctica to find the entrance!

While most scientists and archaeologists find hollow Earth ideas to be absurd and silly, there are still many who believe that there may be something behind all the legends and myths. After all, gravity and the Earth’s mass themselves wouldn’t be as they are if the Earth was really hollow.  If the Earth really is mainly hollow, it would have a much lower mass and gravity would be much less than it currently is.


In search of the Inner Earth

In search for the inner world within our Hollow Earth. Requires more then an expedition but a change of mind set . When when we Humans evolve to a higher level then we may find common wisdom and knowledge with the people oF Aghartha.

2 videos

Total Length: 17 Minutes


Source: UnsolvedMysteries *  AgartthaTV



These Images Now  Show a Circular Opening at the North Pole!

Apollo 8 and Apollo 16 Photos of Earth, validates  Hollow Earth Theories.

According to Mr. Bernard ( The Hollow Earth – 1979 ), (see diagram above) our world is hollow, with the crust of the earth being 800 miles thick. There exists two openings at the North and South Pole, each hole having a circumference of 1400 miles wide. At the center of the earth is not a molten core but an inner sun which is six hundred miles wide and is 2900 miles from the Inner Surfaces. The diameter of the lip at the opening at the poles is 1200 miles long, thus a person can not see the other side of the opening.

Therefore, there exists three worlds on our planet, the outer surface, where we live, the middle earth which purportedly is lined with many caverns, tunnels (made by someone), Inner Cities and people who live there and lastly the Inner Surface. How Gravity works then is the following. For the people who live on the outer surface, Gravity holds them down. For the people that live in the middle earth, the closer they get to the center of the crust (i.e. – 400 miles down), the less effect gravity will have upon them. In the book, “Etidorhpa”, when this individual traveling down into the earth reached the center of gravity, i.e. where there is no gravity — he was able to move by the power of his mind, his heart stop beating and he didn’t need to eat. He described gigantic vegetation that lives under the earth as this lesser pull of gravity allows things to grow larger. Lastly for the people who live on the inner surface, they would also feel gravity pull on them to walk on this surface but since there is an inner sun (called the “Atoma”, by channeler Michael Kant who appears in our crystal skull book Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed) they would have sunlight 24 hours a day. There is supposedly land masses and water bodies that exist on the Inner Earth, the same as the outer surface except the vibration and energy in the Inner Earth is more pure and of a higher vibrational frequency (some say a 4th dimensional frequency).

For people who have claimed to travel to the Inner Earth, they state that the people they encounter in this region are usually very tall. Some other individuals have speculated that descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live in this Inner Utopia and therefore they are thousands of years ahead of us technologically and spiritually. Some others say that possibly the Mayans may have gone into this location as well, to explain where they disappeared. Again, according to our channeler Michael Kant, he claims that 12 galactic races came to our Earth long ago and created their first city underground in the 4 Corners area. Each race brought with them a crystal skull and body which contained the gentic coding of their race and cosmic knowledge. Six tribes decided to stay on the surface of the Earth and Six tribes went into the Inner Earth. Now all twelve tribe exist in the Inner Earth. It is also believed that other Extraterrestrial races may have bases in the Inner Earth as well. Michael describes in our book being taken by a Pleiadian Space Ship and given a tour of the Inner Earth.


2012 and North Pole – Hollow Earth Expedition

2012 & North Pole Expedition
Doctor of Physics, Brooks Agnew discussed possible cataclysms that may occur around 2012, and offered an update on his planned North Pole Inner Earth Expedition. The current timetable is to embark on the expedition in August 2009, traveling to the Arctic region aboard a nuclear powered icebreaker. A helicopter and ship stored in the icebreaker will be used to advance scout for a hole that might exist in the curvature of the crust, he detailed.

Agnew said ancient Mesoamericans described visits from the ‘Shining Ones’– possible ETs, who may have given them the knowledge of astronomy, architecture and agriculture. One of the Mayans’ complex calendrical systems ends in 2012, coinciding with the Earth aligning with a black hole in the center of the galaxy, he outlined. This positioning will cause planets to heat up in the solar system, and potentially wreak havoc with our climate, he said.

A pole shift could take place within a short time period– 3 to 5 days, and the reversal of Northern and Southern hemispheric patterns could set up a “global superstorm,” with 300 mph winds lasting up to a month, Agnew warned.

8 videos

Total Length: 75 Minutes








Source: HollowEarth * Alistar666




Video designed to assist in eye opening to the real possibility of a new age..

1 video

Total length: 9 Minutes

Source: AgartthaTV


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  1. you got me with this post


    • Hi All:

      (channeling begins)

      This Awareness indicates even though you have been taught that the earth has a molten core, with a cool surface, that it is possible to logically conceive of an earth that as a spinning ball of molten lava, began to cool on the outer crust,. and that as it spun in space, because the outer crust was cool, it perhaps stretched to create breaks in the surface which then led to more cooling, and while these breaks in the surface were occurring from the centrifugal force of the spinning earth, in the center of the earth there was an expansion of space of this molten lava, which created a hollow cavern in the center that followed the surface outward as it spun against the outer shell that had cooled, plastering the inner lava up against the outer shell that becomes solid as it cools, thus creating a HOLLOW EARTH over millions or billions of years.

      This essentially has been the subject of a number of books, and legends and stories down through history, and it is actual. In general, all planets have a hollow core, some having a larger opening and core than others and some planets have subterranean caverns permeating the area beneath the surface. It is not possible for this to be proven at this time, but there has been considerable evidence from entities who have traveled beyond the poles to find themselves entering into a world of green vegetation.

      What is really necessary is the general understanding and recognition that there are many things on earth that will always remain as a mystery and that entities need to keep their minds open and not assume that just because the government has not told you so, it must be so. Likewise, there are those who think if it isn’t in the Bible, it can’t be so, or if it IS in the Bible, it has to be so. Entities who look to authority for answers may be fooled by authorities who do not really know or do not care to give proper answers.

      It doesn’t matter whether you can be absolutely certain of all of the things you explore. What matters is that you have information that you can ponder and consider in filling in the blanks of your reality. With this approach you may consider the possibility of a HOLLOW EARTH. you do not have to tell others you believe in a HOLLOW EARTH. You can simply put it in as a possibility in the puzzle that you are exploring in regard to total reality.

      (channeling ends)



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  3. All I have to say is that I choose to have an open mind on every thing in life, and this is actually blowing my mind…….Thanks Tisha :)


  4. Crazyirishauthor

    I’m a professional author working in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. I do a lot of research into the “woowoo” material as described in the beginning of this article. Today was my first visit to this site and I think I have a new place to visit.

    I was quite shocked as I continued through the article(s) that there are legends of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Mu and how those respective nations inhabitants had gone underground to save themselves. My current works ( a series of 5 novels – so far) incorporated just such a “retelling” without having known these tales to begin with. I am pleased that I had mistakenly rewritten said “myths” without knowing the actual legends.

    I am glad this site is here, and I plan on referring much more of the “woowoo” sciences using this site as an anchor point to find out more.


  5. Richard Callahan Fitzstephen

    Switch back to the Hollow Earth of today. “Woowoo land” you say, “through and through, complete nonsense – impossible – we would know about it – give me a break – they can’t keep a secret like this – what about the satellite photos – what about gravity – what about that other thing – are you saying you are wasting your time with this?” … and so on.


  6. Michael, United Global Mankind

    All worlds, including our sun, are hollow, inhabitable within, with open surface entrances therein, both natural and intelligently created. This world has three ancient subterranean tunneling systems, each approximately 10 miles in diameter at three strata levels of 378 mile in depth, within a 1400 mile thick crust. There are more entities residing within this world then upon it’s surface. I know whereof I speak. I have visited these Kingdoms. They now walk among us, because surface consciousness is expanding to allow Contact with our divine Overseers. May our peace be with you.

    Always yours in Light and Life,


  7. Hmm, interesting read. I have to say more evidence needs be provided…

    Specifically this story on National Public Radio today about flamingos in Siberia. Apparently this is the second of time in recent years that this has happened. Moreover this happens more often than is actually witnessed and reported. NPR attributed this to a messed up internal compass of the bird(s).

    You need to jump on this story, analyze the data, and draw your own conclusion. Perhaps the truth is closer than we think.

    For now put me down as UNDECIDED.


  8. i remember the nazis were looking for this.


  9. What kind of building structure would you build inside the earth, where you need to not make any shade because that will be permanent. In a dim environment with a weak central sun you must avoid creating permanent shades. The proof is here on earth when they came out they didn’t know any other building structure they knew only how to build Pyramids.


  10. I first heard that the Earth is hollow from Greg Gavin of I was so facinated and intrigued that I had to check it out for myself. I have made many trips out of body into the Earth, I find it hard to find words to express the beauty. The people who live there are so advanced, they are friendly, hospitable and just being in their presence is like being in Heaven. The crystal cities, the open parks, and the inner Sun are absolutely amazing. For years when someone asked if I thought there was intelligent life in space, I always jokingly answered, “Yeah, but the real question is
    Is there any intelligent life on Earth?” The answer is YES, inside!!


  11. LOL a child can see how silly this is. The interior sun (which would incinerate everything with radiation anyway) would be the size of a grain of sand, and you would need to posit an entirely new theory of gravity, just for starters.


    • Please realize that it is not an actual sun/star. It is, supposedly, the core of the earth that is so hot that it dimly glows, perhaps analogous to a hot, glowing stove top. Also, if the interior surface was far enough from the core, then the gravity on the surface could be great enough to attract object to it. I would imagine that getting too close to the core would result in a gravitational pull as well. Think outside the box, my friend.


  12. I agree if that sun would be based on a nuclear reaction, but inside is based on the “gravity ” of the mass that’s around him, this way is milder and not radio active. The official theory of planets is that a grain of super-mass deposits other masses but that will be true to a point where the normal mass hampers the power of the original super-mass and becomes in it self, one, separating and expanding from the original super-mass. Earth is in a continuous expansion just put all the continents together like a puzzle and they will fit perfect in a smaller size earth, about 1/3 of what is now. The expansion is also caused by the thinning of the crust thru self gravitation. There are two crusts one outside and one inside floating on lava. Prof ocean floor is new continents are old.


  13. the evidence in this case is very easy due to history…answer this question yourself..why do you think that the human mankind thinked in the past centuries that the earth is flat and waterfalls are at the end of the world……the answer must be in this case if the hole is really about 2000miles wide than they cannot look to the other side or end of this hole and thinked that the world is ending there. that was the answer we got from our heart when we asked about it.
    Norrin Radd


  14. Look for the eBook in PDF form, by Joseph Cater, “The Amazing Life Force.” which also scientifically describes hollow earth and how the inner light is made from hard electrons that get through the shell and collect in the middle. His physics is very unlike what is taught, but it answers a LOT of paradoxes and incomplete theories of orthodox science. Science in the 20th century became more and more rigid in ignoring fringe discoveries and borderland phenomenon. With so much secondary science (e.g., biology and health care) locked into the basic Newtonian Physics, it is very hard to break out of the ruts that are formed, and peer review makes it almost insurmountable to get these things published. Dogma prevails. It has become like a religion, based on beliefs. What is gravity, magnetism? Science has trouble explaining what it IS, though they can explain how to use it. Look for Dr Bruce Lipton on new biology. It is all part of the emerging future,


  15. Here’s a video of the entrance to Inner Earth, filmed from the Russian MIR space station

    This is the First Movie ever to be seen of the Polar entrance & the powerful Aurora Borealis like energy field that is occurring at the entrance. This is litterally looking into the 5th Dimension from the Russian MIR space station. A truly Celestial vision more beautiful than we could have ever imagined, simply breathtaking.( Both POLES are -No Flight Zones- so this extraordinary document has been made accessible by a couragous russian Wistle Blower)”


  16. hahaha this is the stupidest thing ive ever read, the “explanations,” if you can even call them that are absurd, lacking all forms of logic and scientific proof, whereas what is accepted now is logical and proven. “omg the clouds are in circles! must be a hollow earth!” hahahhahahaha any country or corporation can shoot a satellite into space or fly an airplane over the north pole ‘tards. god, some people’s kids. you are claiming that ‘hey, once we thought the earth was flat, so why cant this be true’, yet you are relying on stories and information from when tribes used to trip out on plants they found in the woods and write story books.


  17. @dude,

    By the same token, most of the world believes in a God that is everywhere at once. He knows everyone, whether they’re good or bad, and whether they are going to hell. There is this random place called heaven that people go when they die, full of fluffy cloud and cute naked angel babies, but if they are bad, they burn up in the flames of hell. Jesus was a human, the son of this so called God, and performed MIRACLES. There is a book used by religion that describes all this crazy shit, like people crossing the red sea and voices coming from a burning bush. We believe the people who wrote the books of the bible, yet we so easily discredit ideas like the Hollow Earth Theory. As you pointed out, we rely on people who write story books. The famous story book of all: The Bible. How can you so easily question the Hollow Earth Theory without thinking twice, yet not question the Bible without thinking twice? The problem is that you aren’t thinking at all. Think outside the box. Think of the possibilities. Just THINK.


  18. Dude… what is accepted is just as useless an argument as when it was accepted that the earth was the center of the universe of that the earth was flat (accepted only by still ignorant Europeans emerging from the dark ages). You say it is proven. How so? How far down as scientific exploration gone? With photos of inner sun peeking out through the holes of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, it should lead one to conclude that all planets are hollow. Science is worse than religion insofar as adherence to dogma and not look at alternate explanations. No satellites in polar orbit pass over the poles because the hole represents a gravity anomaly and their orbits will be badly disturbed. There is considerable evidence for a north polar opening, perhaps more than for a solid or molten core, since nobody has seen that. The following quotation is from Joseph H. Cater’s book, The Awesome Life Force:

    “Arctic regions well above the Arctic Circle periodically experience a fall of red pollen which discolors the snow. Some species of birds in the higher latitudes migrate north instead of south during the fall. Warm north winds often occur in these areas. Also, large quantities of driftwood are found along shores in the far north that couldn’t have come from the forest trees to the south. The ocean currents are in the wrong direction. There are indications that some of the driftwood came from large trees. Trees of comparable size only exist in the temperate regions of the outer earth. Icebergs in the North Atlantic are comprised of freshwater. This means they were not formed from ocean water. If so, they would contain large quantities of salt. The driftwood and the icebergs suggest that a great river flows out of the opening, carrying driftwood with it and freezing, as it enters the outer earth to form the icebergs.

    “The earth and other planets are hollow from logical and theoretical considerations. Since electromagnetic radiations, including those in the gravity-inducing range, have limited penetration, it follows that they, the planets, could not remain in their present orbits at their present orbital speeds if they were the solid balls academic science claims. Even a hollow earth would be too massive if its shell were solid and not honeycombed with the vast caverns it possesses.”

    Planets are born from swiriling clouds of dust and centrifugal forces make these form orbital shells that eventually coalesce around a hollow interior. Most of the arguments for a solid/molten core earth are lacking in substance, though if you start by assuming this conclusion the circular logic will seem to explain it, but it is circular logic.


  19. the thing about the flat earth theory, is that it was, like you say in THE DARK AGES, when people relied on knowledge from priests burning witches and old hariy men who liked to burn libraries.

    “With photos of inner sun peeking out through the holes of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn”

    Nate, i dont believe in the bible and i think people who do are not using logic, or have simply not read the bible, because it is insane. i keep thinking and thinking like you are saying, and somehow that doesnt make me believe every conspiracy article i find on the internet…

    why modern scientists (using facts not intuition or stories, like the flat earth theory in the dark ages) think that the earth is not hollow:
    – the study of seismic waves
    – gravity
    – should the Earth be largely hollow, its mass would be much lower and thus its gravity on the outer surface would be much lower than it is
    – the modern understanding of planet formation

    what would the government or anyone else have to gain by hiding that the earth was hollow? and why would all governments in the world, who couldnt even agree on what to have for breakfast, all agree to keep this massively crazy secret from people, and how would they get corporations who are even more powerful then them to agree with it?

    zuvrick, im all for learning new things and am open to accepting anything. religion is based on faith, regarless of common sense or logic. science is based on facts, and facts alone. i would gladly accept the hollow earth theory if it were ever to be scientically accepted and proven. scientific beleif changes all the time, because we are constantly learning new things, there is no domga in science, there is scientific method which allows facts and information to be carefully analyized and considered. science is always looking for new answers and seeking new explainations. only a month ago we shattered (so far) the theory about nothing being able to travel past the speed of light. that’s friggen awesome. let’s not have a go at science, shall we. and satelittes are affected by the strong magnitization of the poles. they use the strength of the magnitization of the poles all the time in star trek, come on.

    as for Cater’s book quotes:
    yeah, there’s warm winds sometimes up north. guess what? everything’s still frozen as shit, ever been there? there’s driftwood up north sometimes. well, nature’s a hardcore bitch sometimes. what’s his theory about this? that the wood is from inside the earth? i dont get it. and huge trees as described can come from as north as say, the queen charolette islands in british columbia, some of the tallest trees in the world. the world’s been around for sometime if im not mistaken. if our entire continents have been shifted around by the earth, im sure nature can manage to shift around some wood. iceburgs are freshwater. no shit. reason one: when ice freezes slowly enough to not trap salt water inclusions, the complex crystal structure of ice does not provide any space for the salt to become incorporated into the crystal structure. here’s how you can do it at home:You can demonstrate this for yourself by PARTIALLY freezing a solution of salt water, say about 5% in your frig freezer. Freeze about 1/4 of the water. Remove the frozen ice and carefully rinse it in cold fresh water, say just above 0 C. so you don’t melt the ice very much. Rinse it several times with new fresh cold water then taste the ice cube and compare that taste to the taste of the original salt solution. reason two: icebergs are galcier fragments that have fallen into the sea. Glaciers are made of compacted smow, which is fresh water. the other quote you give, certainly is a quote. but quoting something doesnt make it true. it certainly is an interesting opinion.

    “Planets are born from swiriling clouds of dust and centrifugal forces make these form orbital shells that eventually coalesce…”
    you got this part right! they coalesce into a dense thick center, a ball getting thicker and more compact, due to gravity (gravity is how the planet was formed by the way), the gravity center gets more compact, increasing its gravity, which makes more gas and energy make it denser and denser. at what point does it make sense for it to be hollow? why do no astrophysicists beleive this theory, when they know how our planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies are formed? do you really think stephen hawking is a stupid man? call me silly, but ill put my ten bucks on hawking over cater any day. how do you get corporations, countries and the entire scientific community (many of which hate the powers that be) to consent to a global conspiracy? and why?

    there are seriously so many things wrong with this theory, and you probably wouldnt need an article as lengthy as this one to list them.

    but you can totally believe this if you want, that is totally up to you, and if ever proved wrong, i will gladly shake your hand and congratulate you!


    • I’ve come understand that our Sun is what forms planets. Pluto has a lot of friends out in the kuiper belt, lot of baby planets. Our sun is a black hole slowly drawing everything in. The orbit of our planets around our sun do not follow a flat path like they taught us in school with those stupid solar system models. They orbit around like electrons around the nucleus of an atom. The energy of the sun on the outer reaches of our solar system is what creates planets. They are spun into existence using dark matter, or the ether. As they travel towards the sun they pick up various components from the gas giants. Just think of everything as ALIVE with a consciousness and not just lifeless objects and the whole universe starts to fall into place.


    • I am quoting you as you typed a lot.
      “why modern scientists (using facts not intuition or stories, like the flat earth theory in the dark ages) think that the earth is not hollow:
      – the study of seismic waves
      – gravity
      – should the Earth be largely hollow, its mass would be much lower and thus its gravity on the outer surface would be much lower than it is
      – the modern understanding of planet formation”

      The seismic waves actually support the hollow planet model. The moon rung like a bell last year when NASA shot a rocket at it, indicating that it is hollow inside. They even did a story on the news saying this, but no ones paying attention.

      Gravity, we do not know what causes it. We can measure it’s affects, trail and error, testing, we figure out the forces how it pulls and interacts with objects out in space. But we base it on the size of the object, the size is also relative to the aura, or magnetic field. I believe it is this force that causes gravity, and it is emitted from planets, all of them have an aurora which can be seen.

      We can prove the micro-cosom has the same ratios as the macro-cosom, things are created using the same rules, big and small. Now compare all large naturally occurring round objects that we can observe, fruits, geodes, a bubble. It just doesn’t make logical sense to waste all that material in the molten magma of our current model. The universe is a very efficient beast, it does not waste like that.

      Just picture the inside of a pumpkin or a cantaloupe. We need to shift our perspective, to think the Earth and planets are just rocks is a pretty simple minded way to look them. If you looked at some of my skin flakes and arm hair under a micro scope, they wouldn’t move, they would just sit there, lifeless, dead. Just like we pick up a rock and look at it. It does not mean it is not part of something bigger that has a consciousness like ours. These are giant magnificent beings which we live on, once we shift our perspective and see celestial beings as alive, it starts to make sense. Their consciousness is much more advanced than ours, but not beyond our understanding. Going back to my example, the dead skin cell, there are thousands of nano mites on me right now, eating my dead skin cells, I don’t know how they got there, but they must be there, they serve their purpose, they live and die, and are content with being a part of me. We are not content, we are not nano mites, we are powerful beings who need to wake up and clean up our mess and take accountability for our actions, every single one of us. Wake up and unify the world and break free from the cycle of duality, there is no ‘time’ in the inner Earth. There is no measure of rotation like we have on the surface. They are born into oneness, we are born into good and evil, a harsher world than theirs, if we are on our own, it’s not so harsh now. We got food, shelter, lot of people now working together, we don’t have to struggle, we can live in abundance, hell we DO live in abundance, we just have people lying to use everyday for their own greedy gains. They trick us, and we let them. Break from from this reality, it feels good to do so, the more of us that do, the closer we get to being happier, healthier, and over all better, all of us, together.


  20. @Dude,

    >- the study of seismic waves
    >- gravity
    >- should the Earth be largely hollow, its mass would be much lower and thus its gravity on the outer surface would be much lower than it is
    >- the modern understanding of planet formation

    One important factor seismologists fail to realize is that they have no reliable means of determining the exact path a given wave has followed when it reaches a certain point. A great network of caverns and huge underground bodies of water throughout the shell of the hollow earth would conform perfectly with the seismic data. Great masses of water could be interpreted as molten rock. Discontinuities would be nothing else but boundary lines between solid portions of the shell and bodies of water along with caverns and also the inner parts of the shell. It is extremely significant that different groups in different places on the globe come up with different conclusions as to structural detail in regard to the inner earth. On the basis of conventional beliefs concerning the structure of the earth, this would be extremely difficult if not impossible to explain away by any rational approach. The caverns which make up the network in the earth’s shell vary considerably in their extent and distance below the earth’s surface. This would obviously create complex and variable seismic data over different parts of the globe.
    Seismic data which directly refute the claims of a solid earth have been conveniently ignored by seismologists. Earthquakes of inordinate magnitude, such as the Alaska earthquake of 1962 (and the Banda Aceh quake/tsunami), have caused the earth to ring like a bell for several hours following the quake. This could not have occurred if the earth were the solid ball that our obtuse scientists keep saying that it is. It is significant that seismic experiments on the moon caused it to behave in a similar manner. Being of far less mass than the earth, relatively small shocks would produce such an effect. Also the reverberation time would be less. However, the moon did ring for nearly an hour following the experiments. This caused some scientists to speculate on the possibility of the moon being a hollow space ship.

    Gravity is centered about 2/3 of the distance into the 800-mile (1300 km) thick shell. Inside, thins are attracted outward. Since gravity cannot be really explained and the mass of the Earth is only a guess, in fact, based on its diameter and assumption that it is solid, The gravity onthe moon and even many asteroids is similar to that on earth. Consequently the mass has little effect on the gravitational force.

    The modern ***understanding*** of planet formation? Huh? You surely mean hypothesis. Nobody has witnessed a planet being formed. Wikipedia says it is not known and represents an outstanding problem in the planetary sciences.

    See scroll down to the SEVENTH post by “lordzoma” where a very good explanation of why all planets are hollow/. This treatise is excellent.

    As for @Nate, WTF, the Bible is the most distorted, falsified and plagiarized document in history. As a kid sitting in church I “knew” intuitively that the whole thing was myth and fiction. See or the review of the book The Laughing Jesus, . The authors Freke and Gandy write:

    “In the third century CE the holy forgery mill of Literalist Christianity continued to churn out documents to add to the new Testament. …
    The process that created the New Testament was uncannily like that which produced the Old Testament. Both were put together by
    sectarian Literalists intent on creating and maintaining their own power and authority. Both contain the remains of Gnostic myths
    which have been buried beneath accretions of blatant political propaganda. Both are riddled with contradictions and anomalies
    because they have been altered and amended by so many editorial hands.
    The Literalists’ Bible is not holy scripture. It’s an unholy mess. (pp. 70-71)”


    • Umm… perhaps you should reread my comment. At what point did I support the Bible? I’m sorry that I’m not writing explicitly enough for you, and I’m sorry that I can’t teach you better reading comprehension.


  21. O gats daar is ‘n gat in die pool!


  22. Wonderful exiting, what can I say… almost unbelievable.


  23. @zuvrick

    really? one point of the earth being hollow is some people claim their was a “ringing” sound after ONE earthquake? out of the thousands of earthquakes that happen every year? i fail to see how this proves a hollow earth.

    if the earth were hollow, it would weigh less, and gravity would be less.

    “the mass has little effect on the gravitational force”
    if you believe this, then you dont really understand gravity, im afraid. the more mass, the more gravity, this has been a long proven fact. the less mass, the less gravity, ie the moon, asteroids, which do in fact have much different gravity than on earth. you say that the mass of the earth is a guess based on that it is solid, however assuming the earth is hollow is, based on your “findings”, an even greater guess.

    doesnt gravity pull things toward the center? why would it push anything (the “people” inside, the ground) away? why would it push anything outward? that is not what gravity does.
    based on what we know, we can assume that planets are not formed hollow. why would we base any sort of science on something we dont know? science starts on learned some things and working around that. its fine to have “crazy” theories that no one believes in that shatter what was previously known, but if their not based on scientific knowledge, they dont go very far (which is why this theory hasnt gone very far). tell me why no astrophysicists agree with the hollow earth theory?? did you read how we think planets form on wikipedia or did you just read the first sentence? sure, we arent 100% sure, and our understanding will change and grow as we learn more, but the explanation we do have is very logical and cohesive, and certainly a good basis for scientific research. it doesnt really say anything about planets being formed hollow, because, according to data, it would make less sense.

    if the earth were hollow, why do tectonic plates move? if it were hollow, the earth’s ground would constantly be in place, there would be no mountains and the earth would be smooth and round, save for craters.There wouldnt be vents at the bottom of the ocean spewing out boiling hot gas from the mantle, there would be no mantle. where does magma come from? why would it be hot in between the two “worlds”? how could a star be so small as to fit inside a world??? the moon?? seriously? the star would be incredibly small and burn out and collapse fairly quickly. if planets are formed from stars (and if you do not believe this theory, do you have another that makes more sense?) why would it create and HOW would it create all these tiny little stars that and INCREDIBLY small and last as long as long as our own giant sun. wouldnt it be super hot inside our earth? wouldnt the star burn people? if you were that close to a star, you would die from heat and mass amount of radiation. what about solar storms? and there would be no atmosphere to protect them from the heat and radiation, so it would be that much worse. and there would be no where for the heat to escape! it would be a giant oven, our earth would melt into a ball of molten rock.

    and there is no explanations of to all scientists having a massive cover up? scientists, all governments and all corporations? how could you ever achieve such a thing?

    and lets not foget the link i posted, “In recent years, journeys to the North Pole by air (landing by helicopter or on a runway prepared on the ice) or by icebreaker have become relatively routine, and are even available to small groups of tourists through adventure holiday companies.”

    if you dont believe it, then why not go there and find out?

    like i say, anything is possible, and this surely would be possible if it had enough supporting evidence, but what we know about science today does not support it, in my opinion, but i accept that i could be wrong about anything.

    glad that we can agree on how the bible is a merely fictitious collection of contradiction, though.


  24. @dude,
    I see from the way that you jump to conclusions that you are illogical. The Earth and moon ring like a bell after every earthquake, I cited one example that was possibly the first time it had been noticed. I never said it happened only once.

    With a hollow earth (see the diagrams on this page) the gravity is centered inside the shell about 2/3 of the way down. This by the way explains why there are depressions in the surface of the oceans, which has also been cited by Dr Brooks Agnew, a physicist as evidence of gravity differences in certain places.

    The Plate tectonic theory is slowly weakening because it simply is not true. There is no plate movement as the simple theory claims.

    You don’t believe in scientists covering up info? The US put a man on the moon in 1963 way before Apollo and there are bases on the moon and Mars. The moon has an atmosphere. There is a city of 670,000 on Mars (been there for thousands of years) and US scientists go there regularly via jumprooms (their name for stargates). Tunnel boring machines have made a tunnel connecting USA and Australia and as these were made they broke through tunnels that were built up to 200,000 years ago. (and the time to get from USA to AU is only about an hour, by maglev trains.) None of this is public knowledge, it is among the huge number of things kept secret by the many secret sub-governments under the USA. There are 37 levels of secret clearance above the US President. Presidents have asked questions and have been answered, “Mr. President, you don’t have clearance to get that information.” Where do you think the multi-trillion dollars that went missing has been spent? And the huge war on drugs, the majority of drugs were smuggled into the USA by the US military to fund all of this top secret stuff. There are a LOT of reasons to keep everyone dumb. The US educational system is in shambles. No child left behind = no child left with a mind.


  25. @zuvrick

    ugh, okay dude. there is clearly no hope for me trying to convince you of anything. citing people such as agnew is hilarious. as is the city on mars, which somehow being there for 1000 years doesnt even have a million people yet, even though in 1000 years on earth we have had 7,000,000,000 new people.

    yes, i am clearly the illogical person, what with jumping to conclusions based on information given. of course that makes sense. (just like hollow earths with aliens living in it and cities on mars that we dont know about… except for you of course)

    im sure your theories are based on facts – of course not from scientists though, because scientists can’t be trusted. kept secret by the usa, you say? interesting since they arent the only government in the world… and have only been a superpower within the last 100 years. uhh, that makes total sense though, yeah for sure. im glad you know the levels of secrecy. im sure since it is such a massive cover up and they have trillions of dollars that they could never silence you or this website though. of course not. not with their secret star gates and whatnot. that theyve had for 200,000 years or whatever. even though we just invented the car a century ago. right. hahah!

    where do the trillions of dollars go? well, why would your secret super crazy conspiracy government even rely on such a faulty economic system when they can go to other planets all the time and seem to know everything ever? oh. because they are just super evil. okay. if they have all this technology and knowledge, it would be easy to make society a good, normal place and still have your crazy government secrets. like WTF are you even talking about now???

    our trillions of dollars go to multi-national corporations and central banks. its called an plutocracy, and instead of thinking about made up problems, maybe you should focus on real ones so we can actually make the world a better place.


  26. Listen up, Dude, I still have hope that I can convince you of SOMETHING if you are willing to check out a few web pages. The stuff about the jumprooms, city on Mars and such is from top-level scientists who have chosen to reveal secrets for the hope of mankind, since they feel that these are from black projects, the very holes where trillions of dollars have gone to produce antigravity technology, vast underground cities interconnected (being built at the rate of one every month or so). One, a Livermore physicist with high-level clearance went to that Mars base/city himself. He went under a pseudonym for some time (Henry Deacon) but has now revealed his true identity (Arthur Neumann). Go to and look for interviews with him or Dan Burisch, another top scientist who worked in Area 51. It you read these interview (or follow the video interviews if you have bandwidth to spare), then come back and, um, apologize to me for your denial and claiming that I invented these stories. These are scientists with top security clearances, well vetted (Project Camelot strives for quality truths).

    You can read that the Iraq was was to get control of a stargate there, a natural stargate.
    I recommend taking time to browse through the many interviews to open your mind about the secret space program not part of NASA, the many military black programs, the Illuminati and much more. I challenge you to learn what the rich devils are doing to us, and especially how we might get through these trying times. If you don’t take the opportunity to open your mind, then you are a victim of the miseducation and lies that are designed to keep humanity subservient and controllable by the dark cabal. Good Luck, dude…


  27. yes, im sure aliens would be best buddies with people like the us defense department LOL

    i apologize that you can believe the “testimonies” or two “scientists” rather than believe all the other scientists ever.

    im sure the government obviously has a lot of secrecy and black ops, but i seriously doubt they have anything to do with this stuff. probably more have to do with keeping rich people rich.

    i find it interesting that you ignore such points as to all scientists (oh, except for two), all countries and governments (who never get along, even different government parties within one country), and corporations (who only operate in self interest) being in on this massive scam. i wonder how many people work for the government, work in science or work at corporations? hmm pretty much everyone ever, right? wow, must be a pretty big cover-up. and how do you explain america being at the center of it all, even though they have been a superpower for a limited time, and will soon not be on that list anymore. and since we’ve known about this for like 200,000 years or something, why would no one else ever come out? what country did the aliens trust before america? who will they go to next when america crumbles? will they kill all the witnesses after they go to the next powerful country? couldnt they make any country powerful and rich with their alien technology and resources? why are there shortages of things when we could just go to other planets all the time and have whatever we wanted? why would they not make the environment less polluted and terrible if they could just stop it whenever? arent they smart? or do the aliens and secret defense department just get together to play texas hold em and watch family guy instead of about issues at hand. and why they wouldnt silence you already and this site if they were so powerful and had so much to lose. sure they can go to other planets and silence all independant researchers and all government parties ever and all private corporations ever, but they cant silence TWO SCIENTIST!
    explain that please.

    i COULD read that “… the Iraq was was to get control of a stargate there, a natural stargate” , as hilarious as it sounds, but why would i base my whole understanding of life itself on two scientists and 5 articles on the internet, instead of the basis of all human knowledge that has grown over the last thousand years.

    please explain why the inner suns of planets dont kill everyone on the inside with radiation and heat. explain why it is not a giant oven. explain why the people inside dont care that we are fucking up the environment on the outside. i would assume they might be concerned about what we do on top. explain where magma comes from. explain how tectonic plates work. explain how a star could be so small. explain how we could be so close to star and not die. explain how gravity does the opposite of what gravity is supposed to do, but only when you’re on the inside of a planet. explain why the only government talked to by the aliens who cant take care of its own people is trusted by aliens. explain why america would let its economic system fall to pieces if it had to much intelligence and so much to lose. explain why the aliens, who apparently also have so much to lose, dont give a fuck. explain why the city on mars hasnt reached even a million people yet, despite being there for 1000 years.

    talking about aliens and cities on mars and interesting theories is great, but it does not explain these things and the countless other things related to this.


  28. Hey Dude, your quick reply and content of your blabbering shows that you haven’t taken the time to DIGEST the content of dozens of other scientists who have revealed similar things on the Project Camelot website. I spent more than a week reading transcripts. Why hasn’t it been taken down? It appears that there are factions in the government, so-called white hats, that are very much in favor of this work and protect it. It will become apparent as you get further into this material. You need to read a lot more than skim two links that I supplied. I whetted your appetite, but as they say you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. Give it a shot, there is enough info there to really open a closed mind, but it will take time to read and understand it. Especially the two-part interview with Dan Burisch about stargate secrets.

    Now, as to the planet’s inner sun, it is not really a sun like a star. Cater states, “In the inner earth, the traveler will see a glowing ball of light called the central sun, located at the earth’s geometric center. It consists of a high concentration of soft electrons. The reader no doubt wonders why it is there. A high gravity exists at the surface of the inner shell, because the counter gravity effects from the upper half of the shell are screened out by the high concentration of soft particles in the space between. Negative charges tend to be repelled by a gravitational field, in direct contradiction to concepts of academic science. Positive charges are attracted by it. It will also be shown that ordinary, supposedly uncharged, matter behaves like a positive charge. In view of this, the reason for the concentration of soft electrons at the center forming this glowing ball becomes apparent. The particles have their greatest concentration at the center because they are repelled by the gravitational field on all sides. The light is produced by the continuous disintegration of particles, due to their interactions. They represent the excess of negative charges from the sun reaching the inner shell of the earth.” Olaf Jansen (approx. 1815-1908), in The Smoky God, stated that the inner sun provides a kind of supercharged electric field that makes everything grow luxuriantly. He traveled for two years inside the inner earth. You can find that remarkable story on numerous websites, such as /,

    You can find this interesting and educational book, “The Awesome Life Force” by Joseph H. Cater, as an ebook to download. Highly recommended. It is not my job to tutor you, but to point you in the direction where this information is presented. Don’t horse around, drink of the knowledge.


    • YOU ARE CORRECT AND DUDE MAN NEEDS TO COME OUT OF THE CAVE OF IGNORANCE— that’s how i see it. You simply cannot dismiss any theories, any more. Not one of us knows for sure, about anything. Many theories make great sense and thats where the beauty lies, in ones mind, to decipher the information and in ones self battle and argue all that info to form your own hypothesis and believe in that until such a time that by either science or exploration or celestial contact it is proven a reality or a falsehood. Much of what we were taught growing up proved to be absolute nonsense. so do not discount anything.


  29. to everything you said:

    not to mention all the things i said again that you could not explain, let me quote myself earlier in saying:

    “…lets not foget the link i posted, “In recent years, journeys to the North Pole by air (landing by helicopter or on a runway prepared on the ice) or by icebreaker have become relatively routine, and are even available to small groups of tourists through adventure holiday companies.”

    if you dont believe it, then why not go there and find out?”


  30. @dude there are also many holes in the Us why don’t you try to get into one of it (all gov controlled, accessible with clearance). Religion was who suppressed the information in Dark Ages IS suppressing the info today, the congress reaffirm ‘In god we trust” like a month ago, Bush declare it a national day in 2007. It was introduced in 1957, since then all the info was suppressed and controlled. Almost all Scientific body believes in God and those who don’t, have no chance to even keep their jobs, open your eyes and see around you the REALITY, just don’t believe in their books, question their findings. Other nations don’t do it for the same reason, do you know a nation that is not controlled by religion?
    The gravity once starts to pile up matter as you said ( the science just stops there and doesn’t follow up the whole process) can do it up to a point, where to much matter starts to diminish the force, and what happens starts to pull outwards internally because the mass accumulated becomes a gravitational force in itself pulling outwards the initial mass. Earth have been expanding since then without any gain of mass (the continents fit perfect as a puzzle) it has grown 3-4 times and still growing slowly.
    All the journeys are NEAR the north pole, their ad is false if they confirm the north pole, there is no way to pin point the north pole, no compass works, no gps, all they have is a runway on ice and a base from which they fly by gyroscope, piling up money from stupids and they are plenty.


  31. Dude, I’ll show you how ignorant, dogmatic and corporate, gov, and religious controlled is this scientific body in which you believe so much. When I was 14 years old I found out that there is something that’s faster than speed of light and it was a logical explanation of it but it was too simple and so obvious that nobody wanted to even give a second thought. Here it is : we learned about our 3 dimensional space however we are ignoring (including the scientific body) another dimension that we see everyday and exist all the time if the 3 dim. exists and that is the shadow. Now you put an object front of a source of light and you project the shadow on a wall 10 ft long and 10 ft away you’ll create a shadow on the wall. Now you move the object left and right a few inches to make the shadow going the hole distance of the 10ft long wall, you’ll notice that the shadow moves in the same time 10ft and your object just a few inches, so the shadow is faster than the moving object, I hope that you’ll agree with me. Now lets move the object faster, up to the speed of light, the shadow will be there moving faster than the speed of light, simple. But NO we have to spend trillions of dollars to prove ” scientifically” to get companies to build huge tunnels, to get military(gov) involved maybe they’ll find a way to create the anti-matter faster, and of course all correlated with the Creation.
    Howkings he’s a good story teller I admit, but if you take all his problems solved in consideration you’ll end up with more problems than you had initially, why would you believe a handicapped person that doesn’t had a chance to experience the reality of our world.


    • I like your thought process and I do support the Hollow Earth Theory, but your explanation has a huge hole. We try to find objects that travel faster than the speed of light, yet a shadow is considered “nothingness.” It is the absence of light, so one cannot measure its velocity, only observe its effects when light is used in experimentation. There is already a study out there that claims to have propagated a beam of light in specially treated cesium gas that exceeded the speed of light. What occurred was a gap in the beam of light, a space of “zero time.” Theoretically speaking, as the beam of light surpassed 3 x 10^8 m/s, it traveled into the future, creating a disjointed beam of light with a gap of no light. While light may be thought to be a upper limit of velocity in space, it could just be that our human senses can only perceive light that travels at this speed or more slowly. Or, perhaps the speed of light is an upper boundary of reality connected with time. When it exceeded this boundary, future time exists. Who knows, but what do you think!


  32. Two things, polar restrictions and speed of light.

    The polar opening is a restricted area. There are several documented cases of planes attempting to fly there but are met and escorted away by fighter jets from the USAF. One quotation I found (but I have read this elsewhere, and it may be in the Brooks Agnew interviews linked on this page): My friend Ivars, one of the first persons that I sold my book to years ago, called me the other day and we reminisced times we spent together talking about the hollow earth. He recounted to me the time he met an airline pilot on a flight to his home town in South Carolina. He said he made a point of sitting next to airline pilots that were getting a free flight by wearing their uniform and going as a passenger. This one pilot turned out to have a very interesting story. Ivars, in his usual way, sat down next to him on this flight and started asking him questions. What airline did he fly for? Delta Airline. Had he ever flown in the Arctic? Why yes, many times. Did you notice anything unusual up there? At this point, the pilot wanted to know why he was so interested in the Arctic and what was up there. Ivars said that he was just very interested in something unusual up there. Then the pilot just opened up and said, “Well, if you’re wondering if a polar opening exists up there and if I have seen it, I have. All Arctic airline pilots have seen it. But we’re under strict orders from the military through our company not to go around telling people, and if you ever tell anyone I told you this, I could get into a whole lot of trouble. ”

    Since Perry and other polar explorers have been fooled, it stands to reason that tourists who want to go to the pole could be taken anywhere where all they see is white snow. Fraud is endemic in our species.

    As for the speed of light, it is just that. Gravity must propagate faster than the speed of light or else orbits of planets would not be possible. Consequently electrogravitational propulson allows for movement of a device (spacecraft) at transluminal speeds (greater than the speed of light). The many extraterrestrial visitors u=in UFOs that are around Earth at present come from other star systems and even other galaxies that are hundreds or hundreds of thousands of light years away, but can get here relatively quickly. The famous ETs called the Grays come from the Zeta Reticuli star system that is at least 40 light years away, yet they can get here in a month or two, maybe less. Stargates and wormholes also allow instantaneous movement to distant points. In Area 51 there is a sub-level “jumproom” that connects to Pine Gap, Australia. Go through a door and you are in Australia instantly. Soon all of these secrets will be revealed. A major period of disclosure is coming very soon. The Dark Force, those in control (Illuminati), will soon be defeated. Then a tide of change will come. The secret military “Black Projects” have developed technologies that are 10000 years ahead of us and they are advancing at about 1000 years per year. Scary stuff.


    • You made the statement, “Gravity must propagate faster than the speed of light or else orbits of planets would not be possible.” Can you please explain your reasoning behind why you think this is true? More specifically, why do the orbits of the planets rely on this “propagation speed” of Gravity?


  33. Nate, shadow it might be considered “nothingness” by the science but it’s not, it’s a difference between the intensity of light,and in some cases we split the light that’s why we can see it and also measure it, “nothingness” it’s something similar but unseen or defined. Shadows we can see them and measure them. A 3 dimensional plane creates a forth dimension the shadow. But my point was that science is just ignorant and manipulated by gov and religion. I’ll check your experiment sounds interesting. I do believe in Hollow earth and intraterrestrials and not so in extraterrestrials, did you notice the latest White House disclaimer about extraterrestrials, they used the extraterrestrial term on every word alien, ship, civilization, UFO etc because they really don’t have any contact with them but they do have contact with the intraterestrials which were cleverly omitted. Our inner world is more advanced than us, they probably created us in order to adapt to the outside environment. They have better conditions constant temperature, soft sun, right humidity, less gravity and day light permanent which gave life ahead start up. Why do you think that we are all born blank ready to be brainwash, why we are wearing sun glasses, clothes, live in houses, have back and feet problems. Monkeys have no such problems. They created us after them and play genetically with us creating different races to see which one we’ll be better to adapt, but their experiment when wrong when somebody programed us to self reprogram (the apple), you can read about it in a modified history book called bible.The Pyramids are proof of their presence here they build them because they didn’t know other form of construction, a shadow inside is permanent and that means no life. Somehow they abandon us till we start throwing atomic bombs that got their attention and after a few clashes in which we had the upper hand they agree to make peace and also give us some technological help. They are technological advanced but that doesn’t mean they are militarily advanced in fact they don’t have any armies or weapons, we are much stronger in this matter we can destroy the entire earth in a matter of hours, what we are giving them beside the security of their world, information about other planets, sun, galaxies which they are so fascinated, in many technological advances in space their help was present and we take those advances and we make sure we put them in military use, that’s why is so important to keep this source of information secret. Our societies and religions they also misdirect us to look up and not down, that’s why is so little progress studying the inside earth.


    • You are right, shadow is a difference in light intensity. I was merely attempting to simplify the matter for easy comprehension. Personally, I think the idea that a shadow creates a fourth dimension is stupid. Can you give a detailed scientific analysis on why you this this is true? If what you claim is true, then where does light fit into this? Is light the fifth dimension? Yes we can measures shadows, but we cannot do so without light. Shadows are a byproduct of light and therefore cannot exist on their own. They are simply a byproduct of light, and they are not made of particles, waves, etc. A shadow is merely an arbitrary name that we have created to explain the phenomenon of light blocked by an opaque object. Without an in depth explanation, this claim has no merit. It is simply rubbish.


  34. Ok, first we got to see which one is more prevalent and I think the shadow (nothingness) is “in the beginning it was nothing” then the light came on, now the 3 dimensional plane has to have light in order to exist otherwise is null or nothingless, now if the light is present part of this nothingless is also present in the form of shadow, and if we can see it and measure it why not consider it a fourth dimension and let the physics to study it Isn’t their job to study the matter and its motion through space-time. By the way we take “time” as it exists but in reality it doesn’t, time was invented by humans as a tool to understand this universe, but many people believe in it’s existence especially the scientific body. Now the shadow which we can see it and measure it and also feel it on a hot day, is totally ignored by the people that supposed to study it and they concentrate more on “time” which is in-existent. Shadows can be used as a tool to study how the light bends, because it can travel faster than light you can use it to predict the moving of planets and galaxies and I am sure more, and they are made of particles you might called them residues of light but I am sure they have different properties than light itself, but most of the scientific body just ignore it. That was my point.


  35. @Lucian. First, I don’t believe there is a beginning, I believe the Big Bang Theory is a load of horse shit. I support the Infinite Universe Theory. The universe has always exists and always will. There is no beginning and no end because time is simply relative. Time is motion. As we decrease velocity from the speed of light, time progresses more quickly, relative to the outside observer. Because time has this property, how can one possibly reason when the Universe started? The observations used to support the Big Bang Theory are simply a matter of interpretation. These observations could be a result of something not understood my modern science. Second, since when do we need light in order for the universe to exist? Blind people cannot see, nor can a person in a room with no light. Either way, they still exists. Light exists within a fraction of the the full range of electromagnetic radiation. Whether or not light exists in one part of the universe does not determine whether or not other forms of matter exist. Third, I don’t think space-time exists. It is a mathematical convenience with no realistic counterpart. Fourth, how can you feel a shadow? How can you perceive a shadow with any sense other than vision, and perhaps a difference in heat caused by the light source. That is not perceiving a shadow, it is perceiving light. Fifth, we don’t need shadows to see how light bends, because we can use a concentrated beam of light to measure it’s effects. Measuring shadows becomes obsolete because you are directly measure the light. Sixth, shadows travel faster than light? How do you know and how can you measure this? RESIDUES OF LIGHT??? On that note, I cannot waste anymore time on you. You are lost in incorrect fact. You are a frog at the bottom of a well with no chance to escape. Your biggest problem is making ungounded claim without backing them up. They don’t make sense, and you don’t go into detail in order to explain why YOU think they make sense. So in the end, you come off as uneducated in the world of physics. Do some legitimate research and get back to me because this argument is really sad. In short, your point sucks. I’m sorry to be blunt, but this is absolutely absurd. If you can’t see the different in my logic and your logic, then there is nothing I can do. Good luck with your “Shadow/4th Dimension Theory.” Reiteration: I won’t respond to your next post unless it contains at least some intelligent analysis.


  36. Thank you for a very ,highly informative and interesting look at this idea. I am very interested in hearing and also finding out all i can on the subject. THANKS AGAIN— IT WAS WONDERFUL


  37. We are only limited by our consiousness and minds…the thing it to go beyond thought and emotion..unravel all that the world has taught you since you have had the ability to think and feel for yourself…people can debate and study and try to come up with hard facts all day..its important to do this..but its also important to constantly expand your being….


  38. Thanks


  39. Interesting stuff, you have alot of good points you bring up. Im anxious to hear of what comes or came of your journey to the pole and what you found their. I wish the government would allow us to look at the satalights orbiting over the poles so you could get more data and make better conclustions as to what lies their. I wish you the best of luck


  40. The Earth is a giant nuclear fission reactor floating in space. Planet Earth is like a living nuclear powered spaceship w/ it’s own magnetic force-field and gravity generator. There could be tunnel systems thru the continental and oceanic plates but I doubt they would go into the Earth’s mantle.If the earth is hollow then why do we have erupting volcanoes? Wouldn’t plate movement screw up the tunnel systems into this hollow Earth? I would like to believe the hollow Earth theory because it just sounds cool…So does Reptilian Overlords digging tunnels and city’s with reptilian tunnel making machines and ancient lizardry knowledge:) Somebody needs to bring the Hollow Earth Hammer and smash our science with some visual proof…Muaaahahahahahaa!!!!!


  41. I suspect Dude is suffering the effects of vertigo due to the constant tilt required to allow monkeys to escape his posterior portal. It is common among those who are desperate to seek claims of esoteric knowledge to discount the irrefutable evidence of Noah’s flood as well as the abundance of information IN PRINT which offers ‘insider’ information, from highly vetted sources, on both sides of the recorded outcomes of prophesied events throughout human history. The canonized scriptures do not provide a tidy chronology or a video. Real insight is revealed in layer upon layer of application. It is a system of staggering depths of perception and understanding for the seeker. Extra terrestrial beings? YES. Cross-breeding of the same? YES. Hollow earth? YES. Non-human entities walking around in human form? YES, and too many more examples to mention here. It has a built-in fool-proof system of checks and balances which could have not been successfully adulterated by man’s best efforts.
    A good example is the pixelated(?) print; At first glance you see nothing but colorful dots which appear random and without form. No contour image or geometric application appear to have been employed. Even if one knows it is there and others have confirmed it, the seeker must be willing to alter his perception to see what remains hidden to the casual viewer, The majority perceive only dots and think they understand the point. They either don’t realize there is more to it or they refuse to believe it and won’t even try to solve it. Those types are certain everyone who has seen it has been tricked. Those types offer a legitimate argument that what they are looking at is a print depicting many colorful dots. Those types think the print is stupid, pointless, and a waste of valuable time, paper, and ink. They have egos which demand that if they don’t ‘get it’ it must be BS and not worth seeing anyway.

    …makes me sad.


  42. Alejandro Laganson

    Thanks for the informative video/photo


  43. This is a great article and adding The Good, The Bad & The Ugly theme tune to the video clip made it all the more watchable. I also agree with the hollow-earth theory and an inner sun. The fact that all planets in the solar system ultimately came from the sun means that originally they were fireballs that cooled over billions of years during their respective orbits around the sun. So the crust formed, but an inner sun could have remained. However, a few qualifiers should be mentioned.
    It is not (the earth) hollow in the sense that an Easter-egg is hollow, but consists of peaks and valleys/depressions just like on the outside – if you removed the oceans you would have huge depressions – so on the inside it’s probably reversed. The outer depressions become the inner peaks/continents and the outer peaks/continents become the inner depressions/oceans.


  44. The thickness of the earth’s crust varies with an average of approximately 34 miles. There could have been and there could be ‘subterranean civilizations’ that we did not know about and that we do not know about just four miles down or so. If the earth is hollow and there is an inner sun, then the same would apply to the inside of the earth’s crust. That is, that those on the inner surface would not have known and would not know whether subterranean civilizations existed four miles UP or so, or from their point of view, down… The point is, that if there are subterranean passages or entry/exit points, they would probably be to and from these subterranean civilizations/cavities just a few miles down, or where th inner surface is concerned, just a few miles up! It is unlikely that there are any access points between the outer surface of the crust and the inner surface. You are talking an average of 34 miles, so again, very unlikely.


  45. A very enlightening article. I was actually in the process of writing a similar article on the same topic on my blog but you’ve already covered most of it. Will be posting links to this page.


  46. Let’s hear more about this moonbase younspeak of.


  47. Greedwillkillusall

    Light is also nothingness so shadows would be an opposite to light….. Very interesting arguments but i have an open mind and sine i live near pine gap, i might go check this out ;-\


  48. Greedwillkillusall

    Ok we have esstablished that the Earth could indeed be hollow.I have an open mind to things.I am not totally convinced on an interior alien civilisation but i am not opposed to aliens or other species living elsewhere in the universe. I am not even convinced that they or all of them are more intelligent then human beings. I can agree the bible is just a tool for profit and does not convince me of a God becuase of all the attrocities that occur and Satan as an answer, also does not convince me. You can’t say we have a loving God who allows Satan to pretty well hurt all of us.

    Nexti have 2 questions.

    1, The author has said that these holes at the poles (pardon the pun) have had space craft enter and exit. If the gravitaional pull is opposite 2/3rds of the way through the crust, then these space craft or people have to cross through that tearing of gravity. How could anything survive such a force, It would be like a cat being torn apart by 2 elephants??

    2, If there are worm holes or jump holes etc, this would be travelling faster then the speed of light. This would turn us into mush as normal science can explain. Anything faster then light becomes a nothing or shadow. Light when shone onto an object becomes a shadow on the opposite side of that object-such as night and day. I am not totally convinced about a laser being faster then light by shining it through a gas substance. This is just a filter as is rain that creatates a rainbow or a diamond that refracts light in a different direction. Wouldn’tthis gas substance slow light until it came throught the other side thereby not going faster then light but actually slowing light down?

    We can all agree that every government is as corrupt and lying sadistic pieces of garbage that rule over us in cruel manners, they spin garbage and use media with our funding to get the outcome they want. They do not care about this site or anything that causes them any sort of argumentative area because that is their plan to begin. This does not change how their outcome is and if anyone ever gets close to any answers, they are quick to suffocate that person, defame the person or do anything sadistic to shut that person up. So to put it another way. All this conspiracy theory is beneficial to them because it creates divide, their ultimate force. Think about all the people denied their own children by these so called professionals. Noone has the right to deny a birthright as being a parent. And yes they will defame anybody to get their own way. We all know they cover up a lot more, then any of us can imagine. They are psychopaths, most of them and we all know, whether you vote republican or liberal or national or labour or greens or democratic or whatever, they are all tarred with the same sadistic brush. They are all criminals, so that is why sometimes things like this, do not sound as far fetched as they seem.

    We know that there have been many conspiracy theories that have come to reality. Time and time again, when you discredit something, you will lose. Technology is astounding for the average person but i am absolutely sure that technology within governments would be far surperior and also covered up to extreme measures.

    Greed and control will kill us all. I have a basic true way of doing things for all of humanity that does not involve money or any type of barter system. More of a rationing or administering type system. Would any government listen to me, of course they wouldn’t because it would mean they would actually have to do some work and all the brainwashed people within government itself, aren’t going tolose their positions of comfort. It is only us who suffer. Thing is the plan i have, is far surperior than any of the garbage they speak because it is the closest to equality we will ever come across. It would also produce amazing results within technology etc becuse money wouldn’t be the limits, brains would be. The earth has all our resources and we use them to extreme with poor results. My way would ensure far superior quality, and less wastage, thereby stopping the global warming crap they spin, for profit. Things would last and work, People would all have food the world over, there would still be laws but more in the basic way of not harming anyone else and ceasing chaos. There is no such thing as equality by the way, it is only a tool to suppress everyone. Just like money, Just like feminism, just like terrorism, incidentally are people who have had enough of being treated like shit by government scum the world over. Racism is another tool.All of this would be lesser and possibly removed for good eventually. Their way is controlling and too assertive or creating anger, my way is passive.

    Anyway, my point is that i can not dis-credit a hollow earth as such, I can not dis-credit aliens but am unsure of internal earth aliens, maybe government schemers themselves, with an internal secret society, i could understand that. I know for sure that governments the world over are a massive scam and it would not surprise me in the slightest as to how far they will go, to get what they want. It is cheaper to send food to countries and no, not rice but food, then it is to have navy patrol seas. I would not doubt for a second that they suppress a lot of things that could be absolute great happiness for all of us. Because they can and do. All because they do not want to work. Think of the things they suppress, like aid cures and cars running on water etc etc. How about these paper pushers and all the resources they use for the creation of their own sadistic self serving laws and regulations. That in itself is destroying our earth and then they have the nerve to blame us or some mine that produces metals for cars, that they drive. Here is a minor example of brainwashing the masses. Now we know that governments and big business and media all collude together to control us all, with fake statistics, fake jobs, and bright lights forced into our eyes and sounds into our heads. Now i watched the movies Ants and Bee Movie. Those movies were great for kids but i can’t but help think, are our kids being set up just like we were? Both of those movies are about conforming to heirachy. There are workers and there are police, between the heirachy and the workers (slaves). Both show a hero, or by reality a glorified criminal. One who breaks away from the pack. This creates a sense of hope right? Escape from the clutches of people ruling over you. Of course today we see glorified programs on criminals everywhere, dumbed down people on reality shows and cops exuding their power, with heinous force and in my mind, criminal activity. The media dress it up and we all laugh-that is until it happens to you of course and then you become a part of their lies and bullshit statistics. All so they can creat more government and more control. You are a criminal if you shoot someone who raped your daughter, They are glorified if they catch you and imprison you or kill you. The masses accept this nonsense and do not realise that higher above these creeps are people getting away with murder (wars, police brutality etc). Stealing all of our money and wasting what they don’t need to keep us all in our place of misery. Some of us are allowed to escape so they can pretend that they are doing the right thing but as i said before, my simple plan would outdo all of their rubbish and everyone would be free from this crap, but still in control. Or lawed for decency. Noone is equal and never will be, we all are individual and need different things for our survival. This demeanor of forcing people to do what others want is the problem. What works for one may not work for anoher therby creating problems. In the world we live some are more equal then others.

    So why have these so called smart people who are supposed to be so intelligent, not have thought of this? Because they simply don’t want to because it means they will not be able to watch us all skirm-so they can get their jollies out of being in control of people. It is simple they have thought of it and they do know the answers but continue with their destruction of us all and we lap it up like little idiots that we are and the truth is we need to get it together and remove them and expose them for what they are and then maybe, we will see for ourselves if these conspiracy theories are true or not. Or there is the other thing, maybe someone did find lost cities underground and were warned to never talk of it or they would be killed blah blah blah. If you notice universities, they are a haven for analyzation.And most of the time it is all the same shit over and over and just brainwashing students to conform, which is create chaos, the more chaos the bettter for these scum. With all the ability we have, we still have starving people and poor quality houses etc and to blame is money. But serously if there was no money, it would not stop humans from building a house or anything and it would most likely be of the utmost quality and not the chinese manufactured crap of today. Humans are the only animal that pay to live on earth, think about that! And why do we have to pay certain people?? Are they gods, are they the so called people who live 30000 years underground? Whoever they are, i or you were not born here for their benefit. They are criminals.

    Anyway, this is why believing in a hollow earth is probably daunting to some people. We are all lead on wild goose chases all the time and kept down, have thing hidden from us etc. Was it any of our choice to be born, just so we could be slaves to someone else? NO? It wasn’t? So why are the hypocrites doing this. Because they are ***************************. Hope that brings some light or shadow to beliefs and what could be. Aside from the hocus pocus of far fetched ideas, we just can not discount anything anymore.It is becoming more and more apparent that we need to retaliate. Think about this, The USA, is in a shambles but why? It isn’t because suddenly everyones business just collapsed, no! there were other influences and these influences come from the top in underhanded sneaky way that most of us have no idea what is going on. Suddenly a superpower is handing its power to another country,. That does not just happen. We are all being set up and if anything has come from the bible, not that i believe it for the spirit that is meant to be so loving to us, or because of all the crap that goes on but it has clues and it to me is a story book, It is a skit that these crooks have known about for years and they follow this script, Scripture mean anything? They always put the fear into us and everyone knows fear is the difference between working and not working. Somebody put fear into investors. Investors in-turn, removed all their funds, which hurt themselves and many businesses, that really the heads of, did not lose at all any wealth that would make them live in poverty. But of course all the lower classes do not escape with living in more hell and desparation, incidently, the main reason for crime. Government gained, they still got all their payrises of absurd amounts and the world still collapsed. That is what they want you to believe. They didn’t collapse, we did and they made it happen. They are scoundrels and liars. If they have any intelligence it is to swindle people. They have a gift of lying. Everything is designed, they throw their power in any direction with subtle to huge deviant ways. It is like say statistics on things being distorted. They all are and will always be in favour of the outcome that the statistics burea wishes it to go. If it didn’t then why would we approve a statistics bureau or lets say another tax hike or another prison or another 40 000 government workers. What they are doing is forming a communism stealthfully. This site has no bearing on their outcome and only aids in what they are planning. Anything they say or do, is for their own benefit, whether it sounds good or bad, it benefits them or they would not do it.

    Oh by the way, they close down x, which was a good system. Even if you don’t think so, it doesn’t matter because the reason is that they wish to extract money from people. Microsoft want this and government want it too. Government profit from any move any of us make, remember that. This site, probably gives them some profit somewhere, or some way of controlling somewhere.


  49. Im an Indian.i believe in the hollow earth by viewing this site.why it is not possible to enter into this hollow earth by using modern technologies.people lived in past have even made tunnels for it.but y we cant even enter into the tunnel and look for it.whether the entrance have been discovered in sheshna well and the himalayas?


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